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The handle knob arm stretches my in front.
I take out a bayonet:"Endure for a while."Is rapid on her arm a row but lead.Ya Yi Sheng of history is surprised to shout, I the touching a wound medicine lightly spread for her up:"I drive Ma Chao wound at this place, have to also make for you a .Isn't heavy, several day good."Is ashamed to tell her, this wound in fact is that I intentionally resulted in, for making Ma Chao have a confirmation.
The history friendship endures a pain and urgently and urgently asks me:"That your wound is heavy not heavy?Show me."
Finish tying up wound for her, I say with smile:"I usually get hurt, this wound to me, absolutely don't calculate what.By so doing better, Ma Chao is definitely to have an other to doubt."
History Ya Zhang open mouth, mean to say what, I obstructed her:"Not be saying, I come back of the road up put away wound, you trusted be.To, the affair of this wound only we 2 know, you don't want to tell other anyones.Like, take a rest, I am getting more tired.You also be subjected to discomfort's affirming also Be getting more tired for one night and take a rest like, clearly the day after tomorrow just have spirit to keep on carrying on.To know the important event is in the behind."

Chapter 200 places a substitute by subterfuge(bottom)

Ma Chao returns to abode, small and soft remembered a time of the affair that morning takes place, more thought more interesting.Ma Dai and huge virtuous don't know that he is just thinking what, really puzzle that the ground looking at a full face to contemplate medium Ma Chao.Led for a long time, Ma Chao tooked a look the red scar of the back of the hand and suddenly ask huge virtuous:"Exchange blows with you of how is person's skill in martial arts?"
Is huge virtuous to repeatedly nod:"It is severe.The his speed and strength is all very strong, a superior."
Ma Dai the full face is interrogative:"This person is thus severe of artistic skill, that woman artistic skill is also very good, what person will they be?Did the impregnable city when have a person like this?Eldest brother, why don't you make us keep on making track for?"
Ma Chao's corner of mouth slowly floats one silk to smile:"Do not need to be made track for, I know who they are.It is said that the emissary that the Cao holds wants to return to, it let the underneath prepare some gift, we musted send.Then, Hey, I am going to see song and dance."
"See song and dance?"Ma Dai blinks:"Eldest brother,http://www.beatsbydrinus.com, might you it not be really like that dance-hostess?I hear that Han Yi that boy makes track for Be getting tighter.You aren't to say, would not like to with hence turn over a face?"
"Han Yi?Hey Hey, that dullard …….Like, not be saying, I have my plan.Make clearly, afternoon, you go with me.The Yue of the east, you take the person sees on all sides in the river bank, these two people why will appear over there, make clearly, want to play joke on me?Still have what purpose?Ha ha, interesting, I pour and see you to want to do what."
Once mother Li see Ma Chao, frighten of on cringing, today's Ma Chao Leng face, whole body to outside emit an air conditioner, each one sees his none of persons aware of self ground the dodge open, fearing this air conditioner is blunt oneself.Mother Li cringed along while and had to strengthen a courage to come forward:"The general son arrives early now!"
Ma Chao lightly humed a , slowly walk to the honored guest at table to sit down:"When does the dancing of fine miss start?"
Mother Li accompanies to smile:"The miss body is unwell, the son said not to dedicate a dance now ……"
Ma Chao"Pa" clapped a case several, coldly the wreath attends to 1 turn on all sides and frighten the voice of exclaiming of all people at mouth side:"This general wants to see today, she has to come out to jump."
Mother Li frightens almost Tan at ground up, connect a voice in response to the way:"The general stops anger, I right away call her.Your etc., etc.."
Listenned to entreating of mother Li, I saw one eye history friendship, a smile:"General horse wants to see the younger sister's dance, how the ground is impatient to become so?Mother, you return him, we go out punctually be."
Waiting mother Li to walk is far, the history is graceful just wrinkly tight eyebrows to see toward me:"You toss about in the morning he is severe?Mother Li can be enough frightenned Qiang.Just, I this harms ……"
I am cold face, looking at an outside way:"I think he will come, didn't thought of, he is so hasty tomorrow.He ate to order small Kui in my under charge in the morning, can I also harmed in the his hand.I think that the main purpose that he comes right away at present still keeps wanting to confirm that you isn't the person whom the morning assaults him.I is you make of harm, also for making him produce illusion, see, we of the plan be carrying out in advance."
The history friendship strain gets up:"Childe, our ability smooth?Han Yi's corpse seems didn't°yet disheveled hair now."
I am light a smile:"Have no so quickly, but can not also deceive for two days.So, you must drag along through today and wait tomorrow Ma Chao again come of time, we are about to start on journey to return to.Managing of time at 1:00 also not the ability is wrong to tread.This battle wants to win to be beautiful, not easy.Still have, history friendship, you absolutely can not in Ma Chao's in front peep out hoof the least bit, not only is now, be after, can not pretend to be me you, either of the matter speak, these are our two secrets of lifetimes."
History Ya Dian nods, the facial expression on the face but how much a bit desolate.I sigh tone to advise her:"Is not that I want to make use of you like this, do to only have an advantage to you like this and there is no bad place.Ma Meng rises hereafter is also one square big member, his ability is still certain.You marry him and invisibly raised your younger brother's position in the cool state, can also make the Cao male to trust to you, this is with one action and much get of affair.I tell the truth to you, if not because is really many to your younger brother Jie's advantage, I can't fee so big energy, directly killed Ma Chao, say to me, more simple."
The history friendship hears here and has already had tears in the eye, she Ying Ying one gift:"The childe's boon, the history friendship bears firmly in mind in the heart.Just ……, I can not complete hoping of adopted father."
"The Cao is male of hope?"
Hope I puzzle of taste, the history friendship bit to grind teeth to once turn round to go:"Adopted father, the adopted father hopes that I can stay at the childe nearby."
I am surprised to be getting more foolish, the along while just responds to come over and sighs tone, lightly once hands her shoulder and faced to me.She has already disgraced to get red in the face, but helplessly shuts eyes.Associate this cool state of all the way and get here empress her concern to me, to my attention, this girl afraid is true to show interest to me.Thought of here, my mouth's inside also emitted hard water, although this is also the trust and doter that the Cao holds to me, can …….Thought in a short while, I slowly way:"I understood the younger sister's heart.Today, I also tell a younger sister's big secret in a day, I hope that you aren't too surprise.This secret relates to my life, the younger sister must keep."
Hope the vision of history friendship doubt, my wry smile write start to grasp her hand, slowly stretch into my bosom.The history friendship struggled for a while, after waiting until me to put out strength her hand to press on the chest, she started to be shocked.I slowly released her hand, wry smile way:"I can keep this secret, but I don't miss is painful in your heart and regret, don't think that you regret.Younger sister, my secret no one know, Mr. Cao doesn't know as well.Can since today, you are sharing for me."
The history is graceful to slowly take back his/her own hand, Zheng big eyes saw me well long-term, and then saw own hand and finally smiled out:"Sky, my celestial spirits, you, you unexpectedly, unexpectedly ……"
I sigh tone:"Originally just youth's ages seized by a sudden urge, who knew that the development of affair isn't made decision by me, till today, I was to ride a tiger difficult descend, had to crustily skin of head to continue.Younger sister, you since have been already known, should understand I must you come to cool state with me of reason.Yesterday, Ma Meng saw of is a woman of quality goods at reasonable prices, so, you needed not be worried that he will doubt.The elder sister prepares to wish your whole life happiness."
History friendship a held tight my hand:"I understood, elder sister for liking me, I will bear firmly in mind in the heart.Please trust, I take an oath, I will protect your secret with the life, in addition to world ghost absolute being, no one can from I here take away your secret."
I smiled and lightly shook her hand:"I believe a younger sister.You prepare quickly and led today, your happiness canned also come to hand."Lightly close door for the history friendship, I am silent to walk to outdoor, don't already seethe in the heart, the self-ridicule ground smiles to smile, I help a younger sister again, and doing not know to help me will arrive what by myself Related articles:

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