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Under can't take to prohibit to take to punish.Oneself feels now that the whole body was full of strength, the energy is extremely abundant, could kill 10 people before, now should kill 100 talented persons will be tired, this is absolutely a miracle drug wonder drug!
These public bottoms all feel thus of good while must giving own friend Qi friend knowing to go just, waiting long his highness of clan to make next medicine wine, the affair can take in advance.
Again the routine business sort of Ao Ke Er reminded to keep secret a request for a while, then made these bodies strong many clansmen troopses to take those cannon fodders to leave.But when once these people walk, Ao Ke Er immediately takes out a tablet to swallow and eats bottom in a little while, the Ao Ke Er's burliness body resumed original kind, just look in the eyes more the ash hurt.
But his those swallow a tablet to see to Ke Er of Ao if the personal escort disappeared then immediately the Chan hand Ao Ke Er leave, sees that Ao Ke Er having a little to helplessly whisper a way:"If not and for canning get to order good thing from them, Lao Tze just need not take a medicine in person, this thing doesn't have other side effect, but the linger effect is the life span that extremely shortens to take, however this pour for guy is absolutely can't discover, because they could not live the time that the linger effect goes into action!"
Personal escort curiously asks a way:"The adult wants the thing of those guys, did the directly next order go and why the need for need to come to draw on them like this?"
"This you didn't understand, the Ao Ke Er's clansmens all owned the power that divide the war booty, and didn't see Ao Ke Er is a clan long, but he this clan grow have no power to force all clansmens to contribute private property to that him, asked for Nu nether clansmen, they will overthrow he chooses another clan long of, not so, which probably let they willingly of hide of the treasure thing contribution come out." Ao Ke Er shakes to say.
"The adult is astute, affirm after waiting the advantage that they return to and discover this medicine water will greatly four publicize, when the time comes those clansmen does the afraid of meeting Feng hug to since then request medicine water from the adult." another escort flatters to say.
Ao Ke Er has a little satisfied:"That certainly, I especially idea's adding strong sun effect isn't sportful, certainly, the advantage is necessary yours, who make us together get now together a food."
", Appreciates adult, belong to under certainly devote for the adult effect." a few escort immediately rejoice.
"H'm hum, as long as you do well, I can't maltreat you."
Enjoyed to bloom in Ao Ke Er Xin, had never thought oneself at the time does an idea incredibly can use to draw together these under charges, etc. return to religion inside, own influence will greatly ascend again many.
The Ao Ke Er Chao's hall is very quick took out the crack troops adjusting out to adjust to destroy completely rebellious troops, these took medicine and lost state of mind but own instinct of battle, and canned be fierce to stand in no fear of to fight to the death besides crack troops of listenning to the conductor, absolutely is with frightening ease of make tens of thousands rebellious troopses following behind the people of rebellious troops, tens of thousands, and rebellious troops just- captured city defense owner, all kill in fighting clean.
The news certainly announced to the whole army up, those people are all killed by the unscrupulous rebellious troops of, so sending punitive expedition the soldier would kill in fighting rebellious troops, while doing not let the whole army drink dosage water, the cannon fodder soldier again appears of the affair can not make them knowing.
The rebellious troops solved and grasped to catch man and search the work of paring off the supplies to continue to carry out, but along with the system of rotating of Ao Ke Er, the very quick regular armies all became cannon fodder the soldier grow, there are so many puppet cannon fodders soldier, Ao Ke Er immediately and above boardly and directly force those be grasped man to take dilution of medicine water, directly became them a past of the cheap cannon fodder.Need not hand puts in the custody of these amounts that grasp to catch numerous man.
Owned in Ao Ke Er Shou in great quantities can transfer of troops and horses, he didn't directly and outward battle, but orderany these puppets to start the southeast according to a region in a region in the region of force those aged and weak women and children to take medicine water, be after this matter complete, the whole people of southeast region all became puppet.
The clansmens of the big minister and Ao Ke Er of the Ao Ke Er Chao's hall have never cared Ao Ke Er's this terror activity, but all put mind at how acquire blue medicine water from the Ao Ke Er Shou.
The person, who once took, means this thing similar to absolute being medicine, not only the body is strong in good fettle, and various ability is all uncommon, is also it is said that that this kind of medicine water can increase life span, so many advantages one cup medicine water can solve, do Ao Ke Er's those big minister and clansmen how can pass good thing like this?
Have been being not willing to loosen oscular Ao Ke Er, arrive this time just the letting out of small batch quantity medicine water, certainly, each cup is been good friends with thing to change of, he also directly orderanies puppet at the same time soldier according to reaching a company to measure with Anne of so, the cent makes a going to of three batcheses frontier beginning to outward battle.
As for in command of,Beats Detox?Those clansmens that took medicine water were commanding officers, anyway the Ao Ke Er's clansmens Be fantastic to is also 100,000 people, whole southeast now count all of persons must are puppets soldier, one person directs 100 still have many.
Battle project?Have no, anyway lead puppet troops forward blunt,Artist Series, meet a person and kill people and meet city and break city be, certainly, Ao Ke Er and Anne reaches and all specially gives an account to meet and hold the personnel of some kind token of promise, that absolutely can not attackstone and on the contrary still want and immediately attackstone these personnels the outsider on all sides, and want and spare no effort to cover their movementses with all strength.
For this kind of strange order, the clansmens are all very curious, time decide to meet in succession definitely and cautiously find out these people's inside situation, see an oneself clan to grow why want to privilege them like this, are these people specialized to grow ministrant company's brigade for clan?If is such, that pours pull to just go.
Just these clansmen roots are surprisingly, once meeting a troops like this, the clansmens falling among will be polished off in momentary.
Count 100,000 crack and southeast soldiers, use extremely sudden and swift power and quickly pass white ground province, like on slicing the butter to the red case knife to similarly hurtle into close by province, these southeast soldier's whole offensives are the attacks that presents proliferation type peripheral province, is also say but the provinces of any adjacent southeast all encountered the southeast soldier's attack.
The imperial situation was the unified alliance of Kang Si to occupy coping now, the emperor clan influence occupied central part, Ao Ke Er's southeast influence occupied bottom, some small influences occupied on the side a little bit a few , original everyone lives together peacefully, can the southeast suddenly launch overall war now and immediately caused to fight.
Encounter the province of southeast attack is rather province in the Xiang pond, three princesses' Xiang spring provinces, three emperor sons of princess royal respectively the south province, two emperor sons of rather east province, four emperor the son have already thrown in an unified alliance, and be partial to reside southwest root and southeast not to take boundary.
As for the prince imperial's emperors all influence more such, in district in the empire center, would the his site's southeast not° until polish off other emperor's sons move him.
The prince imperial knows southeast big four extend of the news is very self-satisfied wine tasting, only two provinces of three emperor the son then adjust a soldier to send right away will, adjust into 2/3 of troopses rather southern, and three provinces of two emperor son, pour don't also neglect the gist, directly take out to adjust half the troops organize a defence rather east province,http://www.beatsbydrinus.com, but the most nervous was only a princess royal of province and three princesses, they belong to have no the road could back don't aid the role that can beg, immediately recruit young fellow in the whole province, start preparing to squared a southeast.
The emperor clan influence is all each clan alliance that attends to the each, basically has never considered to want a set to set up an emperor to resist a southeast now, they early cast covetous eyes on to southeast those ten provinces, the southeast incredibly makes a long and difficult journey now, extremely conceited arrogantly to four emperor clan the member start an attack, really is a godsend, these emperor's clans just don't believe the defense line canning offend to break he or she to with meticulous care set out the southeast that scattered troops.
Now that the headquarter can't have the danger to be offended to break, so current energy certainly is consider how defeat southeast soldier and countercharge to return to, with one action chase a southeast so wealthy province to swallow belly!
As long as swallowing a southeast, own influence is absolutely an emperor clan in the strongest of, when the time comes is an unified empire to rebuild brilliance is not a difficult matter either.
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