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Beat to receive-small protect Luo to pour is to don't appear, probably be still lookinging at their hostages.
"You how free come over?"Old gold to wrap simply only appearing here obviously some accidents is also, " there ……all handle appropriate?"
He points of, the nature is the silent Ling that is surrounded by the guard.
"H'm which, " wraps a light light way, "caught several individuals, have already all at present eliminated to stop.Momentary half meeting of, they don't dare to act rashly again as well."In order to there being present outsider, he didn't also hand over solid bottom with old gold;Old gold is what person, that is still a little bit different deeply, quickly wrap simply only facing into a house conveniently, also the guest polite spirit ground blocks big Shen at the door is outside.
"That you are to come to connect us pass by?"The old gold that turns back, wrinkly the eyebrows ask a way.
"Not, " wraps light to only wave to begin, "you still stay here of well ……after all float ice harbor will be getting more disorderly right away, you are on the contrary more safe here.Also have these most at least relation the quite good neighbors make to cover.I this time come, mainly is cure eyes for small plait son."
The "wait for a second, " old gold sharply held tight the problem in the words, "do you say to float ice harbor to have to be greatly disorderly right away?But why meeting so?"
Wrapped light to only lift up head to see his one eye, smile don't smile:"Because, I want it disorderly!"

The text chapter 670 leads a hand and rounds city
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Talk at the same time, wrap to only and only keep having a waist-although there is no feather fan silk head dress, the rib is next and then many two iron turn, old pack of from think to still have the snob appeal drop to so order to point out river's mountain, can only cherish next, he is beaten to return to original shape.The cellular phone quickly reads:The w à p is .1 ⑹κ x ses.The c OM writing version head delivers
Because consternation later on, old gold then a pulled his cuirass."Are you getting more crazy?"Nervously the old mercenary soldier wreath attends to or so, air some flurried tunnels:"Know what are you saying by yourself?"
"Is loose to open loose open!Ah, the gentleman cans not speak up a hand ……you again not loose hand, I can speak up ……"wrap light only make fun of a way, " you just go crazy!You think to float ice harbor why send a soldier to round us?The truth says with you, that with I together of little girl ……is the the that packs to cure teacher right;In fact she is an archducal little daughter ……"
"Which archduke?"The old gold is getting more silly.
Know to all, the only imperial emperor just entitles to a cent to seal duke, while more than 400 year agos heavenliness pull after Mu empire disintegrate, on the mainland again have no the occupation " emperor".
The sun king of Kai Ao Kai especially tile eight a life times are very strong, also Be just a great king, leave sovereign position to still differ so one-step;But this one step, but is be separated ten thousand inside-certainly he can start to close door to take care of he call emperor, but can not get sanctuary and the great majority to get lord acknowledgement of"emperor", that is just a joke.
Therefore these in the last yearses press a root to have no new duke to appear on the mainland and connect Kai Ao Kai the cent seal of the tallest feudal title, all Be just"marquis";And because of various reason, moreover two bloods of dukes have been already ruptured, on the present mainland, duke in fact just only one left
-That is the fee Er of the purple impregnable city Di south · lift Si!
But old gold, incredibly asked a question that basically doesn't need to be answered, from here can see, he is been surprised by this message must have much severe.
"Do not make, swallow Sen ……this not have fun."He some dejectedly say, but see a pack light light that face formally of appearance, the old man finally collapsed-his Gao Beng get up and originally grasp the hand of cuirass, also move last wrap light light of neck.
"!"All say a peacetime temper more good person, start fire come more terrible;For example now:Sees he stare a circle eyes, on the chin that goatee one Jue one Jue of, that shape seem to want cannibalism, "bastard!How do you just think of to say now?……I chock to death you and chock to death you!"
He talks incoherently ground to shout loudly, a hands also become hair white because of making an effort,cheap beats by dre.Wrap light light drive the card must keep turning over cold stare, suffocate of pain and sufferings, he can't concentrate energy Shi Shu, can die life ground go to bye the other party finger.
But all of the whole effort are bite on granites-probably exploded a leguminous relation, the hand of the old gold strength the momentary unexpectedly and greatly must frighten a person, seem Zhu at his neck up general, basically can not pull.
Like at the person in the house, not only is their 2.
"What are you dry?"Do not know when, the small plait son unexpectedly pushed to come over, a head of was firm to the chest and belly of old gold, connected to push to take arch
-To know her energy the as many as common adulthood man, this arch, unexpectedly pushes away the old gold of explosion few.Is the most important, is because her get involved, let an old gold tinily Leng next absolute being.
Wrap light light originally is the person who is good at to pick up to leak very much, again how will pass an opportunity like this, he hurriedly released iron to turn, the hands hold with each other and bend to sentence to death life one Lei in the elbow of the other party and use the whole weight of body, the hand of the other party get down fierce pull;Take an old gold center of gravity anteversion again of at the same time, accept stomach to contain chest, depend the whole strength of waist stomach, a head of dynasty the other party bump!
This a head of is crashing into the chin of old gold.And the chin is subjected to a daunt, brain's being subjected to a vibration is almost certain, regardless many violent persons, will also be briefly dejected;Though pass special training, can be significant to shorten this time,all is not likely to be zero anyway.
In regard to the situation in nowadays, a little of time is then all right already, after all old gold before the chest, also have to try very hard to wildly push.
Once the strength on the hand lose, old gold the strong dint in the small plait son push Sang under, the whole personal Yang noodles toward world dynasty after pour to go, hence the second huge loudly also emerge with the tide of the times.
The house inside made to turn over a sky, the outside certainly can't didn't respond-old gold just on falling on the ground, wood door"Mao" the ground was a to be bumped to open from the outside, small protected Luo to take the lead the first to hurtle to come in;At him also follow to a few men after death, see the age accompany all and he about old, think come, should be with his more ferrous elder brothers.
Just this a few elder brothers are blunt after coming in didn't talk, include small protect Luo;Because no one knows to say what, after all the condition in the house, really a bit too uncanny-two men mostly lie on the ground, 1 shouts that the Chi shouts that the Chi ground keeps breathing heavily thick annoy, mumblingly read Dao in another mouth what"finish finishing, be really harmed by you dead this time" of type;The only little girl, but fall to sit the strain of the one face on the ground ……H'm, seem to be still to have some frightened appearance, eye Chou's writing is about to cry out.
"Make of what ghost?"One inside spirit hundred percent voice, along with the step voice of "Dong Dong Dong" from far and near;Is close behind, a few men drive carry a chick sort the ground stir a part and peeped out a fee to give up big Shen of Er that robust waist.
See the facial expression of the injustice of black Ji Nuo, the big Shen loves not to go and hurriedly rush toward to pass by an embrace a person, put blame on a way:"How to still beat?……Is all oneself's person, having what rubbish can not say well ……"
Although what to use is a strange Chen tone,wraps only only always feel, her bottom spirit seems some shortage, and talk still especially the idea ground once was partial to a head.
Isn't only her thus, connect those men to see come over of look in the eyes, all or many or little districts write some in fear;Let to wrap light the light is unbearable a bit depressed, the heart says this again isn't that I hit persons, is that I suffer beating not very good?Why an all this kind of facial expression?
In fact is that he forgot, when the common run of people faces a sorcery teacher, this attitude Related articles: