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裇 Shan and milk covers of Ling all pushed her Bo neck and peeped out her infinite and fine round and smooth double of milks.The dizzy and red Tu that sees white Ling before the chest's rising has been very obvious.It is waiting for my tasting.
When I think that some matters can not avoid and take place.The cellular phone of white Ling rings!

19 to left walk, rightwards walk

The telephone bell ring of Mp3 rings out and look for Qin to record in the television drama medium of the very special female voice episode.
~~Would not like to, lose you, while owning you I but don't understand to cherish, don't walk, I will give you happy and have no you, how to lead my day!
The white Ling struggles to leave my body, takes Chi on the face and says that I answer the phone.
I by hand the Wu live her mouth and press down her not to make her sit, say and take no notice of it!
White Ling body all Be getting crisper, push away my heart, the lazy ocean ocean ground says, don't !Say the toe starts to stretch, put in the Ku pack of bed Cape to lightly pick to come over, sweet smile say to me:" A short while, why the hurry, all fell into your evil hands, I could not run."
Face to let thus the smiling face and soft language that the people fan inebriates, I that can also say not word.At that moment lower the head to go, lightly suck up the nipple of that pink of white Ling.The white Ling is a burst of moan, said a voice you are bad!Shut eyes, but the under charge pressed a telephone to stick to listen to on the ear.
My deeply drunk in the frankincense of gentleness and mouth side of tentacle, the Hun has already done not notice the facial expression of white Ling to suddenly change.
"How, he harms heavily not heavy!"White Ling the sudden body is a burst of the hair is cool, basically ignore me at her before the chest of tie up Mian, suddenly sat, make I some sons deliver dizzy.
"Like, peaceful hospital, good, I rush through right away!"The white Ling hanged a telephone and lightly pushed away me and said voice sorry, I had urgent matter!Say Be leaving a bed and tidying up clothes and stiring to stir confused hair, seem to be hurried matchless.
"How?"I hope white Ling to ask.
White Ling with once took Ku to wrap, urgently tread toward the door walk pass by.Head also not the time ground say:"Qian Kai got hurt, I musted see him".
Depend, just of the impulse drive one of her words to make fly to outside in cloud.Was long to shout an one breath, I just prepared to talk, white the Ling have already opened a door to come out a door.Unauthorized biography in the door comes her to very and soon come downstairs the voice of steps.
My Zheng however wood signed several seconds and suddenly thought of one matter and once grasped clothes to cover with while making track for to go out and loudly called a way:"White Ling your etc., was partial to too much here, by this time beat a car very difficult of, I send you."
I hurtle to the second floors and knock the door of ringing elder sister Chun, "elder sister Chun, lend° two elder brother Lengs' motorcycles to use for a while".
Li Chun Chun beat a gape to open a door, a face felt suspicious ground to ask a way:"I say big brothers, you make what ah, how by this time still need to go out."
I say to turn head to explain with you again.Lend car key first.
Li Chun Chun 1,beats by dre solo, enter a house take the key come out and pass to I.I an once grasp, turn round blunt come downstairs.Don't know why, my in the mind unexpectedly has one silk jealousy.
While launching motor to push iron gate, I far and far see white Ling just at anxiously the side walk side the time see have to rent a car to lead.I rode bike to hurtle up and stopped at her take off helmet to her nearby and say:"I send you!"
Present to appreciate on the white Ling face, the low voice says:"Thank you."Once connected helmet to across to get on the car rear seat, tightly embraced me.Said a voice again sorry!I launched motor, the disease hurtled to go out.
The night breeze is like water, white the Ling tightly stick me, however I but feel her body is ice-cold, I sighed an one breath, sudden heart bottom is also a cool, think:The just short along while gets along with, do I how can start to concern so one individual person's woman!
Scorch all the way, I and the white lingses didn't talk, after 20 minutes, we arrived a peaceful hospital, white the Ling take off helmet and ordered to nod to me, again saw don't also say a to first aid the room run.
I stand on the doorway of emergency room, the in the mind is hesitating to want to follow.
Depend, be not, so big battle, just at I hesitate, I suddenly see speeding of a lot of blackses, Audi still have many motorcycles to bellow constantly and constantly open toward the hospital, jump down many men who wear lounge suit or black fur-lined jacket from the car.The everyone complexion is anxious, nearby said words or made a phone call to quickly once walk from I.Hear all unclearly such as"money always got hurt, now at the peaceful hospital, hurriedly come over" again or BE"know who do?See I don't kill him"of the words of type.
This kind of situation, I Be black to help to once see in the slice in Hong Kong, had never thought to unexpectedly take place at my at present.I sighed an one breath, is just preparing to launch motor to leave, suddenly hear someone saying:"Qian Zong if know that the elder brother's wife contains affairs, isn't more difficult to lead!"My in the mind is one Zheng, they the elder brother's wife in is falsely a white Ling?
Another one person surprisingly asks:"Who so bold son, dare to move a money total woman."
Another one person answered:"I see with own eyes this afternoon of, is a guy about 20 years old, don't know is stem what of, incredibly be our noodles and Ling Jie to hug to embrace".I a see talk of the person is indeed as expected a few black dress youths that see in the cha chaan teng in the afternoon, not and from heart a tight.Luckily I wear helmet, besides inside in the hospital originally be public of ground, pour no one to notice me.
A hair combs at this time the oil is bright, is dressed in the middle age man of buff color lounge suit walked to come over from the emergency room, when the head scolds a way:"You are noisy what noisy, also feeling the matter isn't enough mostly"!
That several a few black dress youths that just chat hurriedly lower the head and say:"Execuse me, elder brother Fu."
This was called elder brother Fu's man to order to nod, sank a voice to say:"I hear just you say to traverse elder sister what isn't the matter ?"
Those youths got a fright, panic way:"Have no, have no, we what didn't say."
Present one silk haze on the elder brother Fu face, once eyes stare and say to be my deaf person to is not?
The youth that just took a words head got a fright and had to low voice just of the words repeated once.Elder brother Fu listens to, eyes inside fierce light one Shan, cold say:"That guy is a stem what of, you rummage a city for me to also want to find out".Those youths hurriedly nod should, an among those suddenly say:"If I didn't see wrong, that guy is to contuse me in the bar last month and the person of three dogs."
In my heart one Lin, the tiny title sees go, the person who sees say this words depends on a little more rare impressions, indeed as expected be before last month, my beginning see white Ling and the evening of Qian Kai, be knocked down by me of those as in the bodyguards.
Elder brother Fu ordered to nod and said elder sister Ling now at in, you goes in to blather words!Know not!A few guys hurriedly nod to call BE, see come out this so-called elder brother Fu position isn't low in their organizations.
I shouted tone, the heart bottom wanted to pour to despise this money Kai, originally this guy really influence very big kind, although make reference to fight me not to fear anyone, just so-called fierce tiger not enemies' wolf.If now to them discover, a flow out but up, not drive chop down into minced meat just strange.
Calculate and see appearance white Ling the momentary half will not come out, again say to see she just that appearance that worried, obviously Qian Kai at her in the mind importance of many.Thought of here, in the mind's incredibly hasing a little son very sour isn't a 嗞 flavor.Depend, I ain't sick, how may fancy her this kind of woman, also think what, today a don't probably the this present life walk will not see each other again person!
Think like this, the in the mind pours dependable.Jump up motor, fierce trample engine, the ground of this right and wrong, I still little foolish is good.
The hands are about to launch motor, suddenly hear a black dress youth that is answering the phone hurtling to come over to that elder brother Fu and saying:"Know is who make of ghost, is brave that boy"!
Once elder brother Fu's facial expression change and hate a way:"Indeed as expected is him, mama of, really think that his someone shines on, did we fear him"!
Those youths ask a way to elder brother Fu in succession and how do Related articles:

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