Beats By Dr Dre Solo r Zhang Ju Ya

Medium rest, and Cao gold to I love reason disregard of, I am also lazy to seek him, straight-tempered arrived at down stairs.
Down stairs of is the Ti that sends away under guard high arch to ride the soldiers, all of a group of persons are all of the dresses Shan to solve now, the Chang exposes this strong of chest, big four of clamor, also someone just at big bowl of big bowl of of drink, just don't know to is water, is still tea.
See me come down from the upstairs, that small school stood from the stool and said:
"The owner of the enemy."
"The brotherses pain, this was my one dessert idea, was regarded as to a little tea money of the brotherses."Side says that the side took out a 102 number tickets from the bosom, the ticket was teacher emperor's Chuang in the city of,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, ability at anyplace cash.
"The enemy owner is really generous, An the generation brothers once thanked you here."That small school says, but tone in but have 1:00 of regrettable.
Perhaps is deploring greatly money, I smiled to smile and immediately after said:
"Doing not know can lend an one step to talk."
And that small school arrive at have no of ground son, I just say:"How Gao adult say is also the heavy minister of an imperial government, so the road up still wanted you to more look after."
"But above say don't he is too at ease?"That small school to took a look a just small voice on all sides of say.
"Canning deceive and then deceive is past, I can't let what you suffer a los."
Finish saying again a silver ticket hand that filled that small school in.
That small school hesitated for a while, but immediately after was subjected to that bosom in.
"The An listens to yours, however those brotherses ……"
I know that he is sitting a ground of minimum price, but this affair really needs to block up those people's mouth, simply I took out again three silver tickets to pass to him.
"I definitely enemy the owner order of the affair accomplishes."That small school takes an oath say.
"Like, there is prospect, turned head me to say for person, move a ground of son for you, be one the small school discommoded you."
Listen to me thus on saying, that small school is immediately wreathed in smiles, say
"That really needs to thank enemy owner, the An is Liu Bin."
"You go."I beat that small school hair to walk.Oneself then turned round to go upstairs.
The vacuum temple Gao Gong's distant journey of chapter 64(2)

The carouse establishes the next in the room, the room area calculates not ascend very big, but also enough put the next dinner party.And and what this room connect with each other is a guest room, convenience very much.
Saw Cao gold and Gao gongs all at, the Gao Gong morning goes out a blue summer cloth being dressed in keep Duo and soaked through sweat and be stained with full dust.Changed a half after entering wine shop old not new glorious bag way tunic, have a liking for to pour is like the old Shu teacher of a country.The in the mind is very heavy after showing me.
Gao Gong looking at me and up and down conjectured some kind of after, ask a way:
"This BE?"
I the favour arch make a bow with hands folded in front answer way:
"At under enemy Ming heart, pay respects to Gao adult."
But Gao Gong after hearing my words, but the noodles dew Qi color,
"Return what adult, I am there now still what adult!"
But the Cao gold be come forward the ear of high arch said severals, the my look in the eyes of Gao Gong Kan immediately changed of keenness, even have some the meaning of old grudge,
"The hearing you is very good with Ping Bao's that fellow relation."
"At under will the Qie room marrying to come in is his adopted daughter." I the slightest didn't conceal of say.
Gao Gong Kan very in a short while, I ask a way:
"That what is your coming here a stem?"
"At under the dignity of admiration adult, so come to want to send adult this time, slightly form intention."
"Ha ha, I see not definitely and hear you with Ping Bao recently have at 1:00 not Yu, don't know if there is this matter or not?"Gao Gong Kan in a short while, the sudden asks a way.
Looking at Gao Gong, I treated very in a short while and said:
"Gao adult you the news of good quick, quite good, I protect with of really have a little disagreeable feeling."
"Hear you and martial pure father and son uncle relates to quite good, don't know whether have so a short while son matter?"
"At under in the Zhao rather temple and country Jiu Ye meet by coincidence, although not ascend is to get along like a house on fire, also still on the whole can."
"So were you very grateful for Li Gui Fei to summon, was also the achievement of martial pure father and son uncle?"Gao Gong carry on cup of table, use cover to lightly stir up Piao in tea-leaf on the surface, have a little Man inadvertent of ask a way.
"Yes, at under just cannot see to the at present courtly embarrassed bureau, so just the noodles see an emperor and want to lift a hand to for imperial government."
I am generally inquired by Gao Gong and answer his question one by one, in fact I originally need not thus of tolerantly, but for acquiring the good will of high arch, I can such.
"BE?Don't know that what extraordinary plan you have to can solve courtly logjam?"Gao Gong Ting has a little to startledly ask a way after saying.
I say I told Gao Gong again with queen mother Lee's words, he is after listenning to deliberate very long, say,
"Your way really is good, unfortunately can just solve temporarily it round."
To the words of high arch I didn't do what return to, but the sudden asked a way another question,
"Gao adult, you are recalled this time to you, is how to see."
"You is this what mean?"The Cao gold hears me such on saying, angry of ask a way.
Gao Gong stretches hand the Cao gold that will stand up to press down, but looking at my tastes but sudden to become sharp-edged, dissimilarity have this utterly with sad decrepitude in times before, very long, say:
"You are this words what mean?"
"At under just want to know, adult you to you sudden drive job, wear make to return to original domicile, have no viewpoint?"I the slightest didn't yield this time.
Gao Gong looking at me, once in a very long while don't talk, but grief and indignation gradually climb last face.
"The gentleman wants minister dead, the minister has to die.Do again having of the minister son what viewpoint!"Very long Gao Gong just says.
"Gao adult you are natural and unrestrained but go, but did you had to miss an emperor?"
"Zhang Ju Ya Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De although it is said have a little cunning, but his just can can still keep managing the thing in the dynasty."
"But adult, you wanted to have no, inside the outside collaborate with, the emperor is young, lose power to those under him when the time comes, perhaps ……"
Hear me such on saying, Gao Gong like thoughted of what, suddenly saw a station get up, say:
"Zhang Ju Ya just and perhaps has no that courage?"
But say the time of this words, perhaps he also takes to prohibit by himself and otherwise can't lacks bottom spirit thus, either.
"Gao adult, front Liu Jin of the dynasty still have Wang Zhi to still have ……"
"Good!It not be saying."The sweat of ordering the point in Gao Gong Lian's boudoir.
When I want to keep on saying again, hear the clop that the outside spread a burst of rush from, I arrived at before the window to outside hope.
The officer of teacher direction in the city way up a horse Be just rapid to drive, officer the dust on the way aroused and formed a Huang Long.In a moment, come near just see pure is a bodyguard the officer of the school, before arriving at ox cart, roll a whip to dismount, loudly say:
"Who be responsible for here?"
The "An, " small school hurriedly goes out from the wine shop and faces in the past, answer way.
The clothes light of this officer of the school is fresh, the waist card format and this small school of waist of different, scrutinize, good is the noon messenger inside the door to wear.
The Cao gold also arrived at my nearby and saw the small school of outside, he the low voice say:"Does the officer of the school in the noon door come to do what here?"
The small school that sends away under guard high arch, the heap bottom smiling face asks a way,
"Excuse me, have a matter."
The officer of the school answers a way:"At under is the new appointee head escort class that assists Zhang Ju Ya Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's adult head, nameding Lee can, open widely a person order the saying sends off for high old Sir here, afraid once you once ran about, so differ first to smallly rush through to report letter."
Hear this, I don't know that Zhang Ju Ya is coming here exactly for the sake of what, but since he came, I should also walk.
"High old Sir, originally wanted to send off for your old man's house, but since had already opened widely the person held the party to send off for you here, that at under also took leave."
"Forgive to not and far send."Gao Gong Gong's hand makes a bow with hands folded in front to say.
After coming out from the wine shop, I arrived inside in a small building of opposite, this is also a wine shop, in the store of small two is a person with efficient hand and foot, and can talk kind speech, listen to he say, was originally a city in front south the courier station of the Yi, but afterwards because there are no so many silvers, helpless bottom just Related articles: