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Brigade three greatly mount sudden attack the star ocean in the fleet to mount sudden attack a small cent brigade, is one of the small community fleets of elite most, therefore three battleship adopted much a federative republic especially and red burning clan currently the most advanced science and technology achievement, the whole science and technology content at least also attains eight Wei terminal ground level, and the flexibility is very strong!"
Fan Te Xin wanted to think a way, "no matter how it is say, we aren't really either to understand to the other party now, while the other party also isn't likely to know that we come to helping of three regular battleship all of a sudden, with it at here confused discussion, rather sound out first sex of beat 1, explore truth or falsity!"
"I different idea!"Pull to add Si to say very determinedly, for a while again way, " we can send to probe a brigade to carry on probing, but can in no way recklessly attack under the sistuation that completely not understand the other party, we can not take the life of more than 6,000 well-known scholars soldier to play trick!"
Honey Li the friendship know to pull to add Si to is a conservative and work always overcautious, also positive as it does he serves as soldier more than 10 years also can make an adjutant, however can not completely veto his parlance, either.
5 people finally discussed to don't also get a set of viable project for a long time, this was urgently bad don't appear of wood soup.
Honey Li the water Yun of the graceful this place is equally anxious, precious time all wasted on the boring issue.
"Can halt to stay battleship in the far space district first, then send a few elite machine AN into atmosphere to probe truth or falsity, end of activity direction with the result for probing but settle!"The indecision that really cans not stands mankind, the wood soup directly sends word a way through the main control light brain of warehouse.
Honey Li Ya Ting's this voice isn't in the right, doubt of ask a way, "how aren't you just two the warship that transports a warship to grow?"
Fan especially Xin, a Chinese family name moderate breezes fox mutually see a to smile and shook to shake head at the same time, the breeze fox shows eyes a , "this conveyance warship have no warship long!"
"Who is the person whom that just talked ?"
"A friend is just!Friend in"the breeze fox smiling face uncannily says, immediately after again way, " just of did proposal everyone have an opinion?Words of having no, we do according to his project, I think this project still very safe of, just parties go out reconnaissance plane AN of carrying out the task will more dangerous, others and battleship are all safe, for looking after to the deep feeling of the love soldier who pulls to add Si captain, we is three reconnaissance plane A, you send a how?"
If the words of breeze fox in take a sting, obviously have dark Feng the other party idea of timidity, honey Li is graceful not convinced to annoy, but also can accept this to suggest, because they have no outstanding machine A knight, only she and water Yun just, if send others go to and is certain to die!
The Xiao Yu is empty and the Di Si dream Nuo very foolish station's edge in ground cave forest, there is a profound overhanging cliff, the underneath of the overhanging cliff but is another world.
A city that looks quilt dilapidation for a long time, this city is almost set up by metal material but becomes, the sky of city is physically rock noodles, but brightness matchless, because there hang a huge light ball, it illuminates the whole city, as if the sun generally work and just don't severely see to the ray of light of that it projects at this time, also take a little tiny twinkle, all have the possibility to put out at any time.
Have been thinking that here am naturally a the Xiao Yu of cave was empty while seeing this city, completely lived by the at present prospects earthquake Zhe, the in the mind rings out a voice more, here is artificial!

The text chapter 264 metal inscription
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In this dilapidation already a long time of in the underground city, the Xiao Yu is empty and facing of the Di Si dream Nuo huge impact, why here will have a metal city?Is the prehistoric civilization of Wales principality?
The city doesn't calculate too greatly, area probably in several appearances of 100 square kilometers, use two, the Xiao Yu is empty to stroll a time of the whole cities with the Di Si dream Nuo.
This city is like a huge processing plant, each building seems to be all to have it particular use, but not is use to live, probably because age too long ago cause, already very difficult judged from the idea them to once are used for doing what.
Result two worlds to don't discover, metal that finds out a cake of to stand erect in Cape in the north of city big inscription, up record the history and literary reference of saying this city in detail!
Just see complete inscription, the Xiao Yu is empty with the Di Si dream a Nuo is still a head of fog water, use us on of inscription the first person like this carried on ourselves to call, but didn't carry on any explanation to us.
Engrave such a very interesting writing on metal inscription ……
Up say, 'more than 30 years of war, we still kept failing, we clearly realized to want to rule intelligence form life to is what difficulty, their imagination dint can easily destroy us, their tough and resilient and the abyss of time of multiply greatly ability to let their eternal life not interest and can not win, we know that we are getting wronger, the existence of any life all has his reason, we equally such, so we decide to give up to rule a choice evolution and evolve into them so, because only have thus the thing that we just can feel that we can not feel, otherwise we will can never know this war why did we lose!
Because until we don't know why we go to lose as well now.Even if the exploitation first enters ground computer can not also compute real reason!!
[Abridge an inscription contents ……]
At the principle for evolving put forward soon, our inner part also produced to be like their inner part occurrence ground usually abruption phenomenon, 'net in the sky'determinedly opposes this to suggest an idea, 'net in the sky'be like a race doctrine to generally instill to us'net in the sky'of viewpoint,www.beatsbydrdreaustralian.com.We are us.Is to can not become their ground, this will disobey the regulation of development.Will perdition!
In fact, we who don't know as well exactly how should do is with accuracy.But we still very determine the viewpoint of our evolutions, along with horary of change, 'net in the sky'with we of the rift of more and more big, finally, the civil war still kept breaking out, we can realistically feel that intelligence life to once feel numerous precepts of time this time, even if we will their analytical got in the past thus very clear, we still made similarly mistake.The life have to also become the unified body of antinomy then can exist?
This civil war didn't maintain much long-term, but speak was too long to grow too much to us, 'net in the sky' all discover that this are resisting of a complete neck and neck, if we all insist with us, we will destroy completely to perish together and from now on disappear in the cosmos, 'net in the sky'BE absolutely can't allow an affair like this to take place, so we start negotiating!
Is end the negotiation still kept obtaining success, 'net in the sky'took big parts of resourceses and troops to leave here, we then reserve have to of technique and resources stayed down.We must complete us great of evolution!These are our convictions!'
This writing is just metal story related on inscription of a , is also relatively can understand ground a , the meaning unclear in meaning expressed by the writing of greatly parts of places is difficult to understand, should be a kind of of feeling Wu again or is the science technique of a kind of high level!
"'Net in the sky'is what things?"The Xiao Yu is empty don't get asking of its solution of way.
The Di Si dream Nuo lightly shook to shake head, way, "do not know, have never heard before!"The answer completes, the body of the Di Si dream Nuo suddenly a tight, vigilance of every where look about, strain of say, " inscription's most below a few words are to just engrave!There are still here other people!"
Xiao Yu empty squat down descend cautiously took a look, most below a few words and top of obvious dissimilarity, clear have no the dust even still leave behind one silk remaining, Xiao Yu empty easily on saying with smile, "see, we still don't calculate lonesome, if the person who can find out to engrave inscription, you and the questions of my in the mind can be untied, perhaps can also ask another exit here!"
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