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It is 2, say to is small sea.
"I am there again the nothing important live.Be do laundry to cook a meal to sweep to sweep, child also similar stem!I be so, want ~only stem to live to money!This calls fair deal!Understand?"He Gui asks a way to the He long Bing.
"Get, know your eldest brother square ……" He long the Bing shake head to lose to smile.This year, ten how old kids have never seen take wages, provide board and lodging to still need to pour to pay school fees of is not fresh either to see, pour to make he temporarily forgot He Gui's opponent to descend have never skinned a flint of affair.
"Thank what adult!"Teacher rain smoke also hurriedly takes sister-in-law to thank to He Gui.These are 32 silvers!City in Peking at that moment person of, if don't calculate tips, there is this income of still really not that many, besides is still one person 32?To their this kind of somebody else, this root is beating lantern to also can not find of good matter son.
"Need not thank.Later good stem!……"This wench if the words that can keep a little bit fat son should be able to keep an eye to order son.However still keep calculating, this younger brother Jie Sa looking at also pretty bitter of, oneself the power was to do a good turn son.He Gui's specialty rubbed to rub a face, secretly heart way.However, he still didn't forget again secretly stomach Fei the He grow the look in the eyes son of Bing all of a sudden and conveniently still cursed the wife of this guy more long more difficult see.
Although the teacher house is poor, can rain smoke three younger brother Jies still need to tidy up some things, so, after saying very, He Gui then and first left with He long Bing.Face to walk, also see the teacher wife and children hospital doorway stand many people, estimate this place to hardly have be officer of come to lead, these people want to see.He Gui is also not concerned, at lane son with He long Bing break up, subsequent go straight to have already been named after original wife and children's store of "nine articles reside" ……big cold sky of, come to a hot very hot beef chafing dish, that just call enjoy!
Just, he destines today really don't know is allow him to is very troublesome day.

Volume 2:The capital city drifts along to record chapter 120 cause:Fermented bean curd!
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Before the exquisite article life opens, article lane's just a nothing important reputation of small plentiful rise a sum and the sum of Wo interest of two brotherses in order to extend management, push over all of the old buildings of the whole an alley son reconstruction, and then recruit many guests, make the this place popular day rise, just gradually had a little son reputation, even the lane name is also called do "exquisite article lane", became Peking to reach the house of officer's magnate, rich family middle-class family to restructure the home head chooses of ground.
And open on nine articles of close together street wine shop to reside, also more or less ask for help of the popularity of the exquisite article life, just can stand firm feet in the beginning, and more do more red fire.
Is big winter, the north wind is chilly, so, many doorways of wine shop hotels all hanged up very thick cotton Lian son, nine articles reside no exception.However, after uncovering, the inside should be a quarrel hot of condition.He Gui thinks so!So, when he uncovers cotton door screen and see the inside is having two bin person a words don't say of in the confrontation, the whole wine shop in quietness of connect after ordering all out of hearing scene of son voice, some become stunned.
"This is what is the row?"
Two people who are squaring off, one is exactly that Zhao Xiao is agreeable, the officer protects, the week tiger cub etc. nine articles to reside of take care of a person, number a little bit little son, also 35, all is standing;And another foot contain more than 30 persons, not only clothes the light is fresh, imposing style fully, and an is smug and arrogant, sit at respectively of seat up, even even positive eye also all have no lo Zhao Xiao fluently wait a person.
"He Ye!"
Once the decorous cotton door screen be uncovered, the cold breeze immediately drilled into wine shop, originally was still comfortably warmly immediately cool to come down in store.Hence.Two people all once turned a face and also all saw He Gui.What to talk is that Zhao Xiao is agreeable first, this boy of takes a very obvious surprise in the tone, and slightly falls afterward of the officer protect, week tiger cub several etc.s nine articles reside of take care of a person, although didn't talk, at see what expensive behind, on the originally deeply face also all peeped out smiling face in succession,beats by dre cheap.However, sit upright those people who help guy in front here at see He Gui appear, particularly is hear after Zhao Xiao follow that sentence.Can have no so good facial expression, in every aspect and mutually Qu very in a short while, just from shape slightly fat, grow a horoscope beard ground middle age to stand up toward He Gui Gong arch hand:
"Is what adult ……"
"Ha ha, say so much to say so much, hello, everyone!How to don't eat?Being small is agreeable, the officer protects ……you these two rabbit Zai sons!Kui get two Yes still all handed over the affairs in the store to your under charge.Are you to do business so?Particularly is you, the officer protects!How to be of the shopkeeper?The guest came, don't receive as well for a while and see this big cold sky of of, also not hurry ascend how many chafing dishes?"The that horoscope beard of He Gui Chao embraced a boxing to return one gift, then, don't wait the other party message of reply.Immediately toward Zhao Xiao agreeable, the officer protect 2 people to drink a way.
The "He Ye, they ……" officer protects a that horoscope beard and also mean to say what, Zhao Xiao fluently but beside on pulling him, then jumped out a dynasty to around is a Luo turn Yi, "ha ha, He Ye, each shopkeeper pleases first and slightly etc..At under immediately give everyone but prepare chafing dish, big cold sky of of.Eating that is hot!"
Finish saying, also ignore others ground vision, pull an officer to protect, the week tiger cub etc. person to hereafter walks,cheap beats by dre.And these are three lead the way of after walking a, other nine articleses reside of the persons also all immediately spread to open to, should why and why!
"This ……"
That horoscope beard sees this scene, has some to make Leng and means to say words.The but again doesn't know to seek who.The everyones are all busy.The nobody manages him.Connect He Gui, is also seeking seat!
"Have already once heard what adult of fame.Just never before once see, pour this time is worthless old man control breath.See, this, we can't have no achievement but return!"
The horoscope beard doesn't go, :expensive, very imposing, even still wear an old flower mirror, although the shape is very thin small, in those more than 30 persons, very obvious is the person that belongs to lead the way.
"See He Mou and then can't have no achievement but return?Ha ha, old Sir's this words say interestingly.To ……"He Gui Xiao smile, ask a way toward that old man again:"Still don't know old Sir's your surname?"
"You do me too much honor.Worthless old man Xing Xun, can not compare with what adult rank high an of a department card shark, can at celebrate with building be to be bad!"That old man tiny smile way.
"Celebrate and building?Alas, is Dong Lao's shopkeeper to come here, fail to show due respect ……"He Gui hurriedly station start come dynasty this old man embraced a boxing to go one gift, " early ex- listen to the person say you are old to go to and fluently accept county of Wang Fu, also think ……ha ha, really have never thought you old incredibly return Zhang wear celebrate with building, no wonder that there ground the business is always so prosperous!"
"Ha ha, what adult really encourage worthless old man, celebrate and the building is prosperous for few decades, a worthless old man achievement!"That surname Tung's old man answers a way.
"How can this calculate to encourage?You always we the old-timer of capital city commercial circles, bring up you old name, who dare not to say a 'I've long been looking forward to meeting you'?He Mou from beat into a city from that day, can have already heard your name!"He Gui says with smile.
"Ha ha, what adult be really talk!"Old man Tung smiled, appearance enjoyed very much, eyes all the Mi became 1 to sew.
Dong Lao laughed.This, don't know that your this time comes us this is small to reside ……"He Gui ask a way again.
"This not just you do nine articles reside to make out ground?"A black face man of the flank of old man Tung is cold to hum a way.
"?"He Gui's facial expression is surprised for a while, soon after smiled again, toward that several No.10 person's arches that still sit arch hand:"Everybody is and Dong Lao Yi come and want to come to also is all store of capital city, come to think here come also all is occupy and do.However, no matter the everybody comes here for the sake of what, don't know as well what what is who make out, we have a meal first.This is coldly big sky, He Mou just rushed through back there from the big palisades son, tired and hungry and cold, can be just sufferedly tight,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com!"
"Eat what to eat?Say words first to know Related articles:

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