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Of deliver, from our palace the bodyguard Be long to send away under guard to ground in person.He is the confident of khan, handle affairs have been well arranged.Never fault, otherwise this waits important event, how can send him?"
"The your speech idea of bottom is that we received Zhao Huai En, can for canning greatly rob while breaking city, so intentionally deny this matter, isn't and yes?"Reach a not wild thou to icily ask a way.
Gao Chang's general one speech doesn't deliver and comes to for him to recognize tacitly.Ride the baggage that the soldier takes from these Piaos up, see they robbed how many places, the wolf saw meat how could it be don't eat of reason?They must be to want to suddenly and violently rob Gao Chang to be some kind of, can once we return fluently, they not is have no reason, so this just refuse to deny receive Zhao Huai En, so just can continue to strike against, enjoy that to break the joy of city!
Reach a not wild thou to see high Chang general the Zhi voice ascend not Nu, this bastard unexpectedly dares to wrong himself/herself, even if can greatly rob, but capture Zhao Huai En while breaking city is an important event how, oneself again of no use also is not likely to take this kind of important event to play trick!He way:"Your surrendering is a leave, is to want to cheat us to go into the city to go to, then close the door to catch a thief!Hum, think beautifully, needless you with patience design cheat, the grandpas this goes in, a chase on fire you that complete nonsense palace!"
Gao Chang's general frighteneds, on seeing reach a not wild thou to turn over a face, more affirmed oneself in the heart ground viewpoint, this rides soldier for Piao to get be want to break city to greatly rob, what keep in mind boon Zhao Huai En not of, whole is to lend, the depredation is seized of the nation is them real eyes ground!
Yue son breeze since the chair sprang up, loudly order way:"The whole brigade prepares to take the offensive Gao Chang Cheng!"
Gao Chang's general is greatly hasty, call way:"There are words saying so much, the expensive soldier wants what contribution, please open mouth, ten thousand don't offend city!The our country is small and weak, can not stand a battalion devastation!"
"Go to your grandmother of, well said elephant your nation is a beauty, unfortunately we aren't sex maniacs, can't see the beauty taking off pants!"Reach a not wild thou to say with smile.
"That you is what still need to offend city?"
The Yue son breeze way:"We are going to verify for a while, you ground the city wall Be enough not enough to fructify, if break on offending, that you must rebuild ……need not, still let's fix for you!Ha ha ha!"
The Piao rides a soldier to early wait Be getting more impatient, fat meat by the side of the mouth, can see not edible and let people more worried!Or early as possible offend into, enjoy to rob ground for a while a happiness!
The Yue son breeze leads troops to hurtle to descend to Gao Chang Cheng and reaches a not wild ancient small track:" Let Luo sand department of the person go first to call city, don't let that Gao Chang general report letter for city!"
"This still says with you, I early thoughted of!"The Yue sub- direction of wind the behind call way:"What about the person of Luo sand department and come over severals to are for me to translate!"
The person of Luo sand department is very obedient, let to come over and then came over, the Yue son breeze way:"Keep up with noodles ground person say, we confiscate Zhao Huai En, can write to think for the sake of the general situation.We still would like to accept to finish elder brother Lei khan ground to return fluently and let them open city gate, after treating us to go in, again the very good company measures various item!"
The blunt top translated the words of Yue son breeze in the past, on ground of city head guarded a soldier immediately and to palace of finished elder brother Lei to send to letter.Finish elder brother Lei to get news, feel this matter very strange, press in go order process should negotiate first.Then station in city defense again, how the Piao rode a soldier to unexpectedly give° this sequence in the front and back of the matter to reverse, Central plains the person's rules be so ground?
A time Gu old minister way:"Khan, this matter not to, the Piao rides a soldier to say that they confiscate Zhao Huai En.Can promise us again of surrender, this how may?Even if promised to surrender, could not immediately go into city, either, they are once going into the city,Artist Series, lifting what request at that time.We be not must promise, this at enmity with is strong to offend go into inside of be the result getting more similar?"
Finish elder brother Lei to nod a way:"I also feel not in the right, does that exactly put not to put them to go into city?"
Cluster minister as one man way:"Can not put them to come in.Must negotiate juniors city first!"
Finish elder brother Lei 's way:"To, I this goes to city head and negotiates with them!What about shield hand, this time can get a protection good I, don't make me another eyes to also win to plot secretly against!"
Waited a good half-day, Yue son the breeze was consumedly impatient, almost wanted to flick a soldier to take the offensive.Finished elder brother Lei to appear at this time, tie up white on the head bandage, get down noodles call way:"Underneath of general surname very who.How to call?"Say the ground is to agree Dan words, seem to agree Dan words are the in general use languages that returns to Gu region.
Reach a not wild thou way:"What to lead troops is a Yue general, he can't say to agree Dan words, have what rubbish you say to me, I translate to let him listen to!"
Finish elder brother Lei 's way:"Can the expensive soldier kill off Zhao Huai En?This person is guilty of the most hideous crime.I send him to you and ask each general to dispose of!"
Reach a not wild thou way:"This person is still defending in a devious way.Insisted to send to Zhao Huai En an our hand in!Want to take this as a counter, many fight for some advantages for him,http://www.beatsbydrinus.com!"
"What is the row, he is vexed not vexed, say this matter heel true of general, take us for fools where!"The Yue son breeze gets angry tunnel.
"He may negotiate first, this matter pours in the reason, however I estimate that he is procrastinating time, it lets the that bosom boon escape so much far some!"
"Zhao Huai En must be to escape, we should not with this time the Gu khan wave take a lot of time and directly take the offensive be!"The Yue son breeze makes a firm decision and no longer hypocritically talk what peaceful, if the Piao rides a soldier be really love pacifically a person, that can't has never rested to have no, either the ground extended!
The Piao rides a soldier to no longer talk, the whole army retreats and stayed to be apart from, and the big gun immediately rings out and starts offending city!
Finish elder brother Lei a see the other party turn over a face, he could have no courage crest to wear shell conductor again to battle and descend city dodge gunfire.Is a khan, a meet danger then the Shan after death back, that serves as soldier ground who be willing to also work oneslf to the bone to battle?Many people all let him back under make by protecting khan to lend, evade to protect a nation of heavy responsibility.The Yue son breeze order artillery concentration the strength bomb city gate, can back the time of city head Gu soldier but stopped up completely city gate with the sand bag, want to be another in the desert of have no, the sand has ground BE!Bombing in a row is half of two-hour period, Piao's riding a soldier don't also blast open city gate!
Reach a not wild thou way:"The ammunition is limited, like this and endlessly keep on bombing isn't way, I see still ascend city!"
The Yue son breeze way:"That will bring soldier dead and injured ground and guard good elephant of soldier in the city unlike we are little, an ascend city big gun can not use!"
Reach a not wild thou way:"Otherwise we send a group of personses in this false attack, the attraction returns to Gu person ground attention.I see the soil here quality loose and suit to dig the earth a way, rather we go into the city from the underground!"
Wanted to think, the Yue son breeze said with smile:"This method pours quite good, is a wave to a little bit take a lot of time, luckily time we have ground BE!Like,Beats by Dre Just Beats, depend on your extraordinary plan!"
"My stratagem has been wonderful!"Reach a not wild thou to say with smile.
The artillery stops bombing, the Yue son breeze sends a few persons of Luo sand departments to come forward go to and finish elder brother Lei to pull skin, he then backs bottom, direct soldier to dig the earth a way.
Sand ground again dig, can not say to dig to go into the city, either and then can dig into of, keep through two days, the tunnel didn't also dig a wall root, the city bottom pulls leathern persons all had no phrase son, the Yue son breeze can not have to come forward in person, go to with finish elder brother Lei spray saliva with each other.
Finishing elder brother Lei can be not stupid, he discovers that the well water water level in city descends, and this explains that Piao's riding soldier is digging the earth a way!On understanding this, he immediately figured out to reply of method, first and Yue son breeze in the topic that the skin pulled to stay back, the Yue son breeze presses a root and then has never intended depend the city is too near, with this promises pour very to heart's content!
Finish elder brother Lei pulled up troops city outside.Immediately after pull skin in outside and Yue son breeze, and he the back of the ground return to Gu the soldier is also digging the earth a way, however they be not dig to ride a soldier big camp toward the Piao of, but thwart dig a long ditch, this ditch not breadth, very deep.Need not in advance draw map, this ditch digs very so much.Digses for a day.Finish elder brother Lei to see task completion, beat Ma Hui Cheng, the Yue son breeze in the mind is pretty happy, got more a day again, this tunnel tomorrow can dig to go into the city.The that time must give this dare order a color to see with oneself's time in pulling Gu khan.
Who know, the Piao rides soldier to report this night and dig the earth a way to dig one shining come!This tunnel a dig deep before the ditch, the soldier unexpectedly discovered it's shining, that depth canned be more deeply many than tunnel ground.The Piao rides an underground aggression method to see a sky Related articles: