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It is secure.Let's also at last return kindness with hatred?"The Fu orchid seeks to lend a people way.
"Ha ha, know an again having of the great commander soldier and wildcat cause and effect how many persons?The person of most parts just knows that the wildcat is our allies, we the anti- Ge is one shot, can say to is a righteous can not say to is ungrateful not, the criminal charges is much smaller."Shi Fang Hua says with smile, " is in the lake, the river thinks greatly of of or become Wang Bai Kou!Want ~only cat Wang Zhen's dead at our hand in, generation legend the person fold Ji in the our hand, you say, does this have much sensation?We will be held a where?This kind of matter which afraid have negative effect, I think that the person that rob to want into a great commander soldier on the second day can line up to return in triumph from our headquarterses of headquarters, is us because of lately a legend.By that time, those staffs walked let it be, dided not influence to us at all.Besides really that time, stay person big someone of licking your toe at."
"But, and eagle in the sky?In no case will sit on the sideline to ignore?Probably we on a large scale haven't stood firm a heel, after killing small D be exterminated by them right away."The Fu orchid says again.
"What call to kill a blood road?In front of dead end you none of wagers wager, how pass?Way why the top is so many eldest brothers, all want to take so many bodyguards at after death?No matter giving offense to persons to still give offense to a person more is little.Because in the river lake, wait to kill a person of eldest brother opportunity Be getting tooer many, the reason is easy, be spread fame!Consider, once the wager won, didn't die under the long-handled sword of vengeance, so he isn't a nobody any further, even if can not pull a to establish a gang for person, also ability drive some greatly organization appreciate his magic power and real strenght, pull him to become member into a staff.This truth should you not not know?"Fu Lan points out that the mafia common sense lets Fu orchid listens to, the tone has already had upset one silk.
Fu orchid again"but" along while, finally find out a reason again, say:"We make with wildcat now so, he isn't likely to keep a wary eye on us, we all understand him, once he has already guarded against, who may can also move him?And still want him to die in front of us, the difficulty is a lot too big."
"The difficulty is certainly big, don't know that he can't also come to south area, even if come, who again knew that time, our person in the great commander soldier who will help him, once failing, we really finished and had no a silk to turn over a body opportunity.Is "Shi Fang Hua says first and very seriously, then just asks, " that do you have this decision?If you have this decision, I have decision, have a way!I for the sake of you ……for the sake of the letter Ren, I what the matters all wish dare, what offenses dare to carry on the back!"Shi Fang Hua spoke the truth.
"Believe Ren?Who is believe Ren?Close him what matter?"Zhu Zi Xin temporarily didn't think of "letter Ren" is who, wear a head to think in that Nao, let people think he at is Fu orchid how answer worried.In fact and equally should be hasty of he on the contrary not hasty, why?For the sake of the alignments of all these all at six have the control of Xin in, make him have already blindly thought now, the Fu orchid will definitely promise, even if don't promise, elder brother Xin also has way to let her to promise.
"Can really having no other roads walk?"The Fu orchid melancholy says.
Shi Fang Hua stood, the attitude was cold to come down, said all of a sudden:"Calculate, be I white worry about you.Now that you loathe to give up, that even if, underneath of words I also naturally."
"Fang elder sister Hua, don't force me not very good, let me think a period of time, I don't believe those people in very short time inside will make me make decision.Give me five days, not, 3 wants, good?"The Fu orchid entreats a way.
"Need not so long, you are indeterminable now even if, because we have no time.You all know by yourself, let cat the king have no wariness ground to appear in front of us have much difficult, the only opportunity tomorrow."Shi Fang Hua stares at a Fu orchid to say.
"Tomorrow?On December 5, my birthday?"Fu orchid suddenly realize way.
Shi Fang Hua's point nods:"This is the only one to let cat the king have no wariness of opportunity, led this opportunity,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, you sought him again, affirmation are all to talk public affairs in person's impressions, he will definitely take dispassion to treat the mindset of public affairs to come over.You are to don't understand, once he be placed in this kind of status, complete be oneself as outsider, and will take many people to come over, terrible of very, no one can hurt him in that time."
"This ……" Fu orchid could not say the words came, originally intended the time of birthday said to saw again with me of, unexpectedly want to make into separation in life or death now, this lets the Fu orchid have a little at a loss what to do.
"Say, a words.In fact woman, feelings like, want what business.You lost love for the sake of him and lost everything, this woulded allow him to remember you a lifetime."Shi Fang Hua says anti- words.
This at the right moment slices the vital part of winning the Fu orchid and lets the Fu orchid summon up courage, under the taste that Shi Fang Hua and Zhu Zi Xin expect, order a way:"Good ……"
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Text<182> go into dream(4)
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The Fu orchid promises to make Shi Fang Hua and Zhu Zi Xin is all pleased top tip of brow, Shi Fang Hua opens a pair of arms, embraced a Fu orchid and said:"This just has the appearance of elder sister head, be to break to necessarily break, not ability the heart Ci is hand goes limp.Who owed yours, who will pay for it, these are our lawses."
Fu orchid but lightly pushed away Shi Fang Hua, after she did to torment so person's decision, on the contrary want to open a lot, her lookinging at is pushed away by she but takes a startled facial expression of Shi Fang Hua say:"I just promise you, being at necessary juncture would kill him.Don't arrive that one step, I don't think that the person that make me love most dies in my in front."
"Your meaning BE?"Shi Fang Hua asks a way.
"Fang elder sister Hua how do, I now omniscience way.Probably is that I after a while make a phone call for small D and think that the reason that I celebrate a birthday makes him come to accompany me tomorrow to have the last dinner, I want to say voice the tears accompany bottom, he can't rise wariness, let he not only will definitely, and can't also take many people to come over.Most decisive of BE, small D affirmation can't take Ma Tian Yu and remaining big wave they is two come over, because just took place in front of them today I and the matter of son Xin, with the personality of their two people, absolute bad impression small D to see me, so small D affirmation can't tell the truth to them.For the sake of a defend in case of, the reliable outsider that need to prepare still outside the house, not the ability is the person of great commander soldier, because the elephant we just said of so, afraid someone stand on the small D that noodles did that bother and righted?"The Fu orchid asks a way.
Shi Fang Hua's point nods and says:"Orchid I once said, , you are the most intelligent."
"But have at 1:00 me don't think.Guard at the person of outside, can make the son Xin take their person of prince's party.But since is me to celebrate a birthday, you aren't impossibly present, you pour to cast aside not to say, and vapor trail and wild wolf?If they ……not, they will definitely protect small D to obstruct ours, how should you do at that time?"The Fu orchid spoke his/her own viewpoint.
Flash across of the face of Shi Fang Hua a silk painfully air, imitate Buddha in the mind at struggle what, and then did a choice that doesn't wish to do, say:"I was inconvenient to say, handed over to me to go now.But you just is that sentence what mean?"
"I the circumstance can be used to lose control to describe now, but what is the reason for losing control ?Make track for a root throughout, not because I am on the memorial ceremony did amiss that matter, but is support that I lose wildcat, if the wildcat declares to also stand with us together now, is still our one class allieses, that representative eagle, absolute being Bu and sea Feng in sky all still just my back support me, can't that staffs in the association be this attitude again?The answer is negative, they still keep aring loyal to for me.So, combining to not necessarily want a cruel hand in the dead end is hot and in no case show consideration, as long as finds out a key with quiet attention, is also an exit."The Fu orchid dispassion ground analyzes.This lets Shi Fang Hua and Zhu Zi Xin's heart respect and fear and admire of certainly is a Fu orchid the Kui didn't prop up great commander soldier so long elder sister big, little have scruples about of she sees an affair is so every party involved, but fears be to see open like this, kill my business cool half.
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