Beats by Dr Dre solo eaten up by the soil

Chapter 953 soil dog transmutes for the fifth time 【a more 】
The summer talks of consciousness, just got in to work properly Luo to quit space, see a matchless and fast gray shadow from in the moment fled past.Concentrate a to see, the summer talks and impressively discovers, that gray of shadow is exactly front a period of time always the obfuscation doesn't come to of soil dog.Obviously, the soil dog has already waked up from the deep slumber now.
"Soil dog" summer speech called 1.
Gray shadow body in the sky, and then in a flash till summer talk before the body, peep out to belong to its special facial expression, Zi tooth mouth, the eyes half Mi of green You You sews.
"Were you all right?"The summer talked intention to read to cautiously respond for a while, the body of soil dog didn't express the circumstance of an abnormality and looked status good.
"Certainly Be free, host, I can be getting more different again now, see quickly I become to after death have what dominant Ao Ao Ao" soil dog right away clamor to shout a way, immediately, inside its body, then flow out one in fine threads continuously work properly dint.These flow out out of work properly dint, didn't drop in the dissipation inside the space, but coagulated in the soil dog body of on all sides.
Probably led 1/3 breath time, the body of soil dog is whole up have already taken place huge variety.The skin of the original gray completely disappears, the whole body form, than had never changed body to before strengthen to count decuple.In its body surface, an in multiple layers silvery sheen continuously gleams.
A Wei presses of feeling, from the soil dog body on send forth but.This Wei presses and connects summer speech to face to all have some to change countenance, facial expression tiny variety.The summer talks a felling, this Wei presses, may compared that to meet because of the auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub lately of the mentally dense monster of the fearfulness.
The summer talks of before the body, the body of soil dog, as if a knoll, steady steadily sign to mix up with ruby over there, in eyes of green of general sheen.Silvery body, naturally of deeply is arrogant strength.A sharp Cape of top of head, seems to have no hard not Cui, much more even sharp-edged than the absolute being machine.
The summer of"for the fifth time transmute successful" is talking heart, also some concussions.
Soil dog the fourth time after transmuting, had to resist the real strenght that the commonness builds a thing self-discipline, transmute after fifth time now, that real strenght exactly have much strong?Now connect a summer to talk can not see come out.
"The leaf of auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub is indeed as expected severe ah" summer speech felt deeply about 1.
One leaf, make the soil dog complete to transmute for the fifth time.Certainly, soil dog before edible auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub leaf, also used a great deal of Dan and some precious fruits, this is also all in the original backlog.But if the one leaf with no auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub, that soil dog still doesn't know when just to transmute success for the fifth time.
"Host ……" soil dog suddenly has some to wriggle of call a , wear there is some ashamed appearances in the mouth.
"How?"The summer talks once the mind move, the lookinging at of nature soil dog asked 1.
"Is such, after I eat up the auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub leaf, felling the bodies at that time will be frozen into an ice vulture and all had no command over.This ring of yours space inside, there are some things of heats, I am unbearable to eat"soil dog the mouth say.
"What?"The summer talks eyebrows a wrinkly.
At work properly Luo and quit space in, the summer talks but has many good things of, the Dan inside the dragon, and sky Qi fruit...etc. of Long Xiang's fruit, rule fruit and Cang, also have the thunderbolt fruit that at the beginning leaves in the mentally dense space the root-stock.
The idea reads a to move, the summer talks and then responded the situation in the ring 1 time.Search to pare off come of return a dollar Dan, without one greater half, the only Dan inside the Cang dragon had no, Qi fruit in the sky is little several, the root-stock of thunderbolt fruit also disappeared.
Respond without so many things, even if is a summer to talk, the facial expression also has some to deliver green.This dead dog absolutely edibled too much and not only ate the leaf of the one auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub, but also ate up so many fruits and Dan medicine.
"Host, I ain't intentional, at that time my beyond control I" soil dog discommodes very much of say.
The knoll is similar of it, by this time but pack an appearance that discommodes very much, this situation's looking to return is really uncanny.If the one who have self-discipline see this act, perhaps will be surprised to drop down to expect.
The summer speech mercilessly absorbed an one breath, oneself accumulated the wealths of Zan also not easy, now unexpectedly a while be eaten up greater half.Connect that pure astral body, the amount is fully also little half.However, disappearance of is also all of pure astral bodies that are eaten up by the soil dog are dyings of, those still on the hoof pure astral body, also all in the ring.The summer talked to once say to the soil dog, those on the hoof pure astral bodies still had other functions, so the soil dog poured was a people's bottomed to show consideration.
Lead a short moment, the summer talks just mercilessly vomit an one breath.
"Like, you stay in this ring for me first now" summer speech turned over to turn over cold stare, consciousness direct from worked properly Luo to quit to back to go out inside the space.The soil dog transmutes this time, oneself was big to bleed.This dead dog if still want to transmute for the sixth time, also don't know eat how much thing.
"Is poor return is really poor" summer speech flutters head and weigh again inside the tower space of returning to the time.
The summer of"soil dog after eating the blade of auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub and then ate a great deal of medicine of masculine gender, so transmuted smoothly ……" talks to secretly turn a mind in the heart.
"I can ……also use this method?"The summer talks eyebrows tiny wrinkly, deliberate.
At by this time, the summer talks of the idea read and unintentionally probed into auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub almost transparent root-stock.The auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub puts so long time in the tower of time, the summer talks to probe into this root-stock today still for the first time.
Xia Men Yan discovers that own mind just permeated into this root-stock and then felt the irradiation of one round and round strong sun fieriness, own mind seems to is and be burned.
"Might it not be ……the leaf of this auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub is a cold and damp attribute, but the root-stock of auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub, but is go to a sun attribute?"The summer speech takes back his/her own mind and surmises in the heart.
The summer of"if such, that words that take leaf and root-stock together, probably can moderate two kinds of medicines" talks to cautiously scrutinize in front of auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub,Beats by Dr Dre solo, now auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub, also leave six slices of leaves.
"No matter, all anyway want to try me although current real strenght may the one who compare the building of quasi- palace lord Class thing self-discipline, hunt a field outside this boundary, the current real strenght is insufficient.This time if not because I sometimes only of tower, that probably can not succeed in escaping a making track for of mentally dense monster shot"the summer is second on grinding teeth, make in the heart decision.
He takes off the one leaf and intercepts probably 1/7 of root-stocks later on and uses to work properly dint, will these two kind thing the package live and slowly send into own.
The leaf and root-stock of auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub was just swallowed by the summer speech, inside the his body, then appeared two totally different energies.Being a kind of is cold and damp, a kind of go to sun, occupy a summer to talk half of bodies respectively.
"" The summer talk unbearable cry to make a noise, the mouth opens widely.Although there has been preparation, but the medicine of this auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub still keeps outrunning the imagination that the summer talks.
The summer once used many rare treasure things as well, but had never been like before talking today so, the body appears this kind of to operate of circumstance.
The part body seems to fall to into the ice hole in ten thousand years, but another half body, the but again seems drive at very hot fire up smoked roast.By this time of the summer talk and have a liking for go to unexpectedly the half present a blue, the half presents red, two kinds of colors are entirely different, naked eye very easy can distinguish.Have already become a yin and yang face at this time particularly the cheeks that the summer talks, .
"Move for me"
The summer talks of intelligent, almost want complete disorder, the thinking revolves extremely difficult.However the summer talks grinds teeth to bear, dead dead of keep brain in end of pure clear, blood vessels in of work properly dint, slowly revolve.
Although experience for having no, the summer talks subconscious in, then want the medicine dint that will be divided into two kinds of as different as chalk and cheese attributes, mix together.Want to attain this effect, speech can operate to ownly work properly dint and try to use to work properly dint to complete now summer.
However by this time blood vessels in of work properly dint, all almost completely stagnate live, the summer talks very difficult operation.Imitate a Buddha use all strength, just will work properly dint to push forward 1 in the blood vessels.
The summer talks of gathering and working properly cave, also almost solidify at this time.However the summer talks of gathering and working properly cave, really very special, every time gather to work properly cave be compressed by two strength can not revolve, then flick one golden light open, avert from two strength temporarily, and then start revolving again.However that auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub contains of two strength, combine can't easily shrink back.
After every time is played by the golden light to open, they again the time fiercely charge forward, form circulating situation like this.
"Not ability collapsed and fainted past, move ……"
In consciousness that the summer talks, this voice always at loudly of rant, have been being continuously shouting.And blood vessels in of work properly dint, while gathering the persistence of working properly the cave, also stop to walk slowly to push forward.
But two yin and yang strengths that come from auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub , whiles working properly shaking ups of dint, really starts having some fusions.Blend the medicine dint after slowly permeates into the summer talks of body.One round and round time and the dint of the space rule unexpectedly forms willow catkins-like in shape material.The dint of the rule of these willow catkins statuses , after the blood touching to talk till summer, then starts integrating among them, along with blood slowly of at whole body rove around.
The summer talks at this time of blood, in the body flow all very of slowness, the times may stop flowing appearance.
Be worked properly the auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub yin and yang medicine dint that the dint shakes up fusion, continuously change into the dint of a way rule, permeate the flesh and blood that talks into the summer.But the summer at this time talk, but is to have no too many fellings, basically don't know the variety that the body takes place.He now the only remaining mind and consciousness is in the operation blood vessels inside the body of work properly dint.
Also luckily the summer talk of body strength far far above the common self-discipline, if otherwise these two medicine dint, can damage a meat body thoroughly.The auspicious atmosphere absolute being stub blade and the medicine dint of the root-stock really can moderate to form a big way rule and quickly promote the state of self-discipline.But is not a general self-discipline either of self-discipline but don't dare to do like this.The ordinary people take this kind of absolute being medicine and all need after some special methods and be like a summer to talk so direct absolute being medicine of oneself swallow of, the general self-discipline still really doesn't dare to do like this.
The soil dog directly swallows an absolute being medicine, that is the natural endowments native endowments, Lang the boundary lord of the evil boundary, once said that the soil dog owns the blood of ancient absolute being monster.Ancient absolute being monster, certainly not- same sort.
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