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Not just remain at breeze in the school living water to rise, put clear is someone's on the side.
"I know how to do, president!"Square the big wave have already annoyed nerveless answer 1, start dynasty the school outside walk.Just before walking, he seemed to think of what, turn head to that:"You still go home at once!Otherwise four tigers that came for person, you died to settle!"
Hear "four tigers"s two words, the student frightens all over one Zhan and almost falls to drop down from the sofa.The Yi even ambition, department Ma Tu, clock the green tiger and clock woman without pubic hair is a famous person of maple leaf university, basic no man dares to ask for.The student has already started center of palm oozing sweat, anxious and fretful but slightly neurotic continuously picked up cup to drink tea.
What president had mercy on saw one eye, this student and beat to deliver to return to.
"What person must not be offended, ask for Yang Tian!Really seek dead!"The president complained a , the dispute arousing for this student feels angry.Soon after, he immediately makes a phone call to Chen Wan Shan.Chen Wan Shan is the backstage owner of maple leaf university, this matter has to instruct with him.
Yang Tian has never wanted ownly and left incredibly to cause so strong dispute in the maple leaf university, at this time of he just takes a stroll with little Long Nyu in the bystreet, the all the way carefree feeling pleasingly walks Ma Guan's flower, good uneasiness.
"Lead son, dragon and then ask for for you bother."Little Long Nyu's air of cheerfulness is like a small bird, though at sorry and ashamed, but that look in the eyes in have in fine threads warm and joy.
"Do not take care of that to break a school, I early didn't want to treat.And, you trust, the school will definitely send person to invite what us return to."Yang Tian peeps out a mysterious smile and pull in quick time little Long Nyu to before walk.
The maple leaf university is since Chen Wan Shan's school, but his daughter and then study at this school, his nature can't make Yang Tian easily leave.Because the Yang Tian under the yoke of wager invites and needs to be responsible for protecting Chen Xiao Pei.Is a such top-class bodyguard, Chen Wan Shan isn't very silly and then makes him walks off so.
In the evening, little Long Nyu takes a shower in the bathroom, but Yang Tian is that the idea is complicated, a bit restless.
The news that Su Tong wants to betroth has been hovering around in his brain, he always feels in have hidden facts.Oneself can and Su Tong after all however is a friend, he doesn't dare to hastily make a phone call to inquire this reasons in it.If Su Tong really falls in love at first sight, that is anti- to pour by that time his embarrassed.
"MD, exactly and what is the row?This is her affair,Beats by Dr Dre solo, I am blind to hold what heart!"Yang Tian displeased hammer oneself for a while head, but Su Tong the facial appearance of that joke always present in the moment, subsequently become whirling sad wet eye facial expression again.
Is continuous on the twoth, Yang Tian is all placed in this kind of molestation in.He doesn't know to go to the wedding banquet of ordering of Su Tong and went to again should how?
"Lead son, the tomorrow is the day that I betroth, you must come!"A message betrothes in the Su Tong of delivered Yang Tian's cellular phone a night ago inside.
Yang Tian helplessly closes a cellular phone and faces upward to consider.
Never so, oneselfs should take part in!It thinks like this in Yang Tian Xin.
"Lead son, you this the twoth how always mind not and rather, whether took place what matter?"Little Long Nyu has already noticed till Yang Tian's this the twoth of abnormal, cannot help but asking question a way.
Yang Tian exhaustedly crumpled to crumple a temple, peeped out the smile of one silk unwillingness and said out Su Tong's business.
"Say so come, are you afraid that Su Tong gets married because of some another reason?"Little Long Nyu asks.
"Dragon, you don't want to think more.I am just a kind of concern of the elder brother to the younger sister to Su Tong, anything but other feelings."Yang Tian deeply afraid little Long Nyu will misunderstand he or she's feelings to Su Tong, the openings explains.Little Long Nyu is just light on smiling, the report is with a smile for declining to comment.
Yang Tian is distress, a face immediately became bitterness cucumber.He holds close little Long Nyu, way:"Su Tong's personality I understand too much, although she opens, even a bit spiteful, anything but that kind of meeting lightning flash get married of woman.Last time you I am on the Chen Xiao Pei's birthday party also see, she seemed and that Su Mu was green to isn't very intimate, I this just doubt to have hidden facts among them.Certainly, if dragon you feel that this matter didn't need**the words of heart, I didn't attend her wedding."
The innocent heart solid idea speaks his/her own idea, little Long Nyu once is silent, finally peeped out smiling face.She way:"Stop worrying, the dragon isn't a so stingy person."Her hands clime to Yang Tian's neck and full of silently conveyed tendernessly continue way:"Su Tong's concern to you and care about, I see in the eye.You so that also at last have feeling to contain righteousness to her.However, you ten thousand can not excite behaviour, don't make people misunderstand by that time."
"Let people misunderstanding" in little Long Nyu Kou, Yang Tian Xin knows that the belly is clear.Little Long Nyu is afraid oneself because take good care of Su Tong too much, anti- pour to let Su Tong misunderstanding he or she is different from to read to her.Yang Tian is crafty on smiling, know that little Long Nyu started to be jealous.Little Long Nyu who looking at a fairy sorts incredibly will be these any dust trifleses but jealous, Yang Tian unbearable then think that the drama stirs her some kind of.
The second day, Yang Tian and little Long Nyus according to appointment arrived at Su Tong and Su Mu green order the hotel of wedding banquet.This is a five-star hotel, the file time is slightly rather high, also just compare No.8 the private home differ previous just.Ability at the hotel like this holds to order a wedding banquet, it suffices to show Su Mu green real strenght.
Order a wedding banquet be certainly been on the 16th floor of in the luxurious large hall, sumptuous and pleased spirit ocean ocean, again full is luxurious and solemn and impressive flavor.
On the party, it is already a guest to swarm about at this time.The symphony orchestra positive romance of one side gives musical performance, the whole hall was full of happiness, the atmosphere of the pleased spirit.The handsome's pretty girl shuttles such as cloud.Each color celebrity, thin smile shallow talk, what to carry is the condition being pleased to celebrate one!
Little Long Nyu attends party like this for the first time, come Yang Tian was no longer with meticulous carealso idea to with meticulous care dress up a short while especially, was like last time that sort is at will and since then.2 people suddenly on getting into party hall, then drew on many visions.
Little Long Nyu is delightfully fresh and free from vulgarity, the dust is elegantly simple, if Yuan fairy.Celestial spirits' feeling the cold Jun and vision is pure, if Yuan don't a double-edged sword of sheath.These 2 people stand together and all make people feel deeply about.
Just, 2 people basically there is no fascination realizing these or envy or envy of vision.Come Yang Tian then have already worked well a plan, ignore Su Tong in the mind how think, he wants to ask know.
"You came!"Ordering real host of wedding banquet to finally walk to come up is exactly that Su Mu is green.But after death, he follows of would be Su Tong.
Su Tong attires really today to draw on a person very much, the wedding dress, bright diamond necklace of white, the whole individual namely cultured but again don't lose sex appeal.Just, from that slightly exhausted air and that double of originally pure and vibrant Mous sons, Yang Tian still felt one silk it's different.
"Your two good friends who are all Su Tong, I really appreciate that you can be present!"Su Mu is green full face happy expression, talk wreathed in smiles, mouth must consumedly of, but see in Yang Tian Yan, a bit damned.
"I want to speak a few lines with aunt!"Yang Tian's voice not not fire, make Su Mu a bit green dissatisfied.
However, today is the day of his exultation, he naturally can't dispute.He turned round to smile a to smile to Su tong, then extremely lightly kissing of the gentleman for a while Su Tong's cheeks, turn round but go to.
"Lead son, elder sister dragon, thank you can!"Su Tong lightly smiles.Can this smile in Yang Tian's eyes but is such pale have no dint, even is unwillingly affected.His eyebrows locked more tightly!
Little Long Nyu equally also noticed Su Tong of not in the right, cannot help but seeing Yang Tian Yi's eye.But see his facial expression tiny to sink, is not a lot of either to ask in, can report is made gift in return with smile.
"Why?"Yang Tian suddenly asks a way.
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