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Come to greet Wei China, these heads can all have his/her own news source and realize Wei China at present the influence of Chinese political arena, so these people's purpose wants to beat a dozen of friendships with Wei China.
Wei China to on ground of the noodles of this kind of officer welcome to send into bad impression very.But he doesn't want to give offense to these people as well.Besides these people have some calculate up is him ground friend.At the beginning several together the Wei China cooperation ground princes all came.Luckily at this time China.To news ground the control is still stricter.Those have no the king of Mian not just to flee indiscriminately everywhere.Otherwise ground words wharf accolade the ground is these people,beats by dre cheap.Still don't know and do what kind does the ground guess.
Accolade ground these people didn't connect time City to Wei China inside.Rice but is Wei China to please these people last this luxuriously and at the sea goes a temple.Servant David takes out he or she to protect body ground to solve a number at this time.See these never criticize to please over the great world land administration the cent of the officials of mansion to differently room inside.Then carry on human feelings ground to invite.The city hall ground personnel of Dalian mainly has a hero west to stay with her to originally carry on a reception at the ground person of Dalian.The provincial government ground person of Liaoning was then come to receive in person by Wei China.The dinner party is later on.Wei China's together a few princeses carried on briefly after communicating,cheap beats by dre.Send a few princes next"China interest number".After getting down from"China interest number".Several personal tops of Red Army, Zhang Zhan and Liu Sheng Kui a luxurious car.After car starts.Liu Sheng Kui looking at to gradually and far goes to ground, that lights to brightly and at the sea go a temple to say:
"Depend!You say this person to compare a person is not is get infuriating!According to reason our elder brother also have no little for several these several years toss about.There is Wei China having to road for us.On board we person's ground in the home help.Also earn a great deal of money.Originally think is open to take a glance boundary.Can now son a see.We and wear still soil leopard son.You see somebody else Wei China.That is really big style of!This luxurious liner.You say us how many patrimonies put together can buy down?"
"You dream!"Li Ai Hong connects to say in the part:"I just the heel Wei China ground that was at the ground wife of Dalian.Call hero west ground find out for a while.This liner is the Wei China ground that calls David ground the servant buy ground from Holland.Only the liner ground costs to be no less than USD 3,000,000,000.This still doesn't repair on the whole etc. ground cost.Jie Xi says this liner land price value at least more than USD 10,000,000,000.All of a lot of things are rarely rare products in the world on board."Li Ai Hong is exactly a women.Can not take off love pry ground man's natural character.Besides this affair is spoken of to also have high social standing.So Li Ai Hong early in the morning find out liner ground some circumstances clear.
"USD 10,000,000,000!I depend!This Wei China is true he the Niang ground is rich.Spend 10,000,000,000 to buy so argosy to open to have fun.If I.Kill is not dry either!"Zhang Zhan Dong also cannots help but an exclamation way.
"Roll!The saying you are bumpkins you still don't believe!The western people often say to enjoy a life.Will work.Somebody else this calls tasty!Jie Xi says Wei China this wants to be foolish to ascend a period of time.This luxury liner stays in Dalian.I once said with hero's west to have an opportunity I take a friend to come up to have fun.Hero's west has been already agreed.Wait Wei China to walk hereafter.We please the friend to this to up play once how.Thus the ground opportunities can be few!You aren't missing!"Li Ai Hong asks a way.(The not yet finished treats continuously.If the desire knows that how funeral affairs is.Please land www**m.The chapter is more.Support author.Support original reading!)
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Wei Hua know the meeting can't despise us, know we these several years can Wei China just start come of. "Red Army is some worry of ask a way.
"Should can't!Wei China should be a so stingy person, if he was a stingy person, we sought at the time that he cooperated in those early years, he shoulded refuse us, responsibility this how many years we always be not cooperate with him very good?And, you also know, now central circumstance how hasn't been stabilizing, formerly start and then have news and say that the top prepares a power and hands over and answers for several years, but to have been having no action now, underneath of the person is always agitated, Wei China all knows in the influence of the center these year many peoples, we put now clear have very big advantage to us with the friendship of Wei China of, if don't trust we can directly ask Wei China, I think that Wei China isn't a so stingy person."Li Ai Hong says.
"Is also good!According to reason we should invite Wei China's one family to have meal!We tomorrow together come to seek Wei China and conveniently try and ask the affair of borrowing the liner."Red Army finally claps plank to say.The Wei China one family are in Dalian also stopped over for three days, then the one family were foolish a dozen of personnels of heap to return to the old house of Wei China.Servant David has already arrived at old house in Wei China a day in advance, the lately- constucted country villa has already swept clean, decoration tidy, wait host to go into.The Zu house of Wei China servant David also took in person person to once sweep.Servant David knows that ignore whether live in the Zu house, the Zu house Wei China affirmation is wanted to see.Wei China after returning to old house disturbed one large numbers of people again naturally, his person of old county Wei in the house, the person of province Wei in Jilin after Wei China returned to an old house on the second day and the third day arrived to his old house to call on Wei China, these people nature also necessary say a lot of officers of the words of noodles.Sent to walk these people after, Wei China says to own a few wives:
"You all saw!This be why I would not like to return here come of reason, you say I should how to do that these people?Kick out these all?But the elder sisters still want to be living here of and gave offense to these people all, do the elder sisters still have a nice day to lead?If the elder sisters promise to go to Hong Kong with us, that good!We basically use to realize these people.Regrettable elder sisters can not get away from this place!Your these culture of year to our China included definitely understand, there is a common saying calling'Yan the king see so much, little devil difficult tie up!', These grounds of head snakes give offense to not to rise!"
"Forget it!Wei China!The face that should give you have already given, again not last is these people of be not!When the time comes we again say be, list with your current identity position, I want to have no person to give offense to yours, particularly is now this time.I the time in Dalian, listen to Li Ai Hong lift what power hand over the problem for answering.The relation leadersed with your together tallest age to say,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com, achievement what person may be not that easy, but break a personally prospect can easily many be not, so say that the person of nothing important would like to give offense to yours!You think Be getting tooer many!Don't know as well how ground, you the grievance recently is specially many."White Ya Yi says.
Is white Ya Yi also obtained many achievement for these several years, these years of white Ya Yi under support that maintenance of financial power, to a lot of fasten oddly thing to carry on a research and particularly carry on a research to ancient myth, religious myth etc. of China, she in large quantity collects the product concerning these myth legends and for example say notes, romance, house book a type of thing, the purpose of Wei China is to want to make understand on the earth whether once had already fixed true, why on the earth a lot of legends together the Xuan Yi fairy emperor ground memory inside of fix true very alike.White Ya Yi should be studies literature ground, there is beginning behind studying Chinese history, just collect those strange quick objects for Wei China at the same time, start studying to the history, once announced some theses that have much of influence ground, the university in Hong Kong had already appointed her to fasten for the history of visiting professor, be responsible for teaching Chinese history ground one part.These several years white Ya Yi also collected some strange things for Wei China, big part's hasing the cultural objects of history research value all had already made a contribution to the china museum from the same Wei China contain National Museum of History of cooperative relation, the Wei China leaves those more strange product.These strange products are majority of to be taken in"China interest number", Wei China of together clean study these strange products.
The in front of Wei China put two more strange products now and gave according to white Ya Yi Jiao the record of Wei China, this is a smuggle young man for Hong Kong to buy to white Ya Yi from the mainland, give an account that this is them my grandfather according to that young man top Related articles: