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Stand out.
"Who is a sweet ratio degree?"The He Er asks a way.
"Is me, young master."Have a liking for in five people go to most 1 of violence looks say, his height is in one meter nine above, the body is generous to fructify, the face is black, and the eyebrow is as thick and thick as beard.
Five personal insides, in order to appreciate, the this person He Er is most at the beginning him while living down, haven't forgotten other persons.
"You are my servant."The He Er order way.
Moreover four personal ability is all quite good, however more or less and a little bit make people not that rest assured, though have already carried on spirit to control to them, however in order not to be examined, so he
Don't dare to exert a too strong spirit control, at most can keep them from betrayal.
"You."The He Er pointed to point the guy that at the beginning loots to say:"You take care of finance for sweet ratio degree, don't make me disappoint."
The He Er points at another person, is that motoring to outside escape of guy, "you,Cheap Beats By Dre, I intend to conduct some my own industry of belonging tos, these industries are temporarily taken care of by you, hear your
Courage's being very big, judging ability is quite good, and is careful, thinking necessarily will be a quite the cheese candidate."
The He Er didn't assign work for two people who leave, however these two people's position, he has already thought.
The guy that makes a to stand a machine gun to hide in the attic will be made to unite inside in the steel company to do a small head a head, in order to help him the affair for taking care of good underneath, that finally hides connect he
The guy that all has no detection, ability like this naturally should be a spy and spy.
Since want to deal with text in Europe and Ma Di Nuo, he has to have some assistants.
These assistant equally have to the personal status is clean and innocent, let shell Lu the authorities check not to serve as what flaw, so choose in the servant that can once use before at the thin benefit Pu household.
The whole preparation is ready now, the guy that waits those 3 to dislike came.
The corner of mouth of He Er peeps out one silk cool smile.(The cellular phone novel stands http://wap.z-z-z-c-n

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The third gathers empire vibration
Chapter 1 secretly supports

In snow expose the mountainous country of south especially in, a pitch dark runway winds around turns and twists, the dish rounds between the cluster mountain.
The mountain here isn't very high, mostly just ten several knolls of rices wrap, the match way hovering around hides half Yan in the half of cluster mountain, entirely different wit and humour.This is absolutely an unprecedented match
Way.Other those horse-racing general assembly of match way, all straight but again flat, the width is to make more than ten horses go forward together.And here, at most also can accept 3 to race car to be alongside of at a
Rise, again many of words affirmation block.The whole match way winds around turns and twists, the radian of some places turn is higher than 90 degrees, and this is what race horse of time absolutely can't have.
Construct a match way use of is the iron mine residue of steel mill surplus.These quality abnormality strong and tough mineral residue drive mix the asphalt and the clay to use to pave road surface after smashing into small piece, although have no even in common use
Of green the stone is strong and tough, but want neat get many, so race car to run at top very agile, don't the slightest jolt.
This isn't unique, snow exposes greatly part of streets especially, all build with this kind of cheap material but become, only the rich man area and a few business streets just use green stone.
Do at the beginning and like this in addition to diagram cheapness, more important reason is for robbing time.Pave road surface with the green stone, only open one a cake of is suitable of stone will a week-although, leave snow
Dew especially 20 kilometers one adopt a stone field.
However, even if just 20 kilometers of road, (the cellular phone novel stand http://wap.z-z-z-c-n
Don't even say that the waste is the above the manpower here.This for on wishing to want profitable He Er and summer Long to say quickly, certainly not tolerable.
Anyway in the original plan, street like this as long as can prop up 45 years enough.Two personal plans start to build to enough and much produce especially in snow dew in 45 years
After the industry, then go these industry sellings.
Sell the benefits that the industry brings, although have never conducted these industries come of many, however, this is the only way that short time obtains the biggest wealth.No matter is the He an Er still a summer Long, rightness
The authorities always isn't very rest assured at the shell Lu.
In their eyes, snow dew especially although good, not is stay a long while of ground, still earn 1 to walk for like.So while repairing road, can be economical possibly economical, not only save money for the sake of the stanza
More for saving time.
Make two individuals unexpected BE, like this economical of result but let their detection:Use an iron mine residue the paving comes out of the street is very quite good.The road noodles is neat and has some flexibility, garage horse
Driving its top isn't only steady, the felloe wears away to also want small get many.Although don't not know time after horary test long meeting how, at least from in the moment saw, these mineral residue the road want
Compare green the stone road is much better.
So the time waited until to construct this also adopt mineral residue road naturally.
Certainly, as a match way, need to cost more ideas.The engineer who unites steel company beat many steels that the inch grows first to nail before paving road surfacing, for of is let match way prison prison"grasp
Live"ground, immediately after spread again 1 F the wire entanglements is to strengthen.
Although spend more some ideas, the expenses didn't increase how much.Unite steel companies to have plenty of a steel to nail and wire entanglements, these things are very cheap;The mineral residue is also that need not spend money.But make
In order to glue the asphalt of knot, is the waste that the chain coke leaves, equally not worth a damn.
In less than a month time, this the wreath type of as long as 25 kilometers the match way built to complete.
Meanwhile, the old Qiu there also tidied up the data of evil machine core module.These things are a shell Lu the authorities is used the ten a few tons rare mineral stone is from"technical expert"'s hand in changed to come.
Devil mountain range inside not any thing is all complete with everything.The deathless king has been lacking a few important materials, again can not be like many Sa Luns so, at own space fabricate the geologic change serve as
What material come.Formely, he was secretly the person who sent savage country people Ling the mountain looked for, but these efficiencies affirmation that explored a mineral weren't high, some people cost time in lifetime to all have no to complete to make
Until the deathless king meets He Er, the circumstance finally turns for the better.The He Er is another of have no, but money much get BE;Can only cherish the material that the deathless king wants, spending money is a lot of also difficult buy of east
West.So, although collecting is some,collecting isn't very whole.
This time and the shell Lu person do business, the He Er is simply to give the deathless king the biggest advantage.
Certainly, those most rare and the most precious materials aren't likely to have several 10 tons.The thing that is like star Yun, ice pistil crystal type is even if like a shell Lu big country like this, also takes a few piece
, Now, all arrived inside in the hand of He Er.
The shell Lu empire didn't also suffer a los in this bargain.This several ten ton materials, one part never exchanged the thing that they want in the king's hand of dead with the thing easy thing, among them,
The only black Tan gold will go nearly 100 kilograms, the type of main beam of boat, Long Chi and Long Pi of is more countless.These thing to deathless king, of no consequence what, but for outside
Of sorcery teacher to say, but is the treasure thing that can not get more.
Unite the steel company gets hold of of the technique is equally also a part of bargain.Evil machine core module says from the technique, in fact have no fantastic of, literally seek a sorcery teacher,
Can read one that top cloth establish of sorcery.However, evil machine core there is the similar the most decisive thing on the module, is what devil mountain range possesses singly, that thing be can the biggest degree keep
Save the evil pit of magic.
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