Monster Beats a camp'moved bright

Chapter 471 only Yan in the Gu house(next)
Yan in the house of time is general will be very long, generally have free time in the evening, party then is also a party, say, have a chat, time also pass by, imperceptibly, time has already passed by quickly two hours, the sky has already been getting blacker, little grandson only the Gu Zhi have been already gone to bed, his mother embraces he returns to building and then become a few adults on Yan in the house discussion the party of the situation, only Gu long the Feng relate the dry feeling of way in Henan and the people's livelihood of these two years for everyone.
"The these several years Henan way almost and year by year encounters a disaster, at the beginning when the great commander soldier made for the way observation in Henan way in Henan encountered drought at that time, but that is still the small disaster, was also a drought last year, Xu Zhou and Bian state of the autumn food reduce to accept 40%, this spring breaks out a locust pest again, with Sung state and the Bian state most miserably, those locust pest all over the place, will what all a sweep but only, in summer again connected rain-storm, the yellow river overflows in the river Yin county, the river Yin county, the county of Ying Ze and at first Wu Xuan San county be drowned, died several myriad people."
Only the Gu long Feng sighed an one breath, again way:"So Anne west officials the disaster area mobilize an emigrant, though the journey is faraway fearsome, still have so many people to want to go, the day really cannoted live."
Li Qing An orders, and then asks a way:"That if I repair again to advertise for 50,000 emigrants in way in Henan, the extension is 100,000 emigrants, you feel a possibility big?"
Only the Gu long Feng wanted to think short cut:"100,000s are probably a little bit many, the Bian state is totally just 57,000, Xu Zhou's number is slightly many, 73,200, but other states are all small, Cai Zhou is just 12,000, slippery the state is 13,000, Chen Zhou just more than 6,000 door, I presumably plus a black door and escape Nu, 70,000 probably can carry out, can be 100,000 have a little not that realistic."
The Pei 旻 also advises a way:"Great commander soldier, the emigrant wants an one step one step, grade a batch of successes past, and settle quite good, there is a lesson from others' mistakes, I think behind again mobilize easily many."
Several individuals are discussing an emigrant and reduce the matter of disaster, the bright pearl just started still affecting a show ground to listen to, can gradually she also started napping, her seeing other two femaleses one face is also exhausted, then and silently pulled them a , three girls then slipped away little guest's hall, arrive at an outside.
The bright pearl is long to is long ground to absorb one mouthful fresh air and then say with smile to the Wan son and Pei rain:"We stroll west city leave west here the city is very near, we buy several kind cosmetics."
The son of Pei Wan but shake a way:"In advance doing not say with home is a , I didn't go, you went"
Pei rain always has no definite view, the Wan son doesn't go, she the nature can't go, either, the bright pearl sees the Wan son reject, not from eyebrows 1:"Your this person is really spiritless, the courage is smaller than rabbit, I am like to return a person to run Anne when you are so big west to you in the future married a husband, estimate that the husband calls you to eastern, you don't dare to face west, ah can you not live a little bit comfortablely?"
Although the Pei Wan son age isn't big, but personality very mature and steady, she also the on bed terms bright pearl argue and just smiled to smile, again way:"Want to be not we seek eldest sister-in-law to learn to embroider a brocade I once saw her embroider a brocade and really make people marvel."
"Make you marvel, but make me have a headache."
Bright pearl Pie Pie mouth, lazy ocean ocean way:"This miss has three afraid, an afraid learn to embroider a flower, two afraid of death to study, three afraid be gone on a blind date."
Make reference to this, in the bright pearl brain suddenly working one Shan, she thoughted of a divertive thing and then said with smile:"I am getting more stupid, ready-made things all forgot, and you followed me quickly."
She takes two females in the Pei house to then run toward the hall to, "bright pearl, do you want to let us see what?"
"You came and then knew."
The bright pearl ran into only the positive hall of Gu mansion, she ran to positive hall corner of a three Chinese foot high made of copper thin neck vase before, put the leave flower of a bunch of Juan system in vase, the bright pearl carefully pulls out a leave flower and puts on the table, she turns head mysterious a say with smile:"You thoughted of what?"
Pei rain says with smile:"Bright pearl, do you want to have fun to toss pot?"
"Say right, this I once measured, and formally toss a pot of size look exactly alike, anyway we are free now, come right away to have fun to toss a pot of game, you say how?"
Toss a pot of game the men and women are old little all salty proper, regardless eminent family still crew cut little people, the all families almost has hurl arrows and copper pot and be like now almost the all familieses all have a mahjong similar, the Pei mansion Yan in the house will also get together to throw arrows behind, two females in the Pei house all really like.
"This game good, I like" Pei rain happily keeps clapping hands.
The Wan son also smiles to order, meaning would like to play this game, but once she turn to read, toward the surroundings conjecture for a while, then ask a way:"What about that arrows?Still mark line, how should draw, is a here, can have fun here?"
"Be free, I often have fun in guest's hall."
The bright pearl Wan rises sleeves and stretched hand to explore into inside the copper pot, from in took out five iron arrowses, say with smile:"This arrows I have been putting at in."
She puts copper pot in guest's hall exact center and takes four tea bowl from the table again, one by one in order puts on the carpet and claps to say with smile:"Like, four tea bowl represents five Chinese foot lines, one Zhang line, two Zhang lines and three Zhang lines, we carefully order, don't trample a bad tea bowl be."
The bright pearl once takes three arrowses and ran to two outsides in the Zhang and took aim at and connected to throw three, hears'Dong Dong Dong'three ring, three arrowses accurately hurl entered copper pot.
"How?Still go"the bright pearl walk on air ground to say with smile.
Although two females in the Pei house also often throw arrows,have no bright pearl this skill, Wan son surprised way:"Bright pearl, you can take part in to compete."
"That certainly, I did for livelong year,Monster Beats, three out of the Zhang I ten arrowses can throw into eight arrowses and attended to fundamentals a pot of game in the tossing of workshop last year, I was in the second place."
Pei rain listens to lose power, way:"That has what play a head, all anyway is that you win."
"You are two silly wenches, not our three people to play again, my brother-in-law not at?I want to win him today, let him have a taste this miss of severe."
The bright pearl hands over to them the arrows and says with smile:"You wait, I go to and seek him."
Hope a bright pearl interest in a hurry and walk far, Pei rain in whisper to Wan son way:"Wan elder sister Er, seem her to also have a little to Li Qing An....."
"Do not say, my head has a little a pain, I want to go out to walk, you wait bright pearl here wait she to come you tell her, I don't want to have fun and went home first."
The idea of Pei rain understand Wan son then ordered to nod, the Wan son then and in a hurry walked.
Bright pearl a burst of breeze run to return to little guest's hall, a come in but a bit stunned speechless, uncle, father and eldest brothers all at, only disappear Li Qing An, she silently walks to the eldest brother to nearby ask a way:"Eldest brother, the brother-in-law arrives where go to?"
"He not is seek you to go?How, don't meet?"Only the Gu long Feng says with smile.
"Oddness, he go where seek us?"The bright pearl soliloquizes, she turned round again little guest's hall, at the right moment meet a servant girl to walk, then ask her the way:"Spring peach sees the Gu Ye having no?"
The servant girl says with smile to 1 in the floret park of east noodles:"I see Gu Ye to there go to."
The bright pearl knows to there have a station son and estimate Li Qing An to station son in go to, she walks toward the station sub- direction in quick time.
Li Qing An rushes Lao for a day today, really a bit exhausted, just and more drank several cups, then lend a wine interest to come out to seek three girls, at this time, he hears have the bell that the monastery spreads, the bell is floating, he unexpectedly drive bell attraction, imperceptibly and then arrived at an eastern garden.
Only the eastern garden of Gu mansion is in fact a garden pond, cover about 3 acres, in grow full lotus flower, and then spread a footpath keep inside a garden pond, the end of footpath would is a station son and is located in the center of garden pond, this station son then calls'together sit a station with lotus', appreciate the good place of lotus flower in summer, however is already a Mid-Autumn at this time, the lotus flowers all have been already thanked, the lotus leaf also gradually becomes Huang Bian Ku, lead again for a seasonal changes that month would is to dig Ou.
Li Qing An takes a stroll to walk up station son, one title, but see seem in station son someone, again cautiously on seeing, unexpectedly is a woman, permit color unique United States, the Xin grows slender, hang the hair clasp of the tail form of a Yan, beautiful of the yu body of Jiao Qu, wear the dress long skirt of Luo of shallow green, spread to shoot Yi Yi to living Hui in the moonlight, she is handing to sit on the railing, seem at appreciate autumn night the landscape of the lotus pond.
Li Qing An suddenly recognized this woman, unexpectedly is the son of Pei Wan, she how is a person here?Under moonlight, he sees the eyebrow eyes of the son of Pei Wan in, seem the cage wear one silk a touch of sorrow, then and slowly walk up station son, say with smile:"Pei miss"
The son of Pei Wan a surprised, on turning head, see Li Qing An stand on the station sub- entrance, the smile ground hopes her, the son of Pei Wan frightens hurriedly a station to start, the heart palpitates badly, lowly head, small track:"General Lee, how did you come?"
"I am to hear a bell, drawn on to come over, have never thought here to have an arbor, then come over and see, at the right moment see you."
Li Qing An slowly walks up her and says with smile:"On bed terms bright pearl Pei how is rain together?"
"They want to have fun to toss pot, I have no interest, come out to walk, I am about to return to right away."
"Again more sit in a short while, don't be so hasty to return to, seldom meet you."
Li Qing An says that this sentence originally wasn't intentional, can he speaks and just discovers that there is ill-chosen expression in this sentence, if is a friend to relate to, pour a nothing important also, it happened that he and the agreement that has already reached a marriage in the Pei house, is also say that the son of Pei Wan will marry him, by so doing, their relation not and together and usually, Li Qing An says this sentence seems to be to have a deep idea.
Li Qing An originally wanted to withdraw previous remark, it is thus clear that the Pei Wan son droop attained a head, the Qiao face was dizzy and red, the look in the eyes was full of silently conveyed tenderness, pleased not from win of appearance, the amiability went to a pole, the words that just wanted to export swallowed to return to again.
2 people temporarily have nothing to say, the atmosphere becomes a bit embarrassed, Li Qing An to took a look on all sides, way:"This garden pond pours quite good, I can imagine in summer situation of being filled with the lotus flower, Pei miss, do you like lotus flower?"
"H'm after my house there is also a garden pond in park and grow full lotus flower, a till summer, full park aroma, however when I even like spring, that kind of is lately green, that kind of lotus leaf of fragrant, the lotus flower has already peeped out small dime, that artistic conception I am hard to describe."
Li Qing An is tiny tiny a say with smile:"Is a little lotus to just expose sharp point Cape, early have dragonfly to sign above, is this artistic conception, to"
The Pei Wan son low voice read two times of, eyes Be bright to get up, praise highly a way:"Is this artistic conception, the poem of great commander soldier, really depict astute."
"Ha ha spare time, I by chance will also write poem, for example this pond remnants lotus, in fact also have intention to a territory, just seeing you will can't appreciate and realize, some days ago always the autumnal rains was continuous, if I, I would come to this station side and shut eyes to listen to the froufrou that rain beats lotus leaf, this artistic conception call'the autumn Yin didn't spread frost to fly a night and stayed the cripple lotus listens to rain voice.'"
Making track for a female kid with a car with others now is different, the Chinese people is to use poem to pursue a female kid, a good poem is then good enough to move tender heart, at the beginning Li Qing An is to use'inebriate in pick a light to see sword, the dream time blows Cape to connect a camp'moved bright moon, today he again make by old formula, use the poem of spring lotus and autumn lotus to knock the tender heart of opening the son of Pei Wan.
In fact Li Qing An becomes more to the son of Pei Wan is proceed from 1 kind's loving of heart, the son of Pei Wan and his social status already settle, he even if drink in the Pei Wan son in front Sa crazy, can't changing the son of Pei Wan, either will marry his fact, be just he feels to use the tender heart that a little tender feeling moves a beauty, make the son of Pei Wan able to also taste feeling it mutually the love taste of Yue.
Indeed as expected, 1'stay the cripple lotus listen to rain voice'make in the eyes of the son of Pei Wan show unintentionally a kind of hazy fan inebriates of color, very long, she just the low voice sigh a way:"The autumn Yin doesn't spread frost to fly a night and stay the cripple lotus listen to rain voice, these are the how sad but beautiful artistic conception."
She turns round Ying Ying is toward Li Qing An one gift, the heart bosom appreciates a way:"The poem that thanks general Lee, make the young girl able to also realize thus the poetry of unique United States."
At this time, a burst of night breeze is pared off, let people feel a silk in autumn cool idea, Li Qing An sees the Wan son dress skirt weak, then soft track:"Wan son miss, let's return "
"H'm" Pei Wan the son obey a location to nod and then followed Li Qing An's station son, station son, but Li Qing An rightwards on turning, there isn't the road for returning to, but the one covers not big Liu Lin, the Pei Wan son step hesitated for a while, but still followed Li Qing An to slowly go straight up.
Li Qing An's step slowed down for a while, let the son of Pei Wan and he shoulder to shoulder but go, silent walk several step, Li Qing An then and lightly caught the son of Pei Wan soft and tender and smooth jade hand, the son of Pei Wan lightly Zheng for a while, but don't can flounce Li Qing An's hand, she abashed can not suppress, the head twists to part, hold up jade cheek with another back of the hand, but her eyes inside showed unintentionally a pleased color.
Li Qing An leads long the son of Pei Wan like this and step by step heads for Liu Lin and also starts to be very hot in the heart, can at this time, suddenly hear after death spread a Jiao to scold:"You are doing what"
Frighten 2 people hurriedly loosenned to open a hand, on turning head, sees a full face of bright pearl the wrath ground stare at them and all almost want to spew out fire in the eye, the bright pearl sought 1 turn, didn't see Li Qing An, and then listenned to an old woman son that looks after garden pond say, Gu Ye and Pei miss are in the station son and puzzle in her heart, what do they do in the station son?She the anxious fire Liao ground rush through, this just finally found out them, but unexpectedly saw make her an act of very exasperation:They unexpectedly lead long to begin.
The bright pearl spirit must almost want to lose her head, she dashes away several steps, but fiercely stops a step, chest violently atmosphere, she overcomes an arousing of heart anger hard and stares at Li Qing An's way:"Brother-in-law, elder sister not at, you do something like this , you to must rise an elder sister?"
Li Qing An this just realizes bright pearl really don't know he already the easy to get along with son betrothes one matter, in the heart also not from the feeling of one silk grievously sorry, the then soft voice is to the bright pearl way:"Bright pearl, affair be not you think of so."
"How to think my ability"
The voice of bright pearl sobs, she twists a head to hope toward a Gu month of the sky, the lips all almost want to bite open, and she shivers an orotund way:"I am you what person, can I take care of you?You are open Zhao Wang's his highness, you want how much women all can, I am just a green and puckery fruit, which entitle to take care of you, but here is my house, even if you like a sweet apple, you can not pick here, either, is humiliated to me like this."
Finish saying, bright pearl tears such as rain bottom, she turns round and then runs and run to an under tree, her Fu is in the treetop and lose a voice to cry bitterly.
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