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!Do you understand?I have this ability and real strenght!"
Pretty the person is stupid forever, so is stupid and then represented don't fear!
Some kind of sincere talks of segment sea but make Nicolas thought of an another place, what he thoughted of is a kind of flavor for challenging, to disregard, the meaning of slight.
Nicolas in anger orders and says:"I who is good am certain to bring my parent your words.Princess' his highness, your fiance already here, forgive Nicolas to no longer follow behind.The front door of association you are knowing, I will return to notify a Wei, you as long as release over there you special strength wap.xs.\С \Om 1|6| k official placard macho man four vegetableses a lie to upload
, The front door will open for you.Please forgive me to take leave."
Finish saying, Nicolas moved forward to come out door.
Forepaw Nicolas goes out, the empress feet Cao the Xian closed door, then tee off several ways to forbid to make in the room, one face is joyless to say:"Segment sea, do you exactly want to do what?Is a dark parliament here, but London is a more dark headquarter, you incredibly provoke dark parliament's most famous strength community,are you an idiocy?Still have, I tell you now, what this side condescend to come is a three blood clan first ancestors, fix for the layer that fully has gold fairy.As for arrived gold fairy of what kind of strength layer, I don't know.I just know it's very strong, very strong!!Are you understand?Besides, even if there are no that three akin existence, you this think your strength that person can resist the whole dark association?Is your his mama what is the row?Give old Niang I say know!!"
Segment sea admits that oneself just and puzzlingly became angry, although still not know exactly is what happened, , at this time just and jade the person meet, not is time that turn over face's fights, hence explanation way:"Xian son, do you believe me?"
The animation of Cao Xian returns animation, in fact, she can be not afraid of a dark parliament to turn over a face.The father took a person's horse to come over the dark community that could admit defeat here in those early years, her husband of Cao Xian shoulded also have skill like this.Just, spirit however of is a somebody else the blood clan carry so much of wanting and drawing together himself/herself, now pour well, drive segment the sea disturbed oneself to originally want the plan for doing.
But hear the words of segment sea, the Cao Xian still keeps hard ordering, anyway reserved box inside, leave Cao Xian and segment sea now two people, she way;"I believe that you definitely have the causal, you say, do I listen to.Probably, can we find out to give relief to this time a way of turning over the facial conflict!"
Segment sea way:"I tell the truth, I don't know why to become angry as well!Seem, isn't that I want to become angry, but ……"segment Haydn.
The Cao Xian cross-examines a way:"But is what?"
The segment sea pointed to point his/her own chest and helplessly said:"But BE, this body is becoming angry."
"What?Does the body become angry?How possible?"Once the cold stare of Cao Xian turn over and seem to be to the explanation of segment sea very of disaffection.
The segment sea helplessly says with smile:"Is true, I doubt that the body that is me contains problem."
The Cao Xian doesn't know god of the city field previous rules, the god of the city has to fix into the body of ground fairy, so as to use righteousness Qu into the human life, have to attain then the body of working properly the fairy can re- condense bodily rules.
Segment sea can explanation way:"Originally, the god of the cities of god of the city field all all re- cast a meat body with own power.But, I don't know why, a few differences change to let me and this righteousness Qu combining of integrity at together.Although the advantage bringing is 1-day-old, but, equally I have been really worrying that this body will bring me what negative influence.Now is seen, the body brings of the influence have been already appeared, is very of the living creature of bad impression these dark parliaments."
The Cao Xian sits on the segment sea nearby and starts to grasp a hand of segment sea to say:"Is all right, I temporarily believe this explanation of yours, but, you can tell me.We tomorrow how does the president of association of heel dark parliament explain?How to explain this affair with the superior of that gold fairy layer?"
"Soldier's coming to will block water to come to soil Yan not very good?"Lookinging at of segment sea gentleness Cao Xian, speak such a words.Although be full of tender feelings, although the tone is cool.But that Hao feeling but full embodiment at in.
The point of Cao Xian nods, own the chest that depend in the segment sea in, say:"No matter how it is, I stand at you, my father the king will also stand at yours."
The segment sea dauts meek hair of Cao Xian and deeply absorbed an one breath, let to was full of the hair of Cao Xian in nasal cavity fragrant, say:"Stop worrying, everything has me!Gold fairy?Several days ago, I personally killed off a gold fairy highest point, a Xuan the superior of the fairy beginning territory!"
The Cao Xian doesn't know sea before Be, suddenly hear now news like this immediately and surprisedly exhale a voice:"What?Gold fairy highest point?The Xuan fairy beginning territory?Segment sea you play trick?Is this that can we vanquish?Even if you have the Lu fairy the sword don't go as well!"
The segment sea says:"Ha ha, yes, if is a peacetime I also absolutely can not do it.But, before just formally exchanging blows with them, I still have some kind of strange fortuitouses!Originally, I was thinking wait come back after, taught you some things of.Unexpectedly ran into you here."
At that moment, segment the sea meet oneself the affair that the Qi Lin seals a soul said a then, at the same time optionally reserve some affairs after, just tell oneself of Cao Xian to get so-called knowledge tradition, the noodles unexpectedly has a few kinds very strong thunder method here.There is a kind of thunder method that is very suitable for ghost to fix self-discipline among them.The worst BE, this kind of thunder method of mysterious lie in, cause into sun to the Xuan just with the absolute Yin dint that the ghost fixs of thunder fire in the sky.
Later on, don't reserve as well, at Cao Xian muddled fan Mang of time, the finger orders at the forehead of Cao Xian up, duct into that formula for incantation to the Cao Xian.
The Cao Xian so nestles in the bosom of segment sea, shut eyes to feel that formula for incantation brings own of the huge surprise.Numerous in the last yearses, numerous ghost clans all want to enlarge a thunder method and enlarge to enlarge again.But, that is the Yin thunder of all real pure and unadulterated.There is no a ghost clan hasing fantastic idea of think that the dint of the pure Yin used an oneself causes into just to the thunder fire of sun,beats by dre pro.But this formula for incantation is obviously a thunder method that truely fixs self-discipline for ghost.And the power is strange big~~big arrive the Cao Xian turn over to reply go to of search in the history in the head whether had the such a natural intelligence uncommon ghost to fix to once exist.
Two people in this very small compartment, have no of action.So hug to each other until the sky is bright.
Segment sea way:"Xian son, I still want to go again that knot boundary to confirm some affairs at a time."
The point of Cao Xian nods, stretched a lazy waist and said:"H'm, go a dark parliament together with me, they wanted to take me to see in the past in the evening.I think that or want to respect them to be better.Just ……"
Segment the sea is tight for a while arm, re- hold close Cao Xian, ask a way:"Just what?Isn't the you said last night of did that bother?"
The point of Cao Xian nods and says:"This, segment sea, I also not is intentionally ask for trouble for you of, just at that time, my spirit however you came back all don't seek me.So ……I a little bit asked for so a little to bother and originally think, with your real strenght, the crest day is a troublesome affair.But, if according to you said yesterday of so, so, don't calculate what have been already bothered!"
Segment the sea isn't in fact stupid, and very intelligent, he immediately after says:"Let me come to guess, you say of the trouble should have relation with blood clan?The Wu makes me tries and guesses again, the first, should relate to you, H'm, make track for your human face to accumulate very much!The second, you absolutely sit shield with me, have no quasi- also press for me up a deceit male the Ba female's head, then let they hereafter seek me to bother.But have never thought I have already got here.Wu, the third ……is not that this is troublesome is that second Se of three blood clans??"
Once the Cao Xian space space smile and turn round to encircle a neck of sea, kissing of Bo son one mouthful segment sea, smile happily of say:"Husband good cleverness!This is all Related articles: