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Does the finger calculate.But Su Ling use.But incompletely threaten ground 100,000 battalions use.Like beard the autumn is green to take out a food of succour those Mongolia ride soldier's wife and children similar.Like this method of using.Su Ling can be not an either two.River's fortress tens of thousands common people's populations in town.Would be to compare the earth 1 among them.
Speak of.Originally big Ming Dynasty ground military officer's grafting is good.Make false report roll's eating vacancy is good.This silver arrived oneself purse.If see from the result.Su Ling is afraid to is also similar.The only region doesn't would be to go to different.This Su Ling estimate use till winter.Also still rough a calculate.In fine to is an one disorder.Also have no a formation of completely and systematically setting up to make up to now.Wanting ~only is useful.Su Ling is to shine on to stir a mistake not.
At river fortress ground in town beard the virtuous Chang wait one stem businessman.Do of matter Su Ling completely didn't ask.All hand over to a beard to show.In fine currently everything all seem to be rich remaining.Temporarily need not worry.But the beard show and beard virtuous Chang etc. person.Pour is from there is a Zhang calculating.This is the backing of the Ling biggest ground of Su.
But the Yuan devote to support in response to the Tai ground.How much to Su Ling ground these loophole, blemishes have to not and smallly make up a function.Be troublesome to reduce a lot the possibility ground.In capital city get after imperial government ground allow reply.The Yuan sends letter Liao in a row again in response to the Tai east to cruise to fondle Wang Hua Zhen.Make it must ensure that all company's brigades that go into pass ground are free from government troops to harass.At the same time.Still have to start to carry from Shanhaiguan to three branch river segment ground safe problem.Nature.Shanhaiguan in.In spite of is sea, route on land.Everywhere authorities and Chao pass the etc. all have already got an imperial government ground order.Mostly the meaning is same.Really need to speak of.This kind of just for company road ground inauguration but release thus broadly imperial government order ground.It is also fresh to see.
At this time businessman's position in big Ming Dynasty, still unworthy on lifting, but all levels in dynasty officials, the oneself is doing business, management store, farm of, also really seek not to appear and disappear something to have.After advertising for the Yi great commander soldier business nominal quotation in the bureau, it is true no one's interference to pour, but have no excessive long, those take various proof back is whose, and letter...etc. of person, then tooked up Xu Xi for many time.Silver certainly can't someone not earn, this among them many people still very have the businessman of real strenght and at last haven't small support to the business bureau.
Say it this, is want to say the east is at this Liao, there is equally also similar person.After inside Xu Xi Gua's brand in capital city opens, at Liao sun city in, also equally hanged it exactly alike of brand.The only differentiation is slowly a capital city Xi hand inside, there is greatly printing of"advertise for the Yi great commander soldier business bureau" that the imperial government casts, this still the first time imperial government give a have no the slightest parts of Zhus of Class print, but the Liao sun business bureau in the city, what to use is what Yuan engraves in response to the person of Tai life, certainly, with this print return not Shanhaiguan, still have to be another to add Liao of east longitude slightly greatly printing of the adult just can.
At Liao east, Su Ling's function nature compare Yuan in response to Tai's function in capital city is a little bit big.The Yuan adult is an official document for what Wang Hua Zhen go to, Su Ling gives Liao is eastern to cruise to fondle adult to use of, but is a silver.This time the of course not is silver now, that beard autumn is green to take Su Ling's letter, directly sees Wang Hua Zhen, negotiates this aftertime a matter of buying to resell the horse.
The project contains 2 kinds, one is a beard the autumn is all green to hand over to horses Wang Hua Zhen, but change need of things like food,etc, is earn is to compensate, respectively management.These two from beard autumn the green full power carry out, Wang Hua Zhen provides need, still press each kind of price to pay silver, but after the event, Wang Hua Zhen will get the bonus of 10%,Artist Series.That king turned Zhen to hesitate a short moment and then chose that takes a clean silver, this is the very wise choice.This not only is be free from to embroil, no man can hold tight a hold, also still have Wang Hua Zhen the consociation for always advocating mongols system the enemy's strategy reason.
From that time on, a business that comes together toward the Liao east big net now and all breaks through and leave of, then see if those businessmen would like to earn the silver of the east of this Liao.

The text chapter 30 matter at artificial
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Apocalypse August, first year, the big Ming Dynasty Liao easts all take charge of inshore, again get into to harvest season.
Is big slice of big slice of the captivating golden color is gone to north by the south, gradually the time narrates to open.Is agreeable from the trip of the most southern part, until breadth Dian, once thousand mountain fortresses take and all all spreads full depth the different color, that very heavy ears of wheat, give this battle fire alarm repeatedly living of the Liao is eastern, plate up several divide a pleased color.This kind of result season familiar color, even also extend faraway East China Sea, sea west on taking, those a farmland that devotes to expand in Shu tiger, also all compared to bloom a more golds in early years.
Liao eastern this land, still is with Su and wheat is lord, is miscellaneous several beans, rest of the type of sorghum, millet of, also having a several form of address is each not same of call method, all of these are the Liao east the common people rely on for making a living of food.Though Chen Yang subjugates, Liao sun once fall, south the common people of four Weis and officialdom was all rattled all, the entire family escapes home country, after all this south faces the ground of sea, the spring sowing was wanted in the morning some days, is past this person even if no longer, the farm goods in the ground still mature.
Those common people who have been firmly standing by home, mostly is have no place can go to of person, or, loathe to give up the persons of in home, that food, house, though lead meticulous, can hope on the whole the harvest that comes to this year.It is those somebody elses who flee at sight to pour, those escape far of, have already led sea to go to Shandong, this go to don't know a fee how much mental exertion, come back, can not so easy.It is those to pour hide into mountain nearby of, once the these few months lead and return an ability regression past park, conveniently wear harvest farm goods.
That battle fire together, this property and life most for think greatly of of, want to count naturally in normal times inside financial situation rather plentiful family.This in, belonged to Liao at first east the Wei had one part the officials.Would be to own many big doors a family later on, and those living a member, show just or Zu up leave many persons whom the Zus produce, so once these people escape and pour is escape quickly and at present this season but is return not, pour to let the Liao east remaining many lands come out, the farm goods of that inside became an ownerless thing naturally.However, at this time Liao the east is still unmanned to statistics these concrete numbers are a present Liao east, own 100 acres of somebody elses of above farmlands.It is a decrease consumedly.All the Liao easts department accumulated Zan few decades of land annex phenomenon.Big Ming Dynasty also once the several sent officials and promulgated an ordinance to check, always could not attain to expect a purpose.However, at present drive this battle fire, re- did adjustment.
This season, say with different in early years of, is in the neighborhood of Liao sun.The farmland that is in former days big slice of, at present but have no the slightest result ground color.This still have to return the knot admires at the Nu Er red the sun leading tens of thousands 8 ensign troops and horseses to lay siege to Liao do the next affair.Those parts is originally haven't in time sown seeds, another one part.But is the not presentable son that is trampled by the troops and horses, the nature can not also grow up.It is past in the Liao sun city neighborhood.Then became to be apart from city more vicinity district farm land, the farm goods is more sparse.Until is several ten inside outside, just at last see normal shape.
Is new appointee three show a title beard.Take 200 to ride soldier more escort, from the Liao east city east 40 many inside of bow long Ling top and bottom come, right against the face and then see of, would be such a prospects.
From river's fortress in the town all the way along the Yi way is western to go, the beard shows but go to come over ground all the way from is long the power rather good of the farmland, Zha at the sight of Liao sun city the week is a scene like this, unavoidably heart in inching surprise.Pour not is have never anticipated the influence of warfare, but personally witness those two kinds of situations, the sense of vision ground is anti- bad too big of past.
The beard shows in the river fortress favour in town few months, arrived this season, on the contrary and easily come down, also then had this Liao sun of go.Lack from the strange first hand, arrive currently and press the department for the class, the beard shows be regarded as river's fortress in the town a take to deal with Be getting more carrying on smoothly.For the sake of this purpose, beard's showing into troops has already come out several hundred more New appointees, is all this a few months in look for ground.According to the habit of thousand mountain fortresses, as long as being to be willing to work a ground of person, the beard shows then and right away keep on arranging, so with arrive with walk, the unconscious attains many several hundred people.Certainly, this only says is a New appointee, also don't calculate the hand that is constantly and continuously taken out to adjust out by thousand mountain fortresses.
Show into Ma Pang in the beard, a close behind middle age about 40 years old, be dressed in a blue cloth Shan, wear a scholar towel, obviously is a young scholar, Related articles:

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