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Wonder'oneself how forget?The Sung Chang Gung way goes superficial and capability deep teratism, normal combat probably and what then he not get, but dreamland like this, to he the mind like this fixs for, that is the jinx, at present even he got stick in, oneself can not also remind in the outside, most enrage people of BE, because increased a person, the exhausting of capability also enlarged.'
Want to return to think, but since take place, aroma Tuo can enlarge capability and keep constant as far as possible, don't influence inside, but inside of three people because the reason of the magic trick has already sunk into to go to in the same dreamland, Qin Jia's sister their be truely subjected to legal person, so have no memory, all of everythings is in the feeling, but Sung Chang Gung has never once felt because of thinking of oneself of family.
So oneself addicts into gradually of, he although at[dollar will bead]in once had several careers of a life times, but the memory of family is few that time, because the kid's power of memory was original bad, and several a life times were all when young family broken up, the last a life time of time, although the family was complete, but because of thing desire crosscurrent, for begging an officer to beg a wealth, the parents have already neglected homely existence.
Don't lead family warmth, didn't over mother's love memory of Sung Chang Gung , in this environment, realistically feel warmth of that mother's good care and family, even if is this so poor dilapidated, can he still kept sanking into, imitating the Buddha is the traveler in the desert to see water similar, forgot the whole, such as hungry thirst ground warmth that feel that natural affection.
Looking at hard Lao of mother to do everyday at my Sung Chang Gung, the smiling face that looking at a mother to trail exhausted body to use genuine feeling after coming back everyday towards himself/herself and use to living the rough big hand of thick cocoon to lightly caress own of time, see her that love in the eye pity, but oneself can not help what favour, that deplores greatly and excel incise his/her own meat with the knife, he is own inability but cut up rough.
The years flows, the body also grows up gradually and also knew gradually, the grandmothers of in home much disease, six elder brothers are all young very naughty, let the mother not only want a living that person works hard at chores this, but also want sorrow the hasty kid's education and prospect on ground of body, the kid is very naughty to cause trouble behind ground sad and helpless, carry of is to have miserable life, but Mo can what then, but three people are all incapable for the dint.
Very easily get first anniversary in the past, can force to speak up, not only is a generation already into go in a Chang Gung oneself of a ground of Sung, Qin Jia's sister is still an innate intelligence just, although have no memory, can still often stir the mother roar with laughter, let she that is young and then studdeds with there is brief smiling face on the face of crease, this is also the affair that they feel that they can make, also the most happy time .
If is at normal family, in the normal world, because the kid is stupid, basically can not realize a loving deeply of mother, after growing up is also forget these, will sink to immerse ground the world is at oneself in, measure parents with own personality and thought, say some unpleasant to hear words hurt parents and wait they have own kid after, just can understand'do not keep son, don't know parents' boon!'The meaning of this sentence.
But in the world changed magically with the magic trick, severals' aring subjected to legal persons can profoundly feel unselfish love, so also more and more sink to immerse to be loath to part, but the human life matter, not equal to idea ten have**, original although is poor but with happy house, because suddenly come across big epidemic, result the whole family all fall sick in the Kang, immediately after is that the grandmother who gets sick more is first ill.
Then is six elder brothers on the head all is iller than epidemic one by one, looking at that ever kindly once looked after oneself ground the grandmother become a corpse and looking at that ever vivacious elder brothers to become a to had no an angry corpse and sank to immerse three people of ground are in the dreamland all suddenly the heart living emotional stirrings, feel that life and death of impermanent, have no dint to the destiny ground, to fan Mang of prospect, in the heart have income.
In home remains mother and child 2 people at present.After epidemic.Get the person subsidize.Is thin the grandmother and six elder brothers to bury hereafter.Although the sorrow loses close relatives.On the whole is an in home to implicate greatly and lightly.Can force to live.
Is probably a mother to distress six sons all Wu.Livings this to loose a Gu.And this most the child beat small the pole is a filial piety and work properly Hui.So loving is like jewelry.It is delicious grounds of all not willing to give up oneself to eat.It is friendly all not willing to give up to use.All stay for this kid.But 3 people sink to immerse a ground of role and was full of a mother's love in the heart.Everythings all want to share with mother.Be not willing to only use.The mother and child depends on each other for life but lives.
Taking into several in the last years breezes to adjust rain is agreeable.Farm goods' harvesting is good.At mother and child hard-working craft work under.Also that day gradually Wen Bao get up.Like this and incredibly led for 56 years, ground nice day.Everyday although is a little poorer to live.But the mother's love melt but is a bitterness pole but sweet.In the mind air of cheerfulness already very.Often think that begs mother ability long life more in the heart.The mother and child can often mutually nestle.
If can be such.It is a wealth and worldly glory.Fairy's being long to living all is to don't change ground.Ground's piecemeal recalling F is elusive when two sisters were just born to that.Sometimes also still think of this present life come necessarily non- for no reason.Or have the idea of being born the flash across at heart.But mother deep boon.Don't give up to keep off in the heart.How be willing to make to be born it to think?But Sung Chang Gung's forgetting oneself more is who.Thoroughly sinks to immerse among them.
Year by year.When this body is till year to 18 grounds of time.The financial situation turns for the better gradually.The result tidies up vegetables cellar in autumn ground time.
Medium detection a box of gold and a box of jewelry.The inside still has a book the gist to say.The ancestry is an officer after Huan bag plentiful Ying.In consideration of the month contains profit and loss.For the sake of descendant posterity the ground is living.Hide some wealth and propertieses here.Use and so forth for posterity,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre.
Mother and child get empress nature is become very wealthy person, however the mother thinks of various bitterness that was subjected to before and plused the nearby neighbor's help and pushed F and person, forbid son to spread exhibition waste, but wanted to silently act charitably with these money, simultaneously saved to use, the mother and child is enough to eat enough meet expenses go, don't beg what luxurious, begged peaceful live, the what lies in one's power helps others.
Immediately after at after mutually visiting the quite a few house married a looks for son common, but the woman of personality gentle docile is wife, the happiness of one family lives, after old day is long, the filial piety of their mother and child the kind and genial still keep silently spreading to open, proper oneself also born a few kids, old mother the grandchildren round the time of knee, mother but because the early years works hard at chores and destitute but harm body, sudden die a dry death.
From time immemorial, life and death moment, the personal relationship is more heavy, troubles in, the personal relationship is more true, and once losing is also more and more grieved, besides their mother and child livings from the disaster, although the financial situation is poor, but mother Ci son filial piety, Anne's glory didn't be long at present, suddenly yin and yang two separate, going to of the human life pain losing his/her own nearest relative's person is strange sad and love of person, although still could not reach the state that eyes cry issue of blood.
But that such as be tied the felling of heart similar pain by the Zhui son but is a reality not and falsely of, painfully sad at this in, two sister performance of each different, Qin Zi Ling is outside cold inside hot of personality, so although is sad,can handle a daily affair, hold to hold mother's funeral, but Qin Han E then grief painfully sad, all of everythings are disregards, be know to cry, all of everythings are wives to do.
As for Sung Chang Gung but is strange, because he is dense as a block, in fact isn't that he is really foolish, and is that he discovered his own problem, oneself is to come to protect a method, how did oneself also sink to come in?Although oneself also feels a mother's love, want family, but seem this felling and viewpoint drive infinite extension, so the oneself momentary doesn't check of time, drive Ye come in.
If not is to lose the mother's pain, mother's love disappear, he still really comes to however come, think of aroma Tuo this magic trick master once said, because is cross time will in the future or the past affair counterfeits here, so will lead industry dint, recruit to world Yin evil, oneself's wanting come to is a momentary don't check but drive Yin evil interference but sank to come in, felt one human life natural affection of turning over.
Is so-called not Be done not grow one Zhi by a matter, after these affairs, the mother's love had no is filled up in Sung Chang Gung that memory up, his mind is gradually hard because the missing reduces, so have already been no longer been evil by the world Yin to confuse.
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