beats by dre cheap not borrow is exact

My Tu son Hong a, the Hong is clear."
"Once saw everybody teacher."
Exchange greeting later on, be seek the real purpose that I come in response to the spring today thou.
Print light to looking at me to say:
"A little bit ex- dates, thou the teacher niece give the matter asked by ancient teacher niece to fly a pigeon to spread a book by benefactor to temple, but no man in temple understand, old Na also once go into hide be browsed ancient works by Ge, but don't see concerning the jotting down of Bodhidharma Zu teacher Buddhist prayer beads at all, so the old Na is this time in person come in response to the sky, one for the sake of the affair of this Buddhist prayer beads, two, is a concerning the benefactor and me little Lin Jie Yuan."
The words that finished listenning to print bare, I know that so-called Bodhidharma bodhi Buddhist prayer beads now affirm is to be getting more false, but print the light says of and little Lin Jie Yuan is nothing but the affair that thou once said in response to the spring and oneself.
"That meaning that depends on a master, that Buddhist prayer beads most likely Be getting more false?"
Print a light double eyes still in times before that sort of tiny hang, slowly answer way:
"Buddhism ancient works, book Zhi Hao is heavy, have some to jot down not unavoidably known, but the affair of Buddhist prayer beads most likely has Zha among them."
See appearance the print be only likely to be in Shaolin Temple exclusively be responsible for of diplomacy of, also no wonder that Shaolin Temple can in Wu Ling Ao however stand erect hundreds of years, with this kind of with accompany into, be born but not rare way of doing, Shaolin Temple isn't likely to be also those dogmatic and ultra conservative groups can compare.
The Buddhist prayer beads are false, Xu Jue has already returned a city, if send person quick Ma Jia Bian to probably catch up in this time, but listen to Xu Jue say, this affair queen mother has been already known.To Ping Bao, in my heart not pleased, can see him now unlucky, pour also not is what bad affair, however I can't innocently think with lend this affair to pull down for the ability he.
Because I am about to leave in response to the sky right away, but I is again almost a Gu few person in the house, still need to ask for help of a thou in response to the affair here in the sky in response to the strength of the spring, so I changed direction a thou in response to the spring and said:
"Uncle, the small niece Be about to leave in response to the sky recently, can have already seen an affair me but want to please an uncle."
The thou readily allows in response to the spring,
"Is all one family, why the need for so polite.What is up though open mouth."
"After the day after tomorrow Dragon Boat Festival, the small niece will leave to go down south Su Hang in response to the sky.I just still want an uncle in response to this several 100,000 stone rices foods in the sky, you more look after, and the affair of moreover always prosperous money shop is about to see your meaning of old man's house;Don't know you or deny to remember the expert that is called a week to learn Xi?"
"The affair of food wraps on me, as for that week surname expert said by you, whether Buddhist prayer beads seller that?"
"Doing not borrow is exactly him.Had better seek a reason to keep under house arrest he."
Looking at a thou in response to the clever feeling of the spring one face, I but what don't also say, because I also just have a little discomfort in the heart, hold tight a week to learn Xi, there is a bottom in the heart at least.
Printed a sudden of light to open a double eye, looking at me to said:
"Enemy benefactor, the old Na just has been already said, this time come mainly still for the sake of the benefactor is with the cooperation that I send."
And one look like sainted old monk talk bargain, in mind return is really very strange, however luckily these people for of the benefits and oneself don't have the conflict of one silk.And oneself is again Jie however whole body, pour is also have no what can concern, and Feng Luan and the skill self-preservation of month Niang are all more than enough.
I looking at to print light and settled the next mind and started own negotiation,
"The master is an out of this world Gao Ren, also worry for this waiting everyday business?Besides this affair, at under already and thou the uncle talk like, still have what not satisfactory place?"
Print if the light finished listenning to me, the double eyes Nu stares, his vision is fierce, let me have the felling that 1 kind is seen through by his vision, seem everything all can not at his vision the bottom escape a form.Luckily this is just the affair for an instant, inside the body of peculiar inside the dint developed a function in this time, in my body along a route of oddity slowly revolve, immediately and just of that kind of feel disappearance of without a trace.
Print a bare face up more and more dignified, he suddenly station get up, the hands grasp to my wrist and see he will hold tight my arm, is a pair of arms but seem to be not is made the decision by me, under the arousing of dint in that oddity, the circle becomes satisfied, the wrist takes to come up to print bare hands from the on the side and seem to poke aside it.
Just smoothly of true spirit but sudden be detained down, the arm lost power, nerveless hanged down, spread to mow the ache of the sort like the knife from the wrist, immediately after and strongly spread, seem a car for mading good time crashes into my chest, 1 stumbles, I kept on pouring and fell to sit at after death of chair top
Everything all just the affair for an instant, and medium the Weng blare, when I fall flop, ambiguously see I seem the surprised noise of shouting that heard a thou in response to the spring, but I have no time to think, the felling of chest is very marvellous, suppress and suffered, it is to hold breath to seem, but the suffered felling of some asphyxiation also have no.
My Zhang Zhang Kou wants to breathe air, but this but also became a very difficult affair.A heat flowed to surge forward throat, I hurriedly shut a mouth, very salty, I swallowed to return to again it.
Raised head and then sawed a thou in response to the look in the eyes of spring concern, he anxiously asked a way:
"You are O.K.?Have no what is up?"
I far away head, slow one breath, very long just say:
"I have no what,beats by dre cheap."
Print to only looking at me, in the vision the color of some contempts, say:
"Benefactor you seemed to be ever to once be subjected to what severely wounded, the blood vessels is damaged, and the fighting skill used by benefactor and Wu Dang have a little likeness, but benefactor of inside dint but with force be also different at 1:00, wily arrogant, have a little uncanny."
Be getting greener towards printing light this kind of from the way of doing of clear candor I aming bad impression very much, this Zhang Kun who make me think of to harm I into this appearance, however after experiencing numerous current affairses to whet to do, I aming no longer one-time that anger, I have already known what am called to"endure", so I just chillily see print light one eye, say:
"The master perhaps makes wrong, at under combining can't fighting skill, otherwise can't be thus humiliated, either!"
After finishing saying, I change direction a thou in response to the spring, the slightest not to the opportunity that he talks, say:
"The owner of the thou sees appearance, today I come you are here be not what good decision, also have while leaving in response to the sky never come again this trip, time is tighter.The sudden thought of, I still had an affair to want a processing, please forgive at under in advance excuse to leave!"
I turned round to come out hall after finishing saying, I was afraid I foolish time grow, suppress don't live dashing and vacillating guts in chest, but back but spread to print bare voice:
"The benefactor depends on a Cui building lord, should be evil teach middleman, benefactor still little associate with her."
I suddenly stopped down, the head didn't return as well, and just a word says:
"If I should be a businessman, isn't what river persons in the lakes, the thing of river lake I not understand, also not want to understand, however if all of the proper way persons of river lake are masters thus of grasp sexual, that has a little Be getting righter and wrong cannot distinguished."
I more say more spirit:
"And the matter of others, and is the Qing what relation?A from clearly chivalrous, the right and wrong doesn't divide, no wonder someone says'the Xia is forbidden with Wu Fan'"
After I finish saying this words, present person's facial expression all changed, this is the lake person of river the forest the affair of taboo, although say if say list soldier battle the lake person of river compare with the soldiers in the troops not to know strong top how much, but face regular troops, the lake person of river is only chopped down to kill of son.
The Hong that hasn't been talking one openings says:
"Benefactor, please forgive ……"
If I milli- Don't mention it interrupted him and say:
"Just evil comfortable public, the everybody took leave!"
I went straight to this ancient house front door to go after finishing saying.
After going out, I buy bottom several days of Jiao son and severals not hire next bearers all is waiting in the outside, an is carefree to what stuff, the Cu together doesn't know to be saying what.See I come out, they hurriedly start to complete Jiao son.
At up Jiao of time, foot a soft, I almost fall on the ground, luckily I handed handy Jiao son and sat at in the Jiao, I just said 1:
"Go home"
All the way the spirit blood in the chest is vacillating, very suffered, very not easy come home, but just for a while Jiao, Related articles:

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