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So?Don't you avoid as well?"
The leg-pull way of Chen Wan Rong:"Avoid what to avoid?Do I return important news to smell you."
The green E frightens scream a , on leaping from afar, have whole body ground chicken skin pimple:"Leave me to far order, forbid to come over."
Chen Wan Rong is also not concerned at 1:00:"Lo your in that manner, good elephant I have bad idea.The chicken skin pimple drops on the ground, I heard ring."
Zheng Qing comforts a green E way:"You thought where to go to.We are verifying perfume today.If don't smell, which will know not very friendly."
The green E finally understands to come over and whispers a way:"You are also late to say, does the somebody else still think that you turned temperament.Young lady, you smell be."She didn't scold Chen Wan Rong and calculated a her mouth the bottom accumulate virtuous.
Chen Wan Rong reminds 1:"Perfume is on the body, because the person is different, the flavor will have a different change, doing not smell can not make sure."There is some reactions in perfume and skin.Will let the flavor take place some unexpected varieties.
Green E can't, way:"Early say, somebody else also not."
Zheng Qing says with smile:"If not.Which know not very friendly?"
"Young lady, you harm me."The green E always stares at Chen Wan Rong, not very rest assured.
The Chen glory late sees frighten her enough Qiang, this just way:"I didn't so descend to make, you ah, wait a meeting Zheng Fu, let the mother-in-law smell ground of your body flavor well, have what change.Remember, come back and make collective report."
Thus Be.The total ratio gives Chen the glory late smell strong up many, can make collective report flavor variety, that is also have no the affair of way, doing not make collective report can not make sure.Wanted to think, green E way:"I say for young lady, is all right?"
"Certainly can!"The Chen glory late says with smile:"Zheng Fu has a few wenches, you take more perfume in the past and gave they also up, the mutuals smelt more."
Suggest to this.The green E can't oppose.Take perfume at that moment, went to Zheng Fu.Zheng Qing pounds one punch in Chen Wan Rong's shoulders:"Lo you, frighten green E so."
Chen Wan Rong ha ha a smile:"Who call her old to set against with me?This opportunity doesn't make use of exploitation well, that too stupid.She just said of what?"
Zheng Qing Bai Chen Wan Rong's one eye, way:"Do not tell you."
The Xi makes a burst of, Chen the glory late return to proper business to come up, way:"Perfume your went up very for a while, this flavor had no how to change.Or that sort is delightfully fresh.The problem should wasn't big.We should prepare perfume ground to sell a problem now, must please eldest brother horse and Gao eldest brother."
Zheng Qing's eyebrows 1:"What about us?I represent my house to talk with you,cheap beats by dre."The perfume is this kind of good thing.The nature is necessary Zheng Fu Yi.
The Chen glory late plays trick a way:"That doesn't go.The female marrying to go out, water sprinkle to go out, you marry me, can not talk with me."
"You are this person's face, I discover more and more thick."Zheng Qing doesn't depend on.
Chen Wan Rong calls to cow still new, he pleases Ma Gao Er people.Hand over to finish treating this matter, Chen the glory late prepared an affair of doing the explosive.Explosive ground 30%, and proportion, Chen Wan Rong is more lousy familiar than chest, can't have a problem.This nitric stone to want to get the explosive of big power have to cook, raise pure degree.
The cook nitric is easy to Chen Wan Rong, for a deliquescence degree problem, make use of good can get a pure degree very high nitric stone, a cooking stove head can complete.The lane comes to a few pots and makes people carve a cooking stove head.
The affair just hands over to keep on treating in a little while, the Gao Ma Er people successively arrive to.
"Brothers, you seek me to have very matter?"Horse to in start to ask on meeting beginning and end.
The Chen glory late says with smile:"Eldest brother horse, we go to and talk in house."Arrive at a house inside, the maid sends tea and drinks and respectively falls.Chen Wan Rong perfume to on putting, table's way:"Eldest brother horse, Gao eldest brother, you smell."
Horse to winning an and smelling under, eyes are abrupt however become bright:"Good joss-stick, and very delightfully fresh flavor.This is very, so fragrant, let people smell long spirit."
After Gao Qing Tai once smells, is also be full of praise.Eye pupil on turning, clear its reason:"Brothers, you can't be want to let again let's become rich?"
By once he remind, horse to in also understand to come over, eyes put light:"Brothers, this thing's estimating to touch will rob a hand very much, this time I delivered again with old Gao.So, this lifts still old rules, otherly affair I and old Gao to do."
The Chen glory late shakes head a way:"Can not the way by the past lift for you, only have to divide 10% benefit to you."
"10%?"Horse to in a little bit apprehensive:"The brothers isn't an eldest brother to be greedy for, you are knowing, is our cooperation so long, relate to not and generally."
Gao Qing Tai's favour attaches and a way:"BE ah."
The Chen glory late interrupts their ground words head way:"Two eldest brothers haven't to know, this perfume is different from the soap.Perfume, I at most do a raw material, as for this formula is a very great problem, differently the person will go together with differently flavor, so I give to find out 20% bonus of the person of formula."
"Is so!"The Gao Ma Er people are suddenly realize.
Gao Qing Tai says with smile:"Perfume affirmation will sell a good price, 10% is getting more.Brothers, depends on me it sees, you do one first to come out, we go first to try, again make sure this price.If soap according to this words, the price will be higher."
"Go."Chen Wan Rong generously promises, at that moment Chen the glory late please to Wu Dao Zi, Wang Han, there is also Zheng Qing, several people negotiate various problem of perfume appropriate, this just respectively spreads.
Chen Wan Rong originally wants to ask Gao Ma Er people to drink, 2 people excitement not already, which have a mood to drink, urgently wear to set out.Hope 2 people's figure, Wu Dao Zi is an exciting way very much:"The perfume is a , will definitely arouse sensation, wait to see."

Volume 3 Chang-an the winds and clouds chapter 47 is dangerous close to
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This words are exactly public think, all is happily attach and.Time has already been getting more late, Chen Wan Rong can not also cook nitric, have to forget about it.On that evening, Chen Wan Rong greatly puts dinner party and celebrates Zheng Qing's success.
This matter really makes people happy, the public fascination is the highest, the cup comes to go, until interest exert a square to spread.The green E goes to Zheng Fu, didn't come back, a companion for talking of Zheng Qing Shao, could seek Chen late glory to say Dao.The pole of Chen Wan Rong is happy, have Zheng Qing liked to cry up some kind of, certainly have no little take advantage of, say a body F words, comfortable and happy match fairy, until 2 people trap a doze unbearable, just go to bed.
Next day, Chen Wan Rong as usual slips away a horse.Today, Chen Wan Rong finally discovers it's not in the right, just a mansion door, see his mansion people of the past's bearer go toward and compare with former not greatly same.Chen Wan Rong is on the alert to lead a person, send back a mansion right away of inside, hide in the dark place to conjecture a burst of, discover among them have several personal good elephants Be all right, before mansion sway very a burst of, this just leave.
Don't know these people as well is which square, Chen Wan Rong is an excitement very much, finally be guiding out enemy, rides up green spend, run fast but go to.Ran a burst of road, turn head one lo, that several personal good elephants didn't see him, still keep flapping about before mansion.The Chen glory late felt suspicious, probably they are parties comer of Chen Ques.
At the thought of Chen Que, Chen Wan Rong not from must put blame on severals, after that day agree after negotiation, Chen Que has never appeared any further, also not know he at make what, some news doesn't reveal as well.
The hatred returns hatred, Chen Wan Rong is to have no can how, have to a dozen of Ma Chu city, dash away but go to toward the east.Careful view lo under, indeed as expected discover with former dissimilarity, the road ups north route there are many person with quite good efforts in the person.Chen Wan Rong's curiosity greatly rises, simply on pulling bridle, the green flower puts slow step son, slowly ex- go.
Two robust"pedestrian"s discovered Chen Wan Rong while signing of different, dynasty Chen Wan Rong near come over.The Chen glory late takes to prohibit they is which square, at heart a tight.It is apprehensiving.Sees and has three pedestrians near come up.Keep a dynasty in times before those 2 people go to go, those 2 people turn round to leave right away.
Afterwards 3 people, see those 2 people have no changes, also ignore and continue"walk faster Related articles:

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