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, This drama, I will definitely play okay."
Gentleman especially some aftertastes bright moon Lee just that is soft to softly kiss, say with smile to bright moon Lee:"I really have some to visit for Qin Shao regrettable, be like you the cutie like this incredibly doesn't know to cherish.If I of words, early make you get into the key figures of First International bank."
"The past affair doesn't lift let it be."Bright moon Lee lightly fondled own show hair for a while and smiled to ask a way especially to the gentleman, " gentleman especially Sir, my next move plan, should outward release your dead Xun?"
"Boon."Gentleman characteristics nod, " in order not to night the long dream is many, you immediately prepare a news conference."
Bright moon Lee knows how to do and also no longer say more what, turn round to leave.The gentleman looking at the good-looking figures of bright moon Lee especially, face last flash across one silk cold and damply make people trembling cruel.

Volume 9 chapter 218 assassinates(two)
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But gentleman especially ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of, bright moon Lee just that death that is layer after layer on kissing, but is representing death it kiss, because imply the cyanide of deadly poison on gorgeous double of lipses of bright moon Lee.
This kind of cyanide can be glued the cyanotype ion that is full to absorb, get into after the human body a Xi of film and digest way by the mouth cavity, with cell line grain the oxidized cell dye inside the body oxidize three price iron of Mao to combine and obstruct to oxidize three price iron revivifications in the Mao and hinder cell to breathe as usual.If the organization cell can not make use of oxygen, will result in to organize anoxia, cause the machine body sink into thus inside suffocate status.At the same time, this kind of cyanide member has directly a function to the repressing of central nervous system system, can repress to organize 42 kinds of activities of Maos inside the cell.
Express according to the previous experiment, staying time to bright moon Lee already not enough 15 minutes.Anticipate for three minutes after, gentleman especially meeting whole body spasm, express to be poisoned symptom, so bright moon Lee has to come out a hospital within this period of time.
Bright moon Lee sped his/her own step as far as possible, because she has already felt that she breathes a beginning to quickly deepen gradually, at the same time pulse also continuously speed.Bright moon Lee bites tight lips, sharp of the nail deeply sink meat in, she continuously warns himself/herself, must keep on insisting.
Is each one step, all in the death and hope in go back and forth.When bright moon Lee steps a hospital doorway, getting into the business car of staying around one side already of time,Facebook, also too late speak a words, already thoroughly faint dead pass by
Business car's slowly driving to leave the spot , at the same time, has already arranged a good rescue personnel and start orderly launching to save to cure a work.Aim at this kind of specific medicine soon be injected bright moon Lee's body.Bright moon Lee originally already the contractive eye pupil start resuming gradually normal, lead for about five minutes after, bright moon Lee is light hiss a , slowly open eyes, what to reflect into her eyelid is the face that Qin Shao visits handsome Yi.
Qin Shao visits to start to hand bright moon Lee in person and peeps out one silk smile on the face:"The young lady of the bright moon, congratulates you on have narrow escape from death."
The bright moon Lee Jiao Chen saw Qin Shao visit one eye, she clapped to clap her own soft breasts and had some to put blame on a way:"Owner, I think that I walk not to come out by myself.Are you still not bashful to smile?"
The Song that Qin Shao visits to decline to comment shrug shoulders Bang.Bright moon Lee's activity own physique for a while, this just visits to ask a way to Qin Shao:"Gentleman how especially?"
"It is still not clear now."Qin Shao visited to shake to shake head, he walked to outside in the window behind hands' back, stare at distance ground the hospital direction at quiet say not, " connects down, will see the tile lotus city Nuo of."
Is as early as as bright moon Lee is having not come out a hospital, the gentleman has already realized especially not in the right, not only the breath feels difficult.\\\\And appeared serious illusion.Especially the gentleman personal bodyguard discovers far from good, hurriedly call to a gentleman the private doctor is especially.
The door echoes but opens.Shape Ao Man ground the figure took mouth-muffle to walk to come in.The bodyguard sees isn't a specially private gentleman doctor.Hand already very the vigilance ground put at loins ground weapons up.But suddenly feel that the whole body is a burst of and tired.Softly the Tan falls flop.The tile lotus city Nuo despise ground saw the other party one eye.Walk to the gentleman specially before the bed.Looking at to make every effort to breathe heavily thick spirit ground a gentleman especially.A captivating smile way:"Gentleman especially Sir.Mr. Qin makes me say hello to you."
The gentleman special features is big mouth.Frightenedly looking at the tile lotus city Nuo to raise black hole hole ground gun muzzle.Along with several voice deep and lowly gun voice.Gentleman specially the facial expression immediately solidify on the face.That is absolutely feeling that refuse to close eyes in death an earth's surface.
The tile lotus city Nuo carefully fished for a gentleman specially pulse.Discovering him already the hopeless situation don't can die again.This just turned round to leave the spot.
Gentleman especially already the death ground news soon report to Qin Shao visit.Smoothly remove a gentleman especially.Qin Shao visits to breath a sigh of relief on the whole.Can connect down ground affair don't finish.He has to make bright moon Lee administer Deutsche financial group quickly.
Visit a ground of arrangement at Qin Shao under.The second day.Bright moon Lee with gentleman especially the widow ground identity convened a news conference.The gentleman specially dies.For Luo Si firewood Er the virtuous household and the United States Be allied to keep to say to is a good matter.But at the same time.If make bright moon Lee administer Deutsche financial group.The but again isn't that they would like to see a ground result.They think.Though the gentleman has already had especially several 10-yearly the history of heart attack.But he the ground suddenly die absolute and Qin Shao visit to take off not to open a relation.In light of this.Way the man and Wei Er wear joy to start making every effort to hamper bright moon Lee to administer a Deutsche financial group ground plan.
At the moment.Those gentlemans in advance arranged inheritance to well inherit a person to also jump out in succession especially.Many number.Connect to early there is a mental state preparing Qin Shao to visit also starting to anticipate don't and."Owner,cnn.The gentleman obviously wants to beat one to procrastinate a war especially,google.We now how should do?"Bright moon Lee has some misgivings ground to visit to ask a way to Qin Shao.
"Are you why the hurry?"Qin Shao visits a corner of mouth to have a silk to smile an idea, " had no gentleman especially, Deutsche financial group like the lacking unity, the Tuo hand can get.You have already completed your task, the next affair hands over to me."
"Boon."Bright moon Lee ordered to nod.
Qin Shao visits to see bright moon Lee's body to still have some infirmity and instructs her to thoroughly take a rest and outside walks toward the door.
"Owner."Bright moon Lee suddenly calls Qin Shao visit a way.
Qin Shao visited to stop a step and once turned round to looking at bright moon Lee, had some to don't understand of ask a way:"Do you still occupy?"
Bright moon Lee's desire speech again of appearance, immediately again shook to shake head a way:"Have no ……nothing important."Qin Shao visits to have no to ask more and closes to like door for bright moon Lee.
Deal with this to inherit a person for so-called inheritance, the best way is to threaten and bribe.But threaten and bribe of best candidate, nothing is better than at Chen Hao Nan.Qin Shao visits the telephone of connecting Chen Hao Nan and related own meaning in detail for a while, Chen Hao Nan's one mouthful promises down.If say to play a stock to make futures, ten Chen Hao Nan also arrive not last Qin Shao visits a , but make reference to kill people to set fire to make breakage, Qin Shao visited perhaps not equal to Chen Hao Nan, this made the Shu major in, the industry has good at, 360 line, go 1.
Qin Shao visits an explaination over Chen Hao Nan after, let go of a telephone, but he in the mind noodles but suddenly feel some discomforts.Assassinate a gentleman especially of the plan is in person what Anna plans, gentleman especially also drive the tile lotus city Nuo personally kill.Qin Shao visits to absolutely believe Anna and the tile lotus city Nuo is two females, but why he does the in the mind noodles still feel not and dependably?
In chance encounter Anna in a hurry walks into Qin Shao visits of office, interrupted the way of thinking that Qin Shao visits.Qin Shao visited a title to see Anna's one eye and hesitated to ask a way:"Anna, I feel the affair is a bit not in the right, always feel to assassinate an activity really is too smooth."
"Did you also see out?"Anna's one face is dignified, she puts the in front that visits at Qin Shao to two photographs and canvasses a way to Qin Shao, " is little to visit, you see these two photographs."
Qin Shao visits to interrogatively picked up photograph to cautiously scrutinize, these are two are all gentlemans especially of photograph, but Qin Shao visits to always feel a bit not right.Qin Shao visits to wrinkle up eyebrows and asks way to Anna:"Anna, these two photographs?"
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