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Chapter 946 Luo sun war Zhang Fei(four)
2 people after separating, but the shape is to let two soldier officers and mens all give get a fright!No matter is Luo's sun or Zhang Fei, dress AN on their body all becomes to break ragged lousy of, that protecting of the gold battle armor double shoulder shoulder has been already had no on the Luo sun body, chest a son, directly set aside the skin of chest, blood still just the ground of Bo Bo to outside emit!In addition, on the arm, on the thigh, is all that is set aside everywhere son, have plenty of laceration just battle armor, have of even is the bones that can see inside in the flesh and blood!
And look back a shape for flying don't arrive as well where go to, on the head of although helmet still just, but was many in the top of head an entrance to cave, pitch dark of, show people even a bit tremble with fear!Protecting a shoulder to still stay is a , but also just hangs a crumb to mourn over there, other places if not that drive gun head the sting come out of entrance to cave, drive of the penknife laceration son, closely has several hundred many!The battle armor hangs so the body for flying at the piece up, pour to have a little is like a mendicant to pack!And at piece the thigh for flying up, a profound blood hole also often goes toward to outside spray blood, but is the wound of the most serious Zhang Fei Shen's top!
See Luo's sun and piece the shape for flying, two soldiers all of officers and mens before is not from get surprised shout, these 2 people weren't those 2310-year-old young mans, regardless is Luo's sun or Zhang Fei, all of that are to be 6710 years old, but the so big age is to be subjected to so serious wound, in two soldiers before of those are young to get, especially 2 people's progeny nature is to worry desperately!Luo just signs a horse with Zhang Bao be from hurtled to go out before, want to come forward a father who rescue oneself, nearby of will get even pull to all too late pull!
Just 2 people so a blunt, also is to discover the other party, but is all what subconscious ground thinks that the other party is to come to obstruct own, two words don't say, bringing up the weapon be toward the other party kill pass by!No matter is Luo is still Zhang Bao, all of that are two young superiors in the soldiers, Luo is positive although now still not as so as Luo Gan severe, the best natural endowments also made him step to go into the top-class superior's threshold!And Zhang Bao said nothing of, among the Chu's soldier with pass feather of second son pass interest combine be called a Chu's soldier first young superior, the artistic skill is naturally also not weak!Plus 2 people save father heart to slice, so on killing, that is to try very hard to the ground is used to kill to recruit, kill that is to get into a hot dispute, even if want fight that can not is also ability!
But to Luo just and Zhang Bao Liang people of is panting noisily Luo's sun and Zhang Fei who looking at the other party to the war but is have no diverted, Luo's sun suddenly once the mouth smile and say:"Wing virtuous elder brother!See come to this surroundings that is a bit uneasy quiet!"
"Leave him alone!Leave him alone!"Zhang Fei is also ha ha on smiling, shook to shake head with inattentive look, a blood scar goes together with to ascend his smiling face, seems to be ferocious more and drinks a way on the face:"We beat us, small generations make them have fun to go to by themselves!"
For piece the Hun words for flying, but Luo's sun is to seem to be really to agree with, ordered to nod, to put to put dish Long Qiang again, said with smile:"See to us thus Dou the bottom go, the Dou can't divide a victory or defeat as well till black sky!Want not to change pattern?"
Luo's sun says so nature is also reasonable, don't see the ages of their 2 people all so greatly, can bear dint but is all want to be much better than the others!Luo's sun doesn't say, on the time in future generations, for assassinating a target, ever a person didn't eat not to drink, go without sleep or rest ground to lie prone for three days and three nights in the grass cluster!Although Be getting older now, before beat the next background still just, put together one with so hard Zhang Fei a day those were some problems to all have no!As for that flies, original of history up he don't also fight in the advanced age about 60 years old and young and vigorous Ma Chao for a days and one nights and on the contrary and more fight more fierce?Piece it suffices to show fly of bear dint is also be no more lousy than ordinary people!
For the proposal of Luo's sun, Zhang Fei Wai the head wanted to think, is also nod to say with smile:"Is quite good!Is quite good!Son regrets, you is the boy head how to grow?How to say what all so reasonable!Did you say that we connect down how to have fun?"
Luo's sun is to want to think, but is direct dish Long Qiang in the hand to once the ground throw, close behind again is on another penknife belt of waist give in addition to coming down, is also to once the ground throw and clapped to clap hands and smiled to looking at Zhang Fei.And Zhang Fei also Be just one Leng and soon understood the meaning of Luo's sun, in the eye is also excitement, roar with laughter, the Zhang in the hand eight snake pikes go toward the brain is behind on jilting, the close behind hands hold tight collar of dress to make an effort a to pull, signing the horse be last body that breaks ragged lousy dress A to tear off, peeped out the muscle of whole body burliness!2 people's action expressed meaning very clearly, that is that they want to barehanded fight!
Although is barehanded a physical fight,arrived the superior of this kind of Class of Luo's sun and Zhang Fei, even if is a finger, also have power more than the knife sword!And personal barehanded fight, also far even more dangerous than before launching troops a machine!This next two people that but be carrying on a decisiving battle of end!This next two soldier owner all there is no idea seeing Luo just and Zhang Bao Liang small generation compare Dou, all concentrate vision at Luo's sun and Zhang Fei this a cake of!
Luo sun Hey once the Hey smile, the cold and damp spirit on the body is also more and more heavy, and look back Zhang Fei is also an eyebrows to raise, the very hot spirit is also more and more prosperous!Luo's sun that but accept later on the training of a life time, barehanded fight on the contrary and is him most a strong point, however Luo's sun also have no therefore small Qu Zhang Fei, in those early years with Zhang Fei exchanged blows for the first time, the piece flies and then maded a show of skill not vulgar boxing feet effort, it is thus clear that Zhang Fei barehanded fought of the skill isn't bad either!This one punch one feet that eight snake pikes that is unlike to get that Zhangs are bad, the Luo sun nature is to don't dare to underestimate enemy, and the body involuntarily curled up and put to squared posture.
Just put in the posture of Luo's sun good of that for an instant, the whole body of Luo's sun suddenly on moving, turn an eye to would be the at present disappearance for flying is from the piece, but arrived the next moment, the figure of Luo's sun woulds be to appear at the piece fly after death, list's signing Zhang is direct toward piece the back part of skull for flying stabs pass by!
Assassinate Shu!This kind of skill is Luo's sun the cards in the hand finally!For these few decades, also really having no a person can force Luo's sun use this real cards in the hand,cheap beats by dre, which afraid in those early years ran into first superior, Lyu Bu, , also because nearby had person's helps like Zhao Yun,etc, just make Luo's sun have no opportunity to use this recruit!The world heroic continues to wither at present, can force Luo's sun use this to recruit of the person is also only a few, while Zhang Fei is exactly one among those members!
Luo's sun assassinates Shu very uncanny, the Rao is Zhang Fei to be a veteran warrior, is also not from must be got a fright!On the whole piece the reaction speed for flying isn't slow, signed a horse to once turn body, the one punch faces the Zhang knife of Luo's sun be flick pass by!
Luo's sun this skill is since called to assassinate Shu, that isn't the move that puts together with hard enemy naturally, sees Luo once the sun wrist turn, that originally good point the palm of the blade sort but is to suddenly turn to make soft silk, directly would be to tie up last piece the fist for flying, follow the arm is to go up toward piece the shoulder for flying!Arrived shoulder, the palm of Luo's sun again is on changing, the thumb stretches out and directly would be firm to piece the shoulder for flying, listen to burst the Chi is a , unexpectedly and abruptly tied a blood hole!
"Si!"Body up be opened a hole, Zhang Fei is also the air conditioner that cannot helps but pouring to absorb, however soon would was to do to respond, arm fiercely an earthquake, round tying up of Luo's sun to earthquake to open, close behind, spotting the chest of Luo's sun is to kick pass by!
This time Luo's sun have no again past skill heavy, don't see him just that recruits to seem to make light loose, but want to expend many physical strengths to shoot on the finger, just have attack dint like this!Don't say to be getting older now, even if is at young of time, Luo's sun at most also can use 3 in a row!Want and continue and use that kind of an attack now, also want and wait to be up and for a while at least!So face the attack that the piece flies, Luo's sun also can be hereafter on jumping, averted from a piece the attack for flying!
Forced to back Luo sun after, Zhang Fei lowers the head to see one eye oneself's shoulder, is also to peep out a calm and steady facial expression on the face, obviously he have never thought Luo's sun unexpectedly still have a such kind of incomparable skill!However Zhang Fei is also that the skin Cao meat is thick, this harms to still be unlikely to harm Jin to move a bone to him and right away would is to sink a voice to drink a way:"Boy!Dare to also hide part of something?Eat my one punch!"Finish saying, Zhang Fei starts to fly an one punch be toward Luo's sun beat in the past, this one punch certainly and strongly sank, seem the big iron ball of allowing similar, Luo's sun didn't dare hard answer, can be retreat to avoid being seen once again!Can have never thought an attack for flying is like a wave tide general, one punch immediately after one punch, don't stop at all, repeatedly force Luo the sun retreat!
"Oh oh!"2 people on footoot fight the fascinating degree of shot, comparing with previous 2 people's Ma Zhan that is to once have it but all and, see the officers and men of two soldiers that is that the surprised noise of shouting doesn't extremely is continuous, loudly appeal to the public to satisfy!Piece the attack for flying is firm and uncompromising and domineering, but although Luo's sun has been being placed in passive suffer beating of situation, the artistic skill is nimble, Zhang Fei simply didn't shoot for a while!The momentary is exactly public to also say to prohibit who will win, can be a heart bottom inwardly generous character.
Is public don't know, but is battling of two party concerneds but is a heart to know that the belly is clear.After Zhang Fei hit a 39th boxing, 2 people almost raise head to hope for same times to the other party, seemed to be from the eyes of the other party to see the same information:At under a recruit to make a final bid!
"Drink!"Is a to suddenly and violently drink, but suddenly and violently drink to ring out along with this again, Zhang Fei's body that originally has already attained the vehemence of peak to unexpectedly spew once again, very hot vehemences all concentrated at piece the right boxing for flying up, that ties up to round on the right boxing of scorching hot even circumferential of the airs all produce fluctuation, it makes the shadow of right boxing unclear!
And meanwhile, the body of Luo's sun once again downwards on pressing, the left hand held tight the wrist of right hand, while the right hand then directly sign Zhang and again turn to make to sharp knife, the double eyes gleam cold light, die the hopeless situation stare at Zhang Fei, even that Wei power the hundred percent right boxing also turn a blind eye!If someone can see clear his view through eyes of Luo's sun, will discover, the vision of Luo's sun gets close to a throat for flying directly and quickly!
2 people maintained so this status to grind to a stop three interest or so time, close behind, see Luo's sun that just like be certainly lived of body suddenly one Shan, turning the eye be disappear have no Zong, but at piece the surroundings for flying, then appeared numerous figures of Luo's sun at the same time!To this, Zhang Fei didn't become nervous an attack, a pair of wreaths leopard eye deeply wears a red long grass and tightly stares at the shadow of surrounding Luo's sun.Suddenly!Piece eyes for flying red long grass a prosperous, start to flick a right boxing, directly be beat to pass by along a figure shot of the left side!
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