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Win that wildfire ball.Listenned to listen to the voice in the communication machine, position the laser on the hand once the instrument throw and stretch hand to pull out big pistol and raise to toward the Lin Nuo then opened fire, only today the pistol gun on the Yang Hua Wei's hand voice slightly big 1:00, send out a burst of the voice of bang bang, Yang Hua Wei simultaneously open a gun part to the Lin Nuo rushed toward in the past, another hand also pulled out a soldier
The bullet beats in the cloak of Lin Nuo up, send out the voice of bursting of a burst of to ring.Will the Lin Nuo beat fall back not only, also appear a metal gray color on the petite face.
The ground in gun bullet beat light, Yang Hua Wei once the gun throw and raise saber then to Lin Nuo Tong past, only Yang Hua Wei's action at this time also becomes the slowest, be like after death have what things at tore to pull him similar.
One of bang is deep-fried to ring.Yang Hua Wei's half body drive deep-fried fly, descend body still keep being fluttering, lead of place, drive deep-fried groundly the body melted into among two legs, until leave to invade a soul ship several ten meters outside, act this just re- become quick get up, two legs, also only 2 seems to be a very bulky leg just, these two legs exceeded big step son to drill into crowd inside.Then trample ground a watering well cover jumped into.Let people such as in a dream, not from cannot help but thoughting of.This pours bottom is what magic, unexpectedly and thus of lifelike.
One flew a car to stop air, once the car door open, the big and strong figure jumped down, but was Yang Hua Wei, is still Yang Hua Wei, let those rounding ground the polices is again one Leng here, this pouring bottom is what is the row.
Follow to jump down later on of the square and red Yan face to go to the police and stretched hand to take out a certificate at the police of front of don't know at say what, but eyes often hope toward Yang Hua Wei, the flying of air car rises to go to the eminence, look in the eyes better person can see come out, two sides that fly a car are each to stretch out a three tubular things, and still just continuously revolve, take over in the car, also peep out a to slip away to only have an arm sort thickly the thing of olives globosity.
"We let that guy run."Yang Hua Wei a jilt the saber on the hand to say."Run and then run, running the monk can not also run temple, card's expecting Si is a point, while the point in nowadays is her."The square and red Yan says to point to point to pour on the ground of Lin Nuo.
" Lin Nuo, you how, O.K.."Yang Hua Wei in a flash body the Shan arrived Lin Nuo of lightly floated she to a ground of body to embrace nearby.
"Oh ……he almost kills me." Voice and You of Lin Nuo visit similar, seem to be very strange, but very good to listen, the voice is like the light drizzle in Chiang-Nan vernal equinox, deeply wear a very thick thin idea of Mian.
"Was my robe to save me one life, unfortunately I still keep harming very heavily." The Lin Nuo trembled to tremble robe be like have no a matter person similar station get up, where has the appearance of severely wounded that she says, the square and red Yan of one side is silently horizontal next eyes, this woman how tell a lie don't make a draft as well, should can't be that she had a liking for Yang Hua Wei, this year is like Yang Hua Wei to have so a man flavor ground the man can not much see, at the thought of here, square and red Yan for a while strain get up, left a shadow of human figure at first, but the true person has already appeared at they ground nearby, vigilance of looking at Lin Nuo.
"Wanting don't I send you to go to a hospital, or is a graduate school can also."Yang Hua Wei tooks a look the Lin Nuo say.
"Need not, I ground the wound is to cure not like, do you know?I visited with You to once rush monster person's one clan of Zong the deep defense line got into place in the door of space, time come in and then be almost killed by the guardant here, You's visiting is a saint warrior and run enough and quickly, can I am a master, I have to trail my to invade a soul ship, otherwise of words I am to can not resist the monster person's attack." The Lin Nuo say the title tooks a look to float to in the sky invade a soul ship and longly sighed tone.
"Is all right, since you look can also, so whether can help me?"Yang Hua Wei says.
"Certainly, my all sorts of hardship arrives at here be come to help." The Lin Nuo Be tiny to say with a smile, Yang Hua Wei to the Lin Nuo also smiled for a while, let the crisis feeling in the square and red Yan heart more of Be getting more heavy.
"There is the hostage that the crafty a group of personseses grasped us, we have to give relief to them.But I can not use strong dint means, but you ground the characteristic that invade a soul ship but at the right moment overcome."Yang Hua Wei says.
"I am understand, I see, they at ……H'm, in that direction, don't be regarded as too far." The Lin Nuo point at the direction of small full place to say.
"Is quite good, we are to not is to be quickly some, just attackstoned your is a monster person a half monster of the card Ba Si's under charge person, they have already got news now."Yang Hua Wei says.
"Certainly, we was right away." The Lin Nuo say with a smile.In a flash shoulders again carried on the back that bulky cordage to shoulders.
" Lin Nuo."Yang Hua Wei calls a way.
"H'm?" The Lin Nuo turn head and smile to looking at Yang Hua Wei.
"Seem to be very heavy, don't I help?"Yang Hua Wei pointed to point to float to in the sky invade a soul ship.
"Certainly weigh.However I can also drag along to get." The Lin Nuo smiled for a while and carried cordage to make an effort a to drag along forward, the person and ship disappeared together.
"Do not see, she walked.We don't want to fall in the behind."Square and red Yan Tong Yang Hua Wei for a while, also enlarged a little strength intentionally, with square and red Yan current energy, one finger Tong sews in Yang Hua Wei's rib in, still painful get very.
"Head, the affair has a little not in the right."Is a stay to cut very tidy small beard of the man walk to a full ground of small nearby stick her ear to in whisper say.
"How?Want that being Gu Dan is heroic?Like, help him, need not passed by me."Is small full to carelessly say, elaboration of cut oneself long long ground nail.Promise own nail's coming out in the growth can't transform.
"Not yes the head is another strange affair, I just discovered, had a half monster the person to leave here, I secretly of the bottom tooked a look, have nothing at all.Left us just here, if Yang Hua Wei took a person to come, we basically aren't enemies, unless head your ability the crest must live Yang Hua Wei."The small voice of little beard man says, finger point an underground.
"What?There is also this kind of matter."Was small full to let go of nail clipper, the title looking at a small beard, the small beard mercilessly ordered to nod and descended a moment small full then disappear in the seat, a short while effort.The complexion dark comes back from walking.The facial expression of the small full dark is very terrible, before completely having no that kind of the shape of the cool grace.This kind of distorts dark ground facial expression to go together with to ascend her that whole body very thin crape, make her look is like also an old demon an old woman.
"Head how does?This time we are afraid to be being cannon fodder."The small beard low voice says.
"Do you like to be cannon fodder?"It is small full to twist a head to ask a way.
"This ……for the sake of head you, even if is be cannon fodder also willingly,beats by dr dre pro."The small beard says, don't wear trace of swept several eyes to the small full body.
"I can loathe to give up, you can all is me thousand pick ten thousand elite of selecting to arrive ats, you are the strongest superior shows is also the most intelligent in the mankind, I how to let you to be cannon fodder."It is small full to pick the chin of small beard to say.
"But ……if we walked so, card Ba Si couldn't pass our ground."The small beard worries of say.
"It certainly passes us, even if is a toilet paper, if use to become accustomed to a brand, use an other again of can't become accustomed to very much, either, much less we not just toilet paper, tell the truth, I don't like this for instance, leave."It was small full to say to put to put a hand.
The "that they ……" small beard picked to pick chin and pointed at distance's together a lot of crowded hostages.
"If we want to withdraw and walk, not is forcing the hair to Yang Hua Wei, the crary person is very terrible, still less and crary Yang Hua Wei, throw hostage here, let Yang Hua Wei sign great achievement, when the person's mood is relaxed, surely temporarily at ease, but this spirit of enterprise will be thin down, that China Wei we result in ground bother too many."It is small full to say to adjust a head to turn round and then walk.
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