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?I inheritted key link teacher Shou's strange dint and treatment ability, if strengthened again ……I no longer dare to imagine, unique can affirm of is that oneself is absolute will than nest gold that kind of the boxing dint equal the monster of guided missile to still want strong be.
Does my a female kid of fragile and matchless and weak amiability own this kind of strength meeting to frighten a person too much?

The text reads ability
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I am depressed to matchlessly think, the Lai bacterium has already continued to say:"If you really don't like to enhance to fasten, can also consider an another department, although your test is to enhance to fasten, as long as make great effort self-discipline even if anotherly fastenning can also arrive 80-60% effect by self-discipline, however the characteristic fastens and then don't think, that isn't the light depend pain and diligence can with self-discipline successful ability, in addition to those oneself has the person whom the characteristic fastens ability, only having the person of special blood relationship may also own characteristic to fasten."
I cannot help but sighing, this I certainly knew and saw a somebody else small cool originally is have to turn to fasten now, result an use fire the red eye right away becomes the super handsome characteristic fastens and really envies-Ai!My write an eye to calculate special blood relationship?
Thought of this, I right away open to write an eye to again launch to do to water in water cup, see originally still pure transparent water immediately becomes the rainbow color of being full of the dreamlike sort color, then all water knish eye inside the cup can see of the speed evaporate, soon form one crumb amiability above in the cup of seven, I just thinking specialty Chuo the Chuo is this mini clouds, very small seven clouds of many colorseses suddenly rain like real rain cloud of nature, when all seven clouds of many colorses become rain water to fall to return to cup once again in, one gleams seven kinds of colors as if crystal sort radiant and extremely keen lotus already in the water just budding emergence, when when all water all disappear that and true flower just like of the water lotus have already thoroughly opened and make a show of a kind of shocking beauty that move a soul in front of us.
Lai bacterium Leng the along while just shout of say:"This ……should be regarded as characteristic to fasten?I am still so gorgeous first sight water see type, also have the flower of this kind of style to also see for the first time, very stylish flower!Seem real blossom."
Hear her words, I stretch hand Nian and rise that seven colourful lotuses discover it is unexpectedly a real lotus, regardless is a branches and leaves root at 1:00 the beard is also all many, can smell a You at the same time however of the aroma send forth from the flower, the plum flower aroma even sending forth than the my body is good friends with and smells, oneself should can't unintentionally create a plant that new product grows?
Thought of this, I right away put back the lotus that this not- normal path growth comes out to water cup and decide to keep well, if it can really become and live that can become rich, send to the friend gram to it Xin that famous sale will ascend and note a world again eighth attractive woman, I not the letter could not sell good price.
Still is imagining of imagine, the Lai bacterium finally returns to absolute being from my seven color lotuses,cheap beats by dr dre, astonished of looking at my to write an eye to say:"Your eyes ……are you the hole Lu tower clan?"
"Of course not BE, this is to write an eye, the wave of Yu Zhi one clan special Tong Shu, unexpectatively open to write an eye hereafter unexpectedly and really become characteristic to fasten of, return is really interesting water see type, database Luo Luo you also do water see type, show me your water see type is what kind?"
The words database Luo Luo that hears me lovely order is about to do water see type, but the white Yan beside calls to say:"I also want a test!I also want characteristic to fasten!"
I sympathize with of looking at him to say:"You still kept calculating, I not is say?Your test result is to purely enhance to fasten, be neurotically have to turn to fasten now."
The white Yan hears my words Pie Pie mouth immediately also do to have water see type, very quickly pure Shui-li appear impurities, he blinks a pair of dark eyes of dripping wets to see toward the Lai bacterium, the Lai bacterium claps his shoulder to comfort of say:"Turns to fasten now well, I am to have turn to fasten now, hereafter can more communicate for a while."
"H'm, really is so, I also feel now turns to fasten is the ability of the great use to you, you first from had now clothes to start practicing, then is a pot of bowl Piao basin, so later even if I don't nearby can also trust at you."
I hold chin to looking at white the water see type of the Yan deliberate to say to him, white the Yan wanted want to approve very much of accepted me of suggestion, then pass to database Luo Luo is a pack leaf and clear water of cup, the database Luo Luo put cup in oneself's in front launch to do to the cup very hard, the vision in the owner eyes under, becoming of the water a little in the cup is black, then become the spirit in one regiment black is vacillating to revolve in the cup, the black spirit violent activity pours in the rock the cup on the ground, meanwhile that fog of the regiment black annoy also already from the cup in rise, as if the clouds of one regiment black is general, we in every aspect and mutually Qu is just strange of looking at that the regiment imitate a Buddha in COS I of the black fog spirit of seven clouds of many colorses, but it is suddenly substantial to turn to fall on the ground a while and immediately spout to start to splash a ground of fresh and red, that is like blood general color ……
Looking at water see type of the Luo of database Luo, the uncomfortable felling gobbles up my whole body, it keeping off him wanting of my subconscious, but seeing white Yan and Lai bacterium even are Yi roads rice all lookinging at of a face alert database Luo Luo, I suddenly feel this the Luo is too unfair for the database Luo, he definitely doesn't hope that own water see type becomes such as well.
Thought of this, I stretch hand to start to pull database Luo Luo slightly icy cold hand to say with smile:"What about very special water see type and believe database Luo Luo hereafter will definitely learn to read ability very interestingly, it is late, you and Yi road the rice all go to school, in a short while I will make a phone call for teacher to explain the lateness is causal, two of you all have already opened Jing bore now, can definitely resist those malice of read, tonight ascend 200 F with let's live together!"
Because oneself is full of water see type look in the eyes of suppressing the feeling some gray database Luos Luo hear I say so to immediately raise head to use 1 pair to in a twinkling become the crystal bright Mou son sees toward me, I peep out a huge smiling face to touch his head to say to him:"Hurriedly go, the lesson in afternoon must ascend at least."
The database Luo Luo point nod and the always silent Yi road rice picked up respectively of the schoolbag after beating come to grips to shout went to school to us, the Lai bacterium knit the brows to looking at database Luo the Luo leaves of figure's turning a head to see toward me am a shape that desire chooses Shi, finally she finally sighs of say:"No wonder that Nero especially the president of association say at teach the other people read of time must hard investigate the personal character of the other party, feel that oneself seemed to do an irretrievable wrong matter."
Looking at the Lai bacterium that a face regrets a facial expression, I refrained from rash action the smiling face that hard maintains in front of the database Luo Luo to also sigh tone to say to her:"The matter that don't close you, even if is wrong is also my wrong, I will definitely teach that kid well to make him walk slanting road."
"Hope to be such, good!Don't think these, connect down you have to tie up with white Yan iterative practice, unique, do, hair, must hard realize the variety of spirit, wait until this several item masterly still have higher layer of concealed, Ning, the circle need to be practiced and only masterly control these basic main themes, you just can the self-discipline start respectively fastenning by himself/herself and form and belong to oneself special ability and start practicing, particularly is you, Yu Zhi wave feeling, right away will with read an ability compete, you have to frequently add a bitterness and do just go, I don't hope to see the scene that you be vanquished."
The Lai bacterium resumes again the intelligent and capable shape says to the me and the white Yan and immediately take out two water cups that float leaf make us toward cup to launch to do and looking at a Lai bacterium earnest facial expression, my Song shrugs shoulders some cups that helplessly once connected water to start practicing.
In fact I read fixing of ability to myself or not very doesn't matter, arrive a hunter after the world the reason I will want to cultivate a real purpose of the ability of reading is that enhance a strap to my shadow while thoroughly getting away from an on-line test to read ability, that kind of the pure idiot absolutely can't want to be, so when I open to write an eye to own characteristic to fasten ability already to read the interest that the ability loses study, for I Related articles: