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Face oneself.But also have never thought this biggest city defense outside the pass will become thus wretched.It is an one damaged site to break tile to scan widely, under the shining in glory of setting sun Yuan if a ghost city.Only impressive-looking emperor's city in the distance's seeming don't be subjected to much damage.Face at present scene to be responsible for offending Li Ding Guo whom the city mounts sudden attack to also feel a bit very much obliged.But listen to him toward the explanation way of Huang De Gong:"Army commander, we don't think as well such.But this holdout from the same rebellious troops of common people within city is too unprogressive, canning not helping the brotherses can do so."
"Boon, this I am clear.After all passed by for more than 20 years here am already to strive for a gram of Dun, not Chen Yang in those early years.The imperial government did so to also at last do all that is humanly possible to help."Huang De Gong is wrinkly the eyebrows conjecture on all sides, in the words but take to lightly hate an idea.
A side will get listen to also follow to nod to attach and get up in succession.In fact they all know that this are already the best final outcome.The according to reason prosperous city is the national capital in Qing Dynasty, clear soldier after offending and breaking should annihilate a city is frightenned with demonstration.But the clear soldier defended city a pure soldier to after letting go of the weapon then stop killing in the last batch.The next affair will see whether the common people of luckily survive in city cooperated.Hence the Yan of one side reminds a way in response to the close behind dollar:"No matter how it is, the prosperous city has been already broken.This city defense is again us now of Chen Yang.Intelligence report indicate that get intelligence report to show that the rebellious troops has already started out large numbers of person's Ma Chu's passes to rescue a prosperous city.Presumably and in a few days will suffer with our army.The our army still wants to pacify a popular support quickly and rests the whole troops and early do to make frontal attack to prepare be."
"The pole that chief of staff talks BE.Now not just while greatly putting celebration dinner we.The everybody slices to now have slack!"Huang De Gong's facial expression seriously reminds a way.1 brigade even now the warrior carrying rifles with loaded bullets pressed a flock of depressed pure soldier to arrive at Huang De gong etc. human face front.Is careful a see unexpectedly still mix up with many women and children's wife and childrens.A military officer that sees for the head comes forward an one-step obeisance way:"Report army commander, our army at prosperous city general mansion captive large numbers of captives, please indicate."
", Does Davor Suker Sa admire?"Huang De Gong swept captive's one eye easy to read ask a way.
"Return to army commander, Davor Suker Sa's admiring in prosperous general mansion in the city to attach a corner to resist stubbornly is shoot~deaed by the our army.The our army offends into mansion it wife Qie the wife and children have already committed suicide to die.The young child that searches to admire to Davor Suker Sa checks a gram of Dan."That military officer says then dragged along a women to Huang De Gong's in front.BE embracing in her hand a three, 4-year-old boy.
See Davor Suker Sa to admire a pair of scares of young children but again helpless eyes, the mind of "eradicate incompletely, the spring breeze blows again voice" soon start to be suffused with in Huang De Gong's brain.The eye sees the Na sea of Su with surly Huang De Gong's complexion quickly hurtle to come forward to beg for mercy a way:"General you the big Ren in great quantities pass this kid.He just three, 4-year-old don't understand anything."
Huang De Gong's nature can't because of 2 of Da son beg for mercy pass that small Da son.But was subjected to a scared kid to can not consider of coaxing of wet nurse to advise any further at this time, "" of a then cried out.This cry to pour is let one side of Li Ding Guo remembered to have in those early years a clear soldier to destroy completely Shu China Times those to loose Gu.Hence can not consider of to kill idea just thick Huang De Gong,cheap beats by dre, Li Ding Guo of the one side unexpectedly blurts out a way:"Stop worrying.We can't make it lively for women and children.This kid my Li Ding Guo kept and raised."
Listen to Li Ding Guo so a say that the wet nurse that the underneath kneels hurriedly takes to check a gram of Dan to kowtows to thank for favor.See this situation the this bottom of Huang De Gong pour also not oppose.Hence he has to abandon to kill to read to turn but asks a way to the Su Na sea:"Are you who again?"
"Mean person Su the Na sea is A La sum in the city true.Expensive soldier since have already offended to sink a prosperous city, also ask the general Gao Tai Gui's hand to pass eight ensign dependentses in city."The Su Na sea lowers the head an entreaty way.He originally doesn't think so low voice.Can for the sake of surplus in city of eight ensign aged and weak women and children, he has to do so again.
"Say so that you are now rebellious troops in city of tallest will get.That good, as long as you write a public notice according to the request of this general.Declaring to the prosperous city of whole citieses and surroundings mansion county has already belonged me greatly clear, prosperous general mansion in the city has already surrendered me as well greatly clear.I then protect your whole city old young with the captive's life."Huang De Gong points at the underneath kneels of captive assurance way.He understands the power of this public notice to far still come badly than 100,000 battalions.For the time being and in spite of the surrounding mansion county will can't obey orders.At least the ability shot Kui Liao east Da son the morale finally.
"BE, BE.The mean person definitely follows instructions.However, the mean person still hasn't to invite it to please in the time and also invites general to help."The Su Na sea sounds out a way further.
Under this circumstance oneself dare also together haggle and look this person to still calculate to have a little a Dan color.Huang De Gong saw Su Na sea one saying:"That you say and then say."
"The mean person wants to invite general to see in those early years I am big pure to lose the third for your country strong Min emperor hair in the Chuang, and bury it by emperor gift of personal relationship up.Don't want to ruin me too Zu emperor and believe in the imperial mausoleum of emperor too much."The Su Na sea tightly sticks to hit the ground noodles to crawl an entreaty way.Other captives also follow to climb to implore on the ground.Their throwing a prosperous city is already an offense should ten thousand die.If let the clear soldier humiliate again too Zu emperor and believe in emperor dead body too much that oneself to still have the forbears that the facial expression sees underneath.The Su Na sea at this time has already made a firm decision, if the clear soldier be really not willing to pass emperor Ling.That he and the brotherses of underneath put together dead to also want a to fight.
Even now does the Yan of one side declare a way in response to the dollar clear voice:"The everybody trusts.My house's prime minister has already warned the armed forces before setting out.Can not damage sweat temple Wang Fu after offending to break a prosperous city, can not move prosperous Wang Ling Yi's grass in the city one wood."
"Boon, the our army then give°ed the sweat temple and Wang Ling to protect after going into city, make any person with no duty at not approach.Su's general if don't believe, can go to Wang Ling to see there now."Huang De Gong Han consents to settle a way.
"Su's general, the Nu Er admires red rose in revolt to attempt rebellion in those early years too very with emperor I greatly clearly should be not the big offense of She.Imperial government at present thus generous, you wait must also good from for know."The beam power can make the face intimidating the intimidation way a.
Although feel beam power can the words are very irritating to the ear.But the Yan still keeps making present Manchu the captives don't already appreciate in response to the words of dollar.No matter how it is somehow emperor Ling was protected.Hence Su canning not take into account of so many thin Na sea hurriedly and loudly Qi Xie Dao:"Imperial government thus generous, I wait prosperous city armed forces and people to appreciate not exert!"

Section 10 Liao east war bulletin

The glorious state city that at night divides 9 closes tightly, the lights is dusk, silent get as if a dead city.Is a clear soldier first to land Liao east, again is a trip agreeable, the camp lose to the enemy.The bad news one after another spread to brocade state city.Proper people are agitated can not all day long of.Luo's prince full reach the battalion of sea in good time pass garrison brocade state.This makes the common people in city more or less have some sense of securities.Asunder also dragged along house to take a people's ground to flow out into in succession at the ensign people of surroundings brocade state.Food within brocade state city herbage few.The provisions for army of pure soldier doesn't more impossibly take out a cent to the refugee.Can flow the people to wish to suffer hunger to endure hunger to pass night in the street don't dare as well to now leave brocade state.Good at at a time when in May, Liao the weather of the east has already become warm, even if the wild night street also has no big Ai.Hence have already jamed to homelessly flow a people on momentary the whole streets and alleys of glorious state city.Sudden the clop laceration of a burst of rush night sky.Several be settled dream by the Rao of flowed a people to open to shadowily sleep an eye, but saw two the government troops Zong that take a red Ying hat horse a burst of breeze the ground once wore leisurely long street and elapsed at boundlessly dead hour in.The knight facing to drive fast flowed the people to be just Yong to lazily beat to admire spirit, a turn round and returned to respectively of dream joss-stick in.
Meanwhile the brocade state general is inside the mansion tiny rock ground light bottom, the shadow of leather map also controls at it under, there is rhythm ground rocking.The host of shadow is a youth that wears red war A to get, Ji Ran, a little, a pair of tigers eyes at the moment but spread all over a thrombus.Sees him just and tightly lock eyebrows, metal gray face, negative hand's hoping a door to outside seem is waiting for what.As for escort at him after death and tenth, Qing Dynasty will get also each is a shape of worry anxiously.
"Wang Ye, the night has already been getting deeper.Seeing to today will not have war bulletin to spread.There is persons like slave,etc here staying by the side, Wang Ye still stops for rest earlier."Having already waited for is many of department will Related articles:

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