beats dr dre the gourmand Surrou

.These monsters are the monsters monster that is gobbled up by the gourmand soul.Don't it imprisons in the body after blending its owning strength again, became now this kind of monster.These monsters can keep a part the ability while was living, can hardly tie up."
Lin Tian ordered to nod, actually even if Long Zhan doesn't say that he also saw out.Sees these monsters often use various strange ability, sees various glory continuously twinkle.That light wall in soil yellow is to insist being tored to pull for several minutes of 708 spread.
"Hum, this beast arrives to still have some meanses."Lin Tian Leng hums 1.See those monsters after toring and withdrawing the light wall of finishing the yellow, continue to forbid to make blunt come over.
Under Lin Tian's control, those broken up light fog once again transformation, become a kind of fog spirit that gleams metal sheen.This time these fog spirit but didn't gather together.It is the shape that becomes one slice crescent moon to is anti- to arrive.The weapon that sees these crescent moon forms in a twinkling flies to shoot but.Block fore the monsters of side are annoyed by this kind of fog in gold yellow all of a sudden to split into two halfs.
Momentary sees air to gleam one of dazzling golden light,beats dr dre, the Hao interjection of wild beast is continuously to ring out.Wait while all ending everything.Sees air remain a row to arrange tidy of gold color crescent moon, previous those monsters then already without a trace.
"Ao!"See oneself two degrees attack have no fruit, irascible of the gourmand have already thoroughly cut up rough.The method that sees it simply to completely abandon an other attack, alone come up to use huge lord of that sharp to forbid to make to launch an attack.Momentary sees to forbid to make to up often explode one round and round glory, the circuit board that imitates Buddha short circuit is general.
"Brothers wood, you see want to make the clansmens start attackstoning, if this continues perhaps can not hold against."See arrive often be suffused with one forbiding of built-up ripples make, Long Zhan worries of ask a way.
"Trust, the attack of this beast isn't big to the breakage that forbids to make.And just just used some commonly means, connect down is main point."Lin Tian Tou also not the time ground say.
"It is the too the most bio-chemical.So near and yet poles apart!"Lin Tian's control begins a medium gold color crystal to drive the whole strategies.
Just in a twinkling.Forbid to make surroundings ground the landscape in a twinkling become achievement moreover an appearance.Sees just an one plain still, suddenly became cluster now the mountain Jun get, on all sides all became a high mountain with thick tree.But Lin Tian wait a person at this time but is at one Wei the crest of high mountain of the E.Only forbiding can also see is an original appearance.
"This......This BE.Eidolon?"The lion feels dumbstruckly looking at circumferential prospects to dare not believe of say.
"Be not, everythings are all true.With yin and yang bio-chemical outside thing, go together with big magical power with the so near and yet poles apart ground, make in the moment a space of reality.Unfortunately my fix for not enough, this space returns incompletion, otherwise if have big magical power to control strategies, even ability born one contains vital space."Lin Tian controls strategies to say.
That always at attackstone the gourmand of strategies is suddenly changed of the landscape make foolish, wait the time that it responds to come over just discover at unexpectedly is step in the unreal.Suddenly it ground body form quick of fall downward.The winked has already dropped to go into ten thousand Zhang overhanging cliffs under.
"Bomb Long!"Imitated the whole space of Buddhas to all shake several earthquakes.A few mountain peaks of the surroundings up is also the downfall that is shaken big slice of of roll a stone.It is thus clear that wear a gourmand to fall to the ground ground impact dint have much big.But be that as it may, descend a moment the bottom spread from the overhanging cliff of the roars voice of gourmand explained this to don't result in to it what injury a while.
"The body of this thing arrives really enough abnormal."Lin Tian after hearing gourmand ground the roars voice whispers a way in the heart.For an instant, bottom's sees black cloud of one fly speed ground the underneath flew up from the overhanging cliff.Sees a huge body form of that gourmand package in black cloud, two blood-redly eyes send forth a Chinese foot to grow red light.See in that manner obviously and is a very anxious to one mouthful to swallow a wood naturally.
"See to come to this beast be trying very hard to."Lin Tian sees this circumstance heart thinking a way.
Indeed as expected, saw a moment, that gourmand madness of roar a , then open it that opens widely of have a little an exorbitant big mouth.Sees a sturdy vacuum force spread from that open widely the mouth, the big this vacuum force even withdraws some mountain rocks of surroundings to fly toward that to open mouth in.
"This beast took out to press a box of effort of bottom."Long Zhan's complexion tiny part way.
Gourmand at legendary be with gluttonous famous.It almost edible everything, what dare to eat, and seem how much all edible of bottom.Even the legendary gourmand contains the ability that gobble up the world, although this is too exaggerated, but the actual circumstance is also a bit alike.The gourmand doesn't have digestive system.In its body of with the strength of its oneself go of a special space.This space can absorb any thing the Na go in, then slowly resolve the thing in the space work properly dint to supply its oneself.
Have cold dust son to say, too the ancient times expects and then has a gourmand that attains absolute being monster Class, one breath square number a long distance in of living creature one spirit inhalation in, even the digital fairies have never escaped.That even start out digital thou absolute being and in great quantities top-class ancient fairy just force the gourmand destroy.But go to of the person come back of but don't arrive 3.It is thus clear that the gourmand is how terrible.
"Five lines of bio-chemicals.Living not to extinguish."Lin Tian changes a method definitely once again, those the east in the sky aring absorbed pour a western slanting gold color light blade immediately assemble together.Wink the glory that becomes one regiment aquamarine blue color.The glory that sees this regiment aquamarine blue color will whole forbid to make to cover with.But this time the glory of this regiment aquamarine blue color but don't be like before so effective, it is to insist in less than a minute drive that gourmand inhalation.
"Do not go, brothers wood.If this continues would this spaces be absorbed inside in the belly by this beast to go.Let I and the old lion go out to put together.You beside use to forbid to make to carry on an attack, we probably still have the opportunity to win victory."Long Zhan sees this circumstance loudly shout a way.
Lin Tian turned over a cold stare to helplessly say:"Do not urgently, hasn't forbiding the ability for making completely made a show of.Immediately after see, this vacuum force creation not what influence."
Finish saying, the glory that sees him continuously teeing off together and a, immediately the prospects of this world violent transformation gets up.The winked in the sky that sees just return the bright sun shining on Gao spread all over dark cloud, while the top of that gourmand coagulated one more to compare Mo the bank of clouds of utter darkness is more.Suddenly numerous crazy thunders decline to drop down from the sky, the creation imitates Buddha at the same time bellow generally.
"Ao!"That gourmand sends out a roaring cry of despise, the crazy thunder that see several to split toward its ground unexpectedly drive it one mouthful inhalation belly in.
"Hey Hey, the beast doesn't be satisfied, this is the fairy to make three fairies rob to all the tops.Those zero the thunder and lightning spreading are only an appetizer."Lin Tian Hei Hey sneer way.
Sees along with horary of variety.The ground vacuum force more and more arrives in the gourmand.Surroundings of creation all imitate statue of Buddha is pulled and dragged to generally throw in to pass by to its by black hole.Lin Tian even sees a cake of grow ten several rices, the huge rock of breadth 67 meters is absorbed of face empty fly that in, turn an eye to be missing a trace and shadow.The mountain bodies of surroundings all under this vacuum force gradual breakup.
Black cloud on the gourmand head has already narrowed to cover with ten at this time several inside ground scope.Suddenly a terror to let surprised Zhan of people of the vehemence send forth from that black cloud.
"Ao!"That gourmand also discovers affair not to, air that black cloud unexpectedly gives it a kind of very dangerous felling.Sees its pair of a head is one Yang, huge's aiming at that black cloud is a burst of to wildly absorb.Sees that black cloud Be just tiny light Zhan to stop for a while at original place, imitating the Buddha didn't be subjected to what influence.
And imitate the way of doing of Buddha gourmand to let this black cloud cut up rough general, the electricity dragon that see a string of purple color continuously shuttles in black cloud.That huge thunder imitated a Buddha to shake worlds to all fall general.
"My sky, not the Kui is a fairy to want one degree ground to rob.The guy that at the beginning makes this to forbid to make is really an abnormal condition, unexpectedly ability with lend magical power to living to rarely come to catalyst with the dint of the strategies this fairy to rob."Lin Tian looking at this slices of that robs clouds to certainly can not help inwardly shocked Related articles:

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