Monster Beats in I am embarrasse

Don't arrive, oneself sends go to of attack by surprise 3 people the team will be polished off, this is absolutely a very shameful piece matter to him.
My identity has already completely changed now, under the arrangement of Hong Sen, I have already become famous private in the school an athletics teacher who becomes a high school.Say with the words of Hong Sen, I am at the file of school every kind is supplied here, even I directly have a class don't relate to.He even makes the data that become a lot of high school teachers giving out I all to see from the net, so as not to unfortunately and at the right moment know the person of this school in case of the under charge in sky in, I am embarrassed while starting to chat these so-called"colleague"s with me to also give°ed oneself to expose a farcing towards doing not say, .Though the possibility like this is very low, for the sake of safety since see, the whole preparation should do, still is early it of good.
Looking at the teachers who become a high school, I have a little a specially absurd felling.Oneself is experiencing now of, seem a some bridge segment that suppresses a feet idol drama.However, only body place bureau in of I just understand and have a liking for like this absurd details, I as long as walk wrong one step, possible everlasting perdition.From I by coincidence run into attack by surprise 3 people's team to Hong Sen of assassinate an affairs beginning, I to Si water helps of bloodthirsty have been very understand.And the person like this play an opponent drama, is stimulate very much a very dangerous matter also.Is much less, the I from lead from play of drama, I is unique can not hold, is a final outcome.
After hesitating for a long time, I decide still make me telling the comfortable Yue this identity change, after all if there is no her support, this lies that absolutely is a per Chuo to wear.And Lyu Cun Xiao is her student, I really fear that she will would not like to accompany again me to play this game.That as long as she says a words, I died very difficultly to see.After a day of English took lessons,Monster Beats, I called to live her.
"What do you say?Are you really a teacher who becomes a high school?"Comfortable Yue one face of unimaginable.
I smile, way:"I want to say originally be, your affirmation didn't believe."
"My of course not believes.I don't know you exactly at do what?How did you really become a teacher?I that day however freely wove a leasing, I regret very much now, I originally not the tells a lie to a student."Comfortable Yue one face oddly hopes me.
I looking at her radiant deeply bright double of eyes, light tone way:"I at do what, you don't need to be known.You as long as be this leasing of yours, originally was a true matter good."The comfortable Yue humed a , way:"You don't say clear you exactly want to do what, I how to literally promise you.I am always very guilty for these several days, if you don't say clearly, I will in fact aren't the teacher's business to tell Lyu Cun Xiao you.I allow that day you promise to do his family training, I have already regretted very much."
"You how can make sure I be not?"I am tiny tiny on smiling, way:"The words that don't believe you can identify."
Comfortable Yue one face is vacant, way:"Your meaning, is that I freely wove lies that day, really receive a rightness?"I H'm hum 1, say with smile:"Is a Qiao so!"
"Cheat ghost!Which there is your teacher like this, a day is carefree to visit lousy concuss."The comfortable Yue obviously got angry.
I am wrinkly to knit the brows, way:"In fact I can hardly also believe by myself, however the true state of matter is such.You have to reveal, certainly is your right, however ……"I am cold cold on smiling, intimidation way:"You if miss your younger sister occupy, though reveal!"
Comfortable Yue a surprised, way:"The text is handsome you exactly at say what, this how can has relation with my younger sister.You actually at do what matter, I how some disregard solve.Do you want to pass Lyu Cun Xiao and attain what purpose?"The comfortable Yue is an intelligent woman, although what matter basic inconceivability is, also guessed 89 don't leave ten.
I am silent a short while, finally ordered to nod, way:"If I say not, you definitely don't believe, you should remember, I ever once said a words with you, had a matter me have been wanting to do, but don't know how to do."
"Your meaning, you want to do now of, be have relation with the matter that you say?"
I am tiny to nod, soft track:"If isn't your encouragement, I even all have no courageous do again, however you trust, I absolutely can't hurt Lyu Cun Xiao.I really just want to exercise that the responsibility of doing his private tutor is well."
The comfortable Yue is suddenly raised head and lightly sighed an one breath, way:"In fact the text is handsome, you need not fool me, whether you want some persons who deal with their houses."My heart a tight, this woman is intelligent to make people very difficult in front of her cover up what.
My temporarily doing not know to nod isn't to shake head like.The comfortable Yue has already lightly sighed an one breath, way:"In fact that day, you after talking with younger sister, I have already cautiously once asked her.And I also guess, this matter should relate to the person of Lyu Cun Xiao's house.And I checked some data recently and also knew his father generation the heel Be black to help a relation."
I lightly sigh a way:"Now that you knew, I didn't need to deceive you again as well, quite good, I just want to approach Lyu Jia and do a very difficult matter with this.So I hope that you can keep this secret for me."
"But the text is handsome, you know or not and make use of a child carry out your a certain unknown plan, is immoral.I really don't have intention to you to take my student to do a counter."
I raise head, long long shouted tone, shake head a way:" I originally didn't think as well of, this is the destiny, knew not!When you pull by force me to accompany you to his house that day, and give my Anne one teacher's identity like this, I tell myself, this is my destiny, my walking doesn't open."
"Exactly is what matter?What person are you exactly?Your face why up usually have some difficult to express melancholy?, Are you a police?"The comfortable Yue looking at me, one face tender feelings ground light tone way.
Looking at comfortable Yue that beautiful facial appearance, my defense line was finally slacken, helplessly wry smile way:"I said that you don't understand as well.I really want to answer you BE, but I all don't know by myself still be not!If you must I answer, that I can tell you, I ever BE.However the life contains a lot of businesses of accidents, is what I can not expect.Some matters, now that destine can not avert from, only stand up to.Execuse me, I know to like this say that will make you more confused, but I can promise you, I can't hurt Lyu Cun Xiao."
The comfortable Yue lightly bites lips, silent a long time, suddenly smiled, light tone Taoist:"I am just common woman, have never expected to take place on the body what different matter, probably you have your real intentions, I will comprehend you.But you have to remember if you say today, you will never hurt Lyu Cun Xiao."
I resolutely ordered to nod, in the heart at the same time a loose.Comfortable Yue this words are a , have already at last promised me.
"Although I don't know your this teacher's identity of high school is how to come,have a matter I have to remind you, becomes senior high school and our school to across two streets, if you don't think if Lyu Cun Xiao seeks you after the class, I suggest you still really go to there last several days lesson."Say Shan of comfortable Yue face again crafty smiling face, pour want to see me to go abroad mutually and generally.
"Can't!Really want me to be a teacher to teach?"This descending me was really depressed.
Comfortable Yue a captivating smile hums a way:"Certainly, by so doing, you are in fact also a sign of athletics teacher, I also don't tell a lie words on the whole, nature no longer the conscience is uneasy, can't betray you as well!"Say her face up peep out cantankerous smiling face all of a sudden, naturally way:"I turn head and then say with Lyu Cun Xiao, you have a class in the next door high school.Let he after the class seek you!If you not at, Hey Hey, can don't blame me."
"You!"I for a while an once embraced her, malicious choked 1 on her face.Don't know as well to should smile the Nu still in the heart.This has a liking for hard matchless woman, there is also a side of pretty delicate and innocent amiability.
Comfortable Yue of a , Zhang Kou lightly bit on my the back of the hand, then meekly stuck into my bosom, one face Chi Chi tunnel:"Although I don't know that you exactly want to do what matter, however I know Related articles: