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The target gunning that is new.
On the sea surface all Chinese soldiers voice line at cover with of start singing in gunfire voice and explosion voice:The Chinese nation gets up till the most dangerous time~~get up~~~get up~~~our all united in one purpose, emit the enemy's gunfire headway, go forward, go forward into.
The emotionally wrought up melody that in a twinkling rings out exceled all miscellaneous sounds and flapped the chorus witness of deaf hair Kui at the moment the brilliancy of a race.Often have battleship drive"Tai Fan" of the swoop but bottom type attack the unmanned machine shoot and explode.The coast is on-line once dead silent India army's shore defended a gunfire beginning to wreak havoc once again, but they always can not get rid of that rise Yang of singing.
"Get up~~get up~~~get up~~~our all united in one purpose, emit the enemy's gunfire headway, go forward, go forward into."Assault boat up fight the army's food for powder that the shot wears wave is sing, giving attention to both on the battleship to sing towards getting empty and the gunners of opposite shore thermodynamic power at, emit the thermodynamic power low altitude of India army to brush past coast line in the sky, make a pounce upon deep aviation of Zong the soldiers is also singing.This melody that is simple just like together can not destroy of flesh and blood the Great Wall step by step of push forward to the coast line, approaching of one meter one meter those enemies who shiver in the underground tunnel.
At fly to face "Tai Fan" that the amphibious debarkation attack that China-ASEAN unites a fleet gathers a group of skies a type attack unmanned machine continuously swoop attack under, landed troops to bear unprecedented dead and injured.But real of the test just truely start at the moment.At Be 20 kilometers of scopes apart from the coast inside, India army's shore's keeping gunfire from starting killing to harm each attack of losing the integrity support thermodynamic power has been already organized into teams.
"Near the bank" that comes from Russia among them is by oneself 130 millimeters of shore's defending cannon is the undoubtedly the most terrible cutthroat, 130 millimeters of caliber artilleries always is all main material of artillery in the former Soviet Union coast.Although big cannon in the caliber coast of numerous old styles already gradual defend for the shore guided missile replace, but 130 millimeters of caliber artilleries have been being protected to stay, and continuously improvement, put forth new ideas.
Reach inside the defences of each island of Man at Anne, India army concealed more than 12 materials to have by oneself 130 millimeters of"near the bank" shore defend cannon of the shore keep cannon from connecting.Each"near the bank" is by oneself 130 millimeters of the shore keep cannon attack's system from being by oneself directed by 2 center to control car, 8130 millimeters of ASS2 S1 types artillery and 1~2 war preparednesseses on duty guarantee the car, ammunition and support equipments constitute.
Battle beginning previous, these artilleries are in advance concealment in the underground works of islands fortress core, make use of "Tai Fan" type attack the unmanned machine wreak havoc the horizon disrupt the opportunity that Chinese troops attackstone deployment, gets into to shoot battlefield before passing underground works quickly, at quickly shoot to ambulation targets of the sea surface after brief 3 minutes shoot preparation, each ASS2 S1 type by oneself the artillery is in the Qing Xie 30~40 hair shells behind, then will send back underground bunker, get down a bombardment battlefield transfer.
Than its expensive anti- warship guided missile but speech, 130 millimeters of shores defend cannon obviously and more suit to kill to harm similar landing barge small scaled target like this, more important face have already completely lost the India troops but speech of making the electromagnetism advantage, 130 millimeters of shores defend cannon to completely evade the electronics interference of Chinese fleet.All"near the bank"s are by oneself 130 millimeters of the shore defend a cannon attack all of the system adopt a television to follow to take aim at system, although will lower an ining the clout of artillery like this coefficient and follow/attackstone the ability of many targets.But is at the china sea air force strong electronics interference under, the only viable battle mode.
"Have not arrived sea beach, the first time war Sun already more than 25%."Inside the commanding center of the amphibious attack warship"Zhejiang" of whole deck type, statistics fought the area staff officer peace wood's major general to take to just come out, walked up an attack beginning remained silent beard Wei breeze lieutenant general nearby."The troops is apart from sea beach to still have how far?"Beard Wei the breeze is long long of turn round to ask a way after making a deep breathing."The forward troops is apart from a coast and no longer arrives 5 kilometers.The sea air force hopes to stop first for a while and re- organizes a thermodynamic power support ……."Peace wood has some difficult answer ways.
"Not, if now halfway but discard, so such of many whites with true blood flow.Orderany each troops full speed to go forward.The sea air force needs not afresh organization support, be in conjunction with to support to there is still in the fleet the battleship of fighting strength, adopt close quarter to keep taking aim thermodynamic power to bombard a beachhead."Although already to landing operation of bloody have full thought of preparation, the beard Wei breeze can still feel at the moment his/her own heart at a burst of difficult to express acute pain,cheap beats by dre.
Although be apart from the attack finally attackstone the distance that this island of target still has few kilometers, coast of small scaled island Jiao have already become in the battlefield of printing two non-commissioned officer soldier's bath of bloods.These isolations also equally construct hard works on the islet island on the sea surface and take aim thermodynamic power to inhibit in the keeping of the china sea warship boat under, India army's soldier Chinese army who can resist to continuously hurtle Jiao dish with trench mortar and machine gun thermodynamic power assault boat.
Although in numerous debarkation tools, assaulting the boat can say is most love for the Zhong in the amphibious landing operation of Chinese army of take it by storm sharp weapon.The casual wear infantry that is exactly this kind of small scaled high speed to land boat boat to load down in full battle array, once hid intensive shore fire prevention dint, at have no engineering guarantee of water front beachhead attack ascend six.In passing the flight path that Anne reaches Man islands each main way, constitute to°from Chinese army's casual wear the infantries to fight a group, wrap with flamethrower and explosive, a per solves the thermodynamic power of Indian to order.
Medium Anne reach Man islands, south Anne reach little Anne of Man islands to reach in the main island of Man islands, the china sea air force the once dead silent thermodynamic power is once again violent."Although the Chinese encountered serious wound, they still fore enter."The commanding officer of underground tunnel inside India army faces to shrink the food for powder in the underground works loudly of roar, drive out them from gather a region to get into beachhead defences.
The water front near the bank is built with the coconut tree trunk of defense wall already in the violent attack of the china sea air force, many places collapse to fall.On the sea beach that the nitric smoke fills the air, India army has been able to depend on from the gunning bore of defences sparse see that debarkation boat that approach gradually in the sea surface of boat and amphibious chariot.At the moment they can only at hand old England depending on produce 140 millimeters, 88 millimeters of cannons that add an agriculture.
The initiative started the amphibious armor vehicle of attackstoning Chinese marine corps to encounter to print a soldier to keep killing of take aim type gunfire wound while approaching a beachhead.Many amphibious armor vehicles that are shot by the gunfire lose mobile ability to run aground in the beachhead.On the sea beach everywhere it is thus clear that the blood of amphibious car and Chinese soldier of death and harm, who burn, will full is the sea water of foam to dye red.
And very not easy blunt Chinese marine corps going ashore be also all printed intensive thermodynamic power of soldier to inhibit at the moment the coco wall is on the sea beach under, at get the support of weighing the type weapon under, the troops can not go forward at all.But medium print the commanding officers of two soldiers to all clearly know, at the moment be decide the key to victory or defeat.Although the first Chinese army troops of time is inhibitted at beachhead, if don't can rush through these casual wear infantries the words of sea, so more debarkation troopses will start an attack through this beachhead battlefield.If India army not the ability kill in the china sea air force's thermodynamic power wound under attack to eliminate a beachhead on one's own initiative, so the final outcome of this horrifying landing operation will be imaginable.
India army's tank drives from the Long Long inside the underground bunker of lord island center, obviously at the group of islands like this is offending to defend a war, the function of tank has been no longer important.Embrace is losing to make the circumstance of getting empty the power, as long as can open good mental state of beachhead.India army is respectively the Si-MK1"victor" type of the Wei gram that has already been getting more dated on the tank vehicle of deployment at the islands main war tank and the Russia system T-55/type T-54 main war tank.Hundreds of old style tanks roar from the underground bunker inside rush out, rush at that fresh bloody sea beach.
"Victor" type main war tank is the foreign trade type that is developed in 60's by British the Wei Ke Si company tank, because of adopting the power of the Tribal chief type lord war tank of adopting the technique opposite maturity, spreading, activity parts and 105 millimeters of line Tangs cannon, so technique become Related articles: