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 "Give you choice, breeze in the Yao valley is unlucky, Yao your whole family dooms, and you want well by yourself."
"Don't say with me what language of officialdom!While coming to humiliate these common peoples you.The having never thought oneself is an officer!"Qin Shou livings as reprimanding angrily to a puppy reprimand angrily to a river of one soldier, " denounces valley breeze to the county Wei and pushes the responsibility to his body, I protect your empress half a lifetime food and clothing without the sorrow.Did you see that villa?See it, you should believe that I have the ability to protect you."
One soldier of river is hesitating of time, Cultural Revolution Tung the side once walked and coldly swept his one eye from the car, that kind of the look in the eyes that treats to kill a person make him feel a burst of despair.
"You need not promise me now, want to like a condition.Make a phone call for me.I want to remind you, want well I and valley breeze exactly who strong who weak, who positive who bad."
At under the situation like this, Qin Shou's livinging not to believe one soldier of river will be like revolution martyrs of the past so, an idea considers for valley breeze.But regardless of oneself ground back route.
"Did he promise?"See Qin Shou living to shake head, the square and red plum says with smile, " he if the one mouthful promised, you on the contrary could not believe him.Now that he so has a hope in the middle of hesitating.As long as coming down to his punishment, while the valley breeze have never attained to protect his commitment, despair of he, will pull valley breeze to go to hell."
"But …is he to want to betray valley breeze, and then have what way?Valley breeze always can't write a son for him, let he to ruin the ground of my house."
"Smelly boy.The rules of officialdom you still don't understand.One soldier of river did so several years of officer.Can not know this matter once making is big, may his black yarn hat not protect?No matter the valley breeze gives he what allow a promise, all falsely, before doing not come to hand all can not compare with his segment segment in a highway grows of the seat is true.For the sake of the self-preservation, also for keeping valley breeze from turning over a face.One soldier of river affirms the evidence that will hold to have the affair that the valley breeze makes him do."
"What evidence?Record image, make the naked picture of valley breeze?"
"Go!Dead boy, at 1:00 healthily viewpoint also have no!This breeze in the matter valley can't batch, will say "hello" with him and estimate a his hand the inside should have the recording testimony of valley breeze."Is that were it not for?"
"Have no and then finished, is that he finished, the valley breeze at most contradicted severals, meeting milli- hair have no Sun.His whole life, original have no again ascend one step of possibility.Also have no what think a head.As long as the seat that protects a pair county magistrate is a victory."
"Grandmother of.Think the whole dead he, also too difficult!"
"Is this kind of slippery person on the nottest easy to handle of officialdom.They didn't beg without the desire, as long as protected existing seat to satisfy.It is can hardly for you to hold tight their flaws, think the whole dead they, very difficult."
"That like this free to him Be getting more overbearing?"
"Boy, sees the personal relationship at us up, the elder sister helps you and also shows you means and strength for elder sister, seeing the elder sister is how to force the valley breeze come off stage ground."
The square and red plum decides to living to give vent to anger for Qin Shou and surely have 2 people among them ground personal relationship at inside, mainly still keep wanting Qin Shou to living to see her strength, in case he is taking up after the pharmaceutical factory, discovers oneself being puts into cover, wanted that when turning over with her is facial think her well, think her strength for.On drinking one Zhuo, the being regarded as gives birth to repay for Qin Shou first.
"County Wei secretary Liu after knowing this affair, very concern.He just in the county, too late rush through to come over, entrust me to say hello to the reporter of everybody, make me send greetings the person of hometowns at the same time.Secretary Liu said that bullies common people to this kind of, don't take common people to is the officials whom the person sees, the county Wei will do to equitably handle and return to home close justice of."
Cultural Revolution Tung in a hurry rushes through, want to use his suddenly and leisurely the person's skill suddenly and leisurely reporter.But, these reporters aren't the common peoples of village, not so easily and suddenly and leisure.
"Secretary Tung, this long and Qin Jia Cun's common people have no a creeping vine, why suddenly will change a construction design, strong have common people's land?Among them whether have what inside story, or is a directing of someone?"
"This, this, believe that the county Wei will investigate this affair of, affirmation will give everyone an explanation ground."
The discovering problem is too sharp, put~to death heart too much, Cultural Revolution Tung doesn't dare to say as well what, the honesty pushed the problem to the last side to go.
"Always should there is a term, can't drag along to arrive a year, even is a certain officials to just give° the problem to disclose after retiring."
"This ….Ha ha, not at its, don't strive for its government.Although I also misuse authority ground to those the officials are very dissatisfied, I can be dissatisfied and excited and bitter, there is no right punishing and punish them.Believe under the leadership of secretary Liu, county magistrate Zhao, the county Wei will do to equitably handle."
"Secretary Tung, I want to ask …"
"Let ,down everybody, I still want villager's home to go and see, there is opportunity chatting again, there is opportunity chatting again."
See Cultural Revolution Tung slip away, Li De Kai also runs to common people's home go and see go to, don't ask question for reporter of opportunity.
"Square elder sister, did we walk so?"
"Wear what hasty, in county get the road here so long, you total the etc. somebody else county Wei the secretary came again leave."
Is public medium, resume and positions of square and red plum are the all the deepest and tallest.She says what, everyone has no an opinion, don't dare to have an opinion as well.Waited county Wei besides secretary to come and perhaps get some useful newses again.And, come this time, really is a square and red plum to lead long a head, but, someone passed red envelope for everybody, big red envelope, make them all ashamed.Originally be want to remove evils from the people, and the advantage can take, good matter like this, ascend where seek?
Heart bottom, the square and red plum in fact doesn't want to make affair greatly.
A valley breeze, really nothing, can Liu Chang fluently needed her to value.Liu Chang's following is mayoral〃 Xie Chang Yuan's iron pole Di to fasten, is hope a political Nova that the city gradually rises, 56-year-old age, unlimited future.Person like this, the nobody dares to give offense to him, also the nobody will be carefree to give offense to him.
If disclose on the newspaper this affair, to the image of pagoda county will produce good influence not, will make Liu Chang fluently feel dull face.So, Be lead long a this time reporter to go to the country of take the lead a person, the square and red plum settles however will arouse Liu Chang to fluently record to hate.Just want to help Qin Shou to living, help he reprimand a very small vice- county magistrate and have no a necessity to give offense to a mayor who want to be a pair right away, be still very likely to be mayor's somebody in the days to come,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, unworthy.As long as make Liu Chang fluently promise, make use of this affair and force the valley breeze come off stage, everyone very friendly spread.Even, if Liu Chang follow not to promise, the square and red plum has never wanted to want as well to turn over a face with him.She livings for Qin Shou, but can't disregards ground to help him.The method been also different from after all the whole dead valley breeze, need not be eager to temporarily.
10,000 words, beg what An didn't say, the number arrived 200, the An satisfied.

The text chapter 208 can fix a pair county magistrate, can not make girl reporter
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Walk to living at Qin Shou in the village, absolutely became general person of the fairy in the common people eyes.
Living son to take so many reporters, chase a village people Wei secretary, head of rural township, also have that flame of anger overbearing segment segment in highway long frighten to death to flow of, the skill is also a lot too big.
"After, can not ask for Qin Shan Jia again."Not only the ordinary people think like this, is Qin who envies Qin Shan most to greatly take and also so say to the grandson.Qin greatly takes very realistic, know that oneself's house and Qin Shan Jia haven't been able to compare sex.He can envy the family that is rich with than he, but don't dare with be rich with than oneself 100000%, 1000000% families compete, "see, must look for person to say and say with Qin Shan and, have already given affair.Otherwise, hereafter of day can not lead."
"Living son, you come back at the right moment and lead for two days, we are about to arrive the seaside to formally accept money.Hear, that was big bright to once deliver words, said to let you penny money could not accept either, you saw this matter …."
Be lived by Qin Kang Ye of the one face sad look, Qin Shou livings a bitterness to say with smile:"Your under charge isn't someone, they come Related articles: