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Rao is thus the top brasses still a favour of British government not Die ground F square's national territory constantly sell to the other party.This surely has Zhan Mu Si the reason for intentionally hiding an identity among them, however the republican government doesn't know not a thing as well to this, after all this in this world like influence of this financial power is originally very few, while Zhan Mu Si's true identity is as well early the secret that European upper-class society has tacit understanding.Glorifying democratic republican government but selling the stateowned land that the revolution get to just the enemy country in at war is regardless all of this are great irony and scandal in the whichever ages.Certainly with of opposite should of, is the China empire chief economy organization of fragrant river's board of trade during the period of war the property purchase the behavior of enemy country national territory may also with be seen as the behavior that is "property the enemy commit treason".The beard knows big in the board of trade four procure British land of at the same time, British government also just bears arms his/her own troops to come with this money together the China empire soldier belligerence.
Consequently Zhan Mu Si as this a series of business agent is regardless position in British, still just the position of Chinese, can calculate up is completely"traitor".Only Zhan Mu Si to ownly Be but have no what mentally self-reproach.In his eyes, the business is a business, have a need and then will have been already betrayed.Being no matter a China impress from the first is still country in protecting of England male, it is a businessman's role to all want what he played, not a role of patriot.The much less both sides government still all got the thing that the respectively gorgeous feeling wants in this process.So if change an angle to see this problem, Zhan Mu Si also the it could be is a good citizen who shares sorrows for the government, an imperial government errand-boy good subjects of a ruler.
Realized own Zhan Mu Si whom the dual nationality may in the near future will change to British subjects of a ruler to right away and then put again at the moment he excels of the business person send openings to say:"Section gram the jazz is a king his majesty faithfully of subjects of a ruler, I pretty much take pleasure in for the country a king helping.But my lord's attending to is all some persons of practicalities, they pretty much full of, also very overly critical, want their big price get the first essentials have the kinds of goods to absorb person's eyeball to just go."
Listen to a to take the section gram of words in the other party words jazz how much feel that oneself's self-respect was subjected to some injury.His part in mind and inwardly curses and scolds:Explosion door of damning, traitor dares to query the dignity of royal house;The part air Ao however ground Yang head then say:"The that nation virtuous Sir feels the Fu Ji of New Continent the Ni is second how?"
Listen to a section gram jazz so on saying, in Zhan Mu Si's eyes flash across one silk different ray of light, but his eyes still keep always staring at the cup of beginning the inside.But listen to he for this reason make consternation of euphonic counter-question a way to the other party:"Fu Ji is the Ni second?!Does you think that the land nominal quotation that the people of colony agree a king to hard develop they to betrays?In addition parliament there how think again?"
"The nation virtuous Sir need not worry about this problem feel.If say London of those revolt all can on a large scale the geologic change sell native real estate, that king for the sake of solution the public finance crisis offer for sale he/she is in parts of benefitses of colony again calculate what."The section gram jazz disapprovingly says.The beard knows that the replying of republican government puts out in the external world's eyes already just the problem in time.As a result put currently second in the Si diagram especially the problem of the most rigorous in front in the royal house be not how restore monarchy, but how solve huge like the obligation of "astronomical figure".Restore monarchy government in addition to want to face republican government to owe to be next of 280 many ten thousand pound obligations, also solution checks to manage two a life times owe next of 300 many ten thousand pound private obligation.So that the public finance of the cold Jun difficult of course not is about gram the duke can solve to China.Is much less nearby some big ministers checking to manage two a life times don't hope as well the quilt invites a gram on this matter the duke pulls out the head raise.
However section gram the words of the jazz oath solemnly pledged didn't move opposite Zhan Mu Si.The beard knows to England he is again clear in the colony of North America however of.England is divided into to permit specially the colony, owner colony and Wang Jia's colony of the company colony, contractual colony and charter autonomy in the colony of North America.Among them, "permit specially company colony", "contractual colony" mainly is the colony that is built up after applying for"charter" toward British government by related"colonize company" with"permit specially autonomy colony", this colony owns the highest autonomy legal power, and according to emigrant from settle of the law regulation carry on a management towards settling down point.Just declare such as 1620 the member on"Mayflower" of so, this is"citizen political group" that is managed by"fair and equal" law.The Pu benefit Mao Si and general Wei ascends Si and Niu wave especially, plain Ci Mao Si and Niu black text etc. is respectively a colony like this.
But"owner colony" is then given by English king his to spoil the colony of minister or nobility.These colonize a governor of province hand to hold administration, lawmaking and military big power, acknowledgement English king's high power in colony, undertake a slight obligation to native, and periodical offer a Gong thing to the English king.So the governor of province of owner colony is solemnly the king who has no crown, the various Hou king of New Continent.
In fact at first, none of the colonies of North America is "Wang Jia's colony".Until in 1624, English Wang Jie Kou Fu Ji Ni second company public finance failure in London and disorder in the inner part, revoke its charter, declare direct from government English king rule, the governor of province being directly appointed by the English king carries on ruling over, from that time on England royal house just at last owned to belong to his/her own colony in the New Continent.Though only and theoretically such, so-called"Wang Jia's colony" remains still own high autonomy.Consequently come up to say from a certain meaning, what English king puts forward this the suggestion can also be regarded as a rubber check.Thought of here, Zhan Mu Si cans not help cool counter-question a way:"Is that king a plan mortgage?Still offer for sale?"
"The meaning of the his majesty is temporarily Fu Ji Ni the second mortgage go out."The section gram jazz stem coughs an answer way.
So that's why sees to royal house still and is unlikely too shameless.Zhan Mu Si part in mind think thus, part then as if deep in thought on the mouth ground Du Rang way:"This is a big business.Only so-so big collateral for loan seller can also not seek."
Originally think the other party will fascination the towering section gram jazz ear listen to Zhan Mu Si so on saying,beats dr dre, is not also had some to clench heart to get up by ground.After all he though the English king's special envoy, but still be unlikely will have China officials that kind of the snob appeal of"is in all the world might it not be Wang Tu", the much less Si diagram is second royal house to also owe lots of debts especially.Hence ascertain intent through word and expres to can not help under the section gram jazz soft descended tone to say to Zhan Mu Si:"The his majesty also knows this matter probably some difficulties, so just think nation only the virtuous Sir Be just the most suitable to match to handle this matter."
The eye sees the tone of the other party become polite, Zhan Mu Si's knowing oneself active power has already controled inside in own hand.Hence he follows and then strikes while iron is hot way:"Can for the country his majesty king help is at under great honor.It in fact is descending here to also really have suitable buyer.Only you should know that buyer is who?"
"The nation virtuous Sir need not worry too much.As for this king's his majesty once considered as well.After all and together China empire battle of is London of those revolt but isn't England royal house.The situation that waits England after resuming as usual believes that England becomes a pleased ally along with the China empire."Section gram the jazz is euphonic the ground dedicating Mei to say.
"At under don't doubt Britain together of the China empire fine prospect."The courtesy ground of Zhan Mu Si reminds a way:"However have at 1:00 at under still first essentials to you's dictum, at under is at for joss-stick river's board of trade does agent, rather than the government in China."
"That is certainly."The section gram jazz meaning deeply grows a head way in location.See that sentence that adds to the behind of Zhan Mu Si at him however is at past cover up just, after all so of trade isn't a business of brilliance.
However the section gram at the moment jazz exactly would be wrong the meaning of the other party.Zhan Mu Si talk all in fact is fact.He really intends to introduce this business to the joss-stick river's board of trade rather than China government.The beard knows although China empire's colony in America isn't as numerous as the that sort category of British,also equally separate the commune and the private Chuang.The so-called"commune" elfevident is relatedly flow a people by the imperial government property with the commune form Related articles: