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Lost all facial expressions, empty must be like a pale person accidentally, even the voice of flat panel also imitates the vibration of Buddha machine:"This BE, threat?"
"Also calculate."
The words sound just fell, the clear Ni was surprised to shout 1.Two soil puppets are surrounded by the flame at the same time, the ray of light of Chi white turned to gobble up to bellow in a sudden and human body.The burnt smoke left a heap of black ash just at first after spreading to go to.
This a moment, the Zhao Ting 4 people's mood than pound at more when the Kui pulls diagram forest to see firm Mu Carter delivering a violent wind.
"Wei … the Wei is strong ……" Xiao boon can not believe ground to call, two young girl the cold sweat Cen Cen grounds hide him after death, pull Mu interrogation:"Why to want to kill her?"
"…… ?"The Wei is strong to send out like wakening from a dream voice, handses a forehead to recall a short moment, the Zhan opens bitter and astringent smiling face, "is really of, die a natural death deathless unexpectedly-"
"Exactly and what is the row!?"
"Is our instincts, will never accept threat, will never bear with betrayal."
"Instinct?"The Zhao Ting marvelously stares corpse ash-is the instinct of evil clan a so terrible thing?The Xiao boon also includes same feeling:"How to there is so inconsiderate instinct?"
"Is a very long story, alas."Wei strong two handses cover up a face and regret ground to soliloquize, " this is my first time because the instinct was homicidal, I would look out for before."Rare Li silk cant not bear to heart, clap his shoulder:"Being not your is wrong, this not is control of to."
Pull the first town of Mu to settle down, point out currently most pressing question:"Yang Yang is getting more dangerous, return to village quickly."
Hear "Sao fox" three words, the honey Fu imitates a smiling of Buddha mask the dimple disappeared, generation with the one Yin is cold.
"Hum, you smell our flavors, I also smell your flavor, little witch."
"Shut up!"
Fear she trembles a business of perfume satchel, a kind of insect Li harsh voice interrupt.Once the honey Fu Luo Luo smile and quickly rowed a sign text, Yang Yang Dun felt a dyspnea, was like to have the neck that a cordage of invisible worries her and stretched hand to grasp but grasped empty, hair make no noise a sound, the intelligent is also gradual faintness.
"Yang Yang!"A kind of insect Li hug lifeless companion, be worried that the ground flutters her.
"I can't the small lo go together."Again honey Fu a face smiles to sing and flicked to wave hand, " shouts, these two people appreciated to you and how literally had fun to all go."
A kind of insect Li draw tight all over, stare to slowly approach of village person.She really knows that they want to do what, in the joss-stick all she once saw several father of subordinate torture female.
How to do?Six absolute being ownerlessly holds close a black hair young girl, a kind of insect Li start shivering.
She drive how all the doesn't matter is that she is presumptuous to just fall to this situation, but Yang Yang ……Yang Yang ……
[You inheritted the blood relationship of the Er of silk Di and also owned the natural intelligence that the breeze makes of resist, if the good good luck is used this strength, give sufficient time you will become a mainland to very fewly resist breeze to make.]
The Aeolian words suddenly present and imitate the spark that the Buddha spouts one star hope in the despair, a kind of insect Li try very hard to remember unique once the scene that uses ability.
Is frightened, the body suddenly have fever ……along with recall of thorough, she feels a difficult to express disturbance in the body, meanwhile, the men have already approached to hold tight her distance.
"Mother, the Lei is second, help me!"
The transparent breeze Xuan takes girl as center to gobble up to open, will public far and far play to open.Around breeze eye, the breeze certainly and still and just and continuously strengthens, the crushed stones blowing sends out a vigorous collision voice.A kind of insect Li tightly the Zuan wear the clothes of chest, feel the body seems and bursts to open and can not consider of to make track for shot and run out all wills to nearby of the breeze send out designation:Send us to leave!
Mightiness of the vibration make her wake up from is brief of the obfuscation and differed from the just stuffy pain wreaked havoc in the arms and legs 100 and imitated a Buddha even the bowel son is also stired lousy, she dry Ou several voice, the facial expression deadly pale is like paper, sweat such as under rain, very not easy slowly lead spirit come, hard open the eye wreath of tears faintness to attend to on all sides, it is a piece of sloping fields to unwillingly see,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, while a warm human body lies by the side of her feet.
"Yang Yang!"The throat is dry to almost deliver to make no noise a sound, but she still keeps struggling to climb and wants to examine the circumstance of companion, at this time, sharp of the interjection sprinkle just like a pail of snow water bottom:"Is surprisingly you are also a breeze Shu private!"
A kind of insect Li become overdo, mapping honey Fu to stumble to climb mountain in the visual field of figure.Her appearance is very distress, grow to dissipate of in disorder, there are a few blood scars on the face, the sweet smiling face is missing, leaves to gnash teeth with hatred of ferocious.
"Hum, however I see you also not ability Shi Fa."
The brain of mentally dense is stimulated by this sentence revolve, a kind of insect Li pack an appearance for appalling to hereafter back, lead her to keep off companion as far as possible.
"Want to escape, have no so easily!"The honey Fu indeed as expected falls into trap and rushed toward to suppress her in the past, breeze Suo her neck of set, the double eye spewed out dashing Nu Yan, " I hated and hated to die!Why do I want to be subjected to so many bitternesses with elder sister?Little more than woman, why the destiny is so many bad!?"
"Pei!Matter in"a kind of insect Li vomit one mouthful blood Mo, accurately chase Xiu sword sting enter her carotid artery, " you report to the absolute being!"
Along with the action of sword blade, the blood splashes but, dye red a kind of insect Li of ex- chest.Have no energy to move to open to pour in the corpse on the body, she breathed heavily a meeting the son is thick to annoy, unconsciously title, don't expect however and four pairs of eyes to is just.
The Zhao Ting waits a person to at the right moment climb to climb mountain, the full face stagnantly stares at her.
Be seen!Cover with down than just more despairing blackness, a kind of insect Li imitate a Buddha to hear oneself blood freeze of voice, momentary what can not also consider, connect oneself just and hereafter back could not realize as well.
"Etc., a kind of insect Li, behind is-"
The rare Li silk returns to absolute being and loudly reminds, but late one step, a kind of insect Li two hands supported empty, the whole individual turns over to pour backward.
Is violent of lose heavy feeling to spread, the sad and shrill information roars and shouts in the ear and oppress maimed of internal organs, don't realize mistake how long, one regiment the aureate ray of light give the body that she crashes down, gentle and soft get just like die of the mother's embrace ……
The dusk visual field appears the quickly passing time of several silk silver line sorts, flickering become bright very beautiful, a kind of insect Li weakly blink, seeing pure that ray of light is a magnificent a head of silver hair, along the straight spine flows but descends and keeps extending to cover in her black velvet cape.
"Is awake?It is really a tough bond maid."
Unfamiliar voice but deeply once acquainted with of acquainted with feeling, just as turned to come over of face.A kind of insect Li interrogative tunnel:"You is ……?"
The Mou son of grandmother's green smiled Mi for a while, the double of imperial concubine's color lips was also curved since a good-looking radian:"How long just don't see, incognizant I?"
"Suo shell gram!"A kind of insect Li rejoice with wild joy the ground call way, the dead dead grasps his dress Cape and sobs, "Suo shell gram and Suo shell gram ……"
"Oh."Pa west the Si was got a fright by her passionate attitude, some have no the Cuo ground tap the back that she shivers, " your welcoming so me is very happy, but don't too concussion."
"Why don't you come back?"A kind of insect Li raise head, wet eye accusation.Pa west the Si return with the light wry smile:"Reason you know."
"But I am very afraid!I am afraid they which the day also discover my true character, abandonning me is a bad kid, don't I!I have been homeless, I don't want to leave them ……"
"Silly wench."Pa west the Si send out to sigh from the heart bottom, embraces her to the knee up, Wen Yan advises Wei, " can't have that kind of the matter of, even if they discovered,can't abandon you."
"Because you are a kid, the kid has what to the wrong idea?Besides they know joss-stick what kind of all place, at most scolds you several, telling you can not so do and then go."
"Really?Even if did I kill people?"
"E, this a little bit severity orders, however also have no big Ai.They will a little bit scathingly educate you and rectify dealing with affairs of your exactitude Related articles:

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