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What a coincidence, is he also my good friend!Like, in order to celebrate this rare predestination, today our 3 people greatly drink one Be getting better, I pay!"
Make reference to here, the thunder ascends to flick to the wives."Section Lun Sa, Lun Nuo, Gang Ni Fu, space Lei tower, be so, I want to keep the friend company tonight, you have fun well for you!"
"Turn to tell quiet rain for me, I am to be compelled ……Wu!"Then, before the two greatest uncles be dragged along into elevator, of Yi Hao in time instructs so a half sentence.
Iron has no way to say of"red demon" is a very upscale night club, the adornment of inside is very luxurious, while all of the attendant is an article of the light hair blue-eyed beauty, the shape is also very fierce, is dressed in sexy swimwear is in the moment flapping about, absolutely is the pronoun that sells gold kiln.However, now that there is a thunder ascending this big wealthy person at nearby, that doesn't need any worry.
Seem frequent caller of iron have no way and reported on coming in on growing young lady's name of string, then took two to arrive the pack of the tallest file before the people.Or the first time step into this kind of***amenity Yi the Hao involuntarily seem to be some strain, however flank of the thunder ascend but is on paying naturally comfortable shape, seem to be also and have some the flavor of the light car familiar road.
"Wine!Want Fu Er to add, the strongest of that kind of!Come to 2 bottles first,Beats By Dre In Ear!"Iron have no way a come up Hao feeling greatly hair, after treating a female to invite to carry two bottles of Fu Ers to add, but he directly female invite hugged bosom in, and without extra trouble threw a bottle of to the Yi Hao.
"Speak of, we already about ……did not meet for seven years?"Iron has no way with the regrets thousand times of the vision conjecture Yi Hao, however right hand but unconscious start crumpling to hold the plump breast of the entertainment of female."The time that clearly walks is still a hairs don't grow together of little devil, have never thought already long so big …… ha ha, as a brother-in-law, these several years return is really delinquent in duty ……"
"This, I know brother-in-law also the brother-in-law's real intentions, and I have already learned a lot of things there from the brother-in-law, so ……" iron has no way to show missing shape, the Yi Hao subconscious ground speaks consolation, however iron have no way but suddenly pull he stands up, a the Ning open the Fu Er adds of cap.
"Well said, brother-in-law the right here lacked for the past seven yearses today of make up deficiencies!Come, dry!"
"……Is dry?"The Yi Hao looking at that very heavy strong drink in hand by incredible vision, however iron has no way here but has already faced upward to keep on infusing ……

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……Is dry?"The Yi Hao stares this Fu Er to add, the hand is some to shiver, but iron has already polished off that bottle of his, is using a derision the vision conjecture him."How?Yi Hao, the brother-in-law respects of does none of wine drink?Still keep saying, haven't you learned to drink as well till now?"
"Not, the problem is too this weight ……calculate, my respecting a brother-in-law is for a while."Helplessly the Yi Hao Song shrugs shoulders Bang and follow to face upward the one breath adds that Fu Er to polish off, almost when he lets go of wine bottle, at present iron had no way to become double to copy for the Shan, his body also wants desire to fall to.
"Is quite good, this is just like a men!"Iron has no way shoulder that really is satisfied with that the ground claps him and follow to change direction to clamor of doorway.", The girls come!Wear Ji, Pa son, arrive a this place!"Follow, iron had no way to push two young and pretty girls to in the body of Yi Hao,beats by dre cheap, and instruct."Listen to good, this is the nephew of big Ye, greatly should still keep coming to this kind of place for the first time ……take good care of him for me, if care good of words, big Ye I heavily offer reward!"
In the aspect of Yi Hao, be placed in the status of consciousness faintness because of the alcohol density in the blood rapid exaltation, therefore didn't be ample to come to notice the arrangement that iron has no way, drive two girls a left a right embrace at in the sofa."Little elder brother, is you it the first time that come to this kind of place?Need not worry, here just provide people recreation amusement of place, you can heartily relax, want to do what do what ……"
"Do what ……" Yi Hao flutters muddled head, nasal cavity inside but spread light You joss-stick, that is a kind of flavor that can arouse man's sensual desire, the but again is different from common of urge feeling perfume.While doing not aware of self to feel thirsty tongue dry, also living a difficult to express vigilance of in the heart of Yi Hao, he tries two have very hotly a body to push away.
"Go away, I don't like this kind of affair."
"Want to brave to try new thing.Little elder brother."A girl gathers together the ear of Yi Hao to lightly ask by the voice whispering."I hear that the orientals are all conservative,say little elder brother should can't didn't°yet ……"
"Mix Zhang!Lao Tze but once embraced the best woman in the world!"The Yi Hao is advocated with the voice of vehemence.Probably any men are queried this kind of time, should will have same reaction?
"What?"Let this but hugged a flank just other girl iron to have no attention that genuine iron has no way to draw on to come over and in astonishment ask."Boy.Have you already started to the orchid son?"
"E?Not, didn't°yet ……"the Yi Hao subconscious ground answer.Separate several second just respond to come over."Etc.!Speak of, why must I start to elder sister Lan of iron to just go?You are also, old dad is also, you exactly are how to thinks!"
"Do I say that you didn't have been already betrothed in childhood?"Iron has no way the Chu wear the head recall."Wu,Beats by Dre BMW, I remembered seeming you to win orchid son.Then say to want to marry in the future she is a wife of ……"
"Is true and true?"Iron has no the memory of way and Lin Hua to say a ground of edition clearly contrary, the Yi Hao smells the speech canning not helping pleased hoping an outside.Originally in childhood he also not is let people to bully ……
"Not, etc., win of should be an orchid son?"Iron had no a way to rectify memory and along together overturned together with the Yi Hao center of earth feeling at the same time."The words say orchid son from now on behind more diligent of the Xi is martial, seems to be also for the sake of the future ability better guard husband of you ……the words say back.Now orchid son how?You have already won her?"
"This, later have never contested ……" Yi Hao with a bit guilty of voice answer, in the heart but present grandly impotence.The motive force with unexpectedly makes iron orchid violent such as the Si's exerting is a proposing of childhood.He why also can not remember at 1:00?Don't shoulder responsibility to seem nor go till now ……
"Calculate, I am also lazy to take care of your ground affair, anyway don't start to eventually leave indiscriminately to the orchid son good."Iron has no way to say like this, however matches with left hug right embrace of appearance, it is real to have no conviction really."Today enjoy well, hereafter want the words of world of wine and women to come right away to seek a brother-in-law like …… H'm, see you like this probably is can not drink how much, still be in need of to toughen ……"
Iron has no way to peep out helpless shape and changes direction thunder to ascend to say:"Walk!The thunder ascends, we also didn't see for a long time, go out to drink happy!"
"H'm, leave here to the young man like ……" thunder ascends well-manneredly uprising, the facing Yi Hao peeps out ambiguous smiling face."However the words say back, young return be really good, Yi Hao you enjoy well, all record on my debt good."
"Wait ……etc., you have to go ……Wu!"Looking at two bad middle ages to break away to leave, Yi Hao not from get panic get up, with stand up of time but be pulled by the girl of the right side, lose balance of rush toward at the same time warm at that of in the female body.
"Is oh my!, is the little elder brother really vulgar ……" calls the red of wearing the Ji girl the seductive eyes,such as silk ground, hope Yi Hao and stretch hand to hug him tightly, but another Pa son then from behind stuck to come up, the chest of plentiful Ying oppressed him, and lightly licked his empress neck."If the little elder brother doesn't abandon, make us come to serve you ……"
"Is damned!Don't tie up to come over, what do you solve my button stem?There are also pants ……, What person are you exactly?"Attack from both flanks in two gentle and soft female bodies under, the Yi Hao seems at a loss what to do ground to struggle.
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