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Is ex- before resisting adviser to say:The Buddha space west what Luo's councilman said is quite good, surrender not to mean to hand over an all powers, however everyone here has to resign from currently the post in empire government.
Everyone should know to have calls'two line clubs- of thing existence, each secretary, each the secretary officer of department Wei, each the section chief of section room, even include you in of some people are all probably the member of this club, the person of this club's hasing no 1 is to control the person of big power, but these people control to compare we all great power.
Seven year ago Lang shell Ers want to carry on a retrenchment to the government, this benefits that violated two line clubs, immediately all works of government sections become a complete mess and raise such as this kind of example extremely raise, think necessarily everyone all once tasted two line clubs as well of suffering, only think, what does this mean?
Two line clubs of existence such an immensely resourceful, who appear on stage will feel very painful, especially now, second method of economic collapse forthcoming, although I ain't familiar with public finance,I also know the best way, is so several to recruit, while the first's recruiting is a government to reduce staff and reduce a budget deficit.
Haven't waited until him to finish saying, the underneath has already summoned up Zhang.
It is quite good and quite good.Just still looked down in the mouth, but at the moment already someone jubilantly say:We should connect a hand with two line clubs, to some advantages of their Xu Nuo, for example suggest to increase public finance expenditure on the parliament, increase national public official's wages and subsidy to descend by making up the actual income that a gram of Lang depreciation results in.
To, said 1:00s are all quite good.Another person jumped out:We should with two line clubs even become a to annoy, we need them latent influence, but they need we moderate to integrate to their beneficial proposals in the parliament, we and none of them is all-powerful, but both unite together, but omnipotent.
I can appear publicly a few leading personageses of persuading two line clubs.
BE so been responsible for by me and each friendly the nation communicate to keep second method from taking place the affair of one party despotism.
To, this is have to, power we can give up, but in the parliament, we have to own a seat.
If the economy collapses, military expenses affirmation is a cake of that cuts down first.
I can contact army's department, so as not to those brains pure, vision short shallow soldier, white the white do to live for the opposition party, end but the have nothing at all get and also fall into prostitute's life oneself.
Let us think a way, give our firmest ally- five the group soldier is some helps, let they quickly the instauration come over from the low valley.
If I can try to extrude one part of supplieses, gram Lang significant depreciation, giving the supplies is the best way.
We can try to let police's troops allot a fifth group soldier, the fifth group soldier loses very much, original need to be added.
How about letting the fifth group soldier adjust to halt to fell more?There leave Fan to fill a little bit far, and the yonder person compares to incline to us.
Below and again quarrel, but this time Buddha space west Luo have never knocked to ring the wood hammer in the hand, he secretly beat an expression of eyes toward that chief for the use of emperor adviser and moreover several individuals.
The very quick meeting ended, public respectively go dry respectively of affair, that, indicate their time already not much.
However after all wagons leave, a few wagons turned 1 turn and finally stopped at leave an ayuntamiento a restaurant in the distance not in.
Because the cause of military control basically has no person here, only the door-keeper of on duty, that is a both death and mute old man, but recognize Buddha space west Luo's councilman.
Here absolute safety.Old Buddha space west Luo fore the noodles is leading the way and saying.He brought in a reserved box of other persons.
After everyone sits quietly, old Buddha space west Luo crumpled the Sai bag of crumpling that droop to say:Here of is all old friend, we of have no what can conceal of, the truth actually said, we all see come out, if don't fling out a head of scapegoat, afraiding of the opposition party can't easily pass us.
The owners didn't connect this topic, however each person here know, so-called scapegoat affirmation means Lang shell Er.
See the openings of no one, old Buddha space west Luo Be simply to counter-question:Does someone oppose?If no one opposes, regard as is recognize tacitly.
Is still silent this time, but the answer has been very obvious.
Only have so then enough,Beats By Dr Dre Studio?Old Buddha space west Luo ask a way.
Other persons each other see one eye, they this just discover, this real tumbler invites the combination here how delicate, none of each person here is the person in confidential position, there is more no a member of the cabinet.
Suddenly that chief resists working one Shan of ex- adviser, he sat to keep body to ask a way:Buddha space west Luo councilman, you can't be a person of a representative by himself[herself], do we want to know that the station after death and exactly are who at you?Is the whole parliament.
Old Buddha space west Luo certainly know, till now this time, go around in circles is most have no interesting affair, however he doesn't intend to be all bright to come out own cards in the hands.
Just among them of one part of persons.Old Buddha space west Luo say.
Do you intend to sacrifice other persons?The youngest one in the person here asks a way.
This how may?Old Buddha space west Luo is too dark to scold that person idiocy:This will give offense to too many people, however only handing over a Lang the shell Er is a scapegoat, affirmative can not lead a pass, Lang shell Er can't issue order to kill off those people in the jail, this who all know, kill people of the person have to be flung out to undertake this responsibility, bureau chief in the police station affirmative want to fling out go to, there is also his immediate superior, Jing work the person of department equally will be also flung out.
In addition, economic affirmation of the second method will collapse, the opposition party isn't an idiocy, affirmation will see this, this same demand scapegoat.
All members of cabinet?A person of flank asks a way.
The person, who takes the blame, is more many more good, not only cabinet, each the department Wei hold real power of the persons should calculate up.Moreover a person is obviously much more callous and cruel than the former.
This is affirmative, however how to make the opposition party accept is most important now.Buddha space west Luo say.
See here, just measured a good counterplan at the company of ayuntamiento, we already at calculate other persons.That chief resists the tone that the ex- adviser is used a self-ridicule to say:Predict from here, the opposition party there also isn't likely to be sheet iron a cake of, I believe, as long as our surrender a book, a pass they at present, the opposition party will disintegrate for the sake of the benefits, we real of problem should be choose which square?And by whom appear publicly to persuade.
Hear these, public change direction vision together and together advanced in age Buddha space west Luo's councilman.

Chapter 8 final phase

Vastly and mightily of the troops opened into Fan to fill, one paid a large unit to pass triumphal arch, but saw the person of this act, look in the eyes in have no one silk enthusiasm, have of just icy cold vision.
Keep on time combine soon second method civil war, quelled like this, but this brief war, wound bring second method, but far compare lose war to want greatly and get much for shell Lu empire.
Although between a night, the mansion of empire bombs however falls flop and has a building that is called republic on the establishment at that original address,regardless is a foundation or a building beam, is all that mansion originally.
Is positive such as that political arena tumbler old Buddha space west what Luo councilman says so, when the opposition party won victory, this because of benefits combine together of party groupings, immediately disintegrate, they quarrel of speed, compare the imagination of anyone in more quick.
Originally of opposition party, just kept consistent on the only an affair, that be Lang shell Er three a life times send ascend gallows, at the same time be sent the still having of the gallows many people, have some people to connect a voice to yell they to wrong before executing criminal among them, more someone denounces openly and not only scolds to send the opposition party of gallows them and equally also scolds the ally in past, was those allies to betray them.
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