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, The space Lu of Tibet parties once was subjected to one big threat, red taught at first of conservator and Tibet Ba Zang Ba's king occupied to pull Sa.Can not help under, five a life times reach to depend on Lama prosperous•Luo mulberry Jia Cuo then to be located in Qing Lake, west Mongolia and large especially the attending to of Kingdom solid sweat look for a help.With many Mongolia in person the king is similar, attend to solid sweat is also the space Lu of an allegiance to send follower of a religion.At receive to reach to depend on of after pleaing for help letter, he immediately contacted other wests Mongolia princes and dukes, constitute an alliance to go into to hide rescue to reach to depend on together.The allies includes a nephew who attend to the solid sweat, the Zhai mulberry lake region and fills a rice Ba La Jin the E of the Si gram together Er diagram and Ba Lai Tai Ji;Chuo Luo the Si radical get to expect the diagram Er Hong set Ji, he ruled a black thou of Lun at that time river area and black sum Er together the leaf of the Si river area and the tower Er Bach's set was airtight to sign river of area;Even connected the soil in far Caspian Sea Er Hu chief executive to get to join to come in with the E Er Lei gram also.Certainly truely be responsible for direct a battle of is only the brothers Kuns that attends to solid sweat with him all Lun black Ba Shi.
In 1639, attend to solid sweat to lead Mongolia allied troops for the first time into hide.He was very quick and then vanquished red teach of supporter and originally teach sorcery teacher.In the second-time battle in 1642 after, he caught again red teach leader Ba Zang Ba, captured to pull Sa, with one action overthrew the dynasty of Ga Ma and built up to take Shamanism as the Ga Dan of corpus rather chapter political power.The governance that from that time on established Shamanism in Tibet in more than 300 years, and reach to depend on Lama also from then on became Tibet to teach leader to the high highest government.As a repay, attended to solid sweat to get the acknowledgement that the Lama teaches upper level, and be seen as the representative of conservator and customs power who pulls Shamanism in the Sa region, became to be worthy of the name of"khan in Tibet".His large especially the Kingdom was also reached a wood region by the Qing Lake, firewood at first to extend the north Tibet.
However five a life times reached to depend on and attended to "the honeymoon expects" of of solid sweat to soon is a head.There is way that is invite absolute being easy, send absolute being difficult.And large especially the person then have been depending on not to walk after going into and hiding.Attend to solid sweat in addition to controling strong soldier's right, also actually manipulate Ga Dan rather chapter political power.This lets five a life times reach to depend on although the Anne rich dignity and honor is at the religious leader position, on political but became Mongolian puppet.Five a life times reach to depend on of course not pleased now under the yoke of person, a heart scheme discriminates against Mongolia tribe influence Tibet.And in the another part attend to solid sweat also unwilling lose the vested interest in Tibet, want to make an effort to control Ga of Dan rather chapter political power.Both parties certainly was five a life times with no soldier's right to reach to depend on to fall in after being some kind of and fighting both with open and secret means.Hence he then and past accounted to start to calculate to please from the external world from"new absolute being" kick out this to help Mongolia"Wen absolute being".
In reason meet this troublesome problem, should seek Be up the clear court of country help intervention.But the then dynasty of wise powerful ruler has already been placed in rains and winds to float to shake in, be good at five a life times judging the hour and sizing up the situation to reach to depend on to anticipate to settle a Ming Dynasty necessarily Wu, is as larger as real strenght but the pure royal house that hasn't gone into a pass pulls ascend relation.Reach to depend on to still send in 1642 five a life times for this the special envoy to prosperous city has an audience with an emperor too very, and is settled privileging of room.Can who know the full person is quickly rising, reply to put out sooner.Central plains of Hahn people only spend then salty fish of around five yearses to greatly turn over a body, and then became Central plains of host.Although the name of country changed, the emperor also changed a woman.But this reaches to depend on to look all of no account in five a life times.Importance of is this new political power can promise Shamanism and he is in the Tibet possess of privilege.Can protect them to be free from a Mongolian control.Can see from the China impress give his letter, Hahn people pretty much take pleasure in getting involved business in Tibet.And they can vanquish a ferocious full person and also prove that the new imperial government contains enough strong military real strenght.Only with this 2:00, be good enough to let five a life times reach to depend on to travel over whole year round the heavy snow mountain of accumulated snow, horizontal wear boundlessly and Gobi desert sandy beach, last for more than a years, route of travel ten thousand inside, arrive emperors all Nanking to come to the dynasty Jin China impress.
"My emperor is long live, long live, ten thousand long live."Martial five a life times inside the palaces reach to depend on to carry at Hong force on Long Yi impress respectfully dedicate admire reach, kneel to invite the saint Anne's way.
"The living Buddha is all the way hard."Sun Lou hurriedly starts to hand to have five a life times to reach to depend on to grant to grant tea in person, salute way.
"The invitation that can get his majesty, even if is experience successively many risks again, I etc. must also come dynasty Jin.Hide colder ground of than bitterness unlike Central plains prosperous and rich and populous.Consequently and only dedicate some Buddha treasures, protect my emperor many happy returns of the day to eternity, Tai people Anne of country."Five a life times reach to depend on to say and then signal hint after death of the lamas hand in hold of treasure thing 11 get up to the impress demonstration.
But see the lamas hand up hold of have the statue of Buddha of gold Zhu, have the gold Buddha the machine, have already hidden joss-stick and have the etc. of Bang Lu valuable gift.In addition, the palace outside still bolts several horses that together is a gift.Face thus numerous precious gifts, Sun Lou can at last see spend an eye.She was original and then wased full of interest to handicraft product in Tibet.But at present these contributionses not only own very high art value and take special mysterious religious breathing more.How can not make her mad with joy,http://www.outletmonsterbeatsinuk.com.However have in these contributions only a plate but again attraction lived dew of view.Pack a few most unattractive seeds in this plate, from a 10 years old the or so small Lama hold.Formed fresh clear contrast with the Buddha machine of surrounding magnificent.Hence Sun Lou good-natured to that small Lama inquiry way:"Small teacher, what is what to hold in your hand?"
"Return to his majesty, this is the non- sorrow tree, bodhi tree and the Suo Luo's tree seed.In former days the Buddha Zu just descends to living without the sorrow tree, bodhi tree under awakening, Suo Luo tree the bottom become Buddha."The small Lama is nowise shy with strangers a ground of title answer way.Big eyes of that amiability really is to beg for a person to like, but saw dewdrop nod, asked a way with great interest:"Oh, so that's why.The small teacher is true widely read.You call what name?"
Drive impress so on crying up, just returned a town to settle self-composed small Lama not from tiny blush with shame get up.Saw his pendency eyes respectully an answer way:"His majesty, I call Ga Er Dan."
Ga Er Dan?So name how so is the ear familiar.Proper exposes while recalling a related message in the brain, but listens to five a life times of one side reaching to depend on to follow to answer a way:"His majesty, this is the quasi- Ga Er department khan Ba Tu Er Hong set Ji the fourth son Ga Er Dan."
Reach for five a life times to depend on so a to remind Sun Lou this just responds to come over, stand on the small Lama of oneself's in front is exactly jot down on the future generations historical records of that will be more rising than Mt. Heaven and makes the whole northwest region to conquer the world greatly quasi- Wang Ga Er Dan of Ga Er is in disorder.Can did he how can do Lama?The question that feels thus Sun Lou freely asked 1:"Ga Er Dan did you how can do Lama?"
The problem of impress obviously lets the Ga Er Dan and five a life times reach to depend on two Zhang the monk could not touch brains.But listen to five a life times reaching to depend on to sound out to ask a way to Sun Lou:"His majesty, you think that the Ga Er Dan house includes what not satisfactory?"
", Nothing important.My aming just strange Ga Er Dan is a nobility, the age is still so young, his father how willing to give up make him do Lama."Realize oneself says that Sun Lou who leak the mouth hurriedly withdraws previous remark an explanation way.
"Return to his majesty, positive because Ga Er Dan is expect the diagram Er Hong set Ji khan of dote on most of son, so the khan would send him into monastery to wait on to receive Buddha Zu.Just as usual year and large especially department do obeisance to expect Ba Tu Er of Ga Si and Chuo Luo Si department of admire sting suddenly sting, the uncle of Du Er especially reaching of department depend on set Ji and soil Er Hu especially department of with the E Er Lei gram, wait Wei to pull a chief executive to get once each sent them of a son went to Tibet to study Lama to teach.Have sent own son since that time to pull Sa study the Buddhist doctrine then became steppe cohesion always traditional.And the Ga Er Dan intelligence astute Yi, just 9 years old this year, but have already mastered in several Buddhist sutras."Mention oneself's this young pupil five a life times reaching to depend on a speech also be full of proud of.
"So that's why, that pours is that I misunderstood."Sun Lou gladly nods a way.The tone that reached to depend on from five a life times listens to to this matter to be a Ga Er the father of the Dan willingly it raises.Say so, shoulded really once be the Lama of a period of time on the Ga Er Dan history.As for he after how will become a quasi- king of Ga Er and rise in revolt to rebel all of that is empress words.Is at present at least of he is just a 9-year-old kid.As it does can should pass Ga Er Dan this possible existence of concealed suffer from?For an instant the intention to murder is in the heart exposes in one Shan but lead.But she finally still gives up this Related articles: