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The class has a class!"The Hao dragon scathingly says.
"Don't , I will listen to lesson here!I have already asked for leave with form master, my right here!I want to looking at a teacher, I like a teacher."The Luo Li Li says.
Once the words of Luo Li Li speak, whole class all surprised, particularly allow snow Qi they.Allowing the pen in snow Qi hand already"Ka Ca"1 don't pull two.
"What is your blah!Is my class here, I make you return to your class to have a class!Even if you not return to you also not the ability cause disturbance in my class, I want to be responsible for my student!"The Hao dragon says, the Hao dragon beats heart bottom now is dislike this Luo Li Li.Now is already so, if that not just and exclusively breaks up other people's family after growing up 1:00 of small three.
"I not!I will be here!"Luo Li Li the uprising say, but that meter five heights are really unattractive.
One of "Pa" rings, the Hao dragon didn't go into action, it was to go into action first to allow snow Qi to pour, "you go out for me quickly, I was angry now!"
Li Si this helps small at first too younger sister strain in heart get up, they had been following a snow Qi.After seeing take up a post snow Qi now this facial expression is know that a snow Qi gets angry, is still very angry of that kind of.
"You are angry to close me what matter!"The Luo Li Li the slightest doesn't speak a snow Qi to puts in the eye.
"That you are making me beat you!"Allow snow Qi to say.
"You think I am afraid you!Karate black segments the opponent that all aren't me!"Luo Li Li extremely self-conceited.
Allow snow Qi really is a fire, oneself's one meter is seven heights, unexpectedly drive Gao 21 per meter five dwarves to despise.This tone is really hard next swallow, then walk to Luo the in front of the Li Li, stretch hand is a palm.
A frailty of "Pa" rings, allowing snow Qi has never beaten Luo Li Li, it is the body that allows snow Qi to stay back several steps to pour, presented on the face a very small five fingers to print.
The person of whole class was again shocked, allowed snow Qi to unexpectedly suffer beating!Allowing snow Qi is similarly shocked, oneself will be beaten!Liu Mei pours Shu to lift his/her own high leg to toward Luo the Li Li kicked past,beats by dre pro.Luo Li Li a Shan body hid to open, then picked up a stationery pack to toward a snow Qi to throw from a table of classmate past.
Han Ting Ting and summer the river Ting is to cannot see, double the double stand up.The student in the class knows that at present making is big, they should be regarded as whole virtuous Fu school for girls the most severe three people, a daughter who was a mafia eldest brother at first, prestige far Yang.One is a Tae Kwon Do superior, one is Wu Lin's noble family.
Han Ting Ting first makes moves, she and allow the good friend in snow Qi but Gui, certainly want successful in career.A side kicked to toward Luo Li Li to kick past.Luo Li Li the body hid on squating down past, this is the short body advantage, then still stretched out own calf to toward Han Ting Ting to prop up to hit the ground kicking of noodles pass by.
"-" Han Ting Ting didn't thought of that oneself will suffer a los, then the body center of gravity be partial to move to pour to go, the summer river Ting quickly runs to nearby handing for her of Han Ting Ting.
Hao dragon what to see is a gape on the platform, my daughter livings to fight!How to look so great!Then shake, now not is fight of time, "all give me away with it!"Hao Long Yi Sheng greatly drank to give owners to all frighten 1.
But also just brief Leng absolute being, then allow snow Qi to scream an again the Lun rise a powder boxing to toward Luo Li Li to beat.
Hao dragon on clapping his/her own forehead, all of this is what matter!Go out for these several days didn't see yellow Li!Then throw the language book in the hand on the platform to stand down.
"Shout" of a , the Luo Li Li unexpectedly towarded the river Ting in summer to once throw a stool.
For a while, the "Mao"'s summer river Ting kicks the stool flown to fly, then fly to Hao dragon.The Hao dragon stretches handed and then helded tight to fly of stool, the circumstance in nowadays was more and more a mess, perhaps connecting down would take place blood Dou.
Threw away the stool in the hand to stretch hand and then held tight term snow Qi, "you are so big, first away with it."
Allow snow Qi spirit of get red in the face, drive a small Luo Li give slap, this heart Gao Qi Ao's spoilt daughter of a rich family just not kind give up, the cheapness that can be oneself to have them, they can not have cheapness of snow Qi.The Hao dragon grasps a term the snow Qi flounce not to open, then direct use a mouth, one mouthful bites at Hao dragon of wrist up.
Allow snow Qi is also snow cruel, the wrist of Hao dragon is bitten of blood.Hao dragon the oh was strange to call a , then allowed snow Qi to flounce to catch Luo Li Li.
1 of the fire"Ceng" of Hao dragon comes up, "don't create a big noise!Give me the standing of darling corner of wall!"The Hao dragon towards those my daughters who join a crowd for fun to living to say, then walk to four wars regiments that my daughter livings.
"Karate, the thing of insularity you dare to also take out to show to put!"Tae Kwon Do superior, Han Ting Ting, says.
Then the Luo Li Li smiled for a while and unexpectedly put a god of literature kick the posture of Dou, a kick at Han Ting Ting's joint.Han Ting Ting's pain shouts a kneel for the half at ground up, there is one silk astonishment in the vision.

Chapter 584 Yan drops you
An effort of small Luo Li how the meeting is so good!In Hao Long Xin all at shocked, then stopped a step.Want that seeing this small Luo Li is exactly violent to arrive what extent.
The summer river Ting form idea boxing is used, two delicate powder small hand a short whiles are boxings, a short while changes into claw, and what to carry changes everlasting.A future form idea master was and Ting.
But Hao dragon from among the vision of Luo Li Li saw a kind of thing, that is the despise!Rightness!Is a despise!Put a Buddha the river Ting uses for summer of effort at Luo the eyes of the Li Li in is a Nao Yang the recruit type of the Yang is similar.
The body of Luo Li Li is very quick of twinkled for a while, then used of seem on recruiting to hang up Yin to point similar, two finger"Mao"s of a beat at summer river Ting of waist.The summer river Ting body"Mao Mao Mao" retreated several steps and had already painfully almost cried out.
Student's fighting Dou to beat in the classroom is really very bad behavior, a few my daughters livinging has already had the idea to be going to report a strict director.
"Broad!"Allow snow Qi to shout at top of voice, let Hao the sweat on forehead dragon all came out to come.The affair of honor of the girl's indeed as expected is ……ah ……
Allow snow Qi hands to move to have a stool to toward Luo Li Li failed past, Luo the body of the Li Li an avoid being seen at an underneath of table.The stool hits at table up, then Luo Li Li the hands embraced a term the leg of the snow Qi put out strength of on pulling, allowed the body moment of snow Qi to lose balance.Will the Yang fall down behind.
The Hao arrows step of Long Yi Ge comes forward and opened a pair of arms to take office snow Qi.Han Ting Ting's legs repeatedly kick this time but be could not be stained with the dress Cape of the Li Li of Luo.The summer river Ting attacks from both flanks from the behind, Luo Li Li betwixt one Shan is one Shan, make moves and then necessarily will beat on them.
Han Ting Ting and summer the river Ting didn't go, then the Hao dragon will allow snow Qi to put here and come forward to catch a my daughter to living a to pull all alone will they 2 pulled ownly and after death.Then a very small fist come over toward the own Dang department dozen.That is the fist of the Li Li of Luo, her height also only one meter five, Hao Long Yi Mi eight, that fist rushed own Dang department to come over.
Hao Long Yi Zhang blocks at own Dang department, then grasped the small hand of the Li Li of Luo.Make the Hao dragon shocked BE, Luo the energy of the small Luo Li of the Li Li is unexpectedly so big.But the Hao dragon still easily answered.
"You make moves why how malicious!"The Hao dragon says.
"Your student isn't obedient, I certainly needed to help a teacher to teach them."The Luo Li Li says.
"They are my students, you have what qualifications!"The Hao dragon says.", Sky, I and a kid Ou what annoy."The Hao dragon was really helpless.
"Shameless woman!"Allowing snow Qi to again come up will beat Luo Li Li.
Hao Long Niu Tou loosens the small hand of Li Li in Cairo at the same time, a held tight a term the small hand of the snow Qi.Then a blood arrows Mao of "Yi" shoot out Related articles: