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It is full, but anyway don't want to deal with Chu to flow smoke.At present, Zhang Ding Bian figured out to profit both parties of stratagem, how he is isn't the ability happy?
"Hum, three younger brothers, you say pour is good to listen, but Zhu Yuan Zhang how so obey, did the darling kill Xu Bi Yi?"The piece necessarily and first and still forgives to side with Chu to flow smoke disaffection for Chen You.
Zhang Ding Bian thought in a short while and said:"Zhu Yuan Zhang kills, surely not easy, Zhu Yuan Zhang's wife, Ma Xiu Ying, kills, that is also similar."
"But the vegetable of Ma Xiu Ying come good and wise, does she how can do one affair like this?"The Zou Pu wins to say from the side.
"This has again difficult?If does Xu Bi Yi's heart accumulate murdering of Lyu Zhu Yuan Zhang?In fine, this matter still invites a lord to up hand over to minister to do.The minister dares to guarantee, not a month, can definitely succeed to leave to slowly reach and Zhu Yuan Zhang.If not ability, the minister rather gets dead."What Zhang Ding Bian had ready plans to meet a situation says.
"Settle side your speech heavy.Like, this matter hands over to you to do."Chen You forgives to think to understand Zhang Ding Bian's behavior and knows that he is the person being brave to strive for, he says way, definitely have way.Oneself has no what worry so much of.
Dinner party be over, the everyone comes out main temple.Piece necessarily and first fore, Zhang Ding Bian at after, get to the place of nobody, they weigh and gather at together.Piece necessarily and first Nu way:"Three younger brothers, are you how to make?Why don't make me harm adversary through the hands of others, remove that beauty disaster water Chu to flow smoke?"
Zhang Ding Bian slowly says:"Two elder brothers, you are also an intelligent person, you also saw out, eldest brother is anyway, all want dint to protect this chemisette.Last time, you incited soldier to cause trouble, didn't want to uproot this woman, but in fact?The eldest brother not just thinks that the way saved this woman to go out.Since and clearly know thus, why the need for kissed the idea of eldest brother again, upset him?Think to want to remove this woman another way be, why the need for want to fight force with force?"
"You the way for aring different from,Cheap Beats By Dre?"The piece necessarily and first asks a way.
"Seek superior to assassinate.Is a don't go two, two don't go three, in fine, arrived today, this woman isn't in addition to don't go.Otherwise, she must be the biggest obstacle that hampers an eldest brother achievement big industry in the future.Is only a , two elder brothers, the all theses all want a secret to carry on, absolutely can not let the eldest brother know."
Say, peeped out the color of Yin Yu in his eyes:"If really don't go, is you when the time comes, I make moves, also regardless the sacrifice."
The piece necessarily and first and carefully orders and says:"Is old three, you have.Like, my everythingses all listen to yours, say according to you do.I definitely look for person to give° the woman who seduces into wrong doing eldest brother ground corpse ten thousand, you stop worrying."Two people again add up a short while words that son is another, this just break up and leave.
Chen You after forgiving to wait until all people all leave sits alone Long Yi up, could not help thinking of to become friends with the affair that Chu flowed smoke in those early years.He thought of so many in the last yearses and took place of the whole of everything.Also thought of in the center oneself is how wore the way that Chu flows smoke, frequently 3 plants on Zhu Yuan Zhang and Xu Da's their hand.If he thought of Zhang Ding Bian again, can not help examining one's conscience:"I is be not to her, is really a kindness too much?In the future one day, will she can't really threaten my river's mountain?Necessarily and first and settle the words of side, in fact have no not make sense.
I why to person of world all the heart is hard, only to this person, but is thus softhearted?
The moonlight is inclined to inclinedly leak to come in, all over the place cloudy white frost, glue dense like turn the worry that don't open is similar.

Devise strategies within a command tent chapter 41:Ning net beauty
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After Zhu Yuan Zhang and Chus flow smoke to ask to slowly reach, Chu flows smoke and then follows behind Xu Da to left for to render assistance to often meet spring in response to the army camp out of the city in sky.But just ate to lost battle of often meet spring, just for can not should to the navy that Chen You forgives but distress thousand times, see Xu Da, the nature is delight with unexpected good news.
After slowly reaching to flow smoke with Chu, often meeting spring to add up, indeed as expected figured out a way, the time forgave with Chen You to engage again, small smallly won Chen You to forgive once, totally annihilate man the soldier is more than 500 persons.Small war like this puts in the peacetime success or failure all doesn't matter.Now then, but obviously different.
It won to once suffer utter defeat at Zhu Yuan Zhang's troops, but man the time that soldier is ever triumphant .At this moment, Chen You forgives of the troops are morale of troopses to coagulate, but often meet spring here then the morale of troops Kui is disorderly.Just at by this time, Xu Da returns to camp and immediately gave man soldier layer after layer one shot, meaning nature is outstanding.This for fig up the troops' morale and encourage the confidence of the officers and mens, have extremely important meaning.
On the other hand, Zhu Yuan Zhang is in response to the city in sky hesitating a situation development.He smells listen to slowly reach to a back, small the surprised half smallly winning Chen You to forgive once, canning not helping half in the heart is pleased.His panic BE, often meet spring thus of on waiting one great commander, continuous setback, but slowly reach to one war situation of coming back, immediately canning turn round.This person of Xu Da, indeed as expected is that there is soldier in the chest must, the ability cans not is small to see.And pleased BE, for long time, his Zhu Yuan Zhang has been having no way to deal with the battleship that Chen You forgives, be always forgiven by Chen You to bully to lift not and at first, is on the whole to fight a victorious battle at present, although is small,also enough encourage morale of.
This affair lets Zhu Yuan Zhang regards highly towards slowly reaching of, in addition deep several cents.However let at the same time Zhu Yuan Zhang's taboo in slowly reaching, also deepened for several cents.
Pass by this small after winning, two soldiers sank into opposing camps status again.Xu Da Shi although it is said use small accounted to win a , but he always has no battleship secret that way cracks a man soldier.And Chen You forgive pass by small this time after hurting, feel to slowly reach more to is a myth that can not fall through, to his have scruples about of feeling, more and more deepened for several cents, don't dare to act rashly as well.
This day, Zhu Yuan Zhang is just the affair of man soldier battleship, engage in mental drudgery consider, but smell listen to Li Shan long to invite him to left for to drink.Li Shan is long to be careful, the inside hardly invites Zhu Yuan Zhang to left for his official residence in normal times and have no matter what matter most likely all come to plea for interview Zhu Yuan Zhang.The matter contains difference at present, make Zhu Yuan Zhang feel rare.
He is just at the end of one's tether, the skein of sorrow is full of, hence also then promise next Li Shan is long.At present, Zhu Yuan Zhang occupies in response to the city in sky, the under charge will get to all have his/her own official residence.Li Shan long official residence, is being apart from a not far place of big camp of Zhu Yuan Zhang.Li Shan long official residence compared with the official residence of other officers and mens, green brick green tile, seem to be particularly simple.Most let what Zhu Yuan Zhang praised highly BE, Li Shan grows the yard of official residence inside and incredibly opens a piece ofly and grows various vegetable of each kind in vegetables Qi.
Zhu Yuan Zhang says with smile:"The military adviser's official residence, as a result and side the person is different.This very small vegetables Qi, but also elegant."Zhu Yuan Zhang's side says, the side takes inclined Ni of eyes Li Shan long.
Li Shan is long favour the Gong body say:"The Qi reports Wu Guo Gong and belong to under is to feel so big yard, the waste was also wasted.With it such, rather grow into a vegetable, the inside can also supply officers and men in normal times use.The officers and mens make final bid a long distance, can enter to dedicate one dessert dint for them and belong to under also Be getting more fully satisfied."
These words listen to in the Zhu Yuan Zhang's ear, big is pleasing to the ear, he says with smile:"The officers and mens can make final bid a long distance, is also is devised strategies within a command tent by the Sirs.The Sir can't be getting more modest."Gossip, Li Shan is long to have already accompanied Zhu Yuan Zhang to enter building.
Zhu Yuan Zhang after, say with smile:"Military adviser in normal times in have never invited our country male come military adviser's in home, don't just not know invite me in today, but for the sake of He Shi?"
Li Shan is long to respectfullly and sincerely answer to say:"The Qi reports a country male, today is next 40 day and hour of birthses, so especially the idea ask Mr. Guo to come wine to talk a joys.The time urges a person old, unconscious, kind long have already followed a country of male many years and many years.So especially idea at belonged to day and hour of birth of, please Mr. Guo."
Zhu Yuan Zhang this just suddenly realize.He thinks of in former days Li Shan is long to follow behind him to do rascal ground in the county of ruffian, hereafter again follow him to go and live with Guo Zi Xing , after accompany more he beats world together, is he countless good ideas, until now today, unconscious, a lot of days have already passed by.
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