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"Chen Xia Men grants that the Yi pays visit to an emperor, my emperor is long live, long live, ten thousand long live!"
"The summer loves Qing and He Ai Qing, quickly quickly even body."The kind smile way of Zhu Yu Jian:"Bearer grants to sit."
Emperor reasonable and easy to get along with attitude Cha let origin already the tearful summer grant the Yi is touched cry bitterly.Sees him time dynasty emperor again profoundly a kowtow a way:"Minister thanks lord Long En."This just hands to have a body under the station in He Teng Jiao's Chan and sit to one side.
But see just a sit down of the summer grants that the Yi cans not help silently starting to conjecture whole resisted den.Conceive first with another matter about, resist den in in addition to emperor, also have the lake the chapter Kuang for spreading government imperial censor, Jiangxi inspect an imperial censor Huang Peng , lake state cloth government to make Huang Chun Yao, Suzhou to make several place officials like Sun Zhao Kui,etc according to the Cha.Although these people all come from a place to grant to the summer Yi to says but calculates not ascend unfamiliar.At Sun Lou governor's office Xu Zhou's period, he then once had with these people to get in touch with as an emperor special envoy.As for left Du imperial censor piece carefully speech, gift department still book Qian Qian Yi, Xing department right vice minister Chen Chen Quan, Li department left cabinet who wears deep red tunic of the vice minister Gong Zhi Lu several etc.s the big minister said nothing of.The men whom moreover two white dress scholars for wearing take are well-known scholar Chen Zhen Hui of Yixing and too the Cang well-known scholar attend to burning force.This 2 people's 1 are to reply agency four childes;One is an east Nova wood, the summer grants Yi the nature also all acquaints with.
Can say, present many officials private persons all are the Long force cabinets who exposes to be full of hostility, again to the loyal minister righteous person of Long force emperor infinite loyalty.As for history can method, Chen Zi Long, Chen Ting Yang and Ju the type Si, and Zhu Shun Shui...etc. although sincerity loyal to emperor but again to Long force the cabinet entertain "in the center parties" of having feelings all don't attendance.This pouring don't let the summer grant that the Yi feels shocked.Because in his eyes history can method, Chen Zi Long et al's mouth up say to is a loyal to emperor, can their heart already facing that demon female.Is unique let him slightly feeling surprise of is Qian Qian Yi and Gong Zhi Lu's attendance.This 2 people outward but the person all without exception know of"Sun Dang".They sometimes even still need to dedicate Mei Sun Lou that demon female than"Yue party".How this time will the son also appear in the temple?Although what Teng Jiao have already reminded him in times before, the summer grants Yi while seeing money Qian benefit and Gong Zhi Lu, still cannots help but having a kind of felling that eat a fly.But more unfortunately of is still his vision exactly and together that money Qian benefit to ascend.Although hang the smiling face of good intentions on the face of Qian Qian Yi, can grant in summer that Yi's being seen that completely is hypocritical performance.Beat mind's eye the inside waits person to embrace to have wariness to Qian Qian Yi of he immediately laid up vision and made a pretense of a way different not and mutually for strive for of shape.
Grant two minister sons of Yi and Qian Qian Yis to the summer the vision of the moment to definitely, Zhu Yu Jian as an emperor's seeming don't see.But see him have the poise ground the openings to instruct a way very much:"The summer loves Qing, need not be over-courteous.The missing me is greatly clear in the last 10 years the rains and winds float to shake, ill-starred.Is present everybody love Qing but together imperial government in the same storm-tossed boat, the always red heart doesn't change.If Anne's status of a generation sets up everybodies can calculate up is three dynasties is to four dynasty elder statesman.Unfortunately, I some persons from mount the throne and still have never seen you up to now.Want to come to return at present is really me of malpractice."
A words of the emperor undoubtedly let many present ministers be overwhelmed by special favor.As the lake spread the first concussion of the chapter Kuang of government imperial censor of openings way:"Your Majesty please don't say like this.Before I wait minister son although being no chance must see the saint permitting.Can permit in the saint that I wait an emperor in heart as if the sun and moon generally and every moment hang in the middle of being the heart of minister."
"Yes, emperor.Not only is each adult, even if in the heart that I wait to live as recluse a wild private person of country, as well emperor your Ma Shou is something to look forward."Is close behind to attach and of is Chen Zhen Hui.As a commons, Chen Zhen Hui's loyalty of heart to the emperor is others to compare.Differ from what Teng Jiao wait original Gao Guan in the place, holding real power of dew hasn't injured the benefits of Chen Zhen Hui's individual.Exactly the opposite, other 3 people who be the same as to reply agency four childes all can strive for a place in the cabinet in the Long force.If Chen Zhen Hui would like to, he completely can strive for under the friend's help one officer half job, even all the way by leap and bounds.But Chen Zhen Hui didn't do so.Is very to think greatly of is tracing and moral integrity of he, in mind always Long Wu Di regard as a man to dedicate an emperor and expose than do man thief Cao hold.Chen Zhen Hui is always in mind to warn oneself the scholar is with the man tube rather the model be not going to learn that snobbish mean person China Xin.
"Childe Chen says right.Your Majesty, your astute and courageous is a world, common people admire.At present toward hall although the dynasty hall is temporarily controled by traitor.But the universe of Lang Lang, the sense of right is long to save, the Gou can not succeed for several days by the mean person that wins benefit."The summer grants that words Ao however ground that the Yi follows Chen Zhen Hui say.Make reference to here him still the idea glimpse especially Qian Qian Yi to remind that he before and variously changes of loyalty it to raise.
Regrettable is Qian Qian Yi seems inattentive summer to grant the sarcastic comments of Yi.This ways of the world tactful eastern party leader wood, on the contrary follow to attach and get up:"The summer adult says BE.Want ~only my etc.s minister unity of will is a formidable force, again the female and disorderly government of He Ju Yao."
"Hum, afraid is disorderly government of not only have Sun Yao Nyu.Attach and count with her petty burglar not and very count.Outside inside the capital city, the whole country top and bottom, the cluster are evil to is disorderly to dance.The generation that see those help a villain do evil according to old man than of Sun Yao Nyu is more hateful."The summer grants the sneer way that the Yi still and nowise appreciates favors given.
The summer grants the words nature of the lung of the Yi Chuo heart Chuo keeps money Qian benefits waiting a person to listen to irritating to the early thousand times.Cultivate unlike Qian Qian Yi's Gong Zhi Lu immediately draw down face.If not is to see be there being present emperor, he early hurtles up to grant Yi lips with summer the Chi mutually fought.Can again at this time, Chen Zhen Hui of the one side, but with more Don't mention it of the facing emperor arch hand offer suggestion a way:"Your Majesty, summer adult speech it has a reason.If don't clear these traitor dishonest traders clean, difficult positive dynasty key link, difficult pure Li system!In addition to wanting to be in addition to yes-men, depend on grass the people see and close a so-called parliament more and uproot so-called trading post, reply my sky the dynasty gift system, return I simple people's customs.Various deceit gentlemans promulgating before wanting to rescind Sun Ni waste the last new method.Especially that 《B You Xian Gao 》 is absolutely greatly negative the way is not.The little grass people mean Gu also unexpectedly dares to threaten an emperor king, this nature's law where, the dynasty key link is where!The grass people pleads an emperor to rescind false Lyu and severely punishes to depend on the demon female's traitor!"
If say that the speech that the summer grants Yi is just irritating to the ear, that Chen the offering suggestion of Zhen Hui let money Qian the persons, such as benefit and Gong Zhi Lu...etc. feel the tremble with fear being getting more scared.In fact not only is Qian Qian Yi et al, connect the Huang Chun Yao, a few officials facial expression in the place of Huang Peng Deng are in that a moment also all tiny had some varieties.Many present officials all didn't expect, the summer granted Yi and Chen Zhen Hui a come up direct give° the cards in the hand to pick to understand.Chen Zhen Hui is the leeway being sharp to keep white, the slightest doing not turn round language of expression."Rescind false Lyu, severely punish traitor!"This will mean what, the public heart knows that the belly is clear.
Can not deny that Sun Shi's system that Sun Lou spends five years to with meticulous care create has already gone deep into to each corner of clear empire as well and seeps through each stratum to go to.Try to ask greatly clear at present which mansion does the county have no parliament?But occupy the councilman of a place in these parliaments, some is a place Jin Shen, some is a clansmen elder, some is a Hong scholar well-known scholar, have more very some still one square's Hao is strong.Connect presently attend to burning the force also own the parliamentarian's identity.As for Sun Lou before promulgates of some ordinance concerning land or businesses, more together everywhere Jin Shen the Hao is strong to have thousand silks are ten thousand wisps of relations.Say to discard and then discard?This but slice meat to connect leathern of matter!Although Huang Chun Yao, Huang Peng Deng some conservative officials in place hates bitterly dew with her Long force cabinet, make every effort the governance of supporting Zhu Ming's imperial house.But they aren't Chen Zhen Hui free person like thises.They are the households with respectively to believe in a room benefits to need to be supported.
At the thought of oneself comes to should be want a company to measure today how deal with negative of, can be to listen to Chen Zhen Hui to say to completely rescind a Long martial new method, immediately heart in play the drum,beats by dre uk, many present the big ministers all seem to be some embarrassed.Sway not certain meanwhile of public also hurriedly throw vision to get to emperor body up.But see the Long at this time Wu Di equally is also a full face of cloudy or sunny seem to be also together uncertain they are similar the but again having words Be hard to start to talk.
Indeed as expected, finally openings hair words of isn't an emperor Zhu Yu Jian, but be the same as attending to of cloth dress burning force.But see his[one] arrows step blocking a way in front of Chen Zhen Hui:"Your Majesty, my etc. a lie cloth dress now Related articles: