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BE, after they were escorted came, already had no whichever person again again came to once see them.This makes them feel despair.Hence, think to want to go, a person's battle wears those bad service heel their linguistic difficulties, start an openly defiant act plan since"more field" activity.

Volume 2:The capital city drifts along to record chapter 250 surprised
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The prostitute is a very ancient occupation.According to it original meaning, mean with get a purpose but take place with others sexual behavior of woman.But basis it the dissimilarity of "business way", and then can is divided into its 3 typeses:Officer's bawdry, the concentration does business in the brothel managed by government and pay tax toward the government of prostitute;Unlicensed prostitute, privately and alone do business as a result the prostitute done not pay tax toward the government;Dark bawdry, prohibit the circumstance of Piao bawdry social evil in the government under, secretly the prostitute of secret business.The history that the prostitute appears very early, ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Israel namely has with prostitute for industry of person.
The origins of our country prostitute, probably can be regarded as a start the Xiang in week ages king, together country tube the Zhong establish a female, can be called originator.《Fight national policies 》 two"east week" lead the text gentleman of week cloud:"Together Huan male temple in female city female Lyu 700.The gift by the week-5 is ratio, five than is a Lyu.Then an is 25.Take care of Zhong to establish a female 700, is 17,500.Take care of Zhong to establish a female, equal future generations, it has flower to donate also.......Our country prostitute system, since from"female" opened it to carry, from that time on after, have no the generation have no it.Tang accepts six dynasty gold powders it, many prostitute, unprecedented don't have.2 kinds of male prostitute to prostitute in the reduction of a fraction house.All Chang-an the one who have to call "north inside", "even Kang inside"Yu" teaches a workshop" in city foreds a romantic that day Yuan to cover.
Previously ages Qin, the ruling class will become a slave of female is the phenomenon that the officer's prostitute comes to provide non-commissioned officer amusement.In Han Dynasty, start providing with a female in the soldier joy, constitution camp prostitute, at the same time, billionaire's somebody else also widespreadly raises female joy, busk to as well sell a color.However, these prostitutes that all don't be regarded as pure business sex, truely pure business sex the prostitute is about appeared to for Wei and Jin Dynasty period.But the formation of officer's prostitute's system appear in the Tang Dynasty.The Tang Dynasty is officer's prostitute's development period, for bawdry note book register in the authorities, from authorities supply cosmetics,beats by dre cheap, establish in the authorities of"business" in the organization.The source of prostitute is different, there is ground a selection to naturalize from the private prostitute, have of is spent money by the aunt to buy a young female to adjust to teach but become, have of then take the womenfolk of a family of convict as prostitute.The prostitute usually loses Human body just as officer's book freely, even go on a tour to also be subjected to restriction, the prostitute system of Sung generation has a development again in following the foundation in Tang Dynasty, namely the private prostitute start spreading widely.Sung generation has certain restriction order to the prostitute of officialdom night.Ming Dynasty middle cracked down officer's prostitute, from now on the prostitute completely returns private management.Ming Dynasty government strictly forbids an officials discrepancy brothel at the same time, details are serious."Job not Xu".To settle generation, middle ago, the folio established brothel and night bawdry to still have a certain restriction order, but Manchu Dynasty middle the later form was together nominal.
At Yong positive year of, two governor of province Li Weis of river start publicly in the magistracy of many famously the ground of smoke flower, for example the grounds, such as Huaihe Qin and Yang state...etc. takes out to pay "the prostitute donates" and hands over woulding be of tax officer's prostitute, don't hand over a woulding be of tax private prostitute, be subjected to the crackdown of authorities.Then publicly recognized tacitly a prostitute on the law like this, also become mutually and brought to life to disappear completely already a long time of"officer's prostitute".
Arrived Qianlong dynasty.Because nation total up return calculate peace, the custom of Fu Mi is gradually widely accepted.Having Qianlong this Emperor more to take the lead is romantic, so, the prostitute industry is getting more prosperous.The ground of the for example the most famous smoke flower Huaihe Qin, flowed out to appear many prostitutes.What"two soups"s, Zhao Xiao such as, smoke three, Xu Shou Zi, Zhu Da Dun etc., ask for manily to vie with each other in coming from the life romantic guy, even have of have no the person of line return to is in the early Ching dynasty these prostitute heel clear ends of"gold Ling eight gorgeous" placed on equal footing.
Guangzhou is the ground of Tan Xing, company Gu swarms about of, also be regarded as a big pure country rarely prosperous ground of.So, correspond of, also unavoidably have some upscalely***the place is provided for those rich to seek joys amusement.Guangzhou although it is said be not what the place of brilliant scholar.Here the type of red card of those brothels, also have no Huaihe Qin, Yang state prostitute those prostitutes in the building generally at poem book gift joy the aspect own the highest scholastic attainment, but don't calculate as well very bad, coping with those persons that attach the moderate breezes friendship is all right already.
But be located in Feng building in the coming of the city south of Guangzhou is such a place.Its procuress Xing Lu.Named Lu excellent son, year however 28 years old, at the age of 4 then drive ascend a term came to Feng building the procuress bought adjusted to teach.Is 13 years old to start meeting guest, 15 years old then became a prostitute of Guangdong, 23 years old after,cheap beats by dre, because again have New appointee to"take over", the prestige day falls, then battle wear heel to the intimate relation of the Feng building backstage landlord, get the post of procuress, be responsible for conducting this prostitute's building.
"There are also so many guests in the daytime here,Beats by Dre Electroplating?"
He Gui Dai Wang Zhan Ling wait escort to come back from the white cloud mountain and see He Jin Xi is not at home, found out for a while, go straight to city south.However, waited until the time to the Feng building front of door, see into pass in and out a ground those people, he is still a bit shocked.……The eight greatest beards of city in Peking together he also not is have never strolled, in his impression, brothel all generally is just formally do business in the evening, the guest should is seldom just right in the daytime.Be like eight greatest beards together, although smells national, in the evening guest Ying door, beard together the inside is filled with cars, the time in daytime basically have no guest, the brothel mostly closes the door to thank a guest.Can at present just just led noon, this comes to Feng building how have so many guests?
"Adult, Guangzhou into pass in and out a ground company to travel a lot, these people who also say to prohibit when, when walk, so, brothel generally the dark nights all open the door in the daytime son!"Wang Zhan Ling is regarded as a ground head snake of Guangzhou before becoming what expensive close soldier's headman, as to it's win way the way also know some, hear He Gui ask question, immediately answer way.
"Have been opening the door?Is difficult don't become ……does this come to the prostitute of Feng building to still divide white class and night class?"He Gui Wen's way.
"Belong to under don't know.However, think come also about!"Wang Zhan Ling says with smile.
"That they can be really enough tired."He Gui's wry smile wore to shake a head and immediately after and then moved forward forward and also ignored in front welcome of big teapot, direct walked into.
"Those adults of inside in the city all say, the westerner is a dog sheep.Otherwise, they why don't want to drink milk can not?This explains that they don't eat milk, ).;Milk makes it dissolve.If the words done not eat for a few months, double the eyes will become blind, appetite meeting the Yong fill.So the most valuable food when the westerner stands treat, nothing is better than in big yellow, even if the most destitute somebody else, also all hang one before chest small pocket big Huang, often lick with tongue a to lick, or smell with the nose.But big Huang and tea-leaf, only I the big pure country just produce, because of, those savage westerner, have to depend on us big pure.But I am big pure as long as refuse to trade.That is to say:As long as refuse that selling to them is big yellow tea-leaf, ability immediately to those west foreign devil in dead life.So, is this battle with westerner, there is really no necessity.However is some big yellow, tea-leaf?As long as those foreigners compensated offense to us and gave they be.Again why the need for the white white lost so many war ships ……you say is be not?"
Enter the ex- hall of getting the Feng building, just sought the seat that depended side son, received Wang Zhan Ling et al to sit down, He Gui saw ex- hall exact center in the table, a middle age that held city film, just and readily sprayed the war that stated Guangdong province and foreigner of the spittle star son ground.Just.This this guy obviously doesn't catch a cold to the way of doing that they use force.But hear after these words with the others of this middle age the same table, but a don't live of nod to attach and, seem that guy say how exactitude.
"Adult, don't I teach this to help rascal?"Wang Zhan Ling sits to beside took a look what expensive facial expression, ask a way.
Just, a group of person with very limited outlooks have no that necessity!"He Gui Yao shake head.
"A few Yes drink tea, please!"Put tray ground teapot, cup one by one Related articles: