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!So purple line, leaves her at 1:00, even if is for a while also good.Time is the best machine that examines love!!There is also purple line, please independence some, because if depend on too much to the other party, so certanly will be the inequality of position.This is to make the love produce inclination.The most perfect love both parties are generally all equal.The love of tilting to one siding is to hang a root the place 11 drops of dew is at the leaf.At any time ability Yun or be evaporated!!
BE not because of this.Because the Yi heart is too excellent, she at the beginning like a star, but shine on this dew at me.Is feelings that starts doubting her to me in my heart??
And over there for an instant.Whether I had the viewpoint that this kind of damns.If we really leave a period of time.She whether now forgot me, still have been still being loving me.I affirmation want to know answer, hence I did the most stupid action.Have already done not make her stay, but made her keep off.".
Stopped to set down on paper.Lin Zi Wen's noodles seems to be infinite skein of sorrow under the ray of the candle, the Mou son is getting moister.
"I am really silly, I am also really awful!!If I know that she is far walking.I musted be regardless of me am that very small sense of pride, give up the work for promoting.The whole ground ofly accompany hers all day long.She is so good, so think for I wearing.Endure my sharp angle, rather chafe from already!!
I am incredibly and still just wanting to sound out her to my true feelings, that heel puts the jade to the fire in burn what differentiation.I didn't know to cherish too much.If loved each other, liked, what true or false do I still want to blindly pursue.
Walk airplane at her, the airplane closes a door empress.Then the Teng get empty but go to.I am to want to cry.
Why, I like of all of persons was to leave me but go to like this.D snow in those early years, however she is in the beguilement and make use of me.However can not deny me is fanatically like her.Voice after walking by going to her Xun devoid three years, I incredibly can also have one silk imagination to her.
The Yi heart also flew off me now.Her words still by the side of the language, positive such as her tears and then in the moment flash at me similar.
"Purple line.Wait me, write a letter to me more.Is many and my communication.My true of, really don't want to leave you!!".
I fear to hear this sentence so much.D snow also about and so said to me in those early years.Want me to wait her, I am to wait for three years.
However D snow this is to at last and temporarily be also cheating me, suspect for of being not making me living.But the words of Yi heart I hear of whole is sincerely, day get along with with her from I, I make sure.So I wish to wait her for 30 years, until she comes back for to.
I have already worked well Huai to have.Probably not ability the seas dry up and rocks crumble, but at least exhaust my havings to wait and see her regression.Her heart is constant, my heart can't change, either.
She now is already return to the United States, I tried to beat a few overseas calls.It is all no one to connect to listen to.So I am to drop a line her.From now after.Writing is a for a week ……".
Another pen came to a stop.Lin Zi Wen stretched hand to take out Zhang Yi Xin, that jade card from the pajama pocket.Jade card's seeming to be more under the candlelight is a clear Can to flow colourful.That girl that insets therein is still pretty, show eyebrow the Dai is green, lightly smile cool.Looking at this brand.The Zhang Yi Xin's sweet girlish voice light Chen imitates and rings out in the ear.
"Ah.Purple line, your caution is some, don't let the oil be getting hotter to the touch!!".
"Purple line, forbid left see right to see, Xu Kan!!".
"Purple line ……, you are over there!!".
"Purple line ……"
"Purple line ……"
"Purple line ……"
A voice ground deep feeling yells in the ear to resound.Each light call clip frailty to smile to let all of Lin Zi Wen is nature medium take out tightly.She looks at this jade card and keeps seeing it to in the moment become unclear.Become as if spend in fog ……
=========================================The partition line that is gorgeous======================
The second day morning, Lin Zi Wen takes the crape myrtle that the bus arrived at south suburb small area and stands outside the door for acquainting with.She tapped softly the next iron gate.She returns by three days and from have been already loved most of the person live in in of.However three days empress from have already been a past guest to it.
Original Zhang Yi Xin once has the viewpoint that the house stay to make Lin Zi Wen live, the of course not approval of Lin Zi Wen.
If there is no favorite person.So live here again have what mean.Said again to say from the legal theory, this residence real estate Yi heart returned her elder brother to handle after walking.From have already wanted to live to go into what right.With of is from is already the ambiguous identity of Zhang Yi Xin"friend".
The Yi heart is after three days after walkings.All of Lin Zi Wen didn't arrive at this house.Leave in the house the trace of Yi heart Be getting tooer many.She is afraid will be sad from having already seen, in fact from have already also not thought to face to face personally with those two Mr. Weis more.
Stand outside the door, looking at the accumulated snow in the garden green tree.There is still a snow man being a Yi heart and small beautiful small quiet they heap of.Lin Zi Wen doesn't open the head.
The door soon opened.That complexion chilly,such as breeze, sees her, very surprised.
"Is you??".He has no passionate appearance.Don't also let the meaning that she comes in.
"It is me.Mr. Liu!!".Lin Zi Wen says."I am the thing that comes to tidy up me.I have a little thing to stay at in!!".
"So you wait.I take out to you!!".,Such as breeze, turns rounds and then walks.Incredibly think that the one step doesn't make Lin Zi Wen come in as well.Lin Zi Wen's at heart is suffused with to have one silk Nu idea, however was strong to go down again, the feeling was to become a kind of woe and humiliation.
"Forget it.Is like breeze!!".The voice of another male rang to get up.From,such as breeze, after death not distance.Zhang Bo goes to go out from the house.
"Ms. Lin.Please come in.Thing all in the living room.You see isn't yours!!".
"Thank you.Mr. Zhang!!".Lin Zi Wen politely says.Go to Zhang Bo, probably because he is a Yi elder brother Xin's relation.Still have him is also compare ,such as breeze, to get along with so much.Lin Zi Wen compares to his impression such as breeze like ascend many.
3 people walk into a house.Lin Zi Wen in astonishment discovers living room in is already become an appearance.Put last many boxes, also have on all sides the adornment on the wall painting is also give all took off down.The carpet of stairs became one regiment for book.Open a door in the room of upstairs.Also show a burst of and in great disorder kind.
"We have already sold out this residence.I and don't live here such as the breeze of, lately live a guest the day after tomorrow at come in!!"Zhang Bo went to explain."Ms. Lin sees my noodles to have your thing!!".
Lin Zi Wen has no Zhi voice.She soon be find out from already of thing.A packet that packs a few clothes has some the small trifle that brought back to come from Japan.The house is incredibly auctioning off.What about that car.Whether will also give to sell out??
Lin Zi Wen after coming out the house wrap to lift on the hand.Suddenly have a little touching ground of think.Residence although it is said.The car still has all the etc.s reason don't belong to from already of thing, however they after all witness from already of the romance of Yi heart, they an each and every item disappear and make Lin Zi Wen's at heart is to feel missing and depressive.
Follow the spacious driveway inside the area of accumulated snow to go straight up, unmanned on all sides.The front walks again several ten meters, is small area.Is the street of outside.Then ……from have already leave here by car.Probably don't come back forever ……
Lin Zi Wen stopped body.Hoped one eyed again to that residence.She bites tight lips.
This is be not heel from already at the beginning for rather the Xin tidy up funeral affairs very likeness.Was all feelings to break off ……
Just the Yi heart probably also comes back ……
Lin Zi Wen is at the beginning also like of Lin Zi Wen so and faintly got up,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com.Yi heart, I once was in love with me of the memory just put on for person at the one slice.I and your story, will can't the son is more rather like Xin and Lee of love result ……
She bitterly thinks.However she is also clear Related articles: