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Naturally can not be sweeter than a mild woman, so of living will make me grow crazy.Although I am a women,I also have my faith, my self-respect.Be like what you say, we lost and thoroughly lost, but I can not go to Qin Shao and visit the right of begging humbly the existence, so will make me feel to living not equal to dead, so I chose that I concludes own life.
The plum hero's man, very sorry, I made use of your feelings to me.Is in fact very early previous I know you love me, even can do any affair for me, but for your love, I could not accept before,Facebook, now but have been too late, because I have already had my man who loves.
Loving is emotion that can not comprehend.Probably your root can't thought of, I love of the man will be Qin Shao to visit, isn't this ridiculous?Though I don't want to admit as well by myself,this is after all the fact that can not change.The day in First International bank is the time of the most happy my whole life.That man's each words, each action makes me infatuate very much and deeply draws on me, let I can not from pull out.The all these done by me, all in order to arouse him to notice to me, which afraid just the hating bitterly of gnash teeth in hatred is also good.I attained now, although just a pathetic final outcome, I open very much
The plum hero's man, just that split second, I really tried forget Qin Shao visit, but I could not do it, really sorry!Now the dead that hopes to use me, can exchange your peaceful!
All influences of rambling rose ten word regiments have already been controled by me and include my all of all propertieses to stay to you.You how handle these properties, listen to with your idea!
Suo thin second lasting writing!
The plum hero's man is foolish to foolishly looking at the dying testament in the hand, the brain changes unprecedented clearly, and an exasperation of matchless mightiness spreads in his heart.

Volume 9 chapter 1961 firmly stands by, commitment!
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Hong Kong, First International bank,
The Lu Po been greatly bound by five flowers especially, the stem smiles an explanation way:"Rice Ms. Nuo, all of this are the misunderstandings."
"Misunderstand?How did I misunderstand you?"Rice Nuo beautiful sneer way in Suva, " Lu Po especially Sir, you just of the conversation have already been all recorded down.Certainly, even if there is no evidence like this, as long as I affirm that you collaborate with outsider and attempt to do the affair of a violation First International bank benefits, you are also difficult to escape a to rob.Is a First International bank here, not is request law court of evidence and candor."
"That I want to see Qin Shao visiting."Lu Po especially to rice Nuo Suva Be beautiful to entreat a way, he and rice Nuo beautiful nothing important friendship in Suva, try to pass a ray of hope that the relation that oneself and Qin Shao visit begs.
"Mr. Qin has already given you the opportunity,cnn, is that you don't know to cherish by yourself.Now he is to absolutely can't see yours, you still died this heart."Rice Nuo Suva is beautiful the Po shaking to shake head, doing not need Lu continue to offer an explanation especially and flicked to wave hand to let the under charge take Lu Po especially under go.
From the thou up to now, the rebel fornication is thin to all have no good marriage.Lu Po especially the noodles,such as the Tan of dead ash, pour in the ground, the Wu in arrogant voice begs for mercy.Rice Nuo Suva is beautiful to close door, connect the satellite that Qin Shao visits of telephone:"Is little to visit, Lu Po especially of affair I have already solved."
"Boon."Qin Shao visited to order to nod, Lu Po especially of the affair hand over to the rice Nuo beautiful processing in Suva, he is very rest assured.\\\\\\At the moment, Qin Shao's visiting Suva is beautiful to keep speech to ask a way to the rice Nuo:"Rice Nuo, there is an affair I not too apprehensibility."What?"Rice Nuo Suva is beautiful tiny tiny on smiling, she only faces at the time that Qin Shao visited, woulded peep out to just some little smile an idea on the face.
"With your understand to me.When know that I can't make it lively for Anna, but why will you also rush through to London?"Qin Shao visits 100 to think not to get its solution ground to ask a way and also asks more tactfully as far as possible.
"This problem very difficult comprehension?"Rice Nuo Suva is beautiful tiny on pondering, visit to say with smile to Qin Shao, " Anna is your baby, you again how can unfeeling and difficult she?Even if none of us goes, the affair can't changes unmanageablely, either.In fact before I go to London, have already found out.You Li's this ghost guy isn't only to notify my a person, Zhang Xue all has already got news as well."
Rice Nuo Suva Be beautiful to make reference to here, Qin Shao's visiting has already ambiguously understood rice Nuo beautiful intention in Suva.Indeed as expected, rice Nuo Suva Be beautiful to continue to say:"And Zhang Xue compare, I at you nearby of time is the shortest.Because of my personality factor, look is not so either get along with.If Zhang Xue all went this time, I on the contrary didn't go to ground words, that I will seem to be very eccentric, so on the contrary very disadvantageous to the development of First International bank.==="
Qin Shao visited to thoroughly understand beautiful good bitterness in Suva of rice Nuo to work hard.Sighed a tone way:"The rice Nuo is really difficult you."
"Nothing important, you are my man, consider that your circumstances is the affair that I should do."Rice Nuo Suva Be beautiful to smile to smile.She doesn't want on this problem and discuss too deeply and transfer a topic way, "Ms. Anna?Your misunderstandings should have been already relieved?"
"Have already become reconciled.I originally is wanted to make use of Joe's•The Fu Luo Mu gets more informations, however now Joe's•The Fu Luo Mu had already given relief to Victoria, didn't fail to keep promise to Zhan Mu Si's jazz on the whole."Qin Shao visited to sigh a tone way, " I and Zhan Mu Si's jazz after all the friend is a , in spite of he the ground behave how.His always a person who is worth my respecting.At I backlog originality capital of time, he gave my great help, person can not only see a friend not and well one side, so the words really was too sad."
"Person can not only does see friend not good side?"Rice Nuo Suva is beautiful as if deep in thought of repeat this words.At the same time, rice Nuo beautiful in the mind noodles in Suva also inwardly sighs 1.Zhan Mu Si's jazz can the comity that gets Qin Shao's visit, also be regarded as his luck.
Close behind, Qin Shao visits again with rice Nuo Suva was beautiful to exchange for a while respectively of opinion, this just closed communication.===Qin Shao visits to let go of the telephone in the hand and once turned round come but see Anna standing erect in he or she's ground after death.Qin Shao visits tiny tiny one Leng and immediately says with smile:"Anna, do you when come over?Sit."
"Just came over a short while, saw you and rice Ms. Nuo is converse, didn't also bother you."Anna nearby sits down in what Qin Shao visited and visits a report way to Qin Shao."I come is want to tell you Suo the thin second affair contained new progress."
"Zhan Mu Si jazz ground affair.It is my fault."Qin Shao visits an apology way to Anna, " in fact I early have already arranged Joe's•The Fu Luo Mu is thin in the Suo secondly and nearby ……"
"This is already that you apologized with me for the second time."Anna stretches out finger to block up the lips that Qin Shao visits.Say with smile,google, "in fact, this affair I also do somely Be getting more reckless, should with you communicate first for a while."
Qin Shao visits some wry smiles and asks way to Anna:"Anna, do you just say that the Suo is thin second?"
"The Suo is thin second dead."Anna connects a people's way, " our person just at Scotland frontier small town space in especially a villa of the Na grillage inside, discovered a Suo thin second corpse.Report according to the autopsy of first step, the Suo is thin second to be a suicide!"
Was the Suo thin second to commit suicide?Qin Shao visits foolish a foolish, how may his some thin second women like that who not too comprehend to be like Suo choose a suicide?
"Is the confirmation that the Suo is thin second?"Qin Shao visits to cross-examine a way.^^ ^^
"It is absolutely true."What Anna affirmed ordered to nod, " fingerprint, blood, DNA examination all confirm be thin second beyond doubt for Suo.Is little to visit, don't further confirm for a while?"Anna so-calledly confirms, is an autopsy.
Qin Shao visited to shake to shake head a way:"Joe's•The Fu Luo Mu has already brought back I want to know a ground of thing, the Suo is thin second since dead, also have no a necessity again toss about her corpse, after cremating seek a cake of graveyard to well bury."
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