beats by dre cheap boundary lord class

Chapter 1,004 passes the fairy bridge 100 F
This kind of ache, than use a point of a needle sting into the finger still want mightiness 10,00000%.Even if the summer talks of the soul have already been tended to greatly satisfactory, the will is tough and resilient matchless, still can not easily endure this kind of exceed human body endurance extreme limit of pain-suffering, the bodies all lightly have muscular spasms for a while.
Is close behind, a kind of uncanny droopy then start eroding soul, make the speech double of summer the eyes are tiny tiny a black.
"The injury of this degree, want to make me sink into deep slumber?"The summer talks vision a fierce, thunderbolt stare at horizon to again appear, sneer at deep and low voice to say.
That is uncanny droopy, drive the summer talk abruptly intention ambition crest return to, the figure is one Shan, once avoided next time the attack of thunderbolt.Know these thunderbolts after shooting a ground, also blast open to change into 100001000 small electricity Hus, the summer is talked dodge of time then will move as far as possible of scope aggrandizement.
"68 F!"
"69 F!"
"98 F!"
Is each time over the tea, the fairy bridge then will automatically evolve next difficulty, with front the 66 F is similar, lead 1 F each time difficulty all will significant increment.
Arrived a behind, the putting out of a life time thunderbolt of world almost all over the place gobbled up since then, not only was significant amount increment, even power all than the time of beginning increase decuple.Each time a thunderbolt, as if all the human body is thick thin.These thunderbolts after shotting down ground change into more small electricity Hus and form a charged barbed wire net in the space.
In this fairy bridge inside, the summer talks of work properly a dint use to be subjected to restriction, want to completely avoid to open these thunderbolts to be extremely difficult.At 88 F of time, the summer talk and then have to use to greatly move to move Shu.If the normal flight avoid, basically and too late, but the use move more impossibly in a sudden, can use to work properly Luo a heart method the fifth magical power Mi the method greatly move to move Shu.
Is even if such, the summer talks still often of be given or got an electric shock Hu to wipe body, every time be given or got an electric shock Hu to wipe medium body, all seem body drive hundred million the ant be mercilessly chewing a food.
However, the summer talked to still keep insisting down.
"Fairy bridge 99 F, start?"The summer speech looking at 98 F the thunderbolt Be gradually concealed to go, the glory in eyes is one Shan, long long of inhalation one breath.
"I already this matter upward the noodles make collective report."Three gold colors work properly dint blood royal to inspect of a, body a move to toward another 2 people to say.
"?Is the top how to say?"Moreover 2 inspects and changes countenance to ask a way.
"Do not definitely say what, however once this young man passes the first stage fairy bridge 100 F, top of the person may appear publicly to see him."That inspects dignified say.
"Pass 100 F?This young man can pass the fairy bridge 100 F?How many ten thousand yearses come, all no one can pass the 100 F of fairy bridge first stage."It is another to inspect to shake head.
"Probably, this young man can pass, you notice him in the fairy bridge inside a kind of magical power of use have no?Can move to go out in the moment, avoid put out a life time thunderbolt."Talk in times before of inspect, the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly to get up, the vision sees toward another 2 people.
"H'm, should be a kind of very difficult to understand magical power Mi method, this young man doesn't know exactly is what identity, these several ten thousand yearses to have never heard we the gold color work properly dint blood royal such a genius."Moreover 2 people also shake head and peep out to contemplate of facial expression.
"Arrive 99 F."In the center of the gold color work properly dint blood royal to inspect once the vision turn and see toward the fairy bridge inside.
Half tea time is after.
" …… The 99 F also passed, this sub- will is really strong, the electricity Hu being evolved by the so many thunderbolt in the 99 F shoots body, didn't sink into obfuscation.If general self-discipline, even if is a boundary lord the class build thing state, also is not likely to insist widing awake."In the center inspect, shockedly say, he clear even if is oneself, can not bear down.
"Yes, problem BE, he still thus of young, soul then is already thus strong, if can pass the 100 F fairy bridge, isn't a soul will soon attain greatly and successfully?"The left side's inspecting to seem is also frightenned by own words a to greatly jump.
"Is greatly satisfactory?That is the absolute being lord state strong of sign!This boy, just self-discipline how long-term?Unexpectedly can the soul may be getting mainer than the absolute being?"The right side inspects and and is hard to believe to say.
"This returning is really a teratism and see ……fairy bridge the 100 F started!"In the center of inspecting and stretching hand a fairy bridge say.
The 100 F fairy bridge space, don't be appearing new thing, however black flame, blue cold ice, also have that terrible of put out a life time thunderbolt,appear at the same time.From the first, the whole space is full of these 3 kinds to be then good enough to demolish the whole disasters.
The summer talks in the space inside, ground don't have a foothold at all, the foot is blue cold ice, in the center is a black flame, the top of head is to put out a life time thunderbolt, 3 kind.
Far and far see go, connect the white figure that the summer talks, all have already canned not see pure.
Outside 3 inspects, is also stare big eyes cautiously looking at.Once summer speech can insist the 100 F that passes fairy bridge first stage, that can vibrate absolute being state right away.
To know distance last time passed the self-discipline of the fairy bridge first stage 100 F up to now, time fully led more than 5,000 ten thousand yearses.
But the Li number one who come and go the self-discipline of passing the fairy bridge first stage 100 F, remove to wither of outside, have already exceeded 90%, all step go into arrived absolute being lord state.Can say, each young self-discipline that can pass the fairy bridge first stage 100 F, all have tremendous hope to step in mental concentration lord state.
Connect on guard mountain, all will very of the value is this matter, particularly is a gold color to work properly dint blood royal, is also let the whole on guard mountain incumbently control all vibrate for a while.
These three gold colors work properly inspecting of dint blood royal, is also very excited at this time.The time that starts most , they basically have never wanted to have a self-discipline to pass the fairy bridge 100 F, that all leads really too low.
50,000,000 years, the fairy bridge foot opens over 1,000 times, 1,000 times in can also don't necessarily once have the self-discipline the 100 F that could pass fairy bridge first stage.
Time slowly passes.
Finally, the black flame, the blue cold ice, puts out a life time thunderbolt beginning dissipation.The summer of whole body white dress talks, but still Be hanged to fairy bridge space inside.
"What ……"
"He really passed the fairy bridge 100 F!"
Three gold colors work properly dint blood royal to inspect, the noodles permits to disgrace of hope that a shadow of human figure inside the fairy bridge.
"Soon and soon report on guard mountain of this matter."In the center of inspect adult, quickly pass to spread a sound crystal, facing on guard mountain a staff send out an information.
"?Does "the on guard mountain is a certain, a gold color works properly dint blood royal to stare at to begin to mediumly spread a sound crystal, " a gold color work properly the young man of dint blood royal and pass the fairy bridge first stage 100 F?"
"This is the important event, I get to control adult to report report."This gold color works properly dint blood royal, is also the staff of on guard mountain, work properly a rapid exhibition of dint operation to leave a form at this time, facing a Hui the Hong palace hurtle.
"Finally end?"
The summer speech looking at the space that has already fallen calm on all sides, long long of exhale an one breath, just of career, absolutely than get into purgatory still terrible.Although only very short tea time, but the summer talk of felling, once seemed long aeon.It is each in the past for a breath time, all let the speech in summer feel to seem through a century.
Arrive at the moment, the summer talks of body,beats by dre cheap, still keep being placed in a kind of circumstances that is hard to move.
But at this time fairy bridge outside, together curling up in the air purple smoke, slowly float above in the star diagram absolute being temple, a wisp of fairy sound, mix up purple smoke over there to everywhere spread in the facing.This purple smoke that rises Teng but rises, but formation Long Shen, but again change into a tiger form, difficult to understand and unfathomable.Is far in the star diagram outside, can see an absolute being temple purple smoke above.
This difference elephant only would take place when the one who have self-discipline passes the fairy bridge first stage 100 F.Unexpectedly there is this difference elephant occurrence now, that from the explaining this time bridge that get into fairy self-discipline, someone passed the fairy bridge 100 F.
Descend a moment, the summer speech discovers himself/herself, already terrible of fairy bridge the space is the star diagram absolute being temple the position of place now of above.But in front, stand three gold colors to work properly dint blood royal to inspect.
"3 inspects adult!"The summer talks facing 3 to inspect tiny tiny arch hand to say.
"H'm, unlike over-courteous, what do you call?"3 inspects and also seems to be more polite, because the summer speech passed the 100 F of fairy bridge first stage, hereafter achieve limitless.
Even if is now, the summer talks of the real strenght is also a boundary lord class build thing state, are same state with them.
"I make the summer talk!"The summer talks to directly say.
"The summer talks, you before is which city self-discipline?"In the center of inspect, the vision looking at the speech in summer to ask a way.
"I always in a Huang mountain self-discipline, arrived silver snow city now."The summer talks the circumstance to the absolute being state and has already had some understand, so now weave a leasing Be getting more easy.
"?"3 inspects tiny tiny one Leng, each other to hoped one eye.
"I had a teacher before, however afterwards he didn't know where went, I have already done not see him for a long time as well."The summer talks and immediately after says 1.
If say to is an oneself's self-discipline to today's state, don't say these 3s to inspect not to believe, afraiding of anyoneses can't believe.
"BE so, no wonder that we have never seen you before and have never heard you as well."In the center of inspect point to nod, suddenly say.
"Silver snow city?"Immediately after, he knit the brows to say 1 again.
"Silver snow city should be a small city of south."The left side inspects and connects to say, he seemed to once hear silver snow city and knew that silver snow city is a small city of south.
"BE exactly, silver snow city is placed in the south of absolute being state."The summer speech nods to connect words to say, " silver snow city castellan Qin Yu, should still in the underneath."
The summer talks Ning eyes to see to after death.
That star diagram under and unexpectedly still the one who have numerous self - disciplines didn't leave, at this time these self - disciplines all in the discussion, exactly is who passed the fairy bridge 100 F.
Those castellan, whether size in the city, the real strenght height, is finding out mutually or not, and the self-discipline of that city didn't from the fairy bridge inside come out.The self-discipline that the half-way is eliminated, early already drive transmission but, self-discipline haven't come out now, that is the person who passes the fairy bridge 100 F.
"Castellan, hasn't summer's talking a Sir appeared,is it the summer that talked a Sir to pass the fairy bridges 100 F?"Is under a certain in the star diagram absolute being temple, the silver snow city young self-discipline looking at Qin Yu's castellan to say at the bright body quivers.
Beg the twice monthly ticket of end!
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