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Zong, discover that the door of office was bumped all of a sudden to open.
"Is in a mess!Nuo its Ya is missing!"The breeze of Wen Nuo was similar and then hurtled into the office of Di Nuo and took a silk to cry a chamber in voice, the facial expression was anxious.
Is Nuo its Ya missing?Make what ghost?The Di Nuo half believe and half doubtly looking at Wen Nuo, slowly she discovers the other party not that kind of appearance that plays trick, fiercely jilts to open the other party dynasty the palace honored guest's building run.
Is all empty in room, that set of wear the temple skirt that Lin Mei Li Er presents to to a tee spread on the bed, but other belong to its Ya of Nuo of private articles all disappear have no Zong.Seem to thought of what, uncover the skirt on the bed all of a sudden, discover to below press a piece of note.
"Di Ms. Nuo, Nuo its Ya she ……Be free?"The Wen Nuo wipes the tears of fixing attention on the Cape to nervously looking at Di Nuo, " I see this afternoon she is from the plum section Lei the Er is in the room of archbishop's you come out behind in a bad humor, didn't bother her, don't know what she exactly heard."
"You see by yourself ……"
The Wen Nuo throws down note and shout to up hear the Lun shell Si dynasty that the news also in a hurry rush through plum section Lei Er the archbishop stay of be partial to a temple to walk.
"Plum section Lei Er archbishop's you ……I think that a lot of affairs have to be explained by you ……why Nuo its Ya will at and your confabulation after choose to flee!Judgment of"in room only Di Nuo and the Lun shell Si, Wen Nuo and plum section Lei the Er is 4 people, the Di Nuo presses down impulse, eyes dead hopeless situation looking at an opposite old man, the facial expression is serious, " and my intuition, Nuo its Ya and I the lover of this Lun shell Si eldest brother also has inevitable contact."
Plum section Lei Er just always from returned to absolute being in the strong spirit motion of city east afar, haven't come yet and analysis, and then was been young by blunt incoming threeses to round at in the center, finished listenning to Di Nuo some kind of responsibilities finally know the rights of the case after asking.
Silently walk to the front of the window, looking at the garden out of the window, slowly say:"This may be the destiny ……everything all and Nuo the life experience of its Ya relevant ……she is bright and dark of half-breed!One is devout of the life fairy palace high class is bright female fiesta department and dark empire emperor of daughter ……be really irony ……"
In addition to Lun shell the Si is tightly wrinkly for a while in addition to eyebrows, rest 2 people are all surprised to shout,www.beatsbydrdreaustralian.com, particularly is a Wen of Nuo, almost almost don't stand firm, if not that the Lun shell of part the Si hurriedly hand, affirmation have been already fainted.
"Right …… Nuo its Ya is my second Luo empire Xie Ke especially especially the daughter of emperor his majesty is also my niece ……"
A personal shadow bursts upon on the veranda, see wear red long skirt, shoulders to harm of pulled Ru Er to walk into room, the song leg knelt all of a sudden at plum section Lei the feet of the Er the side is tears cover the face.
She is that dark female to ride will!She incredibly didn't die!Di Nuo for a while have west from dress and shape recollection of the other party Ni second first-time and dark church exchange blows time at the Sa that is darkly in command of the woman of the evil dragon.
"The absolute being makes the adult should be able to start to recall me …… I am to darkly ride will, can my true identity is second Luo empire especially long princess plum Luo Di, my all theseses all for protecting these two kids of wretchednesses …… beg you definitely save its Ya of Nuo is as second as Ge Lai, even if sentence to death me, I would like to be also ……" pulled Ru Er to profoundly cover up to bottom, Nuo its Ya and Ge Lai the second affair spoke out.
"We with what believe you?Can not doubt to is it you that grasp Nuo its Ya of walking?You the heathen of this improbity!"The Wen Nuo bites a tooth to make reference to.
"I can promise that what she said is true ……" plum section Lei the Er sighed tone and indicated Wen Nuo chase all doors and windows closes, then walk to the room, "my missing Qin Xin's adult should also respond this depends on Si city especially of dark undulate?"
"Archbishop's you is to say these dark follower of a religions in fact this this coming to purpose is hurtling its Ya of Nuo and that what youth darkly ride future?"The Di Nuo makes reference to.
"Start to be still not understand, but Nuo its Ya like this flee be grasped to let me to judge thus.Young lady Mei Luo Di, from ten several year agos I want to ask you, why at that time you agreed hand over to me Nuo its Ya bring up?"Plum section Lei the Er inquire about.
"This ……I can not say!Unless ……you save Nuo its Ya quickly!The "pull Ru Er to grind teeth to make reference to, " dark absolute being makes the thin row Si definitely take Nuo its Ya to went on board, is those five Sis that the port anchors to give a gram of giant merchantman, there are up also 2,000 second Luos empire especially near Wei soldier!"
The Di Nuo got a fright, she just responded the existence that that dark absolute being makes, but didn't know those to incredibly hide 2,000 soldiers in huge ship, and this is absolutely too crary!
"I have no the affair that the interest knows its Ya of Nuo, this probably protects her, you does the bright church so like these secrets?We thought a way to save its Ya of Nuo to say again quickly!"The Di Nuo taunt ground makes reference to.Now she already to include Wen Nuo at inside of bright teach the personnel how to produce a profound outlaw of mental state, she has already feared them those theory.
"Need not worried, I the observation have already controled this depend on Si city harbor especially of the circumstance is an at low ebb period till the second day for dawn this period of time every afternoon, water out of the harbor doesn't deeply and basically and impossibly go through giant see-going ship like that now, that makes the dark absolute being of thin row Si make to can not run also, and we have time."Lun shell Si dispassion ground say, simultaneously and in mind deliberate oneself disappears of the relation of girl friend and Nuo its Ya.
"From now on, Wen Nuo, you still keep returning to your bright church, Nuo its Ya I remember the way rescues of, Lun shell Si we walk ……"
The Di Nuo turns rounded and then camed out door, the Lun shell Si hesitated for a while also heel go up, leaves Wen Nuo to silently stand on the plum section Lei the Er is nearby.
Pulled Ru Er to gratefully see the figure of the Nuo of eye Di, then excused me ground and towarded plum the section Lei Er wry smile disappear all of a sudden at deliver sorcery energy surging in, she intends to give chase Luo thin whereabouts and steal the luck to the second Ge Lai and cut before returning to dark mainland at the other party under.Exchanged blows to experience of pull the ability that the Ru Er believes deeply Di Nuo, after all the other party is this first in mainland history can be pure to use sorcery to exterminate a head of darkly the person of evil dragon.
"Teacher ……" in the mind of Wen Nuo was like to tip over a five flavours bottle and looking at plum section Lei the Er flow descend tears.
Plum section Lei the Er sighed tone and said:"Probably we are all wrong, we can not replace divine existence of ……this is the destiny."
Seeing the sky has already approached evening, the Di Nuo order Lun shell Si gathers all original person's horses in the palace guards encampment, then makes change battle armor to directly seek to wear Lin Mei Li Er.
"Qin Xin!Father Wang Yao attends party together with me tonight!"Wear Lin Mei Li Er just to gesticulate a lot of jewelries before dressing table, looking at Di Nuo to come in, happily and repeatedly beckon with the hand.
"Wear Lin Mei Li Er, Nuo its Ya disappeared ……" Di Nuo not dare is seeing to wear Lin Mei Li Er, she knows that this was probably the last time and the other party to talk, "I have been having an affair didn't tell you, mainly is afraid that you worry ……the dark follower of a religion has already especially sneaked in to depend on Si city, Nuo its Ya is grasped by them now, and very probably in the harbor wharf of on board!"
The Di Nuo told the circumstance of dark follower of a religion to wear Lin Mei Li Er one by one and just concealed the dark absolute being makes and of problem, and narrow to 2,000 dark empire soldiers also a pimping number, arrive her afraid the other party listenned to will be more terrible.
Wear the hairbrush on the Lin Mei Li's Er hand to drop all of a sudden at ground up, cringe to carefully say:"Are you going to save Nuo its Ya?A person?"
"Not, I take the Lun shell Si and some old friends to go, can't disturb king's his majesty like this and hope that you can keep secret for me!"
"Not!Don't go!Your sorcery ability has been already disappeared!I or seek a father king, let him send a soldier to surround those leave merchantmans!"
The Di Nuo shakes, will wear Lin Mei Li Er to press on the seat, tiny say with a smile:"You trust, I will be free, although my ability isn't enough,my ability deals with those dark follower of a religions still more than enough of, say again the Lun shell Si eldest brother is fierce!Your big ground parties person of Zhang Qi Gu goes, Nuo its Ya more dangerous!"
Wear Lin Mei Li Er to always feel at the time that Nuo talked the Di's look in the eyes was suddenly and uncertain floated, but canned not find a problem again where had to exactly You You to say:"You must be careful, we will marry right away, originally the party father tonight the king and mother wanted to declare a very important affair behind, Related articles:

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