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The shell of Yan flew to go out, steady fall at the other party ship's bow, close behind, the light of fire is one Shan, bomb a ly, the whole world is getting quieter!
Puzzlinglying looking at didn't°yet all drive who destroy of fragment wreckage, the card Si man piece open mouth, surprised way:"Is so quick over?"
Yi ten thousand promise men turn over cold stare, shrug way:"Does Ka Si Fu think?"
"Ah, dull, really dull, they are total the to counter-attack two times to mean?"The card Si man regret says.
If those know that he has this kind of viewpoint, must definitely the inside re- climb to come up from the sea water, malicious scold a way:"Who does his ma know that you want to open fire?Still need to shameless?Use near keep cannon from beating fishing boat, Kui your ma of can descend of go to a hand!"
The snake head climbs not to come out, so card Si man also out of hearing their heart deep place the battle cry for discommoding, so the station that he still what stuffs is in the ship's bow, still the disaffection doesn't have the emergence of pirate!
"Card Si man, have already been getting more at 10:00!"
If"H'm ……" hears Yi ten thousand promise men, the card Si man noodles is expressionless to once turn round.
More than 10 years, Yi ten thousand promise men already heel Ba Er Dai man more than 10 years.At that time card Si although the man was still small,the man also understood Ba Er Dai's man that kind of distrustful personality, seemed to be from the remark to rise, Yi ten thousand promise men always with is expecting Er to wear man, so some in the last yearses, expected Er to wear the confidant that the man killed off to have no 1,000 to also have 800, can only have never moved Yi ten thousand promise men, even from start into eventually have never doubted him, Yi ten thousand promise men can the top Ba Er Dai's man calculating is the only under charge of trust, if isn't a Yi ten thousand promise men grow with oneself's margin very far, the card Si men all want to doubt this guy isn't oneself together full brothers?
Listen to afterwards father start to talk about it's this person, often speak the moment of those life and deaths, is all Yi ten thousand promise men help he turns peril into safety, slowly, card Si man father, Ba Er, wears man, besides which, unique respect to Yi ten thousand promise men, probably to the father's high regard for ensuring aftertime's position, and being ten thousand promise men to the Yi, but is heartfelt, he even does decision, if is hereafter held real power by oneself, must Yi ten thousand promise men assist their himself/herselfs, because he is similar to Ba Er Dai's man, also trust from the heart bottom this person, also trust this person!
So Yi ten thousand promise men with at the time that he talked he although the noodles has no facial expression,the vision is very soft.
"Card Si man, the cabin room has already readied to, at any time can ……"
"Then etc., I still don't think so in the morning a chuang sleeping."Say, the card Si man once turned round again.
Like the whichever young man, card Si daily schedule of the man also has no regulation and study abroad a period in Germany, whole day Be loitered to red Liu Lyu of oriole, almost and night after night sound of music and song, pulled down body ti of at the same time, also make work and rest habitually a regiment is in disorder bad, almost have never taken a rest by 2:00 A.M., so Yi ten thousand promise men bring up the words of rest, he directly refuses.
In fact card Si man also would not like to the so boring station is here and just started the aroused qing early along with the twoth come of mild route of travel to obliterate, just he suddenly has the kind very strange viewpoint tonight, he feels this night can't be calm so of pass through, should not be calm so, either of pass through.
Seem, everythings all seem to be too quiet, also too calmness!
Vessel still before flying soon line, around only splash of sea water voice,beats by dr dre pro.
"Card Si man ……"
The card Si man pressed to press a hand and concentrated jing dint to listen to sea breeze to beat the voice of Mao Mao that sends out on the flagpole, and spread from the vessel inner part of bellowing of machine tediousness voice.
Not to, in the center there is still a kind of strange voice ringing here.
Is a kind of satisfied contain dangerous"Weng Weng" voice.
What voice is this ?The card Si man has never got in touch with, so the momentary reaction doesn't come over.
When the card Si man full face becoming of surprise is overdo, toward Yi with dignified look ten thousand promises at the time that man saw, that kind of ringing had been unusually clear, and abnormality irritating to the ear.
"Not good …… that is that the heavy type that is near to keep cannon from teeing off wear A to play-"
The reaction of Yi ten thousand promise mens is very decisive, also very in time.Before the card Si man hasn't understood to come over, he has already flown a body to rush toward up and wear Ba Er man, this the only son, this always have the card Si man of "heirless lord" nickname to push over at deck up, and press body ti tightly at card Si the body of the man up.
Blew to ring the heavy type of "death horn" sky that wore A to play to brush past the radicle vessel Luo, directly fell in the radicle deck Luo and conductor room of, there are still other various howitzer with not enough artillery ranges beating at the same time, hit in the sea water, throw to have 100 up the sea water of the kiloton.Is close behind, once wore sea water, bellowed a voice to resound through the whole radicle Luo through the explosion of steel warship body.
In a short instant, drive cannon voice surprised foolish Russian big soldier entirely at instinct of order about under do the most original reaction:Embrace a head to lie to pour.
Ship body tremor, the cannon voice bellows, the sea water mixs up with the sea breeze of crazy roar and lets people produces shudder from the heart bottoms.
Yi ten thousand promise men unwillingly moved to move body and discovered that oneself is incredibly still on the hoof, surprise under, hurriedly swayed to sway card Si man, shout loudly a way:"Quickly, card Si man, stand up quickly, we meet to ambush!"
Can no matter how he flutter, card Si man but all have no reaction, Yi ten thousand promise men suddenly have already grown a not good felling and wait sea water downfall, through the weak ray, Yi ten thousand promise men finally discover the facial expression of the card Si man pallor, and he the blood of full face, scrutinize under, his head is deeply incredibly played a slice to wear, unexpectedly have already swallowed spirit!
This surprised no trivial matter, this is Ba Er Dai's man the only son!Yi ten thousand promise men feel his/her own thinking concretion, any further don't know to descend a moment should do what, he the body ti that know to try very hard to flutter card Si man, seem so, so as to make him find out a true felling, so as to let card Si the man have already hoped to continue to breathe.
"Send out to fight an alert, send out to fight an alert quickly!"
A the voice of the rush suddenly in the Yi ten thousand promise man the ear Be deep-fried to ring, those trainings have plain of big soldiers have already gone to move, although surprised Nu, have no too flurried, the big part has been each everyone, start counter-attacking.
Fought an alert to ring a time the whole battleship, jing absolute being absentminded Yi ten thousand promise men drive this alert once stab ji, immediately wide awake, by this time and obviously not is self-reproach of time, have to stabilize general situation again say, otherwise don't say card Si man, even he must also gave an account here, the original card Si man died, he returns to also not give an account, can the always utterly loyal Yi is ten thousand promise men, feel that the necessity exterminates the other party, give card Si the man revenge at the same time, also is an explaination for Ba Er Dai man, as for how after the event oneself's result is, he no longer wishes to think more.
The in a short time, the torpedo boat, includes a behind of three conveyance ships also sent out to fight an alert, vehemence of the gun voice have been already rung out.See to transport the guy on board to is this as land, thought that the gun can solve a problem?
"Superior, you are all right?"A big soldier in a hurry runs to Yi ten thousand promise men nearby, for full face the card Si of the blood stains man he even sees don't see as well, after all in his eyes, Yi the safety of ten thousand promise men is the just the most important.
"I am all right!"From as ground is climbing, Yi ten thousand promise men still dejectedly played to play the dust on the clothes, asking of subconscious way:"Exactly took place what matter?BE what person ambush here?"
"Superior, I ain't clear either!"
Big soldier this answer has no wrong, because momentary, the nobody can judge the identity that opens fire battleship.
When his words sound just fell in, the war of the other party suddenly shone a fog lamp on board, more than ten war ships together brushed of the emergence is in the Yi ten thousand promise man eyes in, the flag flaunting has already expressed his/her own identity, the top is Vietnamese Venus red flag, the underneath is the flag of huge a piece of and blue bottom warship, and this is undoubtedly the marking of NATO allies.
"This helps miscellaneous zhong, is want to seek dead?"Yi ten thousand promise men looking at flag, mumbling call a way in.
Suddenly, two war ships for once refitting separate, getting rid of of a mountain Zhai version Related articles:

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