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Of old nest at Yin mountain an insurance Feng in, the person in the fortress, not next 34100 people, how ruined for mysterious cuckoo like this, own wife and children also the life and death isn't clear.They gnash the teeth with hatred and cut up rough an abnormality.If this matter is true, they will have ineradicable hatred with cuckoo.They are then hasty be rushing through Yin mountain to once see.
The affair spread to Wei's loyalty wise and accept a soul star the gentleman wait the person's ear in, they temporarily also feel surprised, surprisingly cuckoo after the city teacher killed two bears in the Mogolian region, and then run to the Yin mountain Yin mountain three old fortresses also picked, really had the ghost absolute being unfathomable activity and made people impossible to effectively guard against.Loyalty of the Wei is wise to ask to accept a soul star of gentleman:"They how?"
Accept a soul star gentleman to say:"They urgently wear and rush through to return to and see.Belong to bottom not dare lord, come to instruct 1000-year-old Ye."
Is bisexual double of evil at one the side Yin Ce Ce the ground say:"They this goes and is certain to die."
Accept a soul star gentleman one Zheng ask:"Two elder generations how does the meeting say like this?"
"This is completely a cuckoo to lead snake hole, it accounts, and the purpose is to adjust their[one] city teacher.Cuckoo will at halfway last it the never thought that ground killed them."
Accept a soul star gentleman Be startled to ask:"Elder generation, how does that do?At under advise Zu, don't they return to?"
"Star gentleman, you can advise Zu, don't they return to?Making isn't good, you will quarrel."
"Elder generation, does that put them to return to?"
"Is quite good!Let them walk, we come right away 1 to account and then account and capture alive cuckoo."
Wei loyalty wise exultation:"How can capture alive cuckoo?"
"Is 9,000 years old, common saying says that the praying mantis catches a cicada, Huang Qiao at after.We Yin mountain three old be into fish bait, fish up the cuckoo, put together to kill at them you die at the moment that I live, we dash up, the not afraid cuckoo doesn't submit to capture;Don't go again, disorderly arrows volley, live to shoot his dead."
Loyalty of the Wei is wise to clap hands great good:"Living of can not catch, die of I also want."
They negotiated again a burst of, accept a soul star gentleman to then turn to return to east factory.Not only let Yin mountain three old walk, also send two cutthroats, follow behind them to return to Yin mountain, all the way the customs clearance leads card also convenient,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com.
67th times bloody battle Yin mountain
Text 67th times bloody battle Yin mountain
Last time made reference to accept a soul star a gentleman to send two cutthroats together with Yin mountain three old time Yin mountain, lending is to escort them, the customs clearance leads card convenience, actually leave secret password, in order to accept a soul star gentleman to silently tailgate since then.
Say to accept a soul star a gentleman Yin mountain three old be fish bait all right, secretly protect them all right, his purpose is to live to capture cuckoo, living can not capture a disorderly arrows shoot-to-kill, even if together with Yin mountain three old ones shoot to kill also regardless the sacrifice.This time, accept a soul star gentleman to anyway also want to remove mysterious cuckoo and relieve the confident great trouble of the factory of east.
From capital city to Yin mountain three old old nest vulture E fortresses, have 300 many inside.Then can arrive in the blink of an eye to a burst of breeze and the small monster, to Yin mountain three old etc. persons come to say, which afraid is to ride a quickest horse, also make three days arrive to.Besides follow behind two of their eastern factory cutthroats, have intention to procrastinate time, on arriving night, will stop over Inn, say is in order to prevent is surprised.
Yin mountain three old on going 5 people, fly Ma Zou Chang even, lead to postpone to celebrate, get into completely all direct to make of ground head.This take group of mountain peaks to rise and fall, is the mountainous country of teacher northern side in the city, know together as soldiers all mountain, belong to Yan mountain mountain range.The so-called Yin mountain is a Yan mountain.The Yin mountain is calling of northern Wu Lin middleman habit method.
This takes to have no the Yi way to be able to be provided for wagon to go through, whole is some paths, the left dish turns to the right in the middle of the mountain forest in the cluster, the mountain power is very hazardous.After river small town in road house, Yin mountain three old etc,Beats by Dre Electroplating. persons got into an a forest that calls the ocean Tuo under the foothill, here is go to vulture E the fortress is necessarily a through of small way.Suddenly of, a black tunic person appeared under the setting sun and blocked Yin mountain three old of go to road.His whole body pressing murderous look, even the horse also exclaims and brings about front hoof, don't dare to go forward, almost Yin mountain three old etc. persons lift to dismount.
Yin mountain three old stunnedly ask:"What person?Dare to block road here?Have never heard my Yin mountain three old names?"
An old voice says:"Three names, the old man long since heard."
"That do you dare to also block road?"
Those two cutthroats of east factory, a see a black tunic person this attire, having already doubted to is the cuckoo of mysterious fearfulness and then sounding out to ask:"Are you a cuckoo?"
"The old man is exactly a cuckoo, at inferior wait you many."
Yin mountain three old on listenning to is a cuckoo, very furious, in the middle of the knife Be old to ask:"Our vulture E fortress, is isn't that did you ruin?"
The cuckoo says:"Your old nests early should ruin.You declare city teacher a take of total Piao chase son, actually is big thief's head for dividing the booty on the spot, return call under charge blackmail, threat, abduct women, force good family girl into prostitution, thieves' lair like this, didn't ruin to still let it to do ill the human life?The originally old man solved the matter of city teacher and came to uproot again yours, but you still work oneslf to the bone for east factory and help a villain do evil, the old man has to come to beat hair in advance you.You are subjected to dead!"
In this aspect, the cuckoo differs from other cutthroats again.The general cutthroat isusually its never thought that, cold don't defend suddenly to make moves then Shan body but go, but the cuckoo is to count its criminal acts first, it has nothing to say the opponent.This basically be not what cutthroat, the assassin's behavior, but the chivalrous man's style.
The Zhang is old to listen to right away the spirit fill chest to fill, "shout" a Zhang suddenly claps.He already use last own 100% capability, Zhang strength abnormality, think one Zhang cuckoo shot get horizontal fly, even if is deathless, also the Jin breaks bone crack.Indeed as expected, he this Zhang clap shot, as if strong breeze your work, the cuckoo is after death some small trees, also broken.But cuckoo still the station imitate statue of Buddha on the mountain way, absolutely still an iron pillar to put on the ground.
The cuckoo coldly says:"Is quite good, your Zhang dint cans also unexpectedly can float the black tunic of old man and has already been regarded as a superior on the mafia.But basically have no effect to the old man."
The knife is old, sword old 2 people a short while idea, suddenly start to jump from the horseback, quick if lightning flash, a left a right, the knife sword toghter hits to the cuckoo.General superior, how also Shan however this knife sword match with suddenly to take the offensive.Their fighting skill, really is compare a Mogolian region two bear Gao Chu Yi raise, and still very tacit understanding, even those two cutthroats of east factory, also think cuckoo by all means give shoot, can not use oneself to make moves.But treat them to stop and think again a to see, cuckoo unexpectedly body unreal image sort, strain from the glint and flash of cold steel, make them shocked.
Knife old sword old one shot isn't medium, again serial use several recruit.Winked, a connected to tremble ten recruit more, almost allow of no cuckoo to make moves to counter-attack, recruit all is keep the vital part of taking the opponent.Their 2 people cooperates, don't say that the superior on the mafia could not once escape, connect to accept a soul star gentleman and Chiang-Nan Gu wild goose, perhaps and temporarily also off-balance, this is exactly also the Yin mountain three old how don't put cuckoo in the reason in the eye.The other people are surprised to fear cuckoo, they three old not surprised fear.Yin mountain three old cooperate, good enough to look down upon world group of heroes.
The cuckoo made moves to counter-attack.His Xiu hides of benefit sword,Beats by Dre BMW, not then already, a world changes, the ghost absolute being is surprised, and not only the recruit type is changeable, and the still strange Gui is difficult to defend.Thousand Huan sword method, be worthy of the name, is the cutthroat sword in the real cutthroat to recruit, a sword hits and then turn passive is active.Immediately after recruit is all ggression, be fend off, his sword will also from another make unexpected direction sting of people, be like shoot arrows, never know to turn head, but it isn't an arrows, but a chase ever-changing mysterious unfathomable sword.In addition to doing not know to turn head, still from the all directions to opponent into recruit.Luckily knife old sword old 2 people always match with tacit understanding, and then have equal capability and just unwillingly answered cuckoo fearfulness of ten recruit more, but have already seemed to be to fluster.
The Zhang is old to shout at top of voice, from jump right away bottom, joined combat.He double the Zhang turn over to fly, the Zhang Zhang claps to the cuckoo.In order to there being a Zhang oldly joining, knife sword two old just slowly lead an one breath.The cuckoo must divide one part of energies and cope with him that deep Zhang dint.Zhang old Zhang dint, good enough to with open a stone crack gold, if shot one Zhang for him, what is a ground bone Jin to split, the body also becomes flesh and blood a Related articles:

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