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 The wheel chair in chapter 89 night breeze
In the dark night of reach state, the torch surrounds to mediumly reach state, sky the underground Be whole to is a spark, than dark daytime not how much of reach state.Inebriate to expose academy to inspect former incumbent director in the hospital, celebrate the servant of the country emperor honest his majesty, minister son become intimate with most , sit at Chen Ping Ping on the wheel chair, looking at officer's way two sides kneel people who kowtow to salute toward himself or herself in the ground top, the facial expression on the face has no a silk to shiver, those small and soft and profound creases don't have shape that Zhan becomes a chrysanthemum, but just so and apathetically spreads to keep, be like in the loess plain those drive rain water blunt rinse the shocking appearance that forms for thousand years.
The withered but old spirit hundred percent hands slowly once fondled from the wool blanket, this wool blanket in thin gray forever is that so to follow slippery comfortable, whenever fondle at top, Chen Ping Ping always feels that oneself is dauting the thing that some he or shes have no a lucky petting.
Didn't use much for a long time, he then from that inside the mouth of the court eunuch, knew to reach to actually take place inside the state city what affair, also knew that that being inspected a hospital inferiority to protect is in the middle, saving the imperial government Qin curing to make is who.
Be up to?Chen Ping Ping of this name not acquaint with, but also not unfamiliar, his knowing is at the beginning Fan Jian of confidant escort.His hoping one eye, that whole body is the imperial government Qin of blood to make, the apathetic eyes gradually shrunk.
Inspecting a hospital to really don't know be up to is on the hoof, Chen Ping Ping in mind sighs 1 and wish open tiger Wei leader, incredibly was also become the person that an academic association cherishes a life by Fan Jian, this kid of Anne did to look like cool boring in normal times, didn't thought of and originally unexpectedly had magic like this in the small place.
Is positive to soliloquize in times before such as Chen Ping Ping of so, the mother of Qiao Qiao, incredibly and really livinged Qiao Qiao.This isn't the affair that is very strangely fits a , but the cause and effect destines, the front matter destines.Then fall at here.Just at present sky inspect 30 black wagons in the hospital constitute of car brigade, just very in go order has been reached state, but at reach state ground in addition to city, met imperial government to arrest that the Qin makes battle, but the Qin being arrested by the imperial government makes.But is Fan Jian's person at the beginning.
This isn't strangely fits either, not is meet by coincidence, all back, all probably conceal some what.
"The Qin that the He adult incredibly can check to escape makes, be really get."Chen Ping Ping coughed two, the smile says, after death the old servant that never leaves a body pushes his wheel chair, the facing is public to in the center go.
Wheel chair the Nian press and issue the sound that the Luo Zhi Luo Zhi makes person's heart palpitates on the officer's way.
Inside He Qi Gan from eunuch in court the highest in the generation in the palace, Be just temperament Yin Wu.Always not get magnate in temple pleased, so isn't equal to what important.However beat a cook in the imperial palace for few decades, he knew that he should express at this time naturally how is of attitude.
He gets two eunuches and Xing department 13 of the superiors spread out a ring of encirclement and fear to make director Chen Lao think what hostility his/her own these people have.
He Qi Gan knows the how terrible person of director Chen Lao, he always can't entertain wild hope and since ran into director Chen today, if the other party delivered words.These people of oneself can also make that imperial government Qin to take.Consider from another aspect certainly.He doesn't think as well that the old director being old to resign having already told, meeting because is such an unattractively the imperial government Qin make, but run counter to the aim idea of his majesty, after all director Chen Lao is a his majesty to belong to most honestly bottom.
Just he neglected two affairs, one is Chen Ping Ping to know to be up to is Fan Jian's person.But Fan Jian never like that the another person comes to deal with his/her own person.Which fear those so-called another persons are parties in the temples to come out a ground of person.Second, Chen Ping Ping is sinking to immerse in very complex emotion, he looking at ground up that still and collapsed and faintedly the imperial government Qin make to be up to.In mind cut and polish some side persons to basically ignore the affair of solution.
Inspecting a saving of hospital to cure is very effective, be up to finally slowly wake up from the in the pool of blood, originally he should can not stand so heavy wound, just for the sake of protection Niang son and kid, there are several knife wounds that record to go deep into blood relationship, be all used body and upper arm by him hard answered down.
Just on waking up,cheap beats by dre, then drive the torch is piercing on all sides eye pupil, be witheredly up to lips Be tiny to move, then see near in the very short distance black wheel chair, also have a wheel chair top the ground is that somebody.He has never seen a few director Chen Laos, but he knows what kind of person director Chen Lao is, particularly sees director Chen Lao that tiny is worried, the very complicated look in the eyes is after.
The dumb Niang son sees the husband wake up, delight with unexpected good news, embrace kid's half to kneel at his body side, toward to inspect officials in the hospital to repeatedly nod to send thanks on all sides, this folks of women, really don't know at this time field of the situation have how of delicate, don't know as well so-called save a person and don't save, all in fact just behind those leading of important event son.Carry and see Chen Ping Ping how do.
The facial expression of being up to is dreary to come down, he knows Chen Ping Ping if see protect his/her own life on little adult Fan's share, so the He believes in latitude and then cans lend this matter and drag along the watering to Fan Jian, even can drag along the watering to Chen Ping Ping.
His finger is tiny tiny on moving, flash across in eye one silk Ning malicious color, bent fingers in counting facing oneself's temple to keep on knocking!
Want to escape in times before, because he the single is one person, hold wife tape, even if face to celebrate country strong national machine, he still keeps wanting obstinate Mao ground to keep on living, until live don't descend of the day.Inebriate to expose academy
However want to commit suicide at the moment, because he knows if oneself is on the hoof, meeting give Chen Ping Ping, more accurately say, wanting a protective little adult Fan's a hard nut to crack for Chen Ping Ping.
So he chooses to commit suicide, Chen Ping Ping looking at him to make moves and has no the slightest reaction, be just flash across in the eyes one silk appreciate of color, again flash across one silk understand thoroughly the smile of a life time feeling.
Pa of a , have been guarding the officials who be up to the body side inspect a hospital light loosely arrestment be up to commit suicide of mind, he hopes to be up to inhospitality to say:"The kid's person being very much notter easy to live for three years, all have a wife, why the need for so worried dead."
This voice acquaints with very much and is up to tiny tiny one earthquake of at heart and twists a head and hopes and goes very difficultly, didn't thought of but saw a completely unfamiliar face, however this officials inspect a hospital turned back to originally talk tone, and that eyes inside acquainted with of the color of cajolery, let to be up to knew the identity of the other party right away.
Be up to withered double of lipses tiny tiny on moving, but is could not say the words come, as lookinging at ghost looking at this officials inspect a hospital, for a long time after, cry to say with a smile with the lowest voice:"Originally ……you are also still on the hoof."
That officials inspect a hospital tiny tiny on smiling, chase the cloth on his body again tight tight, clapped to clap his ground hand.Say:"Who don't want to live?Here, director's your living, the round doesn't arrive you to make decision."
Chen Ping Ping is tiny to exhaustedly lean on black of wheel chair up.Car brigade two square those Chen the garden area woman spread Lin Jian's convenience went to and had never spread to come over in those voices for shaming one so much, just afterwards those tease of voice gradual Gao.
Old man's eyelid tiny Mi, looking at to be up to say:"You not is be up to."
Be up to at heart one earthquake, not clear so the ground looking at director Chen.
Chen Ping Ping slowly says:"You are just a small potato.Your living isn't an important event, so you had better be on the hoof."
This talks a , not only be up to and body side that officials inspect a hospital, even the Xing department that spreads on all sides superior and He Qi Gan those are three inside eunuch in the court, all smelt a silk peculiarly flavor.Yes, the tiger Wei fleeing before the battle starts is up to, He the private of the university secretly polices for a long time of the imperial government Qin make, is inspecting a hospital to see, accurately say, in the Chen Ping Ping's eyes.The root is just an unattractive small potato.
He Qi Gan silently retreated two, then reach the extremely nervously small step of the knowing of state state adult moved to come over and towarded Chen Ping Ping to formally go one gift, then ask an old director to go into city slightly Xie.
Inspecting the hospital is a spy organization, all officials frightened dislike most of the organization is also the organization that they want to take the last relation most , then from Chen Ping Ping to Fan Jian.All of these two people are the cow persons who doesn't need the camp in the party in government to knit a relation, so celebrate the text of country the officers to always can not find any opportunity.
But reaching state to know that the state adult tries to please director Chen Lao is at present beyond all doubt.Continue to try to please small male Ye ground thus best chance, is officials, he anyway would not likes to miss, either.As for what imperial government the Qin make, that is inside the affair of court and Xing department officials, close his fart matter.
Chen Ping Ping didn't realize this officials.He is to apathetically looking at to be up to.The in the mind thinks own affair.
Is positive such as in times before talk, Chen Ping Ping doesn't think to be up to of abrupt however appear is a strangely fits.The He believes in latitude to secretly check to be up to and Wang Qi Nian, this affair probably can once deceive to inspect a hospital, but deceive however emperor his majesty, but the his majesty choose the road that returns to at oneself up, let this affair explosion come out, is of is what?
Query for of being a reason, one lending, once.
Emperor far in Kyoto, across a long distance, query Chen Ping Ping, make this small life ground affair to query Chen Ping Ping with the imperial government Qin, you are actually me of a black dog, still have oneself the will right to land the minister?
Powerful ministers never what good end, which afraid like wood if just general, extremely observe circumstances, back cleanly, Che thoroughly bottom, hide in the Wu state be farmhouse Weng, but also still want to every moment fear emperor his majesty where the day isn't happy.
Chen Ping Ping isn't a general minister son, he doesn't need to worry these.He knows that the emperor just wants to ask he a , then have a look own attitude----To the attitude of emperor.
Chen Ping Ping suddenly smiled, the smiling face was a bit uncanny, blew to kiss in the breeze ground in night under, shine upon in the torch ground under, be like hang those golds line that don't stop to bloom chrysanthemum in empty temple, don't fear to bise, ignore a vulgar dust, just persistently the Nu put.
"Let to be up to keep to harm."He slightly caresses wheel chair ground handle knob, the smile says.
Parties in imperial government Kyoto to arrest several people whom the Qin makes, plus to reach state of several hundred Ya service non-commissioned officer, listen to thus a light words, at heart at the same time a cold, know that director Chen decided to participate.Although they don't dare to resist and also have no dint to resist 30 black wagons what inside takes inspect the hospital sword hand spy and also have those concealed at darkly in of strength, but they still kept feeling shocked.Inebriate to expose academy
If Chen Ping Ping wants to protect this person, only afraid the emperor his majesty also want to give him this face.He Qi Gan and those 13 superiors, all in mind is think like this, they of it is can hardly for facial expression to see, very embarrassed, however have no whichever person, dare mean any objection to Chen Ping Ping's this sentence.
Because opposing is invalid, oppose inability.He Qi Gan's throat becomes dry, a bit unwilling, oneself drive inside the court send He the private of the university nearby, at celebrate a country of see toward wandering about in county for a year will be up to catch, but ……turn a moment, He Qi Gan some helplessly thought of, this work even if doing is failed, but return after the city as long as to lord officer and leader eunuch the dictum was director Chen Lao to participate, this again pass oneself what matter?
Those sweet girlish voice Qiao Chen Yuan's beauty's son of the language finally came back, their Zheng wore huge eyes, curiously looking at those be surrounded by the torch of person, they not knew to take place what, also not know what the master is saying.BE just thinking what, they how don't worry as well, in spite of in Chen Yuan.Or while revolting in Kyoto of return to country ground at present by going to in the guerrilla war journey up, their all nearby have the person to inspect a hospital to protect, in spite of is which ground the officials are gifts to need to be added to all of them.
All of them are Chen Ping Ping the Gu female who buy back is from the civil and destitute place.In addition to livinging beautifully, sing of in addition to the one mouthful good song, don't have no strength, however Chen Ping Ping is to would like to keep them and protect them, this kind of eccentricity, also accomplished these blossom in the glasshouses.
If Chen Ping Ping this Tashan poured, don't know these ground in the glasshouse blossom, will fall how spend the cripple end for breaking.
Chen Ping Ping lowers the head and listen to rear those women voices for acquainting with in the distance not.It was tiny to smile to get up.
He has never let the car brigade follow behind to reach state to know that the cantonal invitation goes into city to stay overnight, but just at quiet sits on the wheel chair on, looking at complexion complicated on all sides of inside eunuch in the court and Xing department officials, seem to be at the thinking what, seem is wait for what.
Then he shuts ascend double eye.
This similar understand of photogenic Chen Ping Ping in the world celebrates the person of country emperor his majesty already not much.Be up to really is a small potato, even if do an assaying stone, all have no that kind of degree of hardness.However the public is this kind of affair.Always 1 kind subjectively and only heart, the emperor his majesty waits at this time if at dark of cluster Shan-li say to Chen Ping Ping.This Qin's making is the rock that I stay to you.
Put in Chen Ping Ping's in front to there are a lot of choices at this time.
He can save to be up to, then Shi Shi however return to village, although he knows right away will some people arrive at own of before the body, positive such as leaf heavy and the ground that Yao eunuch thinks so, at celebrate the countryside of country inner part in.Have again who to can keep Chen Ping Ping?
He can ignore to be up to of living.Take the women in the car brigades to return to country to retire to enjoy life, spend the remaining years of end.
The emperor his majesty gave the opportunity of the last Chen Ping Ping choice.No matter Chen Ping Ping chooses the above-mentioned among the speech of which kind, all probably being an emperor his majesty would like to see ground.The emperor is also clear by himself/herself, if Chen Ping Ping doesn't want to return to Kyo to again face himself/herself, so who can not make him return to Kyoto to face himself/herself, either.
Chen Ping Ping didn't move, the atmosphere of officer's way two sides was also more and more peculiar.The many people has already seen Chen Ping Ping to seem Be waiting for what.
Still have what person want?
Have been guarding in times before at be nearby up to that officials inspect a hospital walk to the flank of the wheel chair, the lowly body talked quietly severals what in Chen Ping Ping's ear.Chen Ping Ping slowly shook to shake head, the speed shaking head was very slow-moving, but very resolute.
Have no excessive long time, officer way the rear gradually have voice to ring out, these orotund and not equal to He Cao Za, on the contrary take a kind of very careful flavor.
Inspect hospital ground the officials didn't stop this troops, but the vigilance ground was escorted them to arrive at a torch ring of encirclement with the vision the ground is exact center.
Reach state to know state and what seven do these the officials are inside eunuch in the court and Xing department and finally saw clear this troops, finally knew director Chen Lao is in what to wait is what person, they are in shocked remaining, could not help feeling a cold idea as well, originally director Chen Lao early knows behind will take place what affair.
If this is a big chessboard, so wrap to give He Qi Gan these inside eunuch in the court, Xing department pain for a long time the officials even is the He that starts deploying this plans most to believe in latitude, all in fact just the chessboard ascend unattractive small pawn.
The He believes in latitude parties comer and there is no Imperial decree in hand and inspects a hospital to participate at this time, and of no consequence is anti- aim Zun not, with Chen Ping Ping's position, there is naturally no problem.
However the Imperial decree finally arrived.
This was like the suddenly red square of chessboard to jump a horse, rode at the back of elephant up, then try and ask that black of old will, you want, still this horse to kill?
The military authority squad inside of ten bearers didn't declare aim eunuch, these celebrated soldier helmet in the body, martial abnormality, however face up all take very complex emotion.
The squad of leading the way grows Gao Gao Ju in the hand the Imperial decree in clear yellow.
The clop broke to reach a state city outside of quite, all non-commissioned officers together the voice dismount, Chen Ping Ping in the facing wheel chair formally salutes, then the squad that takes Imperial decree is long, start using tremulous voice, read the aim idea of his majesty.
The aim idea is as irrelevant as Chen Ping Ping returning to country to retire to enjoy life, just aim at is inspecting the imperial government Qin of hospital wagon to make to be up to at this time, life Xing department various person right away arrest this deceit gentleman traitor soon and soon once city, anyone can not obstruct, otherwise to strive for negative theory place.
After finishing reading out an aim idea.Field calmness of can hear distance grass not up drip the voice of water bead.Owner ground vision all surprised Bu ground throw to wheel chair up of old man, at this time again the silly person also see wrong, in the world where have so Qiao ground affair.Just inspected a hospital still be saying to have no Imperial decree in the body inside one square in the court, at this time ……the Imperial decree then appear at reach state.
Reach state to know state adult to back an one step toward outer circle in subconscious, owner all subconscious inside to outside backed an one step, they finally know today this act, in fact is the Bo Yi of of his majesty and director Chen Lao.But their these people is to don't entitle to three this inside in the affair of matching tos, even have a look to all have no this kind of qualifications.
That squad long shiver a voice to finish reading out Imperial decree, take back the silks cloth in clear yellow bosom in, then walk to wheel chair front list the knee kneel down, the low voice reports a way:"The end will be a fielding teacher advantage in Kyoto officer's male, receive history general of make, come to help to arrest imperial government Qin to make and ask an old director to go a convenience inside Xing department in the court."
Chen Ping Ping's facial expression is tiny pale, he knows this act to want finally come of, his majesty finally still didn't end the tunnel road stop up completely.However that probably because his majesty early know that oneself him/herself will definitely stop up completely this road.
Or that old words, this matter rises because of being up to, but and be up to irrelevant, just he with the with each other asking of of emperor.
The mountain of distance, the one is quiet and peaceful, all horses chew ascend son, these wars horses that celebrate a country are best trained.The voice that connects Deng ground didn't also send out 1.Several thousand fielding teachers in Kyoto are finally crack to ride soldiers to all wait in this valley, wait for starting the order of attack.Several thousand armors, rush at that officer 30 black wagons on the way, should not and how and difficultly fight a task, however in spite of is station at most the great commander history of front fly, be still behind these have already understood inside story ground Kyoto to guard teacher government troops.All feel that this probably will be oneself a most difficult battle is among the whole life.
The history flies to sit on the horseback quietly on.The single tube telescope in the hand also put down, he didn't forget.This single tube telescope, whole celebrate a country also produced several pairs, but in the middle of the oneself's hand this, time is still little adult Fan's New Year send to own gift.
The history flies this to don't know to experience from cradle to the grave how much warfare, Tu really be it may be said a veteran warrior, three country in the year ago city east hill paths greatly disorderly, advertise for a northern big camp lord teacher Yan small B goes Pan and lead several thousand close soldier the big camp rounds big east mountain, whole advertise for north the camp all sink into fluster, although after death revolt a matter to hurt, then advertise for north camp group without a leader, very likely take place the matter of mutiny or rout, be it, the history flies a body to be subjected to his majesty heavy life, the single-handed gets into to advertise for north camp, by dint of an Imperial decree then accepted Fu tens of thousands non-commissioned officers, is exactly also with lend this big achievement, he became present fielding teacher in Kyo to get generally.
A person can accept Fu tens of thousands people, however several thousand people is going to deal with that to sit on the wheel chair, act an inconvenient old man today, history's flying center of earth inside is still very nervous.
The squad that declares an aim has been already gone, the history flies in mind orison, director Chen Lao will step back in front of Imperial decree, however don't know why, he knows that Chen Ping Ping can't back, the one steps can't back.
This is really strangely a kind of felling, probably the emperor his majesty knows that Chen Ping Ping doesn't want to back, so would stay a way out for Chen Ping Ping.
He doesn't know an of emperor and director Chen Lao occurrence what affair, but know that affair must be a Qie profoundly at 2 people in the center, with as for clearly director Chens all wanted to return to be old, however force two people must choose to face to face fight 1.
There the torch shines in glory next officer's way and seemed to sink into a kind of silent, then Chen Ping Ping seemed to be again and slowly to shake to shake head.
The history flew to profoundly absorb an one breath, the bise in the valley got into his lobe of lung, make him cool of some living a pain, he slowly draw down facially A slice, sink a voice to say:"Prepare."
Several thousand armors start preparing and prepare to surround to inspect a hospital to quit office director Chen Ping Ping.
"The his majesty wants to make me return to and asks me some affairs."Chen Ping Ping sits on the wheel chair on, the smile says:"This is that I has already thoughted of a ground of affair, just didn't thought of, he endures till this time and just comes to ask, also didn't thought of, ask and then ask, incredibly still tossed about so many affairs."
He shakes head to sigh a way:"The his majesty is still not enough to understand me."
That officials inspect a hospital suddenly nearby knelt down and ground teeth to say at his ground:"You have to receive an aim!"
"Not, I this whole life all is receiving an aim, all at present want to die, I still receive what strength son?"Chen Ping Ping says with a smile:"The his majesty wants to ask me some affairs.I ……ever don't want to go to directly ask him some affairs?"
Then his face inhospitality get up, look in the eyes icy cold get up, looking at torch to shine upon next several hundred people.The cold voice says:"The life is for a long time one a life time, always have some to loiter at heart question to want to ask exit."
This talks 1 and reach the state hoofbeat outside the city like thunder, A shadow reflects month, turn a moment to inhibit the ray of light of torch.Sees an officer a way rear one smoke and dust Teng rise in the dark night, was used to count an interest for time, then killed a continuous car brigade ground neighborhood.
Several thousand armors, silent and fierce killed ground to fill the air to come over.
The facial expression of the owner all becomes deadly pale to get up, the ground of Zheng Zheng looking at this acts, but those Jiao young girl in the car brigade, looking at this act, is also cannot help but frightenning of scream.
Chen Ping Ping sits on the wheel chair, still the complexion is constant, just the lips Cape starts to be suffused with a silk taunt of smiling face.He didn't deliver words.Allly inspect hospital subordinates don't make moves, they just tightly hold the handle knob of iron Han and point stanza to button up the wreath of Nu arrows to button up and nervously stare at these two side countrysides hurtle to kill to come over from officer's way of ride a soldier.
Is different from general warfare, make very much people person perplexedly BE, several thousand's riding a soldier don't lend this and directly rush at a car brigade in.Launch to kill, but the advantage that willingly gave up to ride soldier's momentum.Slowed down speed in the time of end, just turned to make three Rui Fengs, surrounded these 30 wagons.
Several thousand armors ride a soldier, officer's way in black, red of torch.In the silvery bright moon.Formed one to make a person heart palpitates ground scene.
The one is desolate.
The old servant pushes a wheel chair to slowly turn round, Chen Ping Ping supports Han at the arm-rest on.Looking at an officer way in the middle of the side countryside the general that all all over conceals in the helmet, the smile says:"3,600 people, want to grasp me to return to, history general, whether you looked down upon me too much?"
Ride the history right away to fly an in the mind always in the flounder, he didn't to subordinate bottom the hair immediately assault of order, be because he hopes affair still just turning point, he is unwilling this and inspect a hospital to thoroughly turn over a face, he doesn't know Chen Ping Ping's successor, also not concerned Chen Ping Ping's successor, but he has to consider, oneself is loyal to his majesty, with inspect a hospital to become the feud between families of a life time not behind, from now on life inside, greet ownly and actually will how and wretchedly situation.
He fears Chen Ping Ping, he also fears Fan Jian, but he fears his majesty more, so he came today,he still don't begin.
This sentence that hears director Chen Lao, he the body right away Be tiny to shiver for a while, hoarse the voice Be deep in sorrow to say:"Old director, you …… if the anti- aim takes in Qin to make, end will have to ……"
Words didn't finish saying, Chen Ping Ping was already wrinkly eyebrows to smile:"Indeed as expected, always minister sub- anti- aim not the problem of Zun, not monarch parties soldier Fu kill the problem of returning the country old minister ……" he sighs to say:"We ground his majesty, in this ground of time, still keep having never forgotten to support the only positive image of oneself Wei, naturally, be like me this kind of darkly role, want to play naturally own very of role."
30 wagons, but those wagons that trail baggage and woman, the troopses inspecting a hospital to escort all the way are total however more than 100 person, however is these more than 100 officials inspect a hospital, the color face fielding teacher more than 3,000s in Kyoto to ride a soldier,have no to the slightest step back, complexion just as since go toward ground inhospitality.
The history flies to looking at this act quietly and in mind sighed a , inspect a hospital eyes at present in only director Chen Lao, where still have his majesty?Toward the aim idea of his majesty, these inspect officials in the hospital incredibly the peace or chaos that know to support an old director, and basically think all need not give it a bit of thought, no wonder that the his majesty will be afraid of thus to this matter.
Be concealed to have shadow to wave in the forest of the officer way both sides, who don't know to inspect as well six assassins in the hospital at in have how much.
The history flies to suddenly feel that oneself felt one silk cold idea.
Chen Ping Ping shuts a double eye, depend on the wheel chair, be like in the breeze that wants on night asleep general.
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