Beats By Dr Dre Solo e on clapping horse

Pick the package of horseback,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, release bridle, can be eaten by horse grass.
"Eldest brother Chen.We up sit a meeting."Leaked out slight joss-stick sweat on the Zheng Qing forehead, soft breasts breather, graceful like pretty woman, ask for a person pity.
The Chen glory late jumps down a horse, on clapping horseback, the green flower Si blares 1 and runs to chew green grass.
"Good ah!"Zheng Qing affirmation occupy today, Chen the glory late once connected ground in the her hand to wrap up.Is some to sink, don't know in is some what, follow Zheng Qing to wrap a line toward mountain.
The mountain wraps a piece of Zhang to allow size ground granite, in addition to some dusts' sheding leaves Shuai grass to outside pours are clean.Chen Wan Rong lets go of the package, Zheng Qing unties, sees in have a few oil papers to wrap, there are also a few linens.Zheng Qing pickeds up linen and spreads on the granite.Open oil paper again.Originally the inside is to eat a food, oil meat, a pack of shoulder of pork, there are also some Pu Zuos.
Finally from the package in take out a pot of wine, two thin porcelain wine cups, two pairs of chopsticks, put orderliness, smile to sing of way:"Eldest brother Chen ran along while road.Be getting more hungry?Sit down to eat a point."
The early morning makes wild meal.This creativity is quite good and be too little for.Chen Wan Rong was really unbearable.Ask a way:"Is fine, you say, what matter do you actually have?"
"Have no very a matter!Be ask eldest brother Chen to eat some thing, mat mat belly."Zheng Qing's blinking eyes and taking aim Chen Wan Rong, being full in eye is to smile an idea.
The Chen glory late stares at her eyes and asks a way:"Is what you said true?"
Zheng Qing wants to don't think, fierce nod a way:"Certainly is true!Eldest brother Chen, if you don't abandon me to do a ground of vegetables very unpalatable, we hereafter slip away a horse, I take to order something to eat."
The vegetables that she burns absolutely eats well, this is the good matter, Chen the glory late don't have reason brush-off and say with smile:"That is certainly good!Just, this is also too tired you, how do I eat nextly."
"Want ~only eldest brother Chen good, ratio what all important!"Zheng Qing lowers the head, the voice is thin if gnat Rui, several can not smell.
Chen Wan Rong is touched have no already, can not consider of to act with dignity any further, hug she all of a sudden in the bosom, hands fall, wreath wear she ground slender waist.Finely body, Chen Wan Rong remembers profoundly, warmth soft, it is relaxed to hug in the bosom to let people doubly son.Just Zheng Qing is very abnormal today, once the nude body go into a bosom, Chen the glory late feel not to is to hug she ground nude body, but hug one regiment fire, hot must deliver to burn.
Zheng Qing didn't also refuse and poured in Chen Wan Rong's bosom, the jade arm wreath led and hanged on the Chen Wan Rong's neck, Feng eyes Yun feeling, deeply wear an endless subterranean heat degree, the Jiao Yan flies Xia, Fei red one, Jiao Yong have no dint, the Qin head is very soft depend side Chen Wan Rong's chest up.
This is the thick feeling performance, Chen Wan Rong very is accident, lift her chin, Chen the glory late keep on lowering the head and catch cherry lips and heartily taste.
Zheng Qing heartily matches with and just act crude, obviously didn't kiss of experience.Is fresh, and is an incitement, more rich**, compare with and control well-trained kiss technique ground the woman kiss to stimulate a man male true colors, kiss more tightly.
Kissing is a burst of, Chen the glory late raise head and absorb tone, the town is quiet for a while mind, conjecture she.Sees Zheng Qing just like is inebriated by Chun wine generally, the Feng eyes half Zheng half shuts, the Mei dint is infinite.
"Eldest brother Chen, the meaning of the father and mother, do you understand?"Zheng Qing imitates Buddha somniloquy.
Chen Wan Rong which don't understand of truth, nod a way:"I am understand."
"Eldest brother Chen, that you why return ……" Zheng Qing opens an eye and stares at Chen Wan Rong, behind of the words cannoted say any further.Her meaning is to say, Chen Wan Rong how still don't ascend a door to propose marriage, this words she where say
The Chen glory late fondles her smooth cheek way:"Because you haven't promised.Is fine, the road of life is very endless, full of hardships, a person walks, unusually hard!You had to once think, does a person come to share to make a living a ground of difficulty together with you?"
This was proposing, Zheng Qing was awkward and shy to have no to close lightly lips already and tightly, lightly nod, used several can not smell a ground of voice asking a way:"Eldest brother Chen, you would like to?"
"If you don't abandon, I would like to accompany you to count stars!"The voice of Chen Wan Rong presses also very lowly, in the light language of Zheng Qing Er.
Zheng Qing Yu's arm is made an effort and tightly hugged Chen Wan Rong's neck and lightly noded a way:"Eldest brother Chen, I would like to!I would like to!"
Chen Wan Rong's face is one plank, sink a track:"Return call eldest brother Chen?Calling is mutually male!"
"Chen Chen ……mutually male!"Zheng Qing Yi is mutually male call come out, the favour covers up Qin head in Chen Wan Rong's bosom.The Bo root is all red.
Chen Wan Rong consumedly square square of should a , expressed right away the man need Suo have no degree ground true colors, at Zheng Qing Er light tone way:"Mutually male listen to, call several voices again."
Zheng Qing Zui is a , will call again mutually male, pay no attention to see the face of Chen Wan Rong up of taking and making air, Chen way:"Your quality!"A pair of powders boxing Lun rises.Keep pounding in Chen Wan Rong's chest.
"You is who ah?"The Chen glory late changes way to beg for cheapness.
Zheng Qing intelligent person, which will ascend this bad be, Chen way:"You are you."
Her person originally very beautiful, the regardless pleased Nu Chen resents to all have infinite magic power, this Chen is strange is also a person to appear in public pity.Chen Wan Rong cannoted help but any further, held her cheeks and kissed on the cherry lips.
The Zheng Qing inception is to push to refuse, subsequently hug Chen Wan Rong's neck, go together with to put together.There is last time ground experience, much more ingenuous this time, Chen Wan Rong is unbearably happy.Right hand fall, the Jie rises Zheng Qing Yi Shan.Fondle a jade belly at her ground up, the silk slips the pleasant sensation of sort from point to carry to spread, different and relaxed.Zheng Qing as get an electric shock, don't live to tremble body, refuse to still face, like this the action can stir up male sexual instinct most , Chen Wan Rong head Chong blood, the left hand climbs toward finely the chest climb.But hold up for Zheng Qing.
Zheng Qing in a great hurry way:"Eldest brother Chen.Don't go, don't go, this doesn't go!"The voice still takes Huang hasty, also have been already begged humbly:"Eldest brother Chen, the somebody else is your person sooner or later, can not go now!"
Achieving the good matter is the dream of each men, Chen Wan Rong though want to is the affair that the man should be, listenned to her ground words, raise head.Release Zheng Qing.Way:"I listen to yours!"The hands support behind and sit on the granite.The big pants.
The beauty is current, half way but discard, also really need to order a will, lead very a burst of, Chen Wan Rong Peng Peng frisky heart this just fall calm.
Zheng Qing is calm a burst of, again a bit very much obliged, sit at Chen Wan Rong nearby, way:"Eldest brother Chen, do you hate me?"
"Hate!"A word of Chen Wan Rong, frightenned Zheng Qing half dead, almost spring up, listens to Chen Wan Rong immediately after a way:"Who make you don't call me mutually male!"
Zheng Qing claps a chest, Chen way:"The your old love frightens a person!Is mutually male, don't frighten a somebody else, good?"
Chen Wan Rong's wreath wears her slender waist, already didn't proper just of heat, say with smile:"You trust, I can't hate you."
Zheng Qing this just trusts and smiles the way of the Ying of idea Ying:"Is mutually male, I know mutually male to somebody else good!"
The Chen glory late pulls her fragrant shoulder and lets her faces she's way:"Is fine, I am to want to do some matters, can I must respect you, you would not like to I can't do, who call you are my madam?"
Madam one language makes Zheng Qing is pleased and is abashed, the pair of head depends in Chen Wan Rong's shoulders, light tone way:"Eldest brother Chen, your really painful person!"
"The madam is to give painfully, give respect!"The Chen glory late hopes the sky way:"Someone once said a words for me:Wanting to want to seek a madam has to respect her and get painful she!I must good well painful you."
If this words Chen Wan Rong said a half sentence, this is at an another temporarily empty flower heart colleague warn Chen Wan Rong, original words BE"if want to seek a lover, literally order and then literally order.If want to seek a wife, have to be a little bit honest, must respect her and get painful she!"
Say oddness also this colleague flower the heart return to spend heart, in wife's in front is an old a solid, always follow the wife's meaning, respect wife, painful wife.Know perfectly well him to have place to meet by his wife, some flower hearts, always ignore, from get he toss about, as long as he becomes so much to me.
To the strange theory of this colleague Chen Wan Rong not all approve, also not all deny, go to Related articles:

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