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To promise that own body can stabilize ground to suspend in the sky.
"Roar!"The small and red and right claw suffered from serious wound, there being a clawing son the anti- Ning already come over, the blood continuously flows bottom, it wave own brain bag over there loudly of roar, on the body of everywhere is all fresh bloody, the scales and shell of ground crack is hurtled by the blood, sticks body to slip to drop down, finally keeps on falling toward the ground.
Three skull dragons in, have a head of bone the rib of the dragon almost already all have no, the tail of another a head of bone dragon breaks a , as for the third bone dragon then more miserably, two hind legses add a before claw already didn't, although have already arrived this appearance, they still don't shrink back, roars voice the exasperation that express them.
The circumstance of three corpse dragons a little bit of like 1:00, but didn't also good arrive where go to, the forelegs of a head of corpse dragon is from the arm there having been whole leave 1 F skin connect, another of the belly of a head of corpse dragon be opened a huge Huo by the Xing, inside continuously of toward outside emitting black of corpse liquid, finally the circumstance of a head of corpse dragon a little bit of very some, have a huge Huo just on the body.The meat of this inside has already all had no.
All both parties are waiting for, this may be a combat of end, will decide finally the war victor exactly returns who.
In the sky of fly knight horse after helping a ground to launch several raids, detection's attackstones ability really is too weak, so also stopped an attack, they returned to a city wall top, then each, fly knight horse's body up all took a barbarian's warrior, they transported by air to these violent barbarian's warriors directly front line, be a big pangolin knight, snow lion knight, compare received a huge monster knight to work well to squared of preparation of time, the sky declines snow wearing of a heavy A, take to heavily grow the rebinding of pike barbarian's warrior in the hand.
After falling to the ground, these barbarian's warriors quickly organize and constucted together tight defense line, the long pike Sen of steel however of sign, although this of the scope is very small,enough give behind of the food for powders provided to enough promise.
Blue and virtuous Long Ma also arrived to his/her own host nearby, it rounded own host to round and roundly stand, the end unexpectedly sent out a saint to only cover with from its head blue and virtuous, when the saint only ends, blue and virtuous again re- stood, but Long Ma seem to be spirit to contain some Wei Mo, however O.K., it can also continue to fight.
The dew exposes from the sky but fell, she after death of that to only the quality turned a wing help, she can fly to come over, after falling to the ground, expose dew and then hurriedly use saint light the sorcery help maimed of hemp through, Lisa, Mo Yan Chou and those big pangolin the knights hurriedly instauration treatment, the war will start right away, now escape already didn't any meaning, the only choice is a headway, make frontal attack depravity here the arrival of the army corps.
Fly knight horse at will a batch of relief troopses after sending to, again flap wings to rise and fly toward the city wall to, they want to hold firmly time and deliver troops and come over, here of defend is really too weak, their demand a great deal of of soldier,cheap dr dre beats, so as to resist the impact of the army corps of degenerative.
The mire leg diligently struggles, what he put effort wants to become a fist: own fist Zuan, but he failed, he didn't want to see Mo Yan Chou there very much,he failed, he heel originally have no of choice right, oneself completely be controled now by the Sa Tan, each bone on his body has been already broken, his muscle has already lousily seemed a lousy mire as well, probably he now still rather a dead person.
The painful tears in the eyes midstream of mire leg, he saw the hedgehog that those barbarian's the infantrieses constitute already and deprave the troops of assaulting of knight collide with each other and destroy a limb to fly indiscriminately, blood four splash, the food for powder bath of blood courageously fights, but he have no of conduct and actions, can here regard as a disabled person of looking at them to sacrifice over there.
"I decide that killed you now, because of, I felt a dangerously the breathing is hatching in your body!"Sa Tan after finishing saying, found out a lance from the ground, then aimed at the chest of mire leg to keep on tying.

Volume 2:Chapter 343 of the second step development lets let's at quiet face to die together
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"Burst Chi" is a , the lance almost has no to separate of firm entered mire of leg strong and healthy Bo Tang the blood seem to be spring of sprayed out, splashed the whole body of Sa Tan one face.
The mire leg glares at, he hates, he hates he to beat however Sa Tan, he hates his own to helplessly looking at his own war ally to die in battle over there here, he hates own small and weak.
The whole body of mire leg all had muscular spasms in this a moment, he had already split the arms and legs of bone to struggle, and the hand tightly kneads into a fist and wants to accumulate Zan strength.But, run off along with the blood, eyes of mire leg make great effort of the Zheng wear, he has muscular spasms of the arms and legs finally and slowly unfolded to open, his eyes lasting Zheng write, looking at the sky.
The Sa Tan slowly drew out his/her own lance, then wiped own lance to wipe on the body and tooked a look Zheng to still keep wearing the mire leg of eyes and finally bending the body and by hand wanting to close eyes of mire leg.But after trying several times, but still keep failing.
"You are a real warrior, but who make you meet me!You can't wait how long, your other friends will seek you."The Sa Tan smiled to smile, then returned to own position and left on the ground mire leg a person lie over there.
Mo Yan Chou now have never noticed a mire leg have been already died in battle, current of he just and anxiously directs troops to resist to deprave the knight's attack and fly the warrior that knight horse delivers really was too little, they can force of maintain defense line, deprave a knight basically take no cognizance the steel that Sen signs long gun, direct of hurtle to come over, only is a round, each steel long the gun all up hang full be pierced through of degenerative knight, but barbarian's the warriorses also paid miserably heavy of price, they dangerous spot break, some soldiers are also be directly started to play of long the pike break through belly stomach, then Wei wear lie at ground up.
"The crest lives, must give me the crest to live!"Hemp, through already again resume active, dew dew also station launch saint to only cure of in the soldier's cluster maimed of food for powder, if being not a dew to expose Shi Fa is here, probably they have already all died in battle.
Degenerative the knights are very silent, imitate a Buddha in addition to combat and kill, their other of don't know at all, their battle armors are a kind of dark gray, wear knife in the hand is also dreary have no only you while just seeing that kind of war knife the first impression affirmation is very this kind of knife bluntness, even have been already become rusty at the possibility, but actual of circumstance but is that it can easily chop down to open a food for powder body up the decorous battle armor.
When the first attack , after ending, depraved the knights to start around to constitute running of defense lined quick Ma Jia Bian of hedgehog, they at wait for an activity slow-moving some of degenerative warrior, end of combat will from depravity the warriors come to complete.
"Roar!"Of one bellow, the small and red initiative started to take the offensive, cut up rough of Long Xi crossed over both parties' endless distance at the moment, a while wrapped uped into three skull dragons completely, Long Xi hasn't ended, small and red vibration double wings fiercely hurtle pass by.
Ice frost Ultrasaurus then lets own ice frost Long Xi directly gobbled up three corpse dragons, Long Xi and the close by place of fresh and red Long Xi in white came out strong of white steam, even in can also hear the voice of explosion ring.
On the sky of this fight even in let in the ground of the aggressions Be all slow-moving to come down, everyone's heads all Gao Gao's Yang get up, looking at the sky in just both parties in vigorous belligerence.
"We must win, have to definitely win as well!"The title of Sa Tan hopes a sky to mumblingly say, the Di pulls blue Ni and Ji Mo Si to all lift Related articles:

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