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The warrior of sex maniac head throws down whip son and hurtles Li Xu Gong's body to salute.
"Calculate, calculate, they are implementing a job!"Li Xu tooks a look a green face of nose swollenly the shepherds, sympathize with ground to say.
"Still don't thank to attach to leave adult, you are these stupid things, the incognizance attaches to leave adult, also could not recognize this is the Lei Piao especially?"The warrior's leader once turns round and hurtled the shepherds to reprimand angrily to.
"The thanks attaches to leave adult!"Unlucky shepherds salute to Li Xu at the same time, arrive at this time just understood oneself to give offense to what person.Especially the Lei Piao is that Western Regions is good kind of and contract Dan the horse Be miscellaneous to hand over but get, Turkic Wang Ting cultivates for several years to cultivate success of good kind of.The whole Turkic sweat country, only the talented person of history that household entitle to ride.At present this name calls to attach to leave of youth incredibly what to ride is a Lei Piao especially, everyone this whip son gets also really not Yuan.If isn't the soldier Yes to rush through in time, the everyone continues rash next robbed a sitting of youth to ride, perhaps tonight someone the meeting be dragged along dead on the lawn.(Note 3)
"Being free is free!"Li Xu is some to repeatedly put a hand.Without cause harm the shepherds got a dozen and made his in the mind very very much obliged.
"Do not know what breeze attach to leave adult to blow us here, my house's host from from after Su Chuo department came back, the in the mind has been bearing in mind constantly to you!"The red cape Mei that stabs a wolf head before the chest sinks ground to ask a way.Once received troops warrior, orderany them to help to attach to leave adult to lead long Ma Zhui Deng.
"Perhaps thinking of black breeze is a little more more!"Secretly complain of hard lot in Li Xu Xin.Now, he finally recognizes a cuirass to up stab the red cape of wolf head is history that but one of the bodyguard of Yu, the name seems to be called a brown deer what.Now that the bodyguards is connecting camp egress now, connected the camp host's identity have already seemed ready to come out.
"Your several Ma Man who lead long adult goes, the Bo hopes, you requite but Yu adult, say Su the attaching of Chuo department left adult to our encampment to be been a guest!"The brown deer doesn't ask Li Xu's opinion, from make the decision a Zhang Di arrangement way.
Be called the Bo hopes of red cape warrior the Gong body connect to make and drive fast.Is close behind, the surroundings had a low dumb clarion call to ring to get up.A burst of, the solemn and peaceful Xiao kills and imitates Buddha hordes of troops and horses in opposing camps in the afar.
Li Xu and Xu Da Dun Yans hope with each other once again and know that affirmation can not get away today.Have to ride on the horseback, can be pulled by the warriors to ownly sit to ride toward camp to walk before the Zhai.More closing to a Zhai door is more shocked in two publics.Compare with the wooden fence column encampment of Su Chuo department, here absolutely can be called a huge city.Although the city wall is a wood to build,the arrows Duo, Ma Lian and enemy's building are much similar, even connect infuse full water protect city trench and the suspension bridge of trench, all and Central plains of the city don't have no two to.But 2 people last time went together with nine uncles to pass by this place, was still the wilderness of one no man here.(Note 4)
Just surprised Cha, Zhai door in the front greatly opens.Several hundred red cape warriors file in hurtle from the suspension bridge will come out.The horse's hoofs just left a trench edge and immediately changed a direction, one by one, took Zhai door as medium stalk to sign tidy two rows.
"My house's host hear you come, must be very happy.This not, he has already come out to greet you in person!"Brown deer to Li Xu Gong Gong body, by hand point to lead the vision of the other party to the center door of camp Zhai.Center door, more than ten gold A warrior Su hugged a middle age general of handsome Ti Tang to slowly once step suspension bridge.Be not history that but which is the Yu again?
"Brothers, you well big of face!"Xu Da Dun Yan attaches at Li Xu Er, the small voice makes fun of.
There is bitterness in Li Xu Xin could not say, can smile an alignment history that but Yu.The horse's hoofs just stepped one severals forward, red capes of two sides immediately pressed shoulder, and the half knelt on the ground to shout a way:"Face to attach to leave adult respectfullly!"
"Face to attach to leave adult respectfullly!" History that but Yu nearby of gold AN escort bend from the waist at the same time.
Li Xu frighteneds and lifts a leg then desire to dismount.The double feet just kicked away stirrup, a red cape warrior had already hurtled to come over and used back mat at belly horse side.
Since the childhood, where did Li Xu once see like this battle.The momentary sits on the horseback top and bottom as well be not, not under as well be not, keep embarrassed bean big sweat the full face roll indiscriminately.History that but the Yu see his facial expression embarrassed, put a hand and say with smile:"Though you jump downward, all of them are my bodyguards, have been admiring tightly to you!"
Smell this speech, Li Xu has to trample toward the Turkic warrior's back.Live the person's back to him where have flat ground steady be.Swaying is long, very not easy stood firm a body of form, haven't waited to thank, and then hear for the warrior of oneself mat feet history that but the Yu loudly ask a way:"That wants to necessarily is to gain considerable fame Mo east, the clever strategy greatly broke person of virtue Xu of Xi clan cavalry.But the Yu be how honored, incredibly can see two youth's heros at the same time today!"
Note 1:Give He minister water, namely old admire river, now already basic break to flow.
Note 2:It is here the man's Chinese foot.The hoof of horse arrives shoulder Long to be called a body Gao, chest arrive the hip be called a body to grow.Fighting request horse is that the shoulder is higher big than a body long.Mongolia commonness Ma Jian Gao is one meter three or so, Tang Dynasty Sa exposes a purple height about current 1.70 meters.
Note 3:Especially Lei Piao, Tang Dynasty Turkic is good kind of, it is said that is a sweat blood BMW.Tang believed in to once get too much a , battled for few days in a row, fought a horse not tired.The empress is a Zhao Ling is six one of the Junses.Li Shi Min evaluates its Yue:"In response to plan Teng empty, accept a half man;Natural defense Cui enemy, multiply by Wei to help difficult!"
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Chapter 1 big thief(two times)

Chapter 1 big thief(two times)
Xu Da Dun Yan originally still intended that the companion that set up for Li Xu is to get by under false pretenses and listenned to but the Yu point broke his/her own identity and had to came forward to see a gift, the Gong body said:"Xu Mou is in the steppe, also long smell but the Yu elder brother's means, can see today,beats by dr dre pro, What a good opportunity to is long to living a sky to give!"
"Slowly the brothers is getting more polite, I see a sky it snows, originally think next year beginning of spring just can wait until 2.Is unexpectedly so quick and then face two heros come here!"But the body of Yu Gong make gift in return to Xu Da Dun Yan, cachinnation.
All of 2 people are intelligent persons, talk to order and.On smiling later on, but the Yu start to pull Li Xu all alone and pull Xu Da Dun Yan all alone, if receiving several years has never seen good friend sort to pull into two youths a camp door.Connect among the camp, immediately the voice of the Jia drum your work, several thousand Turkic warrior, war drum, brass gong and horn etc. one stem all of the musical instruments in soldier move ring get up.
"Grass in Hsin-cheng creates, boorish lane in soldier not what high mountain the voice of flowing water.I make them literally noisy noisy, hope two brotherses surprising but Yu slow guest!" History that but the Yu smile, euphonic in take to leave no room for doubt of polite.
"This for hide a soldier of, certainly need to use the Jia drum to sound to just satisfy.I guess that just that song should be the voice of a headway shot!The man signs a life time and every day listens to this, also happy!"Xu Da Dun Yan imitates a Buddha to really appreciate that that rhythm sort that coaxs indiscriminately smiles to praise.
"The person says slowly the person of virtue's intelligence is like sea, on seeing today, indeed as expected severe!" History that but the Yu take thumb compliment and come out in of but is a Chinese words.
"Smell song but know Ya Yi just, petty skill, unworthy square's house a smile!"Xu Da Dun Yan is simply to have a schoolbag, the text Zhou Zhou ground, imitate the Buddha just learns by exchanging views with scholar knowledge.
In addition to Li Xu, the persons of surroundings all listen to full head fog water.History that but Yu don't explain with everyone as well, the east leads a《Book of Poetry 》 , the west leads a《Analects 》 and incredibly chatted with Xu Da Dun Yan equal strength.
Inside in the wooden city wall pays numerous Zhans to wrap.Arrive to°from the outside inside, the Zhan of different position wraps to take over to sew the linen in different color.One circle, one row row, has a liking for go to very is tidy.History that but the Yu pass by each time a , all someone explored to be from a body to salute to him from the doorway.Or soldier, or shepherd, or is a craftsman, myriad shapes, there are more than one.Red capes then round Zhan to wrap contacts to add and always advance an one step, will but Yu adult will soon the road passing by "clean up" clean.
"But Yu the elder brother cure city by art of war, indeed as expected brilliant!"Xu Da Dun Yan every where hesitated in a short while, the side was overdo to come to use Turkic of language great way.
"Just received long livinged for a sky, boon granted to get this land, have to take care of tightly somely.Treat the shepherds acquainted with to the peripheral environment, need not take care of thus inflexiblely."But the Yu nod a smile, modestly answer.
Li Xu once sees of the cities are few, so also can not tell how much door the way comes.Just feel this wood city talks about huge enough huge, talk about tidy enough orderliness, compare with Central plains of any small county but all seemed to lack some things."Is a firework spirit!"Walk to walk, gradually got in his heart a Related articles:

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