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Son, the impossible dream returns to that time, so we went to 1 in the police station and sought Shi Ting's photograph to see.Indeed as expected confirmed, that woman was her."
Uncle Lee adds a way:"And as I am dreaming Shi Ting for the first time, she is very red eyes, consumedly of belly, but saw her again, the eye wasn't red either, the big belly also had no, from every drop of the edge of clothes answer direct current blood downwards, obviously is just give birth to baby.At the right moment with at the time that Shi Ting died there is the parlance of obvious open wound on the belly to must ascend number."
Farmland sound Zhen favour the socket say:"That not is to say, did that man would be Zhang Jun to go?" Strong way:"Should be him.If is Tan Xing Wan or others, Shi Ting has no reason to do one this kind of action.Being not a lover generally can't run inside in the small bamboo grove secret rendezvous."The farmland sound Zhen listens to repeatedly nod, blink to see a flank one face very black He Jian Fei's way:"We the intelligent and skillful tactful lead the person's high school in the whole province one commander in chief does the elder brother still have other questions?"
"Have!"He Jian Fei's 1** sit down to a way" depends on your to calculate, that person is Zhang Jun to go, shine on uncle Lee's in a dream see, seem Zhang Jun goes to let Shi Ting down, the after the event was again just not willing to be responsible a to walk it.So Shi Ting feels afterwards of go to under the existence unmeaningful but commit suicide by hanging to die.If is this kind of situation, basically can not explanation Zhang Jun go to ask for leave this affair for Shi Ting on one's own initiative.I miss uncle Lee receive of the dream is just pimping one part, don't is whole to remain part, in a dream still seeped into he ownly adds a factor, can not all believe."
Strong way:"This is more passing kind of viewpoint, but is Zhang Jun's line's leaving in peevish anger because of other hidden reason?For example say, he wants to seek the small tiger revenge and encounter obstructing of Shi Ting, will also take place top two acts.Shi Ting says of the friendship have already exerted medium righteousness perhaps be point this matter.For revenging a big industry, but does she abandon a girl friend and baby who need the care urgently, isn't that the positive and big righteousness is mutually disloyal?"Uncle Lee's way:"But now really don't know Zhang Jun go whether there is enemy with small tiger."
"Not!Zhang Jun goes to exist deep old grudge with of small tiger really!"Uncle Chen suddenly bumps to come into the door and frightenned public a greatly jump.The favour of uncle Lee to once the flank see, strong don't know to when have already had no a trace.Uncle Chen into house after, Mi a pair of eyes that spread all over a thrombus because of sleep shortage, in the room everywhere search, the farmland sound Zhen cannot helps but asking a way:"Uncle Chen, you at seek what?"Uncle Chen rubs eyes a way:"Not to ah, just I come in to before and clearly hear a stranger talk orotund.How to be missing on coming in?"Farmland sound Zhen favour explanation way:"Not, is that you listenned to wrong.Just was He Jian Fei at talk.He gets up throat in the morning not very good, a little bit catch a cold, the voice also has a little very strange."
Also the favour branch of uncle Lee opens a topic, way:"To, little Chen, just what old grudge do you say?"Uncle Chen sits down and puts on glasses for the far-sighted and takes out a lot of newspaper clippings from the bosom and tremble them to public say:"This is their 2 people, not, should say to is their old grudge of of two households."Uncle Lee picks up a to see, sees the above date is July 3, 1946.The big headline of newspaper touches eyes shocking:"Red harbor wharf blood Die river's river".While keeping on seeing but is say red harbor wharf one boat owner starts the impact of breaking the type to the boat owner location under an organization of labor union group due to without cause deducting the worker's wages.However, well-in-formed person indicate that due to there being a rebel telling to be airtight the riot be finally come to an end with failure.The boat owner heavy gold bribes army and police, several leadership that take the lead to launch a riot all secrets kill, the corpse abandons in the wilderness."The strange way of He Jian Fei:"Yi, Zhang Jun goes just how old and hasn't gone to university this time, didn't also know a small tiger and had with him what relation?"Uncle Chen's way:"Because Zhang Jun goes of father would be an among those are killed of leadership.But the boat owner is exactly the the of small tiger."He Jian Fei's way:"That also impassability, Zhang Jun goes of father is be bribed army and police by the boat owner to kill, the Yuan has a head, the debt contains lord, even if want to revenge to should not start to the next generation, either.I see Zhang Jun go although walked afterwards slanting road, but the ability be seen by uncle Chen last of, is also an of indomitable spirit person, how can even this does none of truths being simple understand?"Uncle Chen draws out another newspaper way:"This was the background of article 2 news."Everyone hurriedly gathers together to come forward to see, sees a top is also a big headline:"Victimizing people to look for enemy don't fruit, the government reminds to don't act rashly."Originally Zhang Jun's going one family really has already beaten is the idea for revenging to the small tiger, but because the father of small tiger is a businessman with vivid brains, he sees then and wisely donate the overwhelming majority property to government when the revolution dispute flooded in, protect own life thus, also win governmental trust, be listed as protective point head of family, finally make them this being free from is made track for by the enemy house to kill of bitterness.Everyone sees here finally release however, Zhang Jun goes unexpectedly like this turns and twists with of small tiger and embroils very wide history.Develop to this situation, who easily break to settle the behavior that Zhang Jun goes if is belonging to open and aboveboard again?After all kill the enemy of father isn't the heart knot that is casually and then can untie.
Uncle Chen lets go of the data in the hand and hopes toward He Jian Fei's way:"Although Zhang Jun goes now and small tiger of of the personal grudge have been already understood,can this really have already revenged behavior by elucidation Zhang Jun's line?"Immediately, public one hopes toward He Jian Fei, He Jian Fei orders a way:"I can affirm."Said to once take the pen and the paper within uncle Chen's hand a way:"Borrow to come a to use."Drew a twisting map on the paper.Tian Yin Zhen doesn't understand a way:"What is what you drew ?"He Jian Fei says with smile:"I sought the map of school to see for a while and unexpectedly discovered a very interesting affair.You see, the location that is a winter 蕗 to commit suicide by hanging, the place that is one to fall down dead, but is the house that Shi Ting dies here, if we the words that three places connect meeting how?"Say and then connected to get up.A short moment, it is public surprised to shout 1.Unexpectedly appeared a very tidy equilateral triangle on the diagram.Uncle Lee is still not understand:"Even if is an equilateral triangle how again?"The farmland sound Zhen robs a way:"This I know, in the Buddhism, the equilateral triangle is the firmest shape, the representative can not break and insulate, usually is the mode that props up to defend strategies."He Jian Fei connects a people's way:"That's right, there in no don't say to is a strangely fits, 3 people die of the position unintentionally connect into a knot boundary for insulating, but Yuan ghost the road have already existed a ghost boundary for concealing mutually order and knot boundary occurrence effect, Yuan ghost road a take to insulate a half ghost boundary.This is the only 蕗 that can explain a winter to own so strong**the reason of the dint and operation ghost transmigration of soul."Uncle Chen interrupts a way:"Is slow, we aren't discussions Zhang Jun go to revenge behavioral?Why become is discuss a strong control abilities of the 蕗 of winter?"He Jian Fei says with smile:"Have never walked.Everyone pleases see, this is an isosceles triangle of handstand, the top goes there at Zhang Jun.But the top be fully apart from the 蕗 in winter to have ten several rices there and even about outran the scope of Yuan ghost road,Cheap Beats By Dre.Since is the business of蕗 that investigates a winter, why run to arrive so far place to go?"Uncle Chen defies a spirit way:"The matter complexities of the situation that investigated at that time can not completely expel him like this because of the possibility of survey demand."He Jian Fei's way:"Really, I didn't directly prove he revenges behavioral evidence, but I just had been already said, can explain Yuan ghost the only having of ghost hard transmigration of soul ghost boundary knot boundary in the road, but ghost boundary knot boundary of top just again go there at Zhang Jun.Thus one wreath wreath is anti- to reason logically down, form without can the shot break like mountain irrefutable proofly.To, there is moreover also indirect evidence, also record not to remember that Zhang Jun goes the diary inside page 1 strange description?I didn't know at that time is what is the row, just feel this condition very familiar, seem oneself which book in once see.Afterwards I finally thought of with sound son, if I didn't guess wrong, this condition should be the condition that the ghost boundary would appear, in other words, it is exactly the appearance of ghost boundary to is Zhang Jun and go in the article of death ex- what to see, exactly that terrible appearance and make Zhang Jun go death-dealing.The corpse that Zhang Jun goes Related articles: