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As if drift in the pretty woman in the breeze, a head of black silk aweather but move, smug however, if the Yuan is dreamlike.
Yang Tian Chi Chi must looking at and is full of a happy smile on the corner of mouth.He kneads tight little Long Nyu's palm, rapid of rush forward.Fore noodles not far place, would be three second the most well-known "faraway places"s.
Suddenly, Yang Tian's body a light, quilt of waistline the delicate palm of little Long Nyu clime to, whole individual such as the spirit in the night general, it is aweather to fly unexpectedly.
"I rose a sky!"Yang Tian's concussion shouts loudly.But soon after feel this words a bit not lucky again, hurriedly withdraw previous remark and yell:"I will fly Luo!I really flew!"
Little Long Nyu looking at Yang Tian that happiness, concussion again a little bit Han silly shape, brilliant on the face if spend.Once the such Qing city smile and really let the world disgrace, the sun and moon lose Hui.Connect that to be empty bright moon, unexpectedly have already hidden into bank of clouds as well, abashed in appear in public!
Ear, the shouted information is continuously to backward and slightly go.The sea water Yuan of foot if navy-blue silk ribbon, linger around in the ground, the ocean ocean spreads of draw off.
This a moment only has 2 people's laughter in the breeze!This a moment, in the whole world only two figures of lousy men!
"Dragon, this would is faraway places!"2 people fall on a piece of megalith.The megalith is up to ten meters and grows to be close to more than 60 rices and up writes "limits of the earth" two words.And this megalith opposite is equally also thus huge and up engrave "cape" two words.
"Faraway places, faraway places!"Little Long Nyu is muttering, the vision Yi Yi livings Hui, embracing of emotion concussion Yang Tian, gentle and soft way:"Surprisingly limits of the earth also however is very short distance!Lead son, will you accompany me to the faraway places?"
"Certainly!"The eyes tender feelings of Yang Tian Man, kiss last little Long Nyu's forehead.He soft track:"Know why do I take you to come here?I am to want to tell you, regardless is a faraway places or ascend to nine days, descend arrive hell, as long as you I hide the other party in each other heart, then also such as time can general, limits of the earth namely very short distance."
The softhearted words can always let to be in love medium of the person sink into honey bottle.2 people tightly hug to each other, eyes Tiao ocean.That Bi Human body shadow, under the moonlight Meng hazy Long, such as dream like Huan, really still false.
"Being two is a good fascination!"A Jiao smiles and broke this most beautiful wonderful moment.
Yang Tian Zhou the eyebrows see go, but see wish rare rain incredibly cross legs to do on the ground and hold a nata de coco in hand, just leisurely and carefree ten thousand drinking of sortses.
"You finally appeared!"God's way.
"Have not you already discovered me?"Wishing rare rain to lightly smile is a , way:"Your real strenght of those two under charges how can really not, incredibly so stupid, the wild diagram follows me."
"BE?That sunrise who is the superior now ?Still have you this of skill which come of?"Yang Tian drinks to ask a way.
"Luo Luo" wishes rare rain Jiao to smile a , way:"Elder sister dragon, you how also ignore to take care of Yang Tian, incredibly threaten thus to a 34-year-old young girl.I originally arrive to still remember what, but drive he so on frightenning, the but agains all forgot."
"Hum!"Is little Long Nyu the facial expression instauration is lonesome, the moonlight descends that rare facial appearance unspeakable cold gorgeous.Her vision is icy cold, way:"You the small age is then thus malicious hot, really stay you not get!"
"That is about to see your skill!"Wish rare rain live laughter, suddenly jilt the medium nata de coco of making moves.The nata de coco roars and shouts but goes to, unexpectedly is get close to toward Yang Tian directly and quickly.
Little Long Nyu protects public to slice, the Zhang breeze floats in the sky and in a twinkling sliced open a nata de coco.
"Hum, incredibly let a women protection.Yang Tian, if you want to know my identity, come right away to make track for me!"Say, she head don't return as well of rush toward the direction of one woods in the distance.
"Make track for!"Yang Tian shouts at top of voice, little Long Nyu is already the waist limb that the Lan ascends him, control breath decision light achievement, quickly and forward the Lue goes.
Wish rare rain where will thought of that someone incredibly sees use one legendary just have of light achievement, her at heart is angry at and loudly curses and scolds:" Is shoot a movie?Incredibly someone is really light achievement!"
But the surprise returns surprise,her action isn't the slightest slow.Time that sees a few breath, she has already quickly hurtled into woods.Arrived woods in, tree interleave, and the night view is dusk, little Long Nyu wants again that using is light achievement chase then difficult.
"The small fox of this craftiness!"Yang Tian curses and scolds 1.2 people already not at make use of light achievement, but quickly make track for to rush up.
But wish rare rain to imitate a Buddha is have intention to lead 2 people into woods, Yang Tian in the beginning mental state anxious, don't notice circumferential landscape too much.But to run time of half hour, Yang Tian this just discover, oneself and little Long Nyu incredibly got into one primary forest in the unconscious.
The surroundings is incredibly unexpectedly some big trees that are up to more than ten meters, foot everywhere withered leaf, trample up to send out a sting sting of voice, obviously these defoliations accumulate Dian already a long time, here the rare person get into.
Can want to back a body to is already impossible at this time.Yang Tian has to continue to make track for to wish rare rain.Can in the blink of an eye, after being to once round one bushes, but Yang Tian suddenly lost to wish the trace and shadow of hoping rain,Cheap Beats By Dre.
"Lead son, we seemed to be already to win her trick!"Little Long Nyu Huan attends to on all sides, one utter darkness.The three days ancient tree covers night the only moonlight, can not see the prospects of pure surroundings at all.
"Boon, this ghost wench indeed as expected enough deceitful."Yang Tian breathes heavily thick spirit, bad mercilessly say.He doesn't seem to be little Long Nyu and have inside the achievement in the body, run so long all can the slightest not asthma.
"Wish rare rain, you come out for me!Do you lead us to here and exactly want to do what?"Yang Tian is shouting and secretly observing own cellular phone.But he is sorrow of detection, here incredibly have no signal.
"Ha ha, Yang Tian, you the darling does primitive man here.Wanting a , this primary forest is about to see oneself building to turn!"Voice from far and near, prove to wish rare rain to have been already far gone.
Yang Tian's eyebrows tightly locks, always think impassability does this wish rare rain to exactly want to do what?If want to kill oneself, root need not such bother.If don't want own life, does that lead to here and have an idea?
Woods deep place, wish kneeling of rare rain tiny asthma to pour at a man front of.Her polite an on every occasion, soft-voiced way:"Teacher, Yang Tian already drive I lead you specify of location, connect down how to do?"
" Make them treat!"Man's voice is just a little hoarse, deep and lowly say.
"I ain't understand!Teacher, why do you make me directly kill Yang Tian?"Wish rare rain to raise head, ask a way.
"Do you have this real strenght?"The man sneers at 1 and sighs a tone way:"I originally think although Yang Tian's real strenght is quite good, should also with you between the brothers.But which know he will many so a women, really severe however.I feel of, her body up have inside the house superior of inside dint, and very of strong.You didn't want for this period of time to took a stroll everywhere again, I wanted to use how long, probably this time tomorrow, they should find out the thing that we want!"
Wish rare rain to silently nod, but vision in is a Shan now one silk cold long grass, seem to be very to defy oneself's teacher to own evaluation.
"Damn of, this ghost place incredibly even has no signals!"Yang Tian is displeased failed for a while cellular phone.
"Lead son, you don't worry."Little Long Nyu comforts a way, " is here although the one is dark,I still can see pure everything here.Although just the mistake goes into here,I think with lend my memory, should be able to walk out smoothly."
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