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The cow head that appeared a row row in the end of road person's warrior, be dressed in weak skin AN on these Human bodies, the muscle Ji of body rise, the shoulder up carries on the shoulder robust both ends to use a metal set huge wodden post for fixing, a line of rows lines up brigade nose in breathe heavily of thick spirit imitate a Buddha is a train to beat to ring generally.
Mo Yan Chou glowers Jing rough of counted a number, unexpectedly have fully 300 cow head person's warriors, and after these person's warriors finished walking, the person who appear makes Mo Yan Chou shock more, because come out this time of is the early last battlefield of Mo Yan Chou that, almost want the bear person's warrior of his old life, these bear person the material on the warrior body is only also simple and crude 1 F skin A, but double within hand blade benefit the ax but Zhan deliver to want to buy the ray of light of human life, these bear person's warriors unexpectedly also have fully 300 people and contain inside their violent bodies invincible strength, prepare to destroy the whole enemy to be general at any time.This time, those people have already stood to like brigade row, a challenges of looking at barbarian's warrior of this place, and barbarian's the warriorses also all return to stare with anger of vision.
But shocked haven't ended, because of the behind in these bear person's warriors, unexpectedly appeared full sorcery teacher of 50 Sas.This time, Mo Yan Chou already beat settle the doctrine withdraw, because these Sa the full sorcery teacher will let the fighting strength of these monster person's the warriorses increase too many, as for exactly is how much, not talk sorrow have no in person and monster person's troops like this once fought, so don't dare to say as well.
When Mo Yan Chou prepares to withdraw, Sa the behind of the full sorcery teacher appeared a new enemy again and fully had nearly 100 various chemical element masters, their weak bodies imitate a Buddha weak not through breeze general, but Mo Yan Chou already the forehead emitted sweat, oneself this time drag along greatly, takes to order so a person, result somebody else's real strenght is easily unexpectedly so strong, only is these masters and then can exterminate his/her own these people.
But haven't ended, be 300 dark black spirit bow and arrow hands that finally appear appear of time, the only evil shooter's advantage of Mo Yan Chou also disappeared Dai to the utmost, oneself's totally just 50 steppe spirit bow and arrow hands, but the somebody else fully has 300 dark black spirit bow and arrows hand, and dark black spirit bow and arrow hand behind of 50 bright masters, Mo Yan Chou this the battle have been exhaustive of have no victory of hope.
The He pulls Mo Yan Chou and the one-eyed person for a gram of Lei Si surprised the satisfaction that facial expression feels very.
The resort to armses that smile to took a look those and have already arrived over there embrace each other of subordinate, then toward Mo Yan Chou to say:
"Get lord adult, you estimate to have no this time victory of hope!Ha ha, my cow head person's warrior and the bear person's warrior , after holding after adding of full sorcery teacher of Sa, estimate that the shield defense line that break through you has no problem.And all people of mainland all know, although barbarian's warrior can be treated as fighting strength the most violent of, is facing for example cow head person and bear person the strong dint monster person like this fights racial of time, is also have no some advantage of.Ha ha!"The He pulls a gram of Lei Si after finishing saying, start unrestrainedly smiling, because these are him and the real real strenght of the sting rose mercenary soldier regiment.
Mo Yan Chou since has already fully prohibited to beat, certainly can't speak to challenge now, in a side secretly of while order owners are all readying to, Mo Yan Chou smiles happily of pull a gram of Lei Si to say to the He:"I am really interested in your true identity now, you should be a mercenary soldier chief so simple?"
"!Why be not?Does the mercenary soldier have to be a piece shorter than the other people?Not, I don't think so, as long as we made great effort, so we should be able to also get our demand!"
The He pulls a gram of Lei Si although the troops that saw Mo Yan Chou has already started restructuring,he combines to prohibit to fully take the offensive now, because if Mo Yan Chou puts together to die a to fight, own so of the loss is a lot too big, the best way is to wait at the time that Mo Yan's sorrow withdrew, oneself took a person to follow Yan to kill in the past, so can once make oneself avoid great damage.
", That I can ask, did you how can enlist so many strong dint races?
And still is all race of, those masters and Sa the full and dark black spirit isn't so seek!"Mo Yan Chou is to drag along an one step to calculate an one step, oneself anyway still stayed two hands and used to covering oneself to withdraw should be have no problem of!
"Ha ha, these aren't what I enlists,Beats Solo HD, but my I Zan of, as long as having enough money, what make not?Here in the world, want ~only rich, so didn't can not buy of, the dark black spirit is as full as master and Sa although is rare, I want ~only enough money, so can seek, in the slave's guild, what have no?Which afraid you want a head of Ultrasaurus, will also someone risky to grasp for you, but as long as you give of money is enough many, and I is stem what?I am a mercenary soldier!Ha ha, I while carrying out a task, can't oneself catch a person?I grasped forest spirit or steppe spirit or other of what race, can arrive slave's association, according to their Chou huge, then change I need of!"He's pulling a gram of Lei Si is probably to think that oneself won coupon's in control, so talks now is also have no have scruples about, basically have no what don't dare to say.
"I am a getting of empire lord, do you dare to strike against me?You the not afraid empire send does the person make track for to kill you?"Mo Yan Chou's words' sounding good elephant has been timid general.
"Ha ha, empire?Empire how again?If someone's enough price, I even can kill a king, certainly this only beats for instance, we great of king so of kindness, do I how can do again?"The He pulls an unrestrained performance of a gram of Lei Si even if is an one-eyed person Be all very anxious to to go up to beat him up now, regrettable oneself has no that real strenght now.
"As long as I could forget Huang to thoroughly root out at first, the empire had who meeting for the sake of dead of get lord to seek me of trouble?Said again, probably empire inside also some people's wanting don't hear get main any further the news of the adult!"He's pulling a gram of Lei Si has already seen Mo Yan Chou's persons all tidy up to complete, estimate that they will withdraw right away.
"Ha ha, is so, that I can thank you, however I think we this time need not beat and waited me again call order a person to come over, we were formal beginning combats at that time of time!"Mo Yan Chou is saying and starting taking the countermarch of person's slowness, front of the shield hand prop up shield to slowly withdraw.
"Ha ha, want to come to come right away, want to walk and then walk?This also wants to ask my under charge to agree a different idea!"The He pulls a gram of Lei smiling of Si apathy, but the outward appearance of handsome United States have a liking for go to so cunning.
After the He pulled a gram of Lei Si to finish saying, cow head the person brandished bulky totem pillar to hurtle up, but dark black spirit bow and arrow the hand have been already started and the steppe spirits start raising their own method Zhangs towards shooting, the masters already and mumblingly read to have voodoo, fight and then will start right away for an instant.
With lend pure steel shield, steppe spirit and dark black spirit is having to the utmost the last breeze towards the time shot, , oneself almost didn't kill a person and also had a few maimed of, but the dark black spirit was shot to die several.
But come out in the masters sorcery blast-off of moment, Mo Yan Chou loudly of shout:"All run!"Then the Sa duck take the lead toward come rightness of the road run to, and reflecting of others at 1:00 also not slow, barbarian get hurt of spirit bow and arrow the hand directly jilt on own back, then exceed to open big step followed to run, wildly turn to go into action, soon make Mo Yan Chou jilting the behind to.But the dark black spirit didn't hold tight this opportunity, because the masters drop down of the evil hair play to explode, the smoke rising covers up the view of bow and arrow hand of these sight supermans, and they who also make lose the target of attack.
The moment that plays to explode be over in the sorcery, those people hurtle into Related articles:

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